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Neighbours Episode 4349 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4349
Australian airdate: 16/10/03
UK airdate: 09/12/03
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Jay Willis: Steve Danielsen
John Howard: David Copeland
Security Guard: Rowan Francis
- "Shower" by Sandrine
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Karl and Susan finding Jamie's letter
- Nina breaking up with Jack
- Harold and David fighting
Harold is about to get up and go, but Lil says for him to say what's on his mind. Harold tells David that he's wrong, he's always been proud of him, but he's distressed that David only equates success with money. Harold also tells Lil that he doesn't appreciate being told what to do in his own home. Harold's about to leave again when David says Harold's not going anywhere, "I haven't even started yet."
The Coffee Shop
Izzy sees a cute guy, around his early 20s, at a table. She tries to hit on him and chat him up about going surfing (he's holding a surfing magazine), but the guy's not interested. "Sorry lady, you're too old." Sky comes in at just the right time to hear Izzy get the brush off. Sky's very amused. "Just a chocolate milkshake thanks, Grandma!" Izzy's not impressed.
Harold and David are yelling at each other. David says that everyone thinks Harold's a saint, when he isn't. And Harold says that David never contacted him over the years. Serena comes in wanting to know what's going on. David gives her $50 to go and see a movie because he doesn't want her to see them arguing. Harold says they spoil her too much, and need to teach her some values. David's had enough, and says they're going to move into one of Lassiter's apartments until the house is ready, and Harold is fine with that. "Please be gone by the time I get back."
Jack's trying Nina's mobile but keeps getting the voicemail. He leaves a message and says that he misses her, he loves her and he needs to talk to her. Joe asks what Jack did this time, and works out that Jack must have played around. Joe figures that Jack would have learnt his lesson with Lori, and that he's going to get a bad reputation. Jack says he doesn't care.
The Pub
Nina's playing a pretty depressing tune on the keyboard. Connor comes in and wonders if she's playing for a funeral. She tells him that it's supposed to be sad, it's about giving your heart to someone and then they betray you. She then informs him it's about Jack.
Sky's venting to Boyd about Serena and her posh way of living. Boyd tells her to ignore her - he's only half listening to Sky, he's more interested in kissing! Izzy comes in and interrupts the pashing, saying that she doesn't want to see teenage slobbering. Sky says Izzy's all uptight because she can't get any herself. Izzy walks out and eavesdrops on Sky telling Boyd that his aunty isn't as nice as everyone thinks. Izzy smirks.
Karl is filling a drink bottle with alcohol, and manages to hide the evidence just as Susan and Joe come in. They're talking about the ad the K's put in the paper about Jamie Clark, and how no one has answered yet. Susan wants to open it if no one answers, but Karl says that would be, "dishonest and wrong."
The Pub
Nina's chatting to Connor about the break-up, and how Taj said that it would all come back to haunt her, and it did. She asks Connor what he's doing that night, and offers him some Charity Ball tickets she has. Nina was going to take Jack but not anymore. Connor gives her a look. "Who am I meant to take? Stuart?" He tries to persuade her to come with him when Jack walks in and interrupts. Jack tries to talk to Nina, but she doesn't want to, and he is persistent. Connor comes to Nína's defence and tells Jack to leave her alone. Connor and Jack get all "manly" and puff up their chests, until Nina tells both of them to stop it, and she runs out.
Outside the Pub
Jack runs out after her and begs for five minutes to talk. He says that he's so sorry for what he did, and he's willing to do anything to get her back. He asks for another chance. "No," says Nina, "you broke my heart, and if you had one you'd understand how I feel." She walks off.
David's packing and Lil's trying to get him to stay and work out things with Harold. David says that they're better off without him. Serena agrees - she's angry with him as well for saying she's spoilt.
The Pub Office
Harold's waiting around in there to give David and Co enough time to pack up their stuff and go. Lou says that Harold's being a sook, and to go back home. Harold's having trouble adjusting to them, and the more he gets to know David, "the more he seems like a stranger to me."
The Pub
Izzy spots Jack at the bar and decides to saunter in for the kill. She guesses that he has 'girl trouble' face on - she used to work as a barmaid and got to know these things. Jack tells her about what he did and suggests he was 'unfaithful' and didn't 'cheat' like Izzy said, because it sounds less evil that way. Izzy smiles and asks if he wants a drink, "Come on, just a quickie. You can tell me how evil you really are..."
Serena busts Sky and Boyd smooching in the kitchen, (Summer let her in). Sky introduces Boyd to Serena, then Boyd goes to set up the movie in the lounge room because Serena wants a private word with Sky. Serena apologises about the money problem before, then tells her that David and Harold had a huge fight and where they're going to stay now. Sky can't believe it. They then have a giggle about how cute Boyd is. Serena wants to know if he has a long-lost twin brother.
The Pub
Harold's stalling for more time, having just finished some dinner, and now orders some dessert from Lou. Izzy tells Jack that he's done nothing wrong, and she thinks monogamy is ridiculous anyway. People should be able to just act on their impulses. She informs Jack that she's booked herself a room at Lassiter's for the night for some pampering. "I wouldn't say no to some company. I'm in room 303, drop by if you're in the mood. It'll be our little secret...". Jack looks like all his Christmases have come at once. Izzy skips out, chirping goodnight to Harry and Louey on the way. "Gee she's a nice girl," comments Lou. "Yes, the nicest," agrees Harold.
Charity Ball
Nina's sitting glumly at a table. Connor comes back with some drinks, and tells her to try and forget about it all. Connor suggests they dance, and points out that if 'John Howard' can dance (some old guy dancing a jaunty jig in the background), they certainly can.
Susan's trying to steam open the letter over the kettle, but hides it when Karl and Joe come back inside. Karl figures out what she's doing and gets the letter off her, and puts it on the bench. They bicker about opening the letter, and in the meantime, Joe just calmly picks it up, opens it, and announces that Jamie Clark has 400 shares in a Baragoola Mining Company. Susan and Karl just look at him.
Outside Harold's
David is packing stuff in the car, and Lil's still trying to get him to change his mind. They begin to drive off just as Harold arrives home in time to see them go. All of a sudden the car reverses. David gets out and walks up to Harold. Harold looks a little pleased in spite of himself, but David only came back because he forgot his briefcase.
Karl, Susan and Joe have figured out from the newspaper that Jamie's shares are now worth $80,000. Karl and Susan get all excited, and Susan suggests they hire a private investigator which Karl baulks at - the cost is too much. "You're like a broken record, Karl," quips Joe. Karl then says that they could always just let it go and keep the shares to themselves. Susan thinks that's wrong and they start to argue in their own special way that they do... until they realise that Joe's looking at them. He gives them a quick smile.
Charity Ball
Connor's jumping about, trying to encourage Nina to Riverdance with him, but she laughs and tells him to stop. They dance normally. Jack is at the door trying to tell the security guard that he just wants to talk to his girlfriend. Nina sees him and makes the decision to kiss Connor so Jack can see. Jack stops his ranting and storms off. Connor breaks off the kiss and asks what she's doing.
Jack makes his way to Room 303. He knocks on the door, then lets himself in when he sees it's open. He calls out, and can't stop the grin from spreading across his face when Izzy walks into the bedroom wearing only her underwear. She goes up to him and they start kissing.
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David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4349
David Bishop

Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4349
Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop

Jack Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4349
Jack Scully, Joe Scully

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4349
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Nina Tucker, Jack Scully, Connor O
Nina Tucker, Jack Scully, Connor O'Neill

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4349
Serena Bishop

Izzy Hoyland, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4349
Izzy Hoyland, Jack Scully

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4349
Nina Tucker

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4349
Karl Kennedy

Joe Scully, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4349
Joe Scully, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4349
Izzy Hoyland

Jack Scully, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4349
Jack Scully, Izzy Hoyland

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