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Neighbours Episode 4329 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4329
Australian airdate: 18/9/03
UK airdate: 11/11/03
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Ewina Valdez: Lucia Smyrk
Erin Perry: Talia Zucker
Penola Newman: Erin Brass
Chris Morton: Alex Konis
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Lisa telling Summer she's uninvited to her birthday party
- Sky getting called a freak by one of her classmates
The Coffee Shop
Connor, Taj and Toadie are in the shop buying a heap of food and talking about soccer. Toadie is playing a game on Taj's phone. Connor pays up the $42 for the food - courtesy of the E-Bay money they're scamming. Toadie passes on the phone to Taj when it rings. It's Edwina wanting to meet up with him. He says he's got a study day the next day, so she says she's got a surprise for him, and she'll see him tomorrow. He hangs up and walks back to the guys who are looking all smug. "So, hot date huh?" says Connor in his surfie dude voice. Taj says he likes her, but he's not sure about her past boyfriends... but then he decides to get over it! The guys take their food and head out, passing Sky sitting by herself at a table.
There's a group of girls from school sitting at the table across from her, gossiping about a bet that's going around about which guy can pick up the freakiest girl. "No guessing who's gonna be the prize catch," a girl called Erin says in Sky's direction. Harold comes over to Sky to see if everything's alright, and she says everything is cool. She looks a little fed up though.
Later that night...
Harold's in the kitchen part talking to Susan about his concerns for Sky. Susan says she'll keep an eye out for her, "Bullying is something the school takes very seriously." They say at least she's got Boyd on her side.
Boyd walks in and chats to Erin on his way to Sky about the school's Battle of the Bands. He says that he might see the band play sometime. Sky scoffs at Boyd about wanting to see the band, when he sits with her. She asks him where's he's been the past couple of days, and he says he's been out a lot. Sky wants to know if he wants to stake out Dog Man's place later, and Boyd glances over at Erin who gives him a glare. He says that he's having a boy's night, and Sky says that's alright, they can hang out another night.
The Hoylands
It's morning now, and Boyd's trying to hurry Summer up to take her to school. Izzy comes in and says he can go and she'll take Summer. When Boyd leaves, Izzy wants to know what Summer's "anti-school vibe" is all about. Summer tells her how all the girls will be talking about Lisa's party all day, and she's the only one not invited. Izzy says to Summer not to let Lisa have all the fun, and that she can skip school today and hang out with her at the Coffee Shop instead. Summer worries about what Max will say, but Izzy says that Max won't know anything since he's off choosing a wine list in the Yarra Valley. Summer says what about Harold, and Izzy says, "Don't worry, he's putty in my hands!" Summer grins.
The Coffee Shop
Izzy's giving Harold a sob story about Summer being extremely upset over Steph and Max, and how she's being bullied at school. Izzy says Max knows where she is, and that Summer has a lot of homework to keep her busy. Harold's very sympathetic seeing as Sky's in the same boat about school, and says it's fine. He wants to know if Izzy would like to take the lunch orders over to the Salon and say hi to Lyn, but Izzy wriggled out of it. He leaves, and Izzy sits with Summer. "That was a close call. I want to keep any contact with people called Scully down to a bare minimum." Summer says that Lyn's nice, and Izzy says nice or not they're not their friends. "Apart from everything else, she's got some pretty questionable attitudes about motherhood, I heard. I mean what would you say about Lyn leaving her baby alone, locked up in a car, and went out and did God knows what. She probably went off to play the pokies or got drunk!" Susan, meanwhile, has come in and heard all of this and angrily says to Izzy, "And what would you say? Clearly given that you don't know the facts." Izzy's got her 'Oh crap!' face on.
The Coffee Shop
Izzy tries to tell Susan that what she's heard is out of context, but Susan doesn't believe her. Izzy tells her that she was saying to Summer that people shouldn't pass judgement on other people. Susan tells her not to bother to try and convince her, "I think you've said enough." Susan leaves, and Izzy slowly sits down. "Wow, she was mad," remarks Summer. "As a cut snake."
Erinsborough High
Sky's wearing leather ankle boots with her pre-loved uniform, which Erin and her cronie take glee in picking on. They also pick on her hair. "Hey Sky, how do you get your hair to look so sick?!" Erin snottily asks. Sky gives her a withering look, "By vomiting in it." She gets annoyed with them calling her a freak, and goes up to them to give them a piece of her mind. "You're a clone, barbie doll, trash." Erin rolls her eyes, "Whatever." Sky gives her a clap and walks off. "Ooh, Erin, good comeback." Boyd and his mates are walking by, and Boyd says that he doesn't know Sky very well when asked.
The Coffee Shop
Izzy is looking at the mini-phonebooth phone. "This has got to go." Harold comes up to her, and tells her that his late wife bought that for him. Izzy calls it "quaint", and tries to persuade him how good a cordless phone would be. Harold politely says no, and then asks if she wants to come and see the recipe for the lemon slice. "No, that's fine." "Right, okay!" He scuttles off and Izzy goes up to Summer at the counter. "I thought I said to let me know when he came back in!" Summer apologises.
Edwina and Taj's Date-O-Rama
Edwina is leading Taj, blindfolded, to their date location. It's a mini-golf course. The loser gets to buy the foot-long hot dogs - the course specialty. Edwina hopes Taj doesn't think it's a totally lame idea, but Taj says he loves it. Edwina's relieved, she just wanted their date to be different, something to remember.
Susan is talking to her English class, and asking questions about the film they just saw. Erin thought it was cool because Keanu Reeves was in it, and because "casting someone popular made it easier to relate to." Sky's annoyed, and says it was a stupid movie because people concentrated more on the Hollywood element rather than the actual story. Erin calls Sky a freak again, and Susan says that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, "So lets make sure everyone's opinions are respected, okay." Class is dismissed, and Erin goes up to Sky and says that at least the teachers are her friends. Boyd is looking at them through the window, and hurries off. Sky looks confused.
The Pub
Harold has bought Lou a casserole. Susan comes in and tells Harold that she had a word with the Year 10's. She didn't mention Sky's name, but she thinks the message got through. Harold tells Susan that bullying must be a widespread problem because Isabelle kept Summer home from school because of it. Susan's skeptic, and tells Harold to take anything Izzy says with a large grain of salt. She tells them about Izzy badmouthing Lyn this morning, and they can't believe it. Harold says he'll look into it.
It cuts to Connor and Toadie having lunch at a table. Toadie's telling Connor that he's going back to work soon. Lou comes over and says that he's got a job for them. He wants them to pick up a coffee machine for him. Toadie reminds him that serving coffee will eat into Harold's business, but Lou says equal opportunity is what life's all about.
The Coffee Shop
Izzy tells Harold that there's been a big misunderstanding. Harold says that Susan wouldn't make something like this up, and Izzy says that neither would she which confuses Harold. Izzy tells him that she was telling Summer how damaging gossip could be, and Susan didn't give her a chance to explain herself. Harold buys this, and says he'll have a word to Susan to smooth things over. Izzy smiles and gives him a hug. "Harry, you're a doll!"
The Mini-Golf Course
Taj putts himself into a free game, and Edwina is scoring. "Hmm, nice butt!" "What was that?!" he says, laughingly. "I said, nice putt!" The hot dogs are on Edwina. She says she wanted a chance to chat and have fun with Taj, "... the last guy I was with..." She stops and says sorry. Taj says that Jack must have hurt her pretty badly, but asks her if she knew he had a girlfriend. Edwina pretends she didn't, and says they shouldn't spoil the day by talking about Jack.
Erinsborough High
Boyd's kicking around the footy in the corridor's and Sky catches it. She says she thought he didn't like the footy, and starts to tell him about this cool chick she met in Science class today who has a python. "She loves Avril Lavigne, but we can forgive her for that!" Boyd's trying to act all cool in front of his mates, and says he's busy when Sky asks what he's up to later. His mates come over and call Sky a freak. Sky says to Boyd, "Hey! Tell him where to stick his ball!" But Boyd just says he's got to go, leaving Sky a little hurt.
The Hoylands
Sky bursts through the door when Boyd answers it, and overdramatically closes the curtains in the loungeroom. Boyd asks what she's doing. "Oh, just making sure nobody can see me here, wouldn't want to ruin your reputation." Sky wonders if she's suddenly got leprosy because he's been avoiding her. Boyd tries to say that he's had stuff on lately, but Sky tells him it's a lame excuse. She thought that he wasn't like the morons at school. Boyd wants to know why she tries so hard to get everyone offside. "I don't!" "You do, you do it on purpose." "Do what?!" "Act like a freak!" Stunned silence, then Boyd apologises. Sky asks him if he's only been pretending to like her, and Boyd says he does like her. "Well with friends like you..." she trails off, and walks out.
An Alleyway
Connor and Toadie are looking for the coffee machine place. "I can't believe you talked me into this, mate. This is dodgey with a capital L.O.U," Toadie whinges. They keep bickering until they reach another, smaller, alleyway. Connor says this is the place, and asks Toadie where his sense of adventure is... just as he nearly gets hit by a man flying out of the doorway. The man picks himself up out of the trashcans he landed in, and walks off. Connor and Toadie look worried.
The Coffee Shop
Harold, Lou, Izzy and Summer are chatting. Harold takes Summer to taste some maccaroons in the kitchen. Lou tells Izzy that his boys are picking up the machine, and thanks her for the tip-off. He says she can have a free three-course meal at the pub anytime. She smiles. "Only if you can join me to discuss some more business prospects!" Lou greets Susan on his way out. Susan looks annoyed to see Izzy there. Harold pops out of the kitchen and asks for a word with Susan. Izzy as well. Susan tries to protest, but Harold says it'll only take a moment.
In the kitchen part...
Harold tells them he's firmly convinced that what happened this morning was a silly misunderstanding. Susan can't believe her ears, and Izzy just smiles. Harold hopes the two of them can put this behind them and become firm friends. Izzy hopes so too, and says that Susan's cheesecake that she came to pick up is on the house. Susan coldly says thank you, but she can't accept it. "Very well," says Izzy, "I'm just so glad everything could turn out so... nicely." Harold looks confused.
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Harold Bishop, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4329
Harold Bishop, Izzy Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4329
Susan Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4329
Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4329
Sky Mangel

Edwina Valdez in Neighbours Episode 4329
Edwina Valdez

Harold Bishop, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4329
Harold Bishop, Izzy Hoyland

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi

Izzy Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4329
Izzy Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

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