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Neighbours Episode 4441 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4441
Australian airdate: 22/03/04
UK airdate: 04/05/04
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Michelle Scully: Kate Keltie
Gus Cleary: Ben Barrack
Carmella Cammineti: Natalie Blair
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
- Izzy telling Sky she's an awkward schoolgirl and she knows about her and Boyd.
- Sky tells Boyd he can't face Max.
- Connor tells Carmella they need to take it one step at a time.
- Connor tells Michelle the only girl he ever wanted left him.
Ramsay Street
Michelle questions 'the only girl you ever wanted?' Connor says yes, back then. Michelle tells Connor she's ready to be honest and she hopes he is too.
Boyd and Summer have finished breakfast. Max notices the empty plates and says he makes the best raisin toast in all of Erinsborough. The phone rings and Summer gets up to get it. It stops before Summer gets there and Summer tells Boyd it was Sky. Max asks Boyd what's going on. Summer tells Max that 3 rings means Sky's ready to meet Boyd to go to school. Max asks if Sky thinks she's too good to talk to them now. Boyd tells Max tat Sky is just embarrassed after what happened. Max asks what happened. Boyd says "You know". Summer tells them they don't have to talk in code, she knows what happened. Boyd tells her she doesn't. Max tells Summer to go and pack her school bag. Summer says she has already done it but Max tells he to take the hint.
SUMMER: I miss out on all the fun here.
Max asks Boyd if Sky is too embarrassed to talk to him because of...Max trails off. Boyd says "Yep" .
Michelle walks in commenting to Jack about it being a lovely day. Jacks says spill as no one is that happy so early in the morning. Michelle says she just saw Connor and he still loves her as he said the only girl he ever wanted left him. Jack tells her it's not exactly a deceleration of love. Michelle says she knows he still loves her. Jack reminds her she's going back to New York soon anyway. Jack then asks her if she's thinking of giving up New York to stay for Connor. Michelle says no. Jack tells her she'd better not be.
MICHELLE: Jack stop being such a big brother .
Summer asks Max if he sorted Sky and Boyd out. Max asks her if she sorted her school bag out.
SUMMER: My schoolbag was already sorted and anyway, my schoolbag doesn't have teenage issues.
Max asks her why she thinks they are teen issues and there are some things only adults should know.
Summer says that Boyd's not an adult but Max says he's closer to being one than she is. Summer tells Max again to tell her. Max says it's a private matter between him and Boyd. Izzy walks in and Summer asks Izzy to get Max to tell her what's going on between Boyd and Max. Izzy says she'll pass on this one. Summer walks out saying there shouldn't be secrets in the family. Max says it's good to respect other people's privacy.
Izzy asks Max about what was going on and Max tells her Summer was just sticking her nose into other peoples business. Max then says he doesn't want to be doing the same but he's seen the tension between her and Karl and he doesn't think she should get involved with him. Izzy says they are just friends. Izzy asks Max if he thinks she was with him last night. Max doesn't say anything and Izzy says she was with a friend because she didn't want to wake the kids up. She tells him she is being honest and she asks Max if he believes her. Max says he does and he's no t saying that she broke up the Kennedy marriage. Izzy gets up and walks out.
Jack is making toast. Michelle goes to answer a knock at the door. Connor apologies to Michelle and says he knows she's not here for long and they should be able to get along. He tells her he just wants to keep things as friends and asks her what she thinks. Michelle says she agrees and asks Connor if he wants to come in for a coffee. Connor walks in and Michelle goes and puts the kettle on. Jack asks Michelle if she's ok as Connor has blown her whole romance thing. Michelle says she's fine as they tried to be friends last time and it turned into a long-term relationship.
Coffee Shop
Carmella is on the phone to her dada. She tells him she is still at the dressmakers for the dressing fitting. Carmella tells Rocco she likes her bridesmaids dress. Gus walks in and goes into the kitchen to see Izzy. Gus sneaks up on her and asks her if she missed him. Izzy doesn't answer. Gus tells Izzy before she kicks him out he realizes why she's been paying so much attention to Karl. He says he was stupid and he is sorry. Gus tells Izzy he's had a rough time and he'd given up on anything good ever happening to him but then he met her and he genuinely wanted something. He says he freaked out and he's learnt his lesson. Izzy says tells Gus he did really hurt her then she walks out to serve some customers.
Boyd comes in looking for Max asking him if he's got anything on this afternoon.
MAX: Not since Cameron Diaz cancelled our coffee date, no.
Boyd tells Max he needs his help on an assignment this afternoon. Max says yes he will do it. Boyd says that's good because it's for Sky. She needs to interview a local businessman and he'd be perfect. Max says it's strange that Sky would chose him when she doesn't want to see him at the moment. Boyd says that Sky is over that now.
Coffee Shop
Sky says no way and she was going to interview Walter Mouse. Boyd says she just needs to spend some time with Max, suck up to him so she doesn't' have to sneak around, jump into bushes and do the phone ring thing. Sky says she doesn't mind doing that. Boyd says he does, he wants her to get along with his family. Sky eventually gives in. Izzy drink over their drinks and Sky tells her she also ordered a muffin.
IZZY: So did someone else. It was the last one and I just figured it should go to a real customer.
House of Trouser
Connor is telling Michelle about Lou and Trixie's wedding. Michelle says it's weird that in the whole time that she was friends with Nina she never met her parents and now Lou is her step-dad. Michelle said it's the love story, true love overcomes everything. Connor reminds her that Trixie has left him high and dry and Lou's now all alone. Connor tells Michelle about his larger and his Visa. Michelle takes some of the cake that is front of them and spoon feeds Connor then wipes a bit of cake off his mouth. Connors mobile rings and Connor hangs up. It rings again and he answers. Connor tells Michelle Carmella is coming over and Michelle says she'll go.
Gus asks Max is flowers are too soppy for a woman. Max says it depends who the woman is. Gus tells Max they are for Izzy. He stuffed up then asks if jewelry would be better. Gus tells Max he knows Max isn't happy he was dating Izzy. Max tells Gus he broke the golden rule - don't date your best mate's sister. Gus says that Izzy is the best thing that has happened to him but he stuffed up. He's now a one woman man and he needs to make it right. Max gets a call from Summers school telling him she got into a fight with Lisa and now has detention. Max tells Gus he has a 4 o'clock appointment and isn't going to be able to pick her up. Gus says he'll do it. Then tells Max the discussion about flowers etc never happened.
House of Trouser
Michelle leaves as Carmella comes to the door. Carmella stares at Michelle as she walks out. Carmella sees the cakes on the table and Connor offers her one. Carmella says she doesn't eat left overs and she bought her own cakes over. Connor tells her that he and Michelle are just friends, she just came over to catch up. Carmella tells Connor if he says she's just a friend she believes him. Connor reassures her she's just a friend. Carmella says that's good otherwise she might have to tell Rocco. Connor looks worried.
Gus arrives at school and Summer is picking up rubbish. Summer tells him he's early. Gus asks Summer if she'd rather pick up rubbish or be eating ice cream. Summer picks ice cream. Gus asks Summer which teacher is on duty them he jumps the fence to go talk to her.
Max is in the office and Sky walks in to do her assignment on him, she looks nervous. Max says he's surprised she chose him. Sky says so is she. She sits down and asks him a question. Max answers and Sky asks Max another question while he is still answering the first one. She does it again and Max tells Sky that this is ridiculous. He knows they've had their differences but the thing that happened hasn't changed his opinion of her. Sky thinks Max still hates her. Max says he's never hated her and he admits he was challenged by her in the beginning but she's good for Boyd and makes him happy and he appreciates that.
SKY: Thanks, you're not so bad yourself. So tell me how many drunks does this pub actually support?
Max laughs.
House of Trouser
Connor walks Carmella out. Not long after she shuts the door there's a knock. Connor yells out "Miss me already?" He answers the door and Jack is standing there. He tells Connor he just saw Carmella leave and warns Connor not to string Michelle along. Connor says he's not they're just friends. Jack asks him if Michelle knows that because he's worried she's going to give up New York to be with him. Connor tells him they're not getting back together. Jack tells Connor a lot has changed and he's not the same innocent person he was. He asks Connor how he thinks Michelle will react when he learns of Lori's pregnancy.
Coffee Shop
Max and Sky walk in laughing. Sky thanks Max and Max says it was a pleasure and he'll see her soon. Sly walks over to Boyd. Boyd asks her if it went well and says he knew it was a good idea and says now she can start coming around to his house again. Max is in the kitchen telling Izzy that Sky is a good kid...different but he likes her. Max tells Izzy he had a chat with Gus and he's a really good guy. Izzy wonders if they are teenagers again as Max is trying to play matchmaker. Izzy then asks if it is because he's so desperate to keep her away from Karl. Max says no and he doesn't know what happened between her and Gus but he knows Gus is genuinely sorry and Gus was talking about buying flowers when he's never bought any woman flowers before. Max tells Izzy to give Gus a chance.
Gus and Summer are eating Ice cream. Summer tells Gus she's got a math's test next week and wonders if he can get her out of that. Summer tells Gus if she had one wish it would be for him to become a member of the family. She thinks he should marry Izzy then he'd be her real Uncle Gus. Gus says he's flattered but Izzy would probably need some convincing. Summer tells Gus she knows Izzy likes him and then they can get married and she can be the bridesmaid and Boyd the usher.
Coffee Shop
Summer is telling Izzy that Gus is good looking, heaps of fun and fits in really well with the family. Izzy asks Summer how much he's paid her. Summer says nothing and she though it up all on her own. Izzy wants to know what she is talking about. Summer tells Izzy that she should marry Gus.
IZZY: Oh sure honey. How about I check my calendar and let you know when I'm free and you can be in charge of booking the church.
Izzy walks out with an order. She sees Gus.
IZZY: Is this where I sign up for the Gus Cleary fan club? Max and Summer have been singing your praises. I thought there must be a membership drive?
GUS: There is a special incentive for anyone who joins today.
Izzy asks if it includes dinner tomorrow night? Gus asks her why she has changed her mind. Izzy says she wants to find out what everyone sees in him that she's missed.
Karl is sitting at a table watching them.
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Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4441
Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Jack Scully, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 4441
Jack Scully, Michelle Scully

Gus Cleary, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4441
Gus Cleary, Izzy Hoyland

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4441
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 4441
Michelle Scully

Gus Cleary, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4441
Gus Cleary, Summer Hoyland

Sky Mangel, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4441
Sky Mangel, Max Hoyland

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4441
Sky Mangel

Jack Scully, Connor O
Jack Scully, Connor O'Neill

Summer Hoyland, Gus Cleary in Neighbours Episode 4441
Summer Hoyland, Gus Cleary

Gus Cleary, Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4441
Gus Cleary, Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

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