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Neighbours Episode 4416 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4416
Australian airdate: 16/02/04
UK airdate: 25/03/04
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Svetlanka Ristic: Deidre Rubenstein
Erin Perry: Talia Zucker
Sen. Const. Gary Hume: Dino Marnika
- "Raincloud" by Charlton Hill
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Unknown
- Summer sees Sky pull her bag down and the toilet paper fall on her.
- Serena finds out the truth about Chris.
Outside Bishops
Boyd and Sky are discussing surfing. Boyd tells her she'll be better next time. Sky and Boyd notice a police car in the Bishops driveway. They run up the drive when they hear Serena calling out to them from behind a tree. Serena tells them she went to see Chris and David and Liljana know that's why the police are there. Sky asks what Chris Did. Serena tells Sky she was right about him. Sky tells her to come inside but Serena says she can't. Sky tells her she can't hide in the garden for the rest of her life and she'll be there with her.
Inside the Bishops
Sen. Const. Hume is asking David and Lil how long Chris and Serena have been together. Lil says Chris isn't Serena's boyfriend, he's ten years older than her and David adds Serena was only 15 when he was talking her photo. The constable asks when they noticed she was missing. David says at 3 o'clock. Constable asks if that was yesterday. They say no today and they wouldn't have called if they didn't think she was in trouble. Svetlanka is worried about what the neighbours will think when they see a police car out the front. Serena and Sky walk in. Liljana and David rush to her asking her where she's been. Sky tries to cover for her telling them they were' having a coffee at the Coffee Shop. David says "Nice try Sky". Then asks Serena if she's been with 'him'.
Connor is on the phone to Carmella he agrees to wait for her just before she runs of money and the phone cuts out. Stuart makes jokes about Connor and Carmella. Connor tells him he's not in the mood, he's lost a girl he really likes, he's about to loose his job and be deported out of the country. Stuart says he thought that Max was sponsoring him. Connor says he is but he has to find a talent that no one else has and the position has to be advertised. Connor picks up a pile of applications and puts them in front of Stuart and tells him if any of these qualify over him, he'll lose his job.
Sen. Const. Hume is asking Serena questions about Chris,. Serena is crying and won't answer. Lil yells at her to talk. Serena says they broke up. Sky jumps in saying Serena is upset. Svetlanka tells Sky she knows she's just trying to help but it's a family matter. Sky says she is family and Svetlanka gives her a "Are you?" look. The Constable says there isn't much he can do but to call if anything substantial comes up. Svetlanka gives him food she's made. Svetlanka tells David it's his fault and then tells Serena she is bring shame on them/ Liljana tells Serena she is going to ell them what happened. Serena says she can't Lil yells at her and Serena says she only wants to talk to David.
Connor is sitting in the pub office about to open a letter. He puts it down saying he can't do it. Stuart reminds him he is temporary assistant manager and it's his job to open the mail, Max said so. Stuart then opens the letter, it's an applicant for Connor 's job. Connor asks if it's a good one. Stuart reads it, the applicant has diplomas in hospitality. Degree in business, restaurant management experience etc... Connor thinks it's hopeless.
CONNOR: I knew I shouldn't have bothered to learn the second verse of the Australian Anthem.STUART: No one knows the second verse of the Australian Anthem!
Connor says he does. Stuart says Connor could always go back to Belfast and get his diploma then come back. Connor says no, this is his home and he doesn't want to keep moving from place to place. Stuart tells him then he just has to show hem that he is the one.
Serena is talking to David. She tells him Chris tried to sleep with her but she didn't let him. She tells her father that Chris brought a camera and he was going to film it and put it on the web or sell it. David tells her he's not angry he's just glad she's safe. Serena says she knows she was stupid and pleads with David not to tell the police as she's so ashamed. David tells her she has nothing to be ashamed about, she was manipulated but he has to tell them. Serena again begs him not to. David agrees not to and tells Serena Chris will get what's coming to him.
HoylandsSky invites Boyd to the coffee shop with her and Serena. Summer comes out of her room with a piece of cardboard announcing she's come up with a plan. Sky and Boyd wait for Summer to reveal the details when Summer says the big plan is "nothing".
SKY: Um, ok, I think I've missed a couple of chapters.
Summer says they do nothing but Erin will think they are planning something and will go crazy trying to work out what it is. She'll be completely paranoid.
David gets off the phone with the police telling Lil they can't do anything but will keep their complaint on file. Lil says she wishes Serena had have listened to us. David tells Lil it wasn't Serena's fault, she was exploited and is blameless. Svetlanka comes out telling them she's going to the shops and asks Lil if she wants to come. Lil says no. Svetlanka looks at them and says she'll just have to take the bus then.DAVID: "At the end of the street...comes every 15 minutes"Svetlanka glares at him and walks back into her room. David tells Lil nothing is ever simple with her mum. Lil tells him to leave her mother out of it and it's not her fault Serena is killing them all. David tells her she's sounding exactly like her mother. Liljana says Serena hates her, she saw the way she looked at her and she can't believe that Chris is going to get away with it all. David tells Lil that Serena doesn't hate and Chris isn't going to get away with anything. David gets up and leaves Lil calls after him.
Stuart tells Connor he's good with customers.
CONNOR: Of course I am. My names Connor O'Neill and I'm in the hospitality industry because I hate people"
Stuart says at least he has a good sense of humour. Stuart then says he's got it. The way Connor talks, his accent.
CONNOR: You're the one with the accent buddy.
Stuart asks Connor what the names of the other applicants are. Connor tells him Smith, Jones, Brown. Stuart tells him none of them are Irish and the Irish and Pubs are made for each other.
STUART: That Irish accent is going to make you an Aussie.
Coffee Shop
Boyd gives Serena a CD for her Birthday. Sumemr comes in telling them to go the phase one as Erin and her friends are on their way in. Serena looks confused. Summer tells them to just look at Erin and smirk. Erin walks in and Sky, Summer, Boyd, Serena look at her and laugh. Erin walks over to them and calls them names, she looks at Summer and refers to her as mini- me. Erin asks Serena if she wants to join them. Serena says she's busy. Sky tells Erin to go away. Erin walks off and they all start laughing again. Sky notice the look on Erin's face and says it's really working.
Svetlanka is making a cake for Serena. She tells Liljana it's probably a bit too traditional for Serena but she needs a bit of tradition. Liljana looks at he. Svetlanka says she knows Lil thinks she's meddling but she loves Serena and thinks she is out of control and she knows Liljana is trying and blames David for the problems. Liljana says Serena is not out of control she's just made a mistake. Svetlanka says Serena was never like this in Perth. Liljana asks Svetlanka why she always has to interfere, Svetlanka says maybe being a tart runs in the family. She tells Lil she thought she would try to teach Serena what she didn't learn. Svetlanka says she saved Lil back then and all she gets in return is rudeness. Svetlanka tells Lil they are both getting upset and feeds her some chocolate she was putting on the cake. Liljana continues to set the table. The looks like she going to burst into tears.
Chris's Studio
David breaks in. He finds some Photos; of Serena and takes them. He pics up a printer and throws it on the floor. He then pulls the cords out of computer and takes the computer with him.
Erin walks up to Serena and asks her about her boyfriend. Serena says they broke up. Erin asks her what Sky and Boyd are up to. Serena says she doesn't know. Erin tells her to remember who her friends are. Sky, Boyd and Summer are standing behind them. Summer tells Sky she can't do that it's too awful. Erin asks them what. They all say nothing. Erin storms off. Sky tells Summer she's a genius.
David is showing Liljana the photos he found of Serena a Chris studio. Liljana tells him he could get charged for breaking into Chris's studio. David says they can charge him if it brings Chris down. David says they should hand the photos to the police. Liljana says they can't if it goes to court her photo will be in the paper. David says they can destroy the hard copies and send the computer in anonymously. Liljana says they can't
Erin walks to her locker past a group of girls who are laughing. Erin goes to take a puff of her asthma spray but it's empty. Erin see Summer an ask s her what her name is. Summer replies "Mini me". Erin tells her she can make her life hell and wants to know what Sky and Boyd are planning. Summer says she doesn't know. Erin asks her again to tell her. Summer says she does know what it is but it sounds big. Sky and Boyd are hiding in a doorway listening. Erin ells Summer to tell them that if they try anything she'll be ready for them. Erin leaves and Sky and Boyd come out laughing.
BOYD: For a brat, that was pretty good.
Summer says Erin's going insane and Sky says she's enjoying every second of it.
Serena come home from school. Liljana asks her if she wants anything to eat. Serena says she's just going to go to her room to do her homework. Liljana says they need to talk. She tells Serena she's really sorry for not being there for her. She should have been there for her to talk to. Serena apologises to. The hug and cry and Liljana tells Serena how much she loves her.
Sky and Boyd are looking for Erin. Sky tells Boyd Summer said she was in the library ad is waiting until the coast is clear. They see Erin and hide in a classroom. Erin walks to her locker. Summer throws a ball down the stairs and Erin looks around but no one is there. Erin looks scared and shouts out saying she knows it's Sky. Erin goes to take her asthma spray but it's empty. She begins to wheeze. Boyd and Sky think she putting it on but Erin's breathing gets worse and they look worried.
David and Liljana are watching the pictures of Serena burning.
Lassiters lake
Serena has the chain and cross and the ring Chris gave her in her had. She looks at them, then thinks back to Chris. She then throws them into the water.
The last scene is a half-burnt picture of Serena blown in the garden.
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Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4416
Serena Bishop

Liljana Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4416
Liljana Bishop, David Bishop

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4416
David Bishop

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4416
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel, Summer Hoyland

Erin Perry in Neighbours Episode 4416
Erin Perry

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4416
David Bishop

Liljana Bishop, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4416
Liljana Bishop, Serena Bishop

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4416
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Erin Perry in Neighbours Episode 4416
Erin Perry

 in Neighbours Episode 4416

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