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Neighbours Episode 4274 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4274 (Angie Rebecchi reappears)
Australian airdate: 3/7/03
UK airdate: 26/8/03
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Kat Riley: Gemma Bishop
Cameron Hodder: Stephen Phillips
Robbie D: Khi Robertson
- "This Is Not Me" by Delta Goodrem
Summary/Images by: Mona/Karen (Katie)
- Cameron asking Libby out for a drink.
- Melody telling Nina about Robbie D
- Connor slamming Stu into the wall
Number 30
Stu is rubbing his head where it was slammed into the wall. Connor goes to walk out the front door, and Stu asks if he's going to apologise. They make 'heat of the moment' threats about having a fight on the front lawn, until Connor storms off as Boyd walks in. He's there to ask Stu if he can help in the garage for money, "and directions outta here". Stu says he can, only if Lou gives the okay. Stu asks Boyd if he's crawled back to Heather, and Boyd says it's kind of wimpish. "To a chick they think it's strong, to a guy they think it's wimpish," regales wise sage Stu. Kat waltzes in saying the door was open. Stu bustles Boyd out the door, and goes back to Kat. "So, what can I get you? Tea, coffee...me?!" Kat says she wouldn't mind steamed chocolate pudding, to which Stu obliges.
Hotel Suite
Toadie and Dee are in a bubble bath deciding when they should call Angie and Kev with the good news. Toadie walks out into the lounge area in his robe, and calls Angie on his mobile. He asks his mum if she's sitting down, and she asks "What have you done now?" He tells her he's asked the most beautiful woman in the world to marry him, as Dee walks out in her robe. Angie screams down the phone like a happy madwoman. Toadie holds the phone away from his ear.
The Pub
Cameron and Libby are talking about eating grubs, of all things, as they sit down to have a beer. Libby tells him that her and Drew ate them as a dare one time. Cameron guesses that Drew is Ben's dad, and cautiously asks if Drew sees Ben much. Libby pauses for a moment, and then tells him that Drew died last year. Cameron looks horrified he put his foot in it again, but Libby says it is fine. She quickly changes the subject, and asks Cameron to tell her more about his work in Africa.
Hotel Suite
Toadie and Dee are back in the bath smooching, when Toadie's mobile rings. "Wrong number!" "Jarred?" "Ma, ma, you got the wrong number!" She tells him that Big Kev has gone out to spread the good news, and she just wants to chat about a few wedding things. Toadie is clearly not in the mood to chat to his mum, considering Dee is playfully kissing his shoulder, so he drops the phone in the bath! Dee and Toadie laugh, and keep smooching.
The Pub
Nina walks in and sees Connor. "Hi, Connor. You on your own?" "No, I'm here with a huge group of invisible people." She needs to chat to someone, but Connor isn't too enthusiastic. She tells him that she has an opportunity as a singer to get noticed, and informs him of the "date", and how Jack doesn't know. Connor cuts in and says to try honesty. She tries to interject but Connor says, "Think it through, or you'll muck people around, and you'll hurt them, okay. You'll really hurt them." He gets up and leaves.
Cuts across to Cameron saying how horrible the coffee is at the pub. He says he knows a place with a good coffee, and a good view. Libby asks where. "My place." She looks unsure, but Cameron reassures her it's not like that. He got an espresso machine for Christmas, and the view is good on his balcony. She says she'll give her babysitters a call when he makes it sound more casual and relaxed.
Libby rings home and Karl answers. She tells him that she's going to be later than she thought because they are going for coffee...at Cameron's house. Karl's not impressed, and asks Libby if she thinks it's wise going back to Cameron's place. Susan snatches the phone off him, and tells Libby to have a good time and she'll sort her dad out.
The Kennedys
Susan says to Karl that Libby is old enough to "have coffee" or whatever she wants, and reminds him that he was the one to introduce them. "This is my fault?" "Everything's your fault, you should know that." Susan says if Libby's even vaguely attracted to someone it means that she's healing. "Isn't that what we want?"
Number 30
Stu and Kat have just finished eating, and Kat is telling an unimpressed Stu about her other mate Johnno who's built like Van Damme. He asks when they'll get to do some bush riding, and Kat says she'll ask her mate Jim about a place he went to. Jim also plays darts with Kat and Davo apparently. "He's a pom, but he's a good sort." Stu fakes a smile. "Neat."
Outside Cameron's House
Taj is walking down the street, and pauses out the front of Cameron's house staring at it. He hears cars coming, and makes a run for it to hide behind a wall when he realises it's Libby's car. Libby and Cameron chat as they walk into Cameron's house. Boyd comes skating down the street, and Taj scares the crap out of him when he steps out from behind the wall and stops him. Boyd asks what's up, and Taj says "nothing". "Isn't that Libby's car there..." "Might be." "So, what, are you like guarding it or something?" Taj says to Boyd that it's past his bedtime, and threatens to tell Max where he is if he doesn't leave. Boyd skates off and Taj sighs.
Number 30
Stu tells Kat about a shack up the coast he knows of, and they should go there one weekend. Kat says that's be great, and they can get a whole group up there. Stu quickly says that he meant just the two of them. Kat gives him a vague maybe, and beats a hasty retreat. She leaves just as Connor comes in. Stu's not too happy to see him, but Connor comes bearing a peace offering of a six-pack of beer. He starts to apologise about before, but Stu says to forget about it. "Yeah, I'd like that."
Outside the Kennedys' Front Door
Cameron and Libby are playfully flirting with one another. Cameron had to drive Libby home because her car wouldn't start. He said he had a lovely night, and Libby kisses him...then goes quickly inside leaving Cameron a bit lost.
The Kennedys
It's morning now, and Karl walks out into the kitchen and greets Lori. He asks if there's any further developments with her, and if she needs any help. Lori is about to tell him when there's a knock at the door. Karl opens it to Cameron, and Lori changes her mind and heads off to school. Cameron says he thought they could go over Darcy's files over a coffee, but Karl isn't too keen. Cameron asks if there's anything wrong, and Karl starts on his overprotective father speil saying that Libby's been through a lot, and wants to know what Cameron's plans are and if he's sticking around. Cameron gets insulted, and says he understands that Karl's concerned, but outside of work hours his life isn't Karl's business and that Libby is old enough to look after herself. He leaves.
The Coffee Shop
Libby asks Harold how he decided it was right to have feelings for someone else again. Harold said it just happened. He agonised over it of course, "but why let yourself be lonely?" Libby smiles, and asks how he's going now that Ruby's gone. He says he keeps busy, and Libby offers for him to come and visit her and Ben anytime. She sits down. Taj walks in and Libby says hi, uncomfortably. He asks what she's up to, and she tells him school prep work. He looks offended that she's not her usual chatty self, and walks off.Nina is on her mobile to Jack saying that she won't be in school today because she has to help her mum with a family thing. Taj comes up and asks if she's walking to school. "Nope." "Ah, right. You're flying to school now are you!" Nina bites Taj's head off out of nervousness, and tells him to get off her back.
The Pub
Lou tells Stuart that having Boyd help out is fine. Stu looks up in hope when someone enters the pub, but it's not Kat. Lou takes note, and asks cheekily "late, is she?!" He laughs at how wound up Stu is as Kat walks in. She asks what the emergency is. "No emergency, I just want to lay all my cards on the table." He tells her that he wants them to be exclusive, if she wants to. She casually agrees, on the condition that their relationship will be fun and not a drag. Stu promises fun all the time, and looks stoked.
The Coffee Shop
Cameron walks in and sees Libby. They chat, and Libby starts to say that she's sorry about last night, but Cameron says it's fine. He knows that it must be hard for her, and she admits to be struggling a bit. Cameron says, "I think your dad was more upset than you were!" Libby looks concerned that Karl had words with Cameron.
The Kennedys
Lori has just put Ben down to sleep, and Karl says that she must have a knack with little ones, then cringes when he realises what he said. Lori starts to tell him again, when Libby bursts in the door demanding a word with Karl. Lori goes to her room. Libby gets annoyed at Karl for saying things to Cameron, and reminds him that she's a grown woman now. She says that not interferring in her life was one of the conditions when she moved back in, and he hasn't kept it up. "First with poor Stuart, and now Cameron." Karl looks a bit ashamed. "I meant well." Libby says if he does it again she'll move out.
Outside Lassiter's
*Delta's song 'This is not me' is playing in the background*A car pulls up with fans and photographers congregating around it. Nina and Robbie D are in the back. Nina looks slightly bewildered as she signs autographs and smiles for the camera. The two of them make their way inside, when Robbie suddenly pulls Nina in for a kiss for the cameras. She looks alarmed, and hurries indoors.
Number 30
Lori and Connor are halfheartedly discussing new Afro Harold merchandise. Lori says she didn't try and trap Connor. Connor says he knows, he just hadn't heard of the pill being effected by antibiotics before. She asks him how he feels after thinking about it for a day. "Like and idiot for going off at you the way I did. It was just shock. I'm sorry." He asks what they're going to do. Lori starts to cry, and Connor hugs her.
<<4273 - 4275>>
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4274
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Angie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4274
Angie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4274
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Kat Riley, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4274
Kat Riley, Stuart Parker

Libby Kennedy, Cameron Hodder in Neighbours Episode 4274
Libby Kennedy, Cameron Hodder

Libby Kennedy, Cameron Hodder in Neighbours Episode 4274
Libby Kennedy, Cameron Hodder

Karl Kennedy, Cameron Hodder in Neighbours Episode 4274
Karl Kennedy, Cameron Hodder

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4274
Nina Tucker

Stuart Parker, Kat Riley in Neighbours Episode 4274
Stuart Parker, Kat Riley

Libby Kennedy, Cameron Hodder in Neighbours Episode 4274
Libby Kennedy, Cameron Hodder

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4274
Libby Kennedy

Robbie D, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4274
Robbie D, Nina Tucker

Lori Lee, Connor O
Lori Lee, Connor O'Neill

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