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Neighbours Episode 4367 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4367
Australian airdate: 11/11/03
UK airdate: 16/01/04
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Julie Bates
Guests: Jonathon Verne: Oscar Redding
Greg Nyman: Alix Jackson
Troy Baron: Shane Lee
Darren Gillespie: Michael Saunders
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Mona
- Steph overhears Joe and Lyn talking about Max proposing.
- Jonathon asking Stu to take over from Life Mechanics
Jonathon tells Stuart not to doubt himself. Stuart says he's not sure, the last class was a disaster, he came under fire from Susan and there are hundred's of people just like her. Jonathon tells him to have his answers prepared, he can give Stuart a set on answers that will fit every question as most questions are just variations of a few questions.
Karl tells Susan man was meant to live in the country and comments on Greendale not changing much since their honeymoon. Susan says the medical Centre has been renovated. Karl questions as to why they left. Susan gives him a reality check - nothing opened after 5, no gourmet deli...Karl asks Susan why they live in the city and tells her they should move back out here
Coffee Shop
Jack walks in the see Izzy flirting with a customer. Jack stands there listening to Izzy. Izzy tells Jack she'll be with him in a moment. Jack turns and leaves.
Life Mechanics
Jonathon tells Stu to throw a few questions at him. Jonathon comes back with the answers. Stuart tells Jonathon he's won him. Jonathon says he wasn't even trying.
Joe tells Jack that he and Lyn got some exciting news today. He tells Jack that Max is going to propose to Steph. Jack tells Joe that he hope Steph says no. He says all this things about love is crap, woman are only out for what they can get. Joe says it's a bit rich coming from him. Jack tells Joe about this girl he's been seeing. He says it was no strings attached but he did suggest they spend a bit more time together and suddenly he's dumped. Jack says he didn't realize how good Nina was for him. Joe reminds Jack that Nina dumped him and for good reason. Joe tells Jack he doesn't like to see him get hurt but if he's going to play around with a woman's feeling she has to be man enough o take it when it happens to him.
Life Mechanics
Jonathon says it's a good crowd and it's up to Stuart if he wants to use the 'plant'. Stuart says he thought Jonathon was taking tonight's session as he doesn't feel he is ready. He asks Jonathon to do it with him. Jonathon tells Stuart not to ride on his success. Jonathon tells Stu he can do it.
Life Mechanics
Stuart takes the Life Mechanics lecture. Someone throws a question at him and he comes back with one of Jonathan's answers. At the end Stuart passes the donation bucket around. People aren't putting much in. He looks at the "plant" and nods. He puts in $500 saying he got 10x more out of this session. Everyone claps.
Izzy is having a coffee. Steph walks in and starts playing darts on her own. Izzy asks Steph if she wants to join her for coffee.
STEPH: Look Izzy, I'm sorry but I don't see the point in cultivating a friendship with you if your just willing to chuck it over at the first chance to score points with Max.
IZZY: What do you mean?
STEPH: Well, the other day remember our little heart-to-heart, I really enjoyed that, I thought we'd actually made a connection but as soon as Max was around you were straight back to this stupid one up-man-ship with me.
IZZY: I get passionate about what I believe in. I'm sorry if you take it personally.
STEPH: Do you blame me when you chop and change to suit whoever's around. You know Izzy, not all friendships have an ulterior motive. I was genuine.
Steph starts to walk off, Izzy looks hurt. Steph comes back.
STEPH: OK, so maybe I've over reacted but I'm just quite tense. I've been thrown by something.
IZZY: So he actually did it?
STEPH: What do you know?
IZZY: Max proposed?
STEPH: Great, what, so everybody except the supposed bride to be knows about it do they?
(Steph sits next to Izzy)
IZZY: So he hasn't said anything yet?
STEPH: I don't know what to do.
Summer is reading a wedding magazine.
MAX: That doesn't look like math's homework to me. I know you're keen on Declan Summer but it's a bit early to be making wedding plans isn't it?
SUMMER: No way, this isn't for me. I'm just getting ideas for someone else.
MAX: Oh yeah, who?
SUMMER: It's a secret.
MAX: Oh. (Max's face drops) You didn't happen to over hear me talking to Izzy about asking a certain person a certain question did you?
SUMMER: (nods): But don't worry, I didn't tell Steph.
MAX: Anyone else? Summer, who else knows?
SUMMER: Only Lyn, but don't worry I haven't told anyone except her.
(Max gets up and starts yelling)
MAX: There's no need to, she's a hairdresser!
SUMMER: Why don't you go over there right now and propose to Steph and then this whole thing won't have to be a secret anymore.
MAX: Look, Summer, you're just going to have to forget you heard the whole thing alright? It was a private conversation between me and my sister Izzy. It wasn't meant to be public knowledge.
SUMMER: Well then... you're still going to propose right?
MAX (still yelling): Look, if I decide to propose...IF... it will be when the time is right for me and Steph.
Max looks at Summer who grins at him. Max starts laughing and throws a pillow at her.
STEPH: It's not that I don't want to marry Max, I do. Part of me desperately does but life isn't a fairy tale you know and just because you get married doesn't mean you live happily ever after.
IZZY: Come on you have to stay positive.
STEPH: I do Izzy, I try but since the diagnosis I... look, I just don't want to be a ball and chain to Max and the kids.
IZZY: You know it wouldn't make a difference to Max and he'd support you all the way.
STEPH: Yeah I know, he's so sweet but then I don't want a marriage based on good intentions either.
IZZY: It's a lot more than that.
STEPH: Besides I'm not that mad about weddings. All that fuss over signing a contract.
IZZY: Really? I would have picked you for an old fashioned girl, big white wedding.
STEPH: Yeah, once maybe but after a certain bad experience at the altar, who'd be bothered. I just wish Max had of spoken to me first though you know. I mean everybody's waiting for me to answer and he hasn't even popped the question.
IZZY: Do you want me to have a quiet word with him?
STEPH: No, I have to do this myself.
Stuart says it was the best one he's done so far. Jonathon checks that it was ok that they used the "plant". Stuart says he is helping these people and they are getting something out of it so why shouldn't he. Jonathon gives Stuart a contract outlining his position as the Victorian head and his share in the finances. Jonathon tells him it's a standard contract and he can get Toadie to look over it if he like. Stuart says no as Toadie will just rubbish it. Stuart signs it.
Max goes over to the Scullys. Joe answers the door and they start making small talk. Joe tells Max he's missed Steph. Max tells Joe he saw her leave and he's come over to talk to him.
MAX: Joe, look, I know it seems kind of old fashioned and all that, well, I'm a believer with going with the formalities of things,... Joe, I've come to ask permission to ask your daughter to marry me.
JOE (making a big fuss pretending he didn't know): Oh, good gracious, me, Steph... oh boy!
MAX: You knew didn't you?
JOE: Yeah.
MAX: Yeah, of course you did, Summer told Lyn. Does this mean Steph knows as well?
JOE: Not from us. She's still in the dark as far as I know.
MAX: So have you got an answer for me? (Max looks worried)
JOE: Oh yeah, um, well... I know Max we had a conversation about the possibility of you possibly being a good bloke and all that but... well... when I comes to marriage that's a whole big different kettle of fish. I mean... well the...I'd be glad to have you as a son-in-law.
Max laughs and goes to give Joe a hug, Joe puts out his hand to shake Max's.
Karl and Susan are talking about running into Karl's old colleague. Susan talks about how great he is doing. Karl makes a comment about none of his grand ambitions coming true and asks himself why he didn't do anything like studying medicine in Paris. Susan reminds him it is because he can't speak French. Susan asks Karl if he envies him. Karl says "Why would I?" and walks off.
MAX (with the biggest smile on his face): I've got Joe's permission to marry Steph.
IZZY: What about Steph's permission to marry Steph?
MAX: Yeah, well I'm going to ask her next.
IZZY: Are you sure it's the right time?
MAX: Absolutely. Before Steph gets anymore diagnosis or prognosis or whatever. I just don't want to look like I was waiting for the all clear.
IZZY: What if Steph's news is bad?
MAX: Well then it will look like I'm taking pity on her which is why it's got to be now before I lose my nerve.
IZZY: Have you considered weather she's of the same mind?
MAX: What's with the twenty questions? I thought you wanted it to work out for us?
IZZY: No, I do. Max, how are you going to support her? I mean you'll have to do that for a while and there'll be medical bills...
MAX: Look, if you want it to work out for us just be happy will you.
IZZY: I just want you to be prepared.
MAX: Do you? Maybe Steph's right about you.
IZZY: What? What do you mean?
MAX: Well you do seem to go out of your way to keep her and her family at arms length from each other don't you.
IZZY: I'm doing this for her as well as you.
MAX: Look Izzy, can you just accept the decision alright? I love Steph, she's who I want to spend the rest of my life with. That's how it is, that's how it's going to be ok. You don't like it, keep it to yourself and just stop trying to make me change my mind all right. I'm not one of your boys to twist around your little finger.
Max walks off. Izzy makes a call asking the person on the end of the phone if they are alone.
Izzy gives Lyn's plate back to Jack. Izzy tells Jack he has a right to be angry as she was vile. She asks him if the offer of the getaway is still open. Jack says not after the way she's treated him. Izzy says she knows and it's because she's been so mixed up but she's been thinking about Jack's offer all night. She tells him they should just get away, just the two of them with all the time in the world. Jack says his friend's beach house isn't available anymore. Izzy says it's ok there are plenty of places. Jack asks her if she can get away today. Izzy tells him she will be back shortly. Jack shuts the door smiling.
Steph and Summer come out of her room. Steph tells Summer to show Max the boxing moves she was showing her. Summer says she's tired and is going to her room to read for 15 minutes. Summer tries to hide around the corner but Max tells her to go to her room.
Steph (picking up a wedding magazine): Wedding huh, honestly it's just a lot of fuss, who can be bothered.
(Max kneels in front of Steph)
MAX: Steph.
STEPH: I mean, you don't have to prove to someone you love them by marrying them do you.
MAX: You know don't you?
STEPH: I overheard mum and dad. Max it's an awesome gesture, the ultimate...
MAX: But you don't want to marry me.
STEPH: There's complications.
MAX: Nothing we can't get through together.
STEPH: Max, you know I love you but marriage is all about making promises for the future and I'm not making promises I can't keep.
MAX: I'm not asking you to.
STEPH: Then don't ask me to do this please.
MAX (looking sad and looking at the ground): Well... if that's your decision
STEPH: Hey, just because we can't make plans just yet doesn't mean we can't enjoy our time right now and there is nowhere I'd rather be than spending it with you.
They kiss.
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Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4367
Stuart Parker

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4367
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Joe Scully, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4367
Joe Scully, Jack Scully

Jonathan Verne, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4367
Jonathan Verne, Stuart Parker

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4367
Steph Scully

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4367
Izzy Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4367
Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4367
Steph Scully

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4367
Stuart Parker

Max Hoyland, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4367
Max Hoyland, Joe Scully

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4367
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4367
Max Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4367
Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4367
Jack Scully

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4367
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4367
Max Hoyland

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