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Neighbours Episode 4317 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4317
Australian airdate: 02/09/03
UK airdate: 24/10/03
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Hank Humbert: Zelko Vanis
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Mona
- Max and Izzy at the pub
- Joe telling Susan and Lyn about Karl's "just a neighbour" comment
- Izzy and Summer asking Max if they are late for dinner
- Steph's lump needs a needle biopsy
Izzy is filling Max in on her last few partners. Max asks about Peter, Izzy says she dumped Peter and then was with Jake, then Jake's wife showed up and she decided it was time to settle down. She makes a comment about their upbringing. Max says it wasn't that bad. Izzy says it was ok for him as she was older when Rosie went on her 'Looking for God' trip. Max says not to be so hard and she doesn't really look like she's been hard done by. Izzy says "You know me - the drama queen" Izzy tells Max she's happy for him, he's got a good job, nice house and a live-in lover. Max tells her not to start and he knows that she was good friends with Claire. Izzy says that Steph didn't seem too happy to see her. Max says he doesn't know what as up with Steph but it didn't have anything to do with her. Izzy says it's ok, she likes her but what about the kids, how are they coping. Max says they're getting there. Boyd walks in and see Izzy. Boys says "Izzy" and Izzy says "Lennie Kravitz, I wonder when you were going to turn up" They hug. Boyd asks her how long she's going to stay. Izzy says as long as she's welcome and she's hoping some of Max's good luck will rub off onto her.
Susan is talking to Karl about a gift to buy for baby Oscar's christening. Karl isn't really listening and Susan asks him what is wrong. Karl says he's just thinking about a patient that got some news that he wouldn't wish on anyone and she won't tell her partner or family. Joe walks in and says hi to Susan. Susan asks Joe to join them saying they were just talking about a patient of Karl's. Karl says no, not really. Joe says it's ok, He's just a Neighbour and a 'Bricky Thicky' and wouldn't understand. Joe then says he's looking forward to seeing Susan at the Christening. Joe walks off. Susan tells Karl to try harder. Karl says that Joe doesn't want him at the Christening. Susan tells him he's going to watch her be a Godmother.
Steph is in the kitchen making hot chocolate. Max comes in and walks behind her and puts his arms around her saying "You look cute in my pajamas" He kisses the back of her head but they are interrupted by Izzy who tells Max Summer wants a goodnight kiss. Izzy walks over to Steph and says "I don't care what anyone says, "Boys Jarmies Rock!!" Steph smiles. Izzy asks her if she's making ho chocolate and asks her if she's going to put cinnamon in it. Steph says she doesn't think Max has any. Izzy starts rummaging through the cupboards and finds some. She pulls out a pot and Steph says she was just going to put it in the microwave. Izzy says that's sacrilege then apologizes saying she's spent too much time in Cafés and is a food Nazi. Izzy asks Steph if she's settling in and then asks if the kids are ok. Steph says she hopes so. Izzy asks her if the kids talk about their mum much adding that Claire was very special, and it must be hard for her.
Scullys, the next morning
Lyn and Joe walk into the lounge, Lyn is holding up two outfits trying to decide which one to wear to the christening. She asks Joe who says that if he picks one then Lyn will ask him what's wrong with the other one. Lyn says she wishes the girls were here to help her. Lyn asks Joe if he's picked a godfather yet. She then tell shim he has 10 seconds to chose one. Joe says he won't be rushed. Lyn says "But the christening tomorrow." There's a knock at the door and it's Joe. Lyn asks Joe which outfit she should wear to the christening, Karl says if he chooses one then Lyn will asks him what's wrong with the other one. Lyn tells him that what Joe said. Karl walks into the kitchen to talk to Joe. Karl tries to apologies. He says he was sorry and was a little snobbish. Joe says "a little?" Karl says he doesn't know what else to do but says he's sorry. Joe says he should try telling the truth. Joe says despite everything he does that Karl doesn't think he's worth knowing and Karl thinks he's better than he is. Karl says it's ok if Joe doesn't want him at the christening. Joe says that Susan is going to be Godmother to his son and maybe Karl should try standing by someone. Karl tries to say something but Joe puts his hand up to stop him.
Izzy is cooking breakfast. She asks Summer if she helps Steph cook. Summer says that Steph makes cheese on toast and lasagna sometime. Izzy says "What no sweeties" Summer tells her she tried to teach Steph to make chocolate muffins once but she forgot the sugar and the baking powder. Boyd tells Summer to stop dissing Steph. Summer says she's not. Izzy asks Boyd about Sky, then says that Boyd would look great with an eyebrow piercing she then adds "Don't tell your dad I said that". Max walks in and sees the breakfast and says it smells good. They all sit down and Steph walks in. Izzy offers Steph her chair but Steph says she's ok standing in the kitchen. Max tells Steph to share with him but she says she's ok. Max says how nice the breakfast is. Summer (with her mouthful) tells Max not to talk with his mouth full. Max tells Summer he couldn't understand her as she had her mouth full. Boyd (with his mouth full) says not to talk with their mouth full and Izzy (with her mouth full) adds "You're all disgusting" They all laugh, Steph looks on sadly.
Outside the shops
Sky is sitting down waiting for Boyd. Boyd turns up with a beanie and glasses on as a disguise. Sky asks what all the gear is for. Boyd says he doesn't want to get busted. Sky tells him he looks like he's about to pull a bank job. Boyd asks why they are here. Sky says "love" Boyd says it' more like guilt. Sky says "Ok guilt, but love too" Boyd says don't tell me there's a mushy side to Sky Mangel. Sky says yes and he'd better watch out.
Izzy, Summer and Max are at the front door. Izzy asks Summer what they will be learning about. Summer says the body, relationships and sex. Steph comes out asking where they are going. Izzy says Summer asked her to go to the girls growing up session and they are going to learn about sex. Steph asks Max if he's not going. Izzy says it's not for boys and they leave. Max apologizes to Steph saying that Summer asks Izzy and she did seem like the logical choice. Steph looks upset but says it's ok.
Boyd and Sky are walking around. Boyd is complaining. Sky points to a guy saying that's him. Boyd asks how she knows and Sky replies that there is no ring, he's got glasses and looks about the same age as Ms Barkham. Sky says they should play cupid and to think how nice Boyd's principal will be to everyone at school.
Steph is in the kitchen cleaning as Max walks in. Max tells her he knows all about cleaning up after his sister. Max tells Steph not to worry so much about Summer that she's just a kid and she adores Steph. Steph adds that she did until she let Summer down. Max tells her it wasn't her fault he then says "At least we'll have the rest of our live to sort out my rat-bag daughter" Steph still looks upset and doesn't react. Max says"What, is the prospect of life with me so awful?"Steph says "No" and she just wants Summer to be happy. Max says that Izzy will cheer Summer up. Steph comments on how much the kids love Izzy. Max asks if it's ok that she's staying. Steph says yes. Max says that Izzy will probably get sick of bunking with Summer.
Susan is giving the Girls Growing-Up lecture. Izzy tells Summer she's going to the loo. Summer says she can't it's not finished yet. Izzy says she's bored. Summer tells her she has to learn this stuff. Izzy tell Summer she'll teach her all she needs to know over a piece of Chocolate cake. Summer asks how they can leave. Izzy says quietly. They both get up and run out giggling.
Sky and Boyd are trying to get the mystery man to see the ad. They drop the paper in front of him, hind in in-between fruit and throw a paper plane past him but he doesn't see it. They following him outside and he starts putting his shopping in his car. Sky asks what they should do now. Boyd says to trust him and for Sky to make a distraction. Sky runs over the guy and falls down saying she stubbed her toe and it really hurts. Boyd places the ad under the guy's windscreen wiper. The guy asks Sky if there's anything he can do, she says no and runs off. They watch the guy get in the car, he notices the ad, picks it up and puts it on the car next to his.
Coffee shop
Lyn and Joe are running through names of Joe's mates who could be possible Godfathers. Lyn says "What about Jack?" Joe asks "Jack who?" Lyn asks Joe if he remembers the boys who lives with us, our Jack. Joe says he can't he's Ozzy's brother. Harold comes over and asks for a cuddle of Ozzy. Lyn tells Joe to make a list of the qualities for a Godfather. Joe says he's got to be the sort of bloke you could trust your life with, be kind, generous, giving and loving and he's got to like spending time with kids. Harold is in the background fussing over Ozzy. Harold Mobile rings and he gives the baby back to Lyn. Lyn tells Joe they don't know too many saints.
Max is reading instructions to fix a gardening tool. Max looks confused and Steph comes over and helps. Max asks her what she's cooking. She says Eggs Benedict. Max comments that she hates that but she says he loves it and she's making it to show him she loves him. Max asks why she has put Cumin in it. Steph gets upset saying she read the wring recipe. Max says it's ok they just need to add some Chilli and Garlic and it will be fine. Steph sits at the table and fixes what Max started. Max comes over, kisses her and tells her she's amazing.
Coffee shop
Harold bring over a bottle he's heated up for Oscar. Joe is holding it, Karl walks in and says he hopes that bottle is for Oscar Joe says 'No it's a Tinny" Lyn tells Joe she needs to go to the shop and get some thing for the christening Party tomorrow. Joe says they'll come with her but Lyn says it's ok she'll got by herself. Harold comes over to talk to Joe saying that he should forgive Karl. That friends are easy to find but you have to work hard to keep them. Joe asks Harold if he would like to be Oscars Godfather. Harold looks very happy.
Steph runs in and sees Karl and says she came as quickly as she could. Karl asks her to come into the officer. He tells Steph her test came back positive. Steph says positive is good. But Karl tells her no, they found cancer cells, she has breast cancer.
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Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4317
Izzy Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4317
Izzy Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Lyn Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4317
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully

Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4317
Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4317
Steph Scully

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4317
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4317
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Joe Scully, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4317
Joe Scully, Harold Bishop

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