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Neighbours Episode 4365 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4365
Australian airdate: 07/11/03
UK airdate: 14/01/04
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Troy Baron: Shane Lee
Tom Fulcher: Nathan Bird
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista/Mona
- Susan stating that Life Mechanics didn't make a lot of sense and asks Stu - behind all the car talk, what is life mechanics really offering?
- Stuart snapping at Susan after the meeting telling her to get off her high horse, and to stop interfering in others' lives
Karl tells Stu that he has no right barging into their house making wild allegations. He then explains that it was a public meeting and that Susan had every right to be there, and from what he heard was merely stating facts. Stu scoffs, Susan reminds him that she was only there to see what he found so fascinating about life mechanics and to protect her students in case any of them chose to go. Stu rolls his eyes and tells Susan not to make up other peoples minds, because freedom of choice is an important thing. He storms off leaving Susan and Karl speechless.
Harold and Lou are at the coffee shop, when Harold asks what is going on at the garage. Lou looks confused, and Harold continues, saying that he dropped his car off at the garage a few days ago, and he still hasn't got it back. Lou looks bewildered and suggests that Stu is waiting on a part. Harold shakes his head, insisting that it was a simple job and it didn't require any new parts. Joe interrupts Harold also complaining about the service at the garage. He tells Lou that a mate of his- Bronco works with him down on the building site and has put his car into the garage, and after a week is still waiting on it. Joe then confesses to Lou that Bronco has been bad mouthing the garage because of the slow service, and then Harold backs him up, insisting that it is a nuisance without having a car. Lou looks concerned, and promises that he will have a word to Stu.
Toadie and Connor are watching a movie and are cacking it up on the couch. Stu seems the odd one out, and Connor realizes- and asks Stu to come sit down. Stu insists he is busy, and when he leaves he opens the door to find Lou standing there. Lou asks Stu for a word, and he begs him to make it quick. Lou cuts to the chase and admits that he has heard that Stu has been having problems with simple jobs. Stu sighs and confesses that it isn't that- it's because he has been flat out. Lou sighs and says that employing Steph at the garage when she is sick is a generous thing to do- and as much help as she is, he needs to pick up the slack. Stu promises that he will, and Lou tells him that if he hears that the garage has closed early again or more moaning about slow service, he will step in himself. Lou reminds him that he is not the only one needing the money in the garage- Lib and Ben need it as well. Lou begs Stu to get his priorities right - and that he wants Harold and Bronco's cars fixed ASAP.
Jack asks Joe what he has planned for the day, and Joe lunges into a routine consisting of giving Lou a couple of quotes and then giving himself the rest of the day off. Jack looks longingly out the kitchen window and confirms that he might have a day off as well because it is too nice outside. Joe looks outraged and says to Jack that he has taken too many days off already, and that he should really study. Jack scoffs 'what's the point?' and Joe looks confused. Jack admits to him that he has no idea what he wants to do, leaving Joe looking concerned.
Susan approaches Stuart at home and apologizes for the way she behaved at life mechanics. She confesses that her personal agenda is what drove her to the meeting, but she also went because she was concerned about him. Stu asks why she is so concerned with his decisions and Susan reminds him of how good he was for Lib and Ben after Drew, and that she will always be grateful for that. Stu smiles at her, and she asks him to let Ramsay Street to get used to the new Stuart- but while Stu interrupts it's not a new him, it's a better him, Susan points out that it is a side no one has seen before. She then tells him that it is great to have new friends, however reminds him that it is no reason to ignore his old ones. Stu looks pensive.
Joe paces the kitchen and states that there must be something Jack is remotely interested in, but Jack shakes his head abruptly. He admits that he always wanted to be a professional soccer player, and he never thought of another career. Joe suggests something in sport- like a PE teacher. Jack scoffs, and says that all the PE teachers he has had are players that have given up or cannot handle the pressure; and he didn't want to end up being a twisted old man. He then points out that he will have to go to Uni for that occupation, and while Joe looks encouraging, Jack declares it isn't a career path he wants to follow. Jack insists that he has looked though his options, and that no job motivates him- leaving Joe looking concerned.
Toadie and Connor are watching TV again, and Stu is sitting on the recliner with his seminar notes. Toadie suggests that they go to the pub, and reinstate the old 'house of trousers' again- and while Connor looks keen, Stu declines insisting that he is busy. HE picks up his notes and promises that they can another time, and he walks out the door. As Toadie watches him leave, looking concerned. Connor suggests that they try and show Stu a good time so it persuades him to clear his head, and hopefully leave Life Mechanics. Toadie thinks it is a great idea, and they begin to plan their 'house of trousers' night.
Joe is giving Lou a quote for how much a dressing room would cost. Lou tells Joe that he has discussed it with Trixie and she would like a better dressing room - so that quote is useless. Lou reads the list of things that he and Trixie feel is necessary to have in a dressing room- from inducted heating, to an ensuite bathroom, leaving Joe speechless. Joe insists the bill will be at least three times the amount he thought, but Lou declares that Trixie has been in the business for a long time, and she knows what she needs. Joe looks bewildered, and gives him an approximate quote, and Lou looks shocked. He then stutters that he may need to cut some things down... but he wants it to just like Vegas - except on a budget.
Jack is playing pool when Connor interrupts him. Jack looks confused, but Connor quickly clears it up asking Jack to come back to a 'house of trousers' night at the pub for Stu, to get him away from that Life Mechanics bunch. Jack scoffs and reminds Connor that he isn't one of Stu's friends. Connor looks outraged and reminds him that he was engaged to Flick, but he just shrugs. Jack then turns on Connor and tells him that it is the first time that he has seen him without Nina in toe. Connor rolls his eyes and reminds Jack of how pathetic he is. That seems to touch a nerve, and Jack seems that he wants to make something of the conversation but has second thoughts. Connor just nods at Jack and reminds him to be at the pub tonight for Stu's sake.
Harold is at the pub with Lou when he comes across the list needed for Trixie's dressing room. He is shocked, and says to Lou just because he has fallen for her is no need to put yourself out of pocket like this. Lou looks embarrassed and declares that he needs to spend money to make money, and after all Trixie has travelled the world and is used to the best. Harold reminds Lou that practical is more efficient, and Joe agrees with him whole heatedly. Joe then tells Lou that Trixie would have to perform seven days a week, sold out shows to make the money back. Lou then looks slightly worried, and asks Joe to redesign the room and give him another quote. Harold and Joe look amused.
Toadie and Connor are at the pub hoping that Stu shows up. Toadie reminds him that he text him several times, and all they can do is wait. Connor sighs, and they begin to play pool. Toadie is making fun of Connor's technique when Stu arrives. They look pleased to see him, and Stu introduces them to two thugs from life mechanics. Toadie and Connor give each other a sideways glance, and Stu declares that they will all get along great.
Karl sits in front of that mirror and notices the answering machine is flashing. He picks up his drink of alcohol and pushes the button. He listens to Susan's message, which tells him that she is picking up some sushi for dinner and that she loves him, even when he has been acting odd lately. Karl guiltily holds the bottle to his lips, looking at himself in the reflection. He suddenly lays the bottle aside and sighs at himself. Karl then notices a flier about a health resort and picks it up looking interested.
Stu is talking to his new mates about the way they collect donations. Stu admits that he doesn't like that method, however to make some money he will allow them to make big donations. Lou then notices them talking, and quietly says to Toadie that he will have to talk to Stuart- after all he said that he was to busy to work overtime. Toadie asks Lou not to blame him, but to blame him and Connor, after all they were trying to get him away from the Life Mechanics blokes but it didn't work. Lou looks thoughtful, and persuades them not to give up and heads back to the bar.
To Connor's surprise Jack arrives at the pub, and Stu introduces him to the Life Mechanics mob. Jack look weary, but is polite. Stu suggests a game of pool, and purposely pairs everyone up with one of the life mechanics guys. Toadie looks disgusted, and one of the guys whisper to Toadie 'you would like to see us fall apart wouldn't you,' flaring him right up. There is an awkward silence, and Stu looks worried before Connor throws a coin deciding who will break.
Lou is looking through his list for the dressing room when Harold stops by at the pub and offers his help. Harold noted that he hasn't made too many changes and states that Lou is going overboard with the whole idea. Lou then confesses to Harold that he has feeling for Trixie, and they escalated when she kissed him the other day. Harold looks concerned but pleased, and Lou continues saying that Trixie's relationship with Nick is over- but Nina wants them to get back together again; and he doesn't want to be the man to spoil that. Harold tells Lou that he is a good man, but Lou sighs and says to Harold that he wants to be Trixie, and deep down I think he wants to be with him as well.
During their pool game the cult from Life Mechanics are using the constant car catch phrases and Jack is the first one to get frustrated by it. He explodes saying that he doesn't want to be here listening to a bunch of mechanical con artists, he wanted to have a few games of pool. He then says that he is sick of hearing about their brainwashing seminar and the only reason he was here is to get Stuart out of their cult. Toadie steps on Jack's foot and Connor whispers 'nice one Jack' while Stu looks outraged and asks whether it is true.
Karl and Susan are sitting at the table eating sushi when Karl tells Susan out of the blue how much he loves her and doesn't appreciate her. Susan looks surprised and asks Karl what is wrong and he gets up to get the flier. When he sits back down Susan laughs and tells him that a minute ago there was some guy who looked like Karl cracking onto her. Karl smiles mysteriously and asks her what she thought of this health club as a holiday. Susan looks surprised and reads out. 'A quiet relaxing mountain resort with full catered vegetarian meals, health spa, 'no alcohol' and room service. When Susan looks at the price she raises her eyebrows at the cost, but Karl insists it is important to treat themselves. Susan bursts out laughing, and asks if it is her husband talking and Karl once again asks her whether she would like to go. Susan kisses him and tells him that he is fantastic and Karl rushes to the phone to make reservations. Susan looks pleased.
Stu looks at Toadie and Connor's guilty faces and looks absolutely outraged. One of the Life mechanics mob suggest to ditch them, and Connor tells him to get back into his cage. Toadie reassures Stu that they were worried about him as are a lot of other people. Stu scoffs and asks them whether Susan put them up to it, and Connor quickly assures him that she didn't. Stu looks at them, then at the Life Mechanics mob and tells them that he can see the big picture- that they cannot accept the choices that he has made. He tells both of them that he is moving out and will find somewhere else, where he is not pressured. Toadie tries to say something, but Stu storms out followed by the Life Mechanics mob who are quite pleased. Toadie and Connor look at each other shocked.
<<4364 - 4366>>
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4365
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Stuart Parker

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4365
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4365
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4365
Lou Carpenter, Joe Scully

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4365
Stuart Parker

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4365
Lou Carpenter

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4365
Joe Scully

Joe Scully, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4365
Joe Scully, Jack Scully

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4365
Toadie Rebecchi

Joe Scully, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4365
Joe Scully, Lou Carpenter

Joe Scully, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4365
Joe Scully, Lou Carpenter

Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4365
Jack Scully

Harold Bishop, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4365
Harold Bishop, Joe Scully

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4365
Karl Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Tom Fulcher, Toadie Rebecchi

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4365
Harold Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4365
Lou Carpenter

Toadie Rebecchi, Jack Scully, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Jack Scully, Connor O'Neill

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4365
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill

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