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Neighbours Episode 4312 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4312
Australian airdate: 26/08/03
UK airdate: 17/10/03
Writer: John Davies
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Edwina Valdez: Lucia Smyrk
Gabriel Proctor: Lachlan McDonald
- "Innocent Eyes" by Delta Goodrem
Summary/Images by: Emily/Karen (Katie)
Nina asks Taj what he would do if a girl was sending him flirtatious messages. He tells her that she should talk to Jack. Stuart wonders what to do about his accommodation situation. Libby suggests that perhaps the two of them should share a flat.
Lou's Place
Jack and Taj are playing pool. Taj asks Jack what's going on with Edwina. Jack wonders why he wants to know and Taj tells him it's because Nina is concerned, but that she doesn't want Jack to know. Jack doesn't see why Nina can't just come and talk to him herself. Taj reminds them that it wasn't too long ago that the two of them weren't friends because of Nina, he warns Jack not to get into the same situation again.
Number 28
Karl is trying to show off his culinary skills to Susan, but she isn't all that impressed, and jokes about what he's trying to do. Libby tells them that she and Ben are going to be moving into a flat in Darcy's old apartment block. They seem pleased until she tells them that Stuart will be living with them too. Their jaws drop! She asks if they'll come and visit and they agree.
Lou's Place
Jack and Taj are about to start another game, when Nina arrives and asks to be congratulated, as she's just completed another song. Taj congratulates her, but Jack asks why she's here, telling her she's under aged. Taj leaves. Nina asks Jack why he's angry with her and he tells her that it was because she went to Taj rather than asking him about Edwina. He thinks it's because she doesn't trust him, but she says she does. Jack tells Nina she has nothing to worry about as Edwina is just a younger sister of a friend of his, though he isn't able to tell Nina which friend. He tells her she wouldn't understand as she's just a schoolgirl.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are discussing whether it would be a good idea for Libby to move in with Stuart, and wonder why she can't stay with them. Karl wonders if they've still got feelings for each other, but they quickly turn their discussion to whether the soup needs more salt, as Libby enters from the bedroom. Karl disappears off to cooking class, to make 'something a la boeuf!'. Libby thanks Susan for letting her make her own decision as to the move and confirms that the soup does require more salt.
Number 26
Oscar is crying as Joe gets ready for the cooking class. Lyn asks him to make sure he asks Karl to be godfather during the evening. Karl arrives and starts talking French which seems to make Oscar quiet. He asks when the christening is going to be as Susan is really looking forward to it. Lyn drops hints at Joe that it's good that they've found the right Godmother for Oscar. Joe eventually gets everything he needs and they head off. Oscar starts to cry again, but Lyn just looks tired.
Nina's Bedroom
Nina comes in and sits on the bed picking up her teddy-bear. She looks as though she is going to cry. In frustration she throws her teddy across the floor, but after a pause goes to pick it up and sits at her keyboard. She starts to play Innocent Eyes, and for a moment keeps singing but goes to pick up her music from across the other side of her room. She returns to the keyboard, and continues playing.
As Nina continues to play Innocent Eyes, we see Jack walking past Grease Monkeys and being picked up by Edwina in her car before driving off.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Chef Gabriel Proctor introduces himself to the class. Taj is there as his assistant as the regular one called in sick with food poisoning, though it was nothing Gabriel made. Gabriel starts the class. Joe starts to make a joke which doesn't go down too well with Gabriel.
Number 28
Libby is packing for the flat, but she and Susan are unable to decide who the kitchen whisk belongs to. Susan agrees to keep it, and changes the subject, asking if Stuart is still single. Libby thinks that he is as he hasn't been seeing anyone since he split with Kat. Libby reassures her that she and Stuart are just moving into the flat as friends, who are trying to help each other out by sharing the rent. Susan starts to offer help if it's money that's the problem, but Libby tells her isn't about the money, but about having her own independence and looking after Ben. Susan tells her she understands.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Gabriel comes to see how Karl is doing, Karl tells him that he has his video and that he has learnt a lot from him. Gabriel tells him the trick is in doing things small (something like that, he said it in French!) and Karl finishes off his sentence, showing that he does have the video. Gabriel asks Karl if Joe is funny. Karl asks if he means funny, ha ha, or funny, peculiar. Gabriel asks if they are friends, but Karl tells him they're just neighbours, which Joe overhears.
Number 26
Lyn is ferociously cleaning the cooker top, ignoring the fact that Oscar is crying in his cot. She stops to look at him, but returns to the cleaning leaving him crying. Susan arrives to return a plate of Lyn's that Libby found in the kitchen. She picks up Oscar and starts to rock him, he stops crying.
Side of road
Edwina pulls the car over to the side of the road. Jack asks why they've stopped; he thought they were going to get ice-creams. She tells him that she'd rather sit and stargaze instead. She points out the Gemini constellation, saying that it suits her well. He asks if she's got a dual personality. She says everyone has, naughty and nice, and asks where his is. They kiss. Jack pulls away saying he should go. She tells him there's a door, but he doesn't use it and instead they end up kissing more passionately than before.
Number 26
Susan is holding a silent Oscar in her arms, trying to work out whether he has Lyn's nose or Joe's eyes. Lyn has gone back to the cleaning, saying it's good she can get it done as Joe never does it properly. Susan tells her that she's hogging Oscar and offers Lyn a hold, but she says it's fine. Susan marvels at how its amazing that we (human beings) are able to create such a wonderful thing, and how she loves sitting and watching them as they grow. Lyn watches on in a daze.
Nina's Bedroom
Taj is telling Nina about the cookery class, and how he'd like to join in next time as it was a great way to see how the adults would've been when they were younger and at school. He recons Karl would have been head prefect, whilst Joe would've been the cheeky one who sat at the back of class, cracking all the bad jokes. Nina asks Taj why he turned Jack against him. Taj reminds her that he can't make Jack think one way or the other, but reminds Nina that Jack has just come out of a two year living relationship with Lori, and that that's what he'd be used to. Nina interprets this as that she should sleep with him, but Taj tells her to do what's right for her.
Number 26
Jack arrives and disappears off to his room. Lyn comes to join Susan in the living room. Susan thinks it's wonderful that she's able to go through the baby things again, but Lyn tells her she'd forgotten how hard it all was, with the sleepless nights and constant feeding. Joe and Karl come storming in, mid- argument. Lyn tells them to be quiet as they've just got Oscar of to sleep. Joe shuts the door to the bedrooms and the argument continues. Although it's not clear what they were saying, Lyn and Susan soon work out that Karl accused Joe of just being a neighbour. Lyn asks if it's about the godfather thing, at which Karl suddenly changes his attitude, though Joe is having none of it and says he wants more than a neighbour for his son's godfather. Karl tells him that he didn't say he was just a neighbour, but Joe tells him he's a snob and to take his boeuf and leave. Jack interrupts them all and leaves the house.
Number 28
Karl and Susan arrive back home. Karl tells Susan that Joe has just misinterpreted him. Susan asks Karl about exactly what happened at the cooking class. Karl explains that Joe was cracking silly jokes, but admits that Gabriel didn't seem too worried about them.
KARL: And when Gabriel said is Joe your friend? I didn't say he wasn't my friend, I just said he was a neighbour, just to put things into context.
SUSAN: Just a neighbour?
KARL: Well I might have said that.

Susan tells him he's a snob and he owes Joe an apology. Karl looks stunned.
Nina's Bedroom
Jack arrives to see Nina, she asks if she's forgiven from before, he tells her there's nothing to forgive. He apologises for before, he admits he shouldn't have been so harsh. She tells him it's OK. Nina goes to sit on the bed, and makes Jack join her. She tells him that she understands how difficult it's been for him dating someone with less experience. He tells her that it's no trouble at all, but she informs him that she is ready to take the next step and go to the next level with him. She tells him she loves him.
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Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4312
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4312
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4312
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4312
Lyn Scully

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4312
Nina Tucker

Gabriel Proctor, Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4312
Gabriel Proctor, Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully, Taj Coppin

Gabriel Proctor, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4312
Gabriel Proctor, Karl Kennedy

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4312
Joe Scully

Edwina Valdez, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4312
Edwina Valdez, Jack Scully

Susan Kennedy, Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 4312
Susan Kennedy, Oscar Scully

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4312
Nina Tucker

Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4312
Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4312
Karl Kennedy

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4312
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

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