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Neighbours Episode 4348 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4348
Australian airdate: 15/10/03
UK airdate: 8/12/03
Writer: David Hannam
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Henry O'Rouke: Charles 'Bud' Tingwell
Charlie Cassidy: Cliff Ellen
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Mona
- Lyn telling Joe Charlie is coming to visit
- David tells Harold he will pay for the repair to the car
- Charlie and Henry at the bus stop
Henry and Charlie walk in the front door arguing. Henry is telling Charlie off for telling Lyn how to park the car. Lyn tries to calm them down and says she'll put the kettle on. Lyn and Joe are in the kitchen and Henry and Charlie are still arguing. Joe says at least they're talking. Oscar starts crying. Charlie tells henry off for upsetting his grandson. Henry says he doesn't have to take this and leaves.
Harold has made breakfast. David says he doesn't have time for any he's going into the office. Harold makes a comment about working on Sunday. David says he likes to work. Liljana tells Harold it's just as well as they have put everything into this business. Harold says it's an enormous risk and asks what happens if it fails. David says it's not a risk it's an opportunity. Serena comes into the kitchen saying it's a perfect day for shopping as she is having a fashion emergency and Sky's formal is coming up and they have to get something for her to wear. Serena asks Harold where Sky is. Harold says she's working at the coffee shop to earn some pocket money. Serena asks David for some money and tells him that he always to her to be a success you have to project the image of success. David hands her a credit card and tells her he wants it back when she gets home. Harold asks David if he should be giving into her and giving her everything she wants. David says there's nothing wrong with giving your children nice things, it shows them you love them.
Coffee Shop
Serena tells Sky she's come to rescue her and she's taking her shopping for a dress for the formal. Sky tells her she's working and she already has something to wear. Serena tells Sky she's taking up valuable shopping time and asks how much Harold pays her. When Sky replies $8 and hour Serena takes out $10 and gives it to Sky. Sky tells Serena it's lucky she's her cousin and she loves her so she'll pretend that didn't just happen. She tells Serena to wait until her shift is over.
Liljana is cleaning a fish. Harold walks in looking breathless. She asks how his walk was. He says he cheated a little and cut across the park. Harold notices the fish. Liljana apologizes saying she thought she would have been finished before he got back. Harold asks Liljana if she thinks it was wise for David to be betting everything on the one venture. Liljana says she trusts him completely and Harold should too. Harold says he does. Liljana disagrees.
Henry is sitting by himself having a beer. Steph walks in and asks him he wants any company. Henry says he didn't think she'd be talking to him and he doesn't want her upsetting herself over this. Steph tells Henry to confront what it's really about the fact that he's feeling guilty. Steph tells him to let it go and forgive himself and if he can't do it for himself to do it for Lyn.
Lyn & Charlie are in the kitchen with Oscar. Steph calls out "Mum, Look what I found" Charlie & Lyn go out and see Henry. Henry says she wants to talk to both of them. He tells them seeing Charlie brought back a lot of guilt that he never confronted. He apologized to Charlie and Lyn and says he never apologized because he could never actually believe what he had done. Charlie says he did what he had to do. Henry said he will carry the guilt to his grave and an apology will never make up for it. Charlie tells Henry he feels just as guilty and he should have fought to keep Lyn and he will always regret it. Charlie and Henry shake hands and Lyn is crying. Charlie tells Lyn to let Henry hold Oscar he's had his turn.
Coffee Shop
Lou tells Harold to take what Liljana said as advise not criticism. Harold says it bothers him that David thinks that belongings and money are the be-all and end-all. Lou tells him to go and talk to David fine some common ground they are both businessmen. Lou tells Harold to go and see David at work.
Karl is on the phone to Libby Lou walks in and sits at a different table. When Karl finishes Lou comes over and asks if Karl's only eating here because of what he said to Susan about Izzy. Karl tells Lou Susan was hurt that Lou believed Izzy over Susan after all these years of friendship. Lou says he never meant to hurt Susan but Izzy is a nice girl. Karl tells Lou he has a reason for eating here and asks why Lou is here. Lou says he's here to try the coffee.
David's Office
Harold goes into David's office. David is on the phone and tells Harold he'll be 5 minutes. Harold sits and waits.
Serena asks Sky when she can meet Boyd. Sky tells her change the subject like why are they eating at such and expensive place. Serena tells her not to worry and just order.
Lyn, Joe, Steph, and Henry are in the kitchen fussing over Oscar. Charlie is in the Lounge coughing. Steph goes into see him. Charlie tells her he's fine and the doctors told him he had 3 months but he proved them wrong. He tells Steph that Lyn told him about the cancer. Steph tells him she's become philosophical abut it, if her times up, her times up. Charlie says he takes back calling her a Cassidy. Steph says that sounds like an insult. Charlie says it is. He was going to give up but then Lyn came back into hi life and now he has something to live for and he is going to fight for every precious moment and he tells Steph to do the same.
Karl and Lou try the coffee. Karl tells Lou it's good but his is better. Lou says Karl a photo of a horse telling him it was sighed by a Melnourne Cup winner and he wants to buy into it all he needs it 5 other people to make up a syndicate. The waitress comes over with a bottle of wine for Karl. Karl tells he it's a mistake and he ordered water. Sky opens her wallet and Serena tells her to put it away and let her pay, as David doesn't mind. Sky says she does mind and she let her buy her a dress and that she's not happy getting everything for free. She tells Serena that everything can't be bought with daddy's plastic.
David's office
David is still on the phone. Harold looks around the office. All the cubicles are bare, the shelves are empty and the photocopier is out of order. Harold goes into the kitchen and takes out two mugs but there's no tea of coffee. David comes in and tells Harold he'll give him a tour. David's mobile rings and he tells Harold they'll have to put it off.
Lyn tells Charlie to stay longer. Joe tells him there's always room for family. Charlie says he's had his turn with Oscar and not it's Henry's turn. Lyn hugs them both and tells them they are both her dads and she loves them. Henry says it's safe to say they both love her too. Joe says he can't believe they all are on something. Charlie tells Lyn he's going to Sydney to try to work things out with his son and tell him bout Lyn.
David comes home. Harold is going paperwork for the coffee shop. David tells Harold he's sorry that he couldn't see him today and maybe he should call ahead next time. Harold says he can't believe he has to make an appointment to see his own son, David says that isn't what he meant just next time he'll make time to se him. Liljana tells them to sort out there differences and just clear the air. Harold asks David if he's sure about the business, as he didn't think a few things seemed right. David says it's fine and that Harold just can't stand his success. David tells Harold to stop forcing his opinions onto him and that Harold has left him out of every major thing that has happened to him and he didn't even tell him that Madge had died until after the funeral.
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Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4348
Liljana Bishop

Henry O
Henry O'Rourke, Steph Scully

Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4348
Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4348
Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop

Steph Scully, Charlie Cassidy in Neighbours Episode 4348
Steph Scully, Charlie Cassidy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4348
Steph Scully

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4348
David Bishop

Steph Scully, Charlie Cassidy, Lyn Scully, Henry O
Steph Scully, Charlie Cassidy, Lyn Scully, Henry O'Rourke, Oscar Scully

Lyn Scully, Henry O
Lyn Scully, Henry O'Rourke, Oscar Scully

Charlie Cassidy in Neighbours Episode 4348
Charlie Cassidy

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4348
David Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4348
Harold Bishop

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