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Neighbours Episode 4352 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4352
Australian airdate: 21/10/03
UK airdate: 12/12/03
Writer: Drew Proffitt
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Trixie Tucker: Wendy Stapleton
Waiter: John Henderson
- "Everything" by Shakaya
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Mona
- Lou finding out Trixie Tucker is Nina's mum and asking Nina to get him her autograph
- Harold tells David Serena is spoilt, David telling Harold they will move out
- Izzy catching Sky telling Boyd her rumor about Izzy and Karl Kennedy
Lassiter's Apartments
Liljana is telling David the tradition of Saints Day will still be celebrated, her family has celebrated it for hundreds of years and it's not going to end just because they've moved away. David tells her it can still be celebrated and she can cook in the apartment. Liljana says it's a shoebox and she can't cook in the tiny kitchen. She ads the whole point of Saints Day is to rid the family home of evil spirits not a serviced apartment. David says there isn't another opinion. Liljana says there is. David tells her they are not moving back in with Harold. David gives her his wallet saying he doesn't care how much it's going to cost, he wants it to be the be Saints day money can buy. Serena asks him for money for a milkshake. He hands her $50.
Coffee Shop
Izzy tells Sky to clean the table. Serena walks in and tells Sky about her parents fighting about Saints Day. Sky tells Serena she has some huge information and it's so big she doesn't know what to do about it. Serena asks what it's about. Sky is about to tell her when Serena says "Izzy". Izzy says hi to Serena, Sky jumps up. Serena tells Izzy she's just about to catch up on all the gossip. Izzy tells Serena not to believe everything she hears unless it's in Italian Vogue. Serena and Izzy talk about the latest issue of the mag. Sky asks how they know each other. They say they've seen each other around. Izzy adds that like minds attract. Izzy tells Serena she should get Sky to make her a special Mocha Coffee after she finishes cleaning the table. Izzy walks off. Serena says to Sky "How cool is she!!"
Lassiters Apartments (next day)
David tells Serena to hurry up as he is taking her to school. Serena comes out in her new private school uniform. Serena gives David a list of school supplies for her electives. David asks if she really needs all these things. Serena says she does unless he wants her to be a poor kid.. Liljana says she's going shopping to prepare for Saints Day. David kisses her. Serena asks them if they are going to make out all day or shop. David and Liljana say "make-out". Liljana leaves to go shopping.
Coffee shop
Nina and Trixie are having breakfast. Trixie asks Nina who the good looking guy at the counter is. Nina looks over and sees Jack. Nina tells Trixie he's just a boy from school and he's up himself. Nina tells Trixie she's glad she's feeling positive and she should try to work things out with her dada. Trixie tells Nina it's over and she wants to tell her the truth that her dad has left her for another woman. Trixie says she's from the Hair Revival and she's not sure what's more humiliating that she's 20 years younger or that she's not even the lead.
David's Office
David arrives to find the office door chained up and a "For Lease" sign in the window. All David can says is "What the..."
Liljana comes out of the shops. Harold is posting letter. He sees her and asks her what all the food is for. Liljana tells him it's for Saints Day and that she's preparing a feast but she's not sure who for. Liljana tells him she's celebrating the only female saint celebrated and she comes to her in her dreams to warn her of upcoming disasters. Harold tells her maybe he should talk to David.
Coffee Shop
Izzy tells Harold she's proud he's going to eat humble pie and talk to David and life is too short for what ifs, family comes first. Izzy asks Harold if it's still ok for her to knock off early as she's going to a friends. Harold says he's glad she's fitting in.
Switching between Coffee shop kitchen and the Scullys
Izzy walks into the kitchen and calls Jack.
JACK: Hello?
IZZY: How's it going, stranger?
JACK: Who's this?
IZZY: You'll do a lot better by not ignoring me.
JACK: Izzy, how can I help you?
IZZY: It's how I can help you actually. It seems I've booked another hotel room for tonight.
JACK: Oh yeah?
IZZY: Yeah. I've been a bit distracted lately.
JACK: Yeah, I've noticed.
IZZY: Are you punishing me for not coming over last night, Jack?
JACK: Why would I do that?
IZZY: You can't call me out of the blue at work of all places and expect me just to drop everything. I've got responsibilities.
JACK: ...and I don't?
IZZY: No, I never said you didn't, it's just that we had a close call and if anyone finds out it ends. Do you want that?
Jack is silent.
IZZY: So meet me at the Oak, room 104 at 9 o'clockJACK: You can't just call and expect me to drop everything...
Izzy hangs up and smiles.
Trixie asks Nina if she looks silly. She then ads it's too fast for her to go out there. Nina tells her that Lou has been good to both of them and she should go out there and enjoy herself. Lou goes on stage and introduces Trixie, she goes on stage and starts her act. She stops playing the keyboard gets up and walks around the pub singing.
Lassiter's Apartments
Serena is telling Harold the secret to David is to wait for his moment of weakness before he makes his move. Liljana calls Serena over and tells her she's not helping. Serena says that David is not going to back down and she feels sorry for Harold. David walks in and sees Harold and asks him what he's doing here. Liljana says he' wanted to thank him for helping her today. David says thanks. Harold says it was his pleasure. He tells David that this has got to stop and how can they repair things if they don't talk to each other. Harold says he does want to repair things and he wants them to move back in. It doesn't have to be permanently just long enough for Liljana to celebrate saints day. David says "Thanks dad that would be good". David walks off, Liljana thanks Harold.
Trixie finishes singing and goes back to play the keyboard. She's struggling and apologies to everyone. Nina and Lou look worried. Nina gets up on stage and starts to play and sings "You are my sunshine" Trixie joins in and so does everyone in the pub.
Harold walks in telling sky he's got some good news and she'll need to clean her room. He tells her David, Liljana and Serena are moving back in tomorrow. Sky says it's great news, except for the cleaning her room part. Harold says Izzy was right, she told him to each humble pie he adds that Izzy is a wonderful woman. Sky asks if they get along ok seeing that Harold didn't really know anything about her. Harold says she's hardworking. Sky says that sometimes people's personal lives interfere with their work. Harold asks her what she means but is interrupted when Izzy arrives to drop off a menu she's made. The high school ahas asked them to cater for a teacher's conference. Izzy says she thinks this is an olive branch from Susan. Sky looks at Izzy and tells Harold there are worse things than cleaning her room., and she walks off. Izzy tells Harold she's worried about Sky. She tells Harold that Sky is spreading gossip about her and it's making her feel uncomfortable.
Trixie and Nina finishes singing. They go and sit with Lou and Connor. Lou tells them they were great. Trixie says that Nina is the real star and she's been wasting her time singing with her husband when she should have been singing with Nina. Lou tells them the crowd loved them and they are booked indefinitely. Connor says maybe it would be better as a one off show. Lou says he has a hit on his hands. He raises a toast to the Tucker mother & daughter act. Trixie says it's not very sexy and she often gets mistaken for Nina's sister. Connor suggest the "Tucker Twins". Lou toasts the Tucker Twins. Nina looks worried.
Harold is telling Sky that Karl is a fine upstanding member of the community. Sky says he has been convicted of drink driving and has a history of adultery. Harold says it's enough and that Izzy is a decent, hard working woman and she doesn't deserve this. Sky says Izzy has been fawning over Karl for weeks and she was on the phone to Mr Love Doctor. Harold says all it proves it that Sky has her nose in where it is not wanted. Sky says Izzy has him wrapped around her little finger and only She and Susan can see through her. Harold ask Sky if she's considered the consequences for Susan and her family. Harold says he's disappointed and angry.
Switching between Izzy's Hotel room and the Scullys
Izzy stands in front of the mirror and opens up her robe to reveal her lingerie and says "will this do". She looks down and takes off her ugboots.
Jack is on the couch watching TV, he looks at his watch.
Izzy jumps on the bed then looks at her mobile. A voice calls out room service. Izzy says 'Nice one Jack', she opens up her robe then opens the door. It is room service.
Jack is doing sit-ups, he looks at his watch
Izzy is eating the food when a voice calls out 'room service' Izzy says she didn't order anything else and she's already eaten for two. She opens the door and Jack is standing there with a bottle of wine. Jack asks her if that means she's lost her appetite. Izzy pulls him inside, feeds him the strawberry she was holding and they kiss.
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David Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4352
David Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Sky Mangel, Izzy Hoyland, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4352
Sky Mangel, Izzy Hoyland, Serena Bishop

David Bishop, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4352
David Bishop, Serena Bishop

Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4352
Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop

Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4352
Jack Scully

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4352
Izzy Hoyland

Trixie Tucker, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4352
Trixie Tucker, Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Liljana Bishop, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4352
Harold Bishop, Liljana Bishop, Serena Bishop

Trixie Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4352
Trixie Tucker

Nina Tucker, Trixie Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4352
Nina Tucker, Trixie Tucker

Harold Bishop, Izzy Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4352
Harold Bishop, Izzy Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Nina Tucker

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4352
Sky Mangel

Harvey, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4352
Harvey, Jack Scully

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