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Neighbours Episode 4268 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4268
Australian airdate: 25/06/03
UK airdate: 15/08/03
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Cameron Hodder: Stephen Phillips
Summary/Images by: Mona/Mona
I missed the beginning of this part, but I think Cameron whistles to get Lib's attention. She turns around and asks if it was he who whistled, which he denies with a smirk on his face. Lib makes a comment about his (lack of) fitness, to which he replies that he had been trying to catch up to her for the last kilometer and compliments her on setting a good pace. He then challenges her and runs off leaving Lib smiling.
We see Toadie mixing paint in a dreamy state which then fades into Dee doing the same at the hospital. Until Karl brings her down from cloud nine and asks her how she is. She replies that she's good, and after she leaves (I think) she says 'Will be better'.
The Coffee Shop
Cameron is trying to make excuses for why Lib was able to beat him. Lib tells him it was good for her to have someone push her to run faster and Cameron then suggests that they should do that again. Lib agrees after hesitating briefly, Cameron then suggests they should have a drink instead and Lib agrees again. Cameron then tells her he'd better limp off to work and leaves. Taj comes up behind Lib and asks her whether she was still going to see the double feature and Lib, after a little prodding since she'd forgotten, says she will. She then asks when the other kids are going to meet up, which stumps Taj and he tells them that everyone is making their own way there. Lib accepts this then tells him she'll be there and leaves.
Karl is taking Cameron around the hospital and then upon seeing Dee, introduces the two of them. Cameron then says that he hopes he and Dee can work as closely as she had with Darcy, which Dee doesn't seem to comfortable with and she quickly excises herself. Cameron seems to realize that he has made a boo boo, but before he can say anything Karl invites him for dinner.
Toadie walks in smiling, but he doesn't look as happy after he looks around and can't see someone he's looking for. He walks up to the bar and after he and Lou talk briefly about the movie, Lou asks him if he wants a drink. He says yes, but then excuses himself so he can have a visit to "Fonzie's office", which I assume means the loo. (Hey I liked Happy Days, I just didn't like it that much.) He tells Lou to mind his seat and Lou asks him if he's expecting someone, which replies that he's just hoping. After he leaves, Dee walks in and talks to Lou, but decides to leave. Lou talks her into staying for one drink and then starts setting out two champagne glasses just as Toadie walks out again.
Lib is setting out the table, when Karl tells her the top she's wearing is nice. Susan then picks up on it and starts commenting on how Lib is going to put Karl and herself to shame because Lib had put in a bit of extra effort into her appearance (i.e. buying new top). Someone then knocks the door and Karl calls from the bedroom saying that it's Cameron. Lib then answers the door and Cameron is pleasantly surprised to see her. She then introduces him to Susan.
LIBBY: I don't believe you've met my mum. Mum, Cameron.
Toadie and Dee are laughing about something when Lou asks them if they want anything else, and takes away their dishes. After he's left, and Toadie makes a not so nice comment about Lou, Dee then gives him a look, which he picks up as something serious. He prods her and she says they're having such a good time and she doesn't want to say anything to spoil it. Eventually she does say what's on her mind - Sindi. She asks him what he saw in her and Toadie tells her that it was a rebound relationship and that they had nothing much in common at all. Dee asks him if he loved Sindi, and if he could ever love her. He says no and tells her that he loved Dee at the time and that he still loves Dee now. He then asks her if she felt the same about Darcy. She says no, that she had tried to convince herself, but in the end it was only Toadie that she loved.
Susan is asking Cameron about his trip to Africa and if he's ever go back. He says he would but only for a holiday. Lib says she'd do the same, that she'd always wanted to sail down the Congo. Just as Cameron is about to poor some wine into Karl's glass, Karl stops him and Cameron makes a quip about him being an alcoholic. Karl just tells him he stopped drinking. Cameron then mentions his previous conversation with Dee about Darcy, and silence takes over. When Ben starts crying, Susan quickly excuses herself. After she's gone Karl explains the situation, briefly to Cameron. Susan then comes back in carrying Ben. He thinks that Ben is Susan's child, until Lib corrects him. He seems to be stunned by the fact that Lib is a mother.
Lou is in his office doing something on his computer, when someone knocks on the door and it is Harold. He comments on the romance between Toadie and Dee before Lou asks him why he is so dressed up (he's wearing a tux). Harold tells Lou that he is just getting ready to pick up Ruby for the opera, when Lou asks why he's there, he invites him to see the old movie the following the day. When Lou asks what movie, Harold says 'French movie' and Lou says he'll be there.
Cameron is just leaving, when Karl gives him a few tips on how to deal with his first patient the next morning. Lib follows him out and asks him whether he'd like to go and see the movies at the community hall. He tells her he's got house calls, but he'll meet her there. She goes back in and Susan and Karl are talking about the dinner as they're cleaning up. Lib asks Karl whether Ben had been mentioned in any of the conversations he'd had with Cameron and Karl says no.
Dee and Toadie are arguing/laughing about some past drunken venture they'd been on together and Toadie had made Dee sing Duets. Lou then comes and rains on their parade telling them it's that time again (closing time). They both start saying how they'd had a great time and Toadie asks Dee if he wants him to call a cab for her. She says no, that she wants to go home with him. Toadie seems a bit startled at first but quickly agrees.
Community Hall
Taj is waiting for Lib at the hall, he moves to two vacant seat at the front of hall and he looks like he is trying to make everything as perfect as he can. Lib then walks in and asks about where everyone else is and Taj tells her that they must've bailed. He then notices that she's looking around for someone and when he asks who, she says a friend - a male friend. When she can't see Cameron she figures that he's probably not going to show and sits down with Taj to watch the movie. Harold and Lou walk in. Harold looks a bit agitated. He can't seem to find where Ruby is. Lou tries to calm him down and suggests that they sit in the back so when she does come they'll be able to spot her easily without drawing much attention to themselves.
Dee is wearing one of Toadie's shirts as she walks into the kitchen. Toadie is making breakfast. He compliments her on how great she looks, and she tells him he's too kind. She then sees what he's making, eggs and bacon shaped as a smiley face, jokingly she asks 'what's next? Heart shaped toast'. Toadie has of course done exactly that and Dee tells him that she couldn't think of a better breakfast. They then start kissing. And here comes the winner of the tackiest line for this episode (to me anyway).
DEE: The eggs are burning.
TOADIE: Yeah, so am I.
Community Hall
Harold is still ranting on about Ruby and people are starting to get annoyed. He decides he's going to go look for her and leaves.
Lib comments on how uncharacteristic it is of Harold to talk during a movie, when Taj says he dislikes people who do that, just the guy next to him tells him to be quite.
The Coffee Shop
Ruby is waiting in the coffee shop for Harold when he walks in. She closes the window thingy so they have some privacy. She then gives him the keys for his place and the coffee shop, which has Harold more then a little confused. She explains that she they can't go on seeing each other because with him around she can't stand on her own feet. Harold tries to dissuade her, but she insists that if they stay together, she'll continue to rely on him like she has since she's started dealing with her gambling problem. Harold tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him too, then she leaves almost in tears.
Community Hall
The movie has just finished and Lou who had fallen asleep is startled awake. Taj gets up and asks Lib what she thought about the movie. He tries to make it look like he is on the same wavelength as her about the movie, but he ends up making himself look a bit stupid and admits that was the first foreign movie he'd ever seen. Lib then remembers that she's left her jacket at their seats and Taj offers to go and get it. When he looks up Cameron has just arrived and Lib is talking to him. He tells her that he had a few house calls to make, but tried to be there in time for the second movie. He offers to take her out for lunch as an apology and she tells him it isn't necessary. Then she changes her mind and accepts. Taj who is watching them looks far from impressed.
Toadie and Dee are dressed in bathrobes and can't seem to get enough of one another. They both start saying how they can't say how much they've missed being with the other, then they say their I love you's. Toadie tells her there's no turning back now and Dee agrees. He then tells her that for him 'life doesn't get any better then this'. After Dee agrees, Toadie drops down onto his knee and proposes. Dee says 'yes' and after a few seconds of disbelief they hug and Toadie keeps on repeating that he loves her.
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Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4268
Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4268
Dee Bliss

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4268
Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Cameron Hodder in Neighbours Episode 4268
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Cameron Hodder

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4268
Harold Bishop

Ruby Dwyer in Neighbours Episode 4268
Ruby Dwyer

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4268
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4268
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

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