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Neighbours Episode 4351 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4351
Australian airdate: 20/10/03
UK airdate: 11/12/03
Writer: Andrew Muir
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Trixie Tucker: Wendy Stapleton
Summary/Images by: Emily/Karen (Katie)
Number 32
Jack offers his handyman services to Izzy, but she says she sees him more as a love doctor. He tells her that 'Doctor Love is at her service' and they embrace, but are almost caught out by Boyd and Sky returning home from the movies. Jack sneaks out the back door while Izzy tries to occupy Boyd and Sky. Boyd explains that they didn't go to the movies in the end, and Sky questions Izzy as to why she looks all hot and flusters. Izzy claims she was working out and tries to send them away, but as they head for the back door she stops them, claiming she hasn't seen them for ages, and they should stop and talk a bit more.
Number 32 back garden
Outside, Bob finds Jack trying to escape and is almost caught out when Toadie comes looking for Bob.
Number 32
Izzy's makes up some ridiculous stories in an attempt about the FBI to keep Boyd and Sky from seeing Jack. Toadie arrives through the back door telling them of a 'prowler' he saw jump the fence. Boyd suggests that they call the cops but while Izzy recons there's no point, Toadie agrees that it might be a good idea. Boyd, Sky and Toadie head outside to check.
Lou's Place
Connor tries to persuade Lou with some more scams from the paper, but Lou tells him to go home as his shift has finished. Connor asks why they couldn't go back to how they were before as friends, but Lou informs him that is interest is no longer in scams, but in his pub.
Coffee Shop
Connor tells Harold of Lou's latest mood, but Harold reckons Lou is faking it. Connor tells him that Lou is as low as he's been and that you can see right through him. Harold agrees to pop over and see him later on but he tells Connor that he won't be making any more casseroles for him, as every time he has, he's been made to look the fool. Connor thanks him.
Ramsay Street
Nina walks up the street as Jack continues mowing the lawns. Jack confronts Nina and tells her that she is pathetic in seeing Connor so soon after breaking up and could've aimed higher. She snaps back saying at least she waited till their relationship was over, before seeing someone else. Jack tries to warn her off Connor, but she ignores him.
Number 30
Nina tells Connor of what happened outside between her and Jack. Connor tells her not to worry about him, she agrees that he's low. Continuing to look unhapppy, Connor asks Nina what's up. She explains that her parents have decided to split up and that her dad has moved out. She asks why they didn't tell her, saying secrets and lies hurt much more than truth.
Lou's Place
Lou tries to tell Harold that there is nothing wrong and he is fine. Harold tells him that Connor was concerned about him. Lou tries to reiterate the fact that he is fine, but Harold continues to try and persuade him to call Lauren as it is clear that he is lonely and depressed. Lou tells Harold that he has no right to come and tell him how to sort out his life, when he can't even talk to his own family who are just across the road. Harold claims it's different, but Lou tells him to sort out his own differences before interfering with his.
Number 30
Connor tells Nina about Lori's pregnancy, to avoid her hearing it from Jack first. She asks if she is having the baby, but Connor explains that he doesn't know as he hasn't received a reply from his letters or calls and that his e- mails are bouncing back. He seems quite upset and jokes about a baby with an Irish- Kiwi accent. Connor asks about Nina's mum's gig and offers to come with her. In excitement they hug. Nina steps back unsure whether that was the right thing to do, but Connor agrees that it's OK as long as Jack doesn't see them, as he doesn't fancy another confrontation with Jack.
Ramsay Street
Arriving home from walking Bob, Toadie tells Jack of the 'prowler' he saw earlier that day, and asks that he passes the message onto Lyn and Steph. Jack agrees but doesn't let it known that he was the 'prowler'. Connor and Nina appear from number 30, and agree between themselves that Jack isn't worth talking too. Nina however approaches Jack telling him that Connor has told her about Lori's pregnancy and tells him that he never knew her at all.
Lou's Place
Lou contemplates calling an ad in the paper regarding another possible 'scam' but is unable to go through with it.
Number 32
Sky jokes with Boyd about the relationship between Izzy and Karl, but Izzy overhears and demands she speaks to Sky alone. Izzy asks Sky what would've happened if Summer had overheard, but ends up explaining the consequences herself. Sky tries to apologise and claims that she was only joking.
Concert Venue
Nina worries about the number of empty seats at her mum's first solo performance, Connor suggests that it may just be a slow night like they have at the pub, but the sits don't get filled. Trixie starts her performance, but is very nervous and unable to achieve the response from the crowd that she's after. Nina looks on in concern. It turns to Connor to start the audience participation. During the interval, Nina tries to cheer her mum up, but Trixie explains that the organisers have cancelled off all future events as the Nick and Trick show wasn't happening any longer. Connor suggests that as one curtain closes another one opens. Trixie comments to Nina that she should hold onto Connor as he is a good boy, but begins to break down as she realises it's the first time she's ever finished early.
Lou's Place
Nina and Connor bring Trixie to the pub. Connor impresses Trixie with his knowledge of cocktails, and while Nina pops round the back, Trixie tells Connor that she's always known that Nina was going to be musical, even though Nick was against the idea. As Nina returns, Lou appears too, and is shocked to see Trixie Tucker at his bar. He mentions her to Nina who informs Lou that she is her mum. Lou looks rather taken aback at the statement, but soon gathers himself. He tells Nina that he has always been and admirer of Trixie and asks Nina if she can get an autograph for him. Nina tells Lou of her mothers situation and suggests that he gives her a gig at the pub. Lou feels he's got no position to do such a thing to a talented musician, and that she'd never accept, but Nina tells him that she'll introduce him and is pretty sure her mother would take up the offer.
Coffee Shop
Izzy teaches Sky how to fold the napkins properly so that they are able to stay together and stand up. Sky feels like she's being treated like a baby, but continues anyway. The phone rings and Izzy goes to answer. It's Jack, inviting Izzy to join him in the spar. She tells him not to bother her when she's at work. Once off the phone, Sky begins to question Izzy over 'Dr Love Kennedy'. Izzy orders Sky into the kitchen and tells her that it was not Dr Kennedy that she was speaking to. She tells her that the phone call was none of her business, but explains that the person on the phone was actually the bread delivery man and that she was flirting with him to get a lower price deal on the delivery. Izzy returns to the counter, leaving Sky in the kitchen who calls up the bread mad to discover that it wasn't him who Izzy was talking too.
Lou's Place
Lou, Trixie, Connor and Nina are all sat round a table, trying to work out a song list for Trixie's performance at the pub. They have all the songs that they want except for a finale piece. Trixie tells them of a trip she went on to Rio de Janeiro before Nina was born. She tells them of a wonderful Columbian coffee she sampled whilst out there, and Lou comments that he'll try and import some for her if she includes the Samba in her performance. Nina reminds her mum of her dodgy knee, but Trixie tells her to stop treating her like a jockey. Hearing the word jockey, triggers Lou to remember the Melbourne Cup when Trixie performed her 'Infamous Trixie Tucker Triple Step'. Lou gets her to do a demonstration which she does. They all sit about laughing after.
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Izzy Hoyland, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4351
Izzy Hoyland, Jack Scully

Izzy Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4351
Izzy Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Jack Scully, Bob in Neighbours Episode 4351
Jack Scully, Bob

Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4351
Jack Scully

Jack Scully, Connor O
Jack Scully, Connor O'Neill, Nina Tucker

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4351
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4351
Harold Bishop

Nina Tucker, Connor O
Nina Tucker, Connor O'Neill

Izzy Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4351
Izzy Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Trixie Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4351
Trixie Tucker

Lou Carpenter, Trixie Tucker, Connor O
Lou Carpenter, Trixie Tucker, Connor O'Neill, Nina Tucker

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