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Neighbours Episode 4313 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4313
Australian airdate: 27/08/03
UK airdate: 20/10/03
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Edwina Valdez: Lucia Smyrk
Derek Smithson: Robert Lowe
- "Innocent Eyes" by Delta Goodrem
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Mona
- Max telling Steph Summer told him about the fight they had
- Jack and Edwina in Edwina's car
- Nina telling Jack she's ready to take their relationship to the next level
Nina's Bedroom
Jack asks Nina why now. Nina says because she loves him and wants them to be together. Jack says they are and nothing is going to change that. He says he wasn't expecting her to say that and it's not something she should do just for him and he doesn't want to rush it. Nina says she wants it as well and she didn't think Jack would turn her down. Jack says it's because he wants it to be perfect. Nina tells him he's the best boyfriend in the world.
Max and Steph are sitting on the couch watching a movie. Boyd has his music up really loud and they are struggling to hear it. Summer come out in her pyjamas saying she can't sleep because of Boyd's music. Max Yells at Boyd to turn it down. Boyd's on the phone to Sky. Summer tells Max he's just doing it to impress Sky. Steph turns the Movie off saying she's tired and going to bed. She kisses Max and then kisses Summer on the head and says Goodnight. Summer ignores her. When Steph's gone Summer tells Max she's been thinking. She wants Max to go with her to the Girls Growing Up session at her school and not Steph. Max says that Steph is looking forward to it and asks Summer if this has anything to do with the horse riding thing the other day. Summer says no she just wants her dad there. Max says they'll talk about it in the morning.
Nina's room
Nina is lighting the candles in her room and jack walks in asking what's going on. Nina says it's mood lighting. Jack says he thought they'd talked about that. Nina says it's so she can sing him her new song but first she needs to talk to him. She says she doesn't feel threatened by Lori but she doesn't want to feel like a little kid and she's worried Jack might get a little bored. Jack says he's not going to leave her.
Crossing between Harold's & Hoylands
Sky is on the phone to Boyd. Boyd asks if she's got anything planned for tomorrow. Sky says Harold mentioned something about her working at the coffee shop. Boyd says he's going for a skate if she wants to come. Boyd them yells "Get off the phone shortie!" Sky looks confused. Summer gets up from behind the couch with the other phone saying, "You guys were boring me anyway". Max comes out telling Summer & Boyd to get to bed. Boyd hangs up and Max asks him why he needed to talk to Sky on the phone for two hours. Boyd replies "Well it takes a long time to plan running away to become an Eco-warrior"
Nina's room
Jack is lying on Nina's bed and Nina sings him her new song "innocent Eyes" As she's singing it cuts to vision of Jack & Edwina in Edwina's Car"
Steph is making Stu a cup of coffee and Stu is reading her out a list of jobs for the day. Stu asks Steph if she can fit a new set of shockers. Steph asks if they are on the job sheet. Stu says no and he's not charging him either, the customer has had a rough time his wife died of cancer a few weeks ago. Steph feels her lump.
Coffee Shop
Karl is talking to another doctor who talks about how to 'milk to system' by writing out extra prescriptions. Sky brings them over their orders. Karl asks her how she is fitting in.Boyd walks in and orders a chocolate muffin and a chocolate milkshake. The doctor walks back up to Sky and says she got his order wrong. Sky says she didn't. Harold says it's ok he'll make him another one but sky says that the Doctor can pay for both and they don't milk to system inhere. The doctor storms off saying that's why he doesn't hire family, you can't control them.
Stu inspects Steph work. He asks her to get the logbook out of the car. Steph finds a Sympathy card. Stu assays maybe they should get him one too but he's never sure what to do in these situations it freaks him out. He adds that she used to come in to the garage, she seemed healthy and then she was gone. Steph stares into space.
Jack is reading an email from Edwina. Taj comes out into the lounge commenting that the Scullys must have the only Leopard skin toilet seat cover in the world. Jack and Taj go into the kitchen and get a drink. Taj asks Jack if he wasn't a kick this afternoon, Jack says he can's he's meeting Nina. Jacks says he wants to get something special for Nina. Taj ask what the budget is. Jack says not much but them says he will sell his ball. He coach gave him a ball signed by everyone of the Wolves after the 1960 FA Cup final. It's worth a fortune.
Steph and Max are having lunch. After lunch Max says he didn't think Steph would make it seeing she's just started a new job. Steph says she should go she's running late. Max says he needs to talk to her about Summer. Max tells Steph that Summer has asked him to go to the girls growing up session. Steph says that she's not Summer favourite person at the moment, and she doesn't blame her but it will pass. Stuart walks in telling Steph that she should be at the garage. Max says it's his fault he wouldn't let her leave. Stuart tells her they have to stick to a schedule.
Steph is working on a car when Taj & Jack walk past. Jack shouts out "the engine is the big metal thing with the wires". Steph asks them what they are doing. Jack tells her he's selling his ball to buy something for Nina. Steph tells him not to but Jack says Nina is more important than a ball. Stu comes over than tells Steph she can't talk and work at the same time. Steph says it was only for a minute/. Stuart asks her what's wrong as it seems she'd rather be anywhere but here. Steph says she has a lot on her mind but she's ok. She'll get all the work finished, ever if she has to stay back late.
Karl is telling Max about the incident with Sky in the coffee shop this morning. Karl says that Sky was in the right.Max goes out into the office where Summer is doing her homework. Max asks her again about the Girls Growing Up session saying he told Steph today and she was disappointed and he found it hard to give her a reason why. Summer says she wants her dad there. Max asks her again if it has anything to do with the horse riding. Summer says no.
Nina comes over and Jack gives her a bunch of flowers and a card. The card reads, "I love you more than you know. Love Always J.S."
Jack says there is one more thing. He takes out a small box and opens it. He gives her a gold friendship ring. Nina says it's too much but Jack says he wanted to get her something to she her how he feels and that he's committed to her.
Max, Boyd and Summer are watching the footy. Max and Boyd are yelling at the TV and Summer looks bored. Sky comes over. Max asks he if she wants to sit down. Sky says she hates the footy it's "So Corporate". Boyd says he was only watching it because there was nothing else on, and it sucks. Summer and Max look at each other. Boyd and Sky go to his room to listen to a CD. Summer says Boyd has lost his mind. Max continues to scream at the TV.
Karl is feeding Audrey and Dahl when Steph comes over. Steph apologies saying she knows this is work but she needs to talk to him. She says she's really worried about the lump, she can't stop thinking about it or touching it.. Karl says he would have sent her for immediate tests if he was worried but if she's really concerned he'll send her to a specialist ASAP. Steph says she just has to know for sure.
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Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4313
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4313
Sky Mangel

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4313
Steph Scully

Jack Scully, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4313
Jack Scully, Taj Coppin

Steph Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4313
Steph Scully, Karl Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4313
Steph Scully

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