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Neighbours Episode 4316 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4316 (Izzy Hoyland arrives)
Australian airdate: 1/9/03
UK airdate: 23/10/03
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Candace Barkham: Kate Whitbread
Roberta Marley: Anna McCrossin-Owen
Basil Kouts: Matthew Dobell
Blonde Woman: Kate Hansen
Summary/Images by: Mona/Mona
- Steph is telling Karl how she can't stop thinking about the lump
- Steph freaks out during the ultrasound
Karl walks into the hallway and notices Steph pacing. He asks her why she's still there and she tells him that she noticed something in the ultrasound, but the woman wouldn't tell her anything. She asks Karl if he can have a look at her results and tell her. He tells her he can't because he doesn't have the right experience and training. Karl offers to "throw his weight around" and speed things up. Steph thanks him and apologises for her behaviour. Karl tells her she has nothing to apologise for and that she has every right to be concerned.
Outside Lassiter's
A taxi arrives and a mysterious woman (henceforth known as "mystery woman") gets out of it. And the camera follows her (lower half) as she walks towards...
The Pub
Stu is being picky over what he wants for his lunch, saying he feels like something different. Lou spots Mystery woman walking in through the door and prods Stu to look behind, "Is this different enough for you?" Stu tells him to stop bothering him, he's thinking. Lou tries again, "I just thought I'd draw your attention to today's specials." (Pah! Typical male. :P) Finally Stu looks behind him then back at Lou and somehow manages to stammer a "Wow". She walks up to the counter and Stu and Lou act 'cool'. She tells them that she's looking for Max Hoyland, and asks if she's come to the right place. Lou, somehow, manages to say that she has. But when he doesn't say anything about Max, she asks if Max is around. Lou snaps out of whatever world he was in and tells her that Max is out on a delivery. Mystery woman says she'll wait and Lou asks if she's looking for a job, which makes Mystery woman laugh. Something about her history. He then offers to get her a drink and she tells him to surprise her with something "soft." After she's walked off to find a table, Stu starts gushing about wanting her phone number, whereas Lou is more interested in how she knows Max. Stu (AKA Casanova) tells Lou that he can find out which kindergarten she was in, her middle name and what her favourite chick flick is in 5 minutes. Casanova is about to walk off when Lou reminds him about the "soft" orange juice. He then walks over to her and gives her the drink, before asking if he can sit down. "Why not?" says the Mystery woman with an inviting smile. (Hehe.)
Sky is reading out stuff from the personal section. A cowboy/girl looking for a cowboy/girl to go line dancing with. Sky and Boyd laugh at how pathetic the ads are, and Summer asks what is so lame about line dancing? Sky asks Boyd whether it's worth explaining, and he tells her it's up to her. Summer tells them she knows, "because people like Harold do it."
After Summer has left, Boyd tells Sky to find another one. Sky finds one that's perfect and starts reading it in a seductive voice. (She's very good at it too. lol.)
"...Me blonde and buying apricots. You, blue suit, black glasses, buying pears. Am I crazy or did we have a moment? I'd love to meet again. Call me - 99470280 and let's see where this goes."
Boyd doesn't seem that impressed, but Sky insists it's so "suburban, it's tragic" they have to do something about it. Boyd is confused and Sky tells him they're going to answer the ad. Summer walks in and tells her she can't do that because it's mean. Boyd tells her she's annoyed because she didn't think of it first. He tells her to go and play with her American friend. She corrects him, saying Lisa is Canadian and she's busy. Summer threatens to tell Max and Boyd tells her to go ahead and dob. She says she will, but just as she walks off, Sky asks if she's ever considered getting dreadlocks.
The Pub
Stu is talking to Mystery woman about Toadie. She tells him he is such a great friend to put up with so much for the sake of friendship. Maybe it's just me, but it seems very very obvious that she's just having way too much fun with him, but Stu seems to be totally enraptured by her and continues to make himself sound like the new age guy that goes with the flow. When Mystery woman finishes her drink, Stu offers to get her another.
Lou asks him what he's found out about her. Stu looks at him in a bit of a 'oh yeah, I was supposed to find out about who she was' expression. Lou then goes off to have a crack at finding out the identity of the Mystery woman, but he also forgets the orange juice in his enthusiasm. Stu reminds him to take it.
Boyd is holding the phone, and Sky tells him to call the woman. He says he can't because he doesn't know what to say. In a manly Sky voice she suggests he say "Hi, I'm responding to your ad in the personal section of the Erinsborough news. I think about you every night and can't wait to see you again." Boyd argues that guys would not say that and that only a chick would say it. She asks him what a man would say, and he tells her "not that." Summer tells them that Heather would not do anything like that, and Boyd tells her that she should hang out with Heather then if she loves her so much. Sky tells him to make the call. Summer then tells them that she hopes somebody does something like that to them when they're old and grey. Sky then tells her "as if we'd be so desperate to advertise in the local paper." After Summer leaves, she tells Boyd the time (2:30), place (The Coffee Shop) and that she has to wear a red rose. Boyd gets an answering machine and tells Sky that the woman's name is Candy. And insert Boyd's great mature voice and really, really unimpressive manly...cackle.
Steph is sitting in the hospital. She looks to her side, looking off screen and tells Karl he should go. He tells her he's fine. The doctor then walks in. Karl tells Steph to call him if she needs anything and she says she will. Half way through the door, she turns around and runs after Karl. "This is going to sound really silly, but would you mind coming in with me?" Karl, of course agrees (cos he is the best! Sorry... Karl admiration. Can't help myself) and says as long as the other doctor doesn't mind. They walk into the office together, and I swear, I half expected Steph to hold his hand!
After they've taken a seat, the doctor then mentions that her radiologist told her that Steph got a bit agitated. Steph apologises about being rude and tries to explain herself, but Karl picks up for her and tells the doc that Steph thought she saw something. The doc tells her that the lump in her breast is going to require further investigation.
...Back at the hospital
The doc tells Steph that she needs to take a tissue sample from the lump. Steph asks if that means an operation. The doc tells her it doesn't (not at this stage) and explains that she'll be doing a needle biopsy, which can be done immediately. Karl tells her it's relatively painless, but Steph doesn't care about the pain, she just wants to know. The doc tells her that once they have the tissue sample they can have to the results back within 24-48 hours. The doc then gives her a pamphlet with information on how to contact the Breast Care (was it care?) nurse.
The Coffee Shop
Sky and Boyd walk in and Sky asks why Boyd is wearing "that thing" (a beanie). He tells her it's for disguise. When he goes to sit down at the first table, she tells him that spies always have their back to a wall so no one will sneak up on them. Boyd then asks the "must know" question of the episode. "Who is going to sneak up on us?" Sky accuses him of having no imagination. They watch as one blonde woman walks in. Boyd, lacking a bit of enthusiasm, asks how long they'll make her wait and Sky tells him that he can't have sympathy for a woman who was so desperate that she advertised in the personals section. Boyd covers himself by saying he was just wanting to know how long it'd take. Candace then walks in and Boyd is not happy. He tells her he knows Candace will catch him out, and Sky tells him he's paranoid. They both start...laughing, sort of, when Candace pulls out a red rose.
The Pub
Mystery woman has now enraptured Lou and tells him that there should be more men like him. That women are sick of all these "touchy, feely types". She also suggests that he should tell "this Valda of yours exactly how you feel."
The Coffee Shop
Sky asks for Candace's story, and Boyd tells her, she's the school principle, "as if I want to know about her personal life." Again Sky accuses him of having no imagination." Don't you wanna know why a woman like her is in a situation like this?" Boyd tells her does know why she's in a situation like this. Because "we answered her ad and here she is." Sky groans, which I presume is her way of reiterating the "lack of imagination" point. "I think she had a tragic love affair when she was studying teaching. He broke her heart, ran off with her best friend and stole all her savings. And she just hasn't trusted a man since." Boyd asks where she gets this stuff from. Candace then gets up, a bit peeved and leaves. Boyd and Sky argue briefly over following her, before they run after her. Sky starts coming up with reasons why she's leaving. Including writing a new ad. "Where were you? My rose wilted, while I waited." (That is so funny!) They watch as Candace gets in her car and starts crying. Sky and Boyd both look pretty darn guilty as she drives off.
The Pub
Stu and Lou revel in the awe inspiring enigma that is the Mystery woman. Lou tells him that she reminds him of "Annalise, all over again." A reference, which some of you may have understood, but Stu didn't. "This is a stick up." Max says from behind them. Both Lou and Stu (that rhymes!) freak out. Max offers to wear a bell next time. Lou points out the Mystery woman who has been waiting for two hours. Max obviously knowing exactly who she is runs up to her saying, kind of shouting "Izzy." They hug in a disgustingly public display of affection, while our two loveless Casanovas, sit back and watch. Max then introduces them to "my little sister, Isabelle." Izzy, tells Max she's already met them. They're her two new best friends. Max then takes off home with his kid sister, leaving Stu and Lou alone as they both say "Sister" at the same time as if they'd known all alone. (Yeah, sure guys!)
Steph is leaning on the counter, looking thoughtful just as Summer walks in. Steph gives her a badge for her jacket, but Summer doesn't seem that enthusiastic. Max and Izzy then walk in and Summer is overjoyed, while Steph watches, looking slightly lost. Max then butts in and introduces them. Izzy immediately assumes that Steph looks after Summer for Max and Steph says "I guess I do." Max then corrects his sister's misunderstanding and tells her that Steph lives with them. Summer then asks about some lip gloss and Izzy tells her she brought gifts for everyone. Except Steph. Steph tells her not to worry, but Izzy tells her she's got some perfume. Steph tells her she doesn't where perfume. It doesn't go well with the grease and oil. Max proudly tells her, that Steph is a mechanic. "Apprentice mechanic actually," Steph corrects. Izzy is "impressed".
Sky is feeling guilty about the whole Candace thing and suggests they do something. Boyd tells her they've done enough. She tells him it'll be like being God for a day. And Boyd asks her which planet she's from, which she takes to mean, he'll play along.
Outside the coffee shop
Izzy and Summer are talking about Steph. She picks up that Summer isn't entirely happy and when she asks why, Summer tells her, it's not how she thought it'd be. She though she and Steph would do things together, instead Steph is sucking up to Boyd all the time. Izzy asks if she's told Max and Summer says, Max only wants Steph to stay. Izzy tells her she can talk to her.
Steph is in the kitchen starting up dinner. She reaches down to pick something up with her left arm, but apparently she's still hurting from the needle biopsy. Max then walks in and apologises for not telling Izzy about her. He tells her that Izzy and Claire/Clare were very close and everytime he wanted to tell Izzy, he just didn't know how. He tries to convince her that Izzy will love him just as much as he does. The conversation somehow turns to tiger impressions, which Max offers to show her (later on) but Steph tells him she's more in the mood for her PJ's and a hot water bottle. Summer and Izzy then walk in and Izzy apologises for disappearing for so long. Steph then excuses herself, saying she's just going to get some milk.
Ramsay Street
Karl is walking out of the Kennedys front lawn carrying, what looks suspiciously like skis, when Steph runs up to him and starts gushing about Lyn's biological father and how she doesn't know whether there is a family history of breast cancer on his side of the family. Karl tells her he knows it's hard, but she has to try and stay calm. She tells him she knows that, but she can't help thinking about it anyway. Karl tells her, she's under a lot of stress and suggests she rethink her decision about telling Max. She tells him she doesn't want to until she knows exactly what's going on. Karl tells her she will know, very soon. Steph then asks if they find something, will they want to operate on her and Karl tells her that they won't do anything without discussing it with her first. Steph looks back to the Hoylands and then tells Karl that she's just got her life in order and she doesn't "wanna to die, Karl. I don't...I don't wanna to die."
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Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4316
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Stuart Parker, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4316
Izzy Hoyland, Stuart Parker, Lou Carpenter

Dr Roberta Marley in Neighbours Episode 4316
Dr Roberta Marley

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4316
Steph Scully

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4316
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Izzy Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4316
Izzy Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4316
Summer Hoyland

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4316
Steph Scully

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