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Neighbours Episode 4264 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4264
Australian airdate: 19/06/03
UK airdate: 11/08/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Heather Green: Megan Harrington
Cameron Hodder: Stephen Phillips
Summary/Images by: Actual/Mona
- Darcy drops Susan's wedding ring on the dinner table, and Karl and Susan watch shocked as it spins around, then stops - Lori and Connor are washing dishes. They start play fighting. Then they suddenly kiss.
Lori comes out of Connor's room with messy hair and tries to sneak out. But Stuart comes out of his room before she can. He says, "Morning." to Lori and walks away smiling. Lori is about leave the house when Connor goes after her and says he was just seeing where she was because he woke up and she wasn't there. Lori tells him she thought she would go back to the Kennedy's before they woke up. Connor tells her he'll see her later. He leans in to kiss her, then he changes his mind and just kisses her on the cheek.
Boyd is playing video games when Summer arrives home from Fiji. She comes over and hugs him. Steph asks her what Fiji was like. Summer says it's really tropical, with coconut palm trees everywhere. Then she says how in Fiji they can't afford things like video games and sometimes there is only one TV in an entire village and no flushing toilets. She tells Max that in Australia, people are really lucky because they have fridges, video games and computers, but kids in Fiji will never see any of those things. "It makes me really sad." she says. Max smiles at her and says, "I guess that's why they call us the lucky country."
Karl is having breakfast when Libby comes in. He tells her that he's going to find a replacement doctor for Darcy that day. Libby starts saying how she feels sorry for Darcy and she can't believe he did what he did. Karl doesn't feel sorry for Darcy at all, and tells Libby he just can't forgive Darcy for robbing his own family, and planning it all, even though he knew how much it would hurt them.
Summer shows Max, Steph and Boyd her photos from Fiji. Boyd asks if there's any photos with bikinis. Summer tells him there's more photos in her bag. Boyd goes and opens Summer's bag and asks if there's any presents. Summer says she's sorry but there isn't. Boyd isn't pleased because she already stole his holiday and now she hasn't even got any presents. Max looks suprised and asks if she spent all of her money. She tells him she gave all the money away that she was going to use for presents. Boyd continues to complain. Summer tells him to stop whinging because kids in Fiji are really poor and needed it. Max notices that all of Summer's clothes are gone from her bag. She tells him she gave them to kids who really needed them. Steph smiles at Summer and says, "You're amazing." Summer asks Max if he's angry with her. Max isn't angry, but he does look worried. "Of course not. It's just that it's very generous." he says.
Lassiters Complex
Libby is walking along and she suddenly bumps into a man (Cameron Hodder). He tells her to watch where she's going. Libby tells him it's not her fault, and that he bumped into her too. "Thanks a lot!" he says. "Watch where you're going in future." He walks off and Libby looks shocked at how rude he was.
Lori opens the front door in her dressing gown and Connor comes in, but things are a bit awkward because of the night before. Connor tells Lori he was waiting for her at the Coffee Shop. Lori apologizes and says she went straight to bed when she got home and forgot all about it. Connor asks if Karl and Susan saw her come back. Lori tells him they were already gone when she came. Then she says she'll go over to his house in half an hour after she has a shower. Connor leaves and she looks worried.
Stuart asks Connor if anything's going on with Lori. Connor tells him he honestly doesn't know and what happened the night before was a spur of the moment thing because he was upset about Michelle seeing someone else in America. Stuart asks him what Lori thinks about it. Connor tells him he doesn't know because he hasn't had the courage to talk to Lori about it yet. Stuart tells him it's ok and not to beat himself up about it. Lori walks in and Stuart decides he should leave. Connor tells Lori he didn't tell Stuart about it and he doesn't know how he found out. Lori tells him that Stuart sprung her leaving that morning. Things continue to be awkward between them.
The Coffee Shop
The Hoylands and Steph sit in the Coffee Shop. They are looking at the menu to get some food. Summer is shocked at the prices and says how things cost so much in Australia. "How about we go home, make vegemite sandwiches, and give the money to charity?" she suggests. Max tells her no, that they are going to have a treat. Max and Summer go over to the counter to order. Summer asks Max for five dollars. He gives her ten, and before he can stop her, she puts it in a charity box on the counter. Boyd sees what Summer did and tells Steph that Summer has gone really weird. Steph smiles and asks him if he has a present for Heather yet. Boyd shows her a necklace he got for Heather and says he hopes she will like it. Steph tells him she has a little box at home he can have that will be perfect for the bracelet. Boyd says he will.
Libby walks in. Taj notices her and says hi. He notices she has been running and says, "I love running. It makes you feel really..." "Fit?" Libby asks. "Yes." he replies. Libby tells Taj she has to go and leaves. Taj says goodbye and smiles after her.
The Surgery
Karl interviews Cameron Hodder for the doctor's position. Cameron tells him how he was working overseas with the Red Cross, treating children with AIDS. Karl is impressed and asks if he's ever had a job as a GP. Cameron tells him he has a couple of times around Melbourne. The interview goes well and Karl decides to give him the job straight away. Cameron says he would usually think about it first, but he decides to take it.
Steph is looking photos and tells Summer she likes them. She looks down at Summer and realizes she is asleep. Max wakes her up and tells her she should take a nap. She asks him if she has jetlag. Max tells her that must be it. Summer goes to bed and Steph starts talking about Summer's recent behaviour. Max thinks it's just a phase and it will be over in a week. But Steph isn't convinced and thinks it's more than just a fad. Max is sure it will be over soon. He says he hopes Summer will stop it soon, because he can't afford it.
The Pub
Conner and Lori discuss the T-shirts that will have a picture of afro Harold on them. But they don't talk about it for long. Connor tells Lori he insists on paying for their food. Lori tells him she wants to pay half. Connor asks her if she's sure. She tells him that usually she would jump at the chance of a free lunch but after the night before, she doesn't want him getting the wrong idea. Stuart goes over to the counter and gives Lou his empty plate. He starts to leave when Lou tells him to come back. He gives him a book on darts to borrow. Stuart thanks him and says, "I will beat that girl yet." Lou laughs as Stuart leaves. Connor attempts to talk to Lori about what they are going to do now after what's happened. Lori interrupts him and says that "Gangs of New York" is on at the cinemas. She asks him if he would like to go. Connor agrees, but things are still awkward.
Summer has all the clothes in the house and is sorting through them. Max and Steph walk in and Max asks Summer what she's doing. She tells him she's finding all the clothes they don't need and giving them to charity. Max tells her that isn't going to happen and she has to put all the clothes back on their coat hangers. "I hope you realize what you're doing. Some kids don't even know what a coat hanger is." Summer tells him. "Just do it." he says. Summer takes all the clothes back and Max sighs. "Ok. You were right." he tells Steph. "But how do you tell your daughter not to be so generous?"
Karl lies on the couch watching sport when Lori comes in. She asks him if she can make an appointment with him at the surgery the next day. Karl tells her that the good thing about being in the Kennedy house is you can get medical advice 24/7. "I had unprotected sex recently." Lori tells him. Karl tells her she should know better than that. "I'm just wondering about the guy's..." Lori starts to say. "Sexual history?" Karl asks. "Yes." Lori says. Karl tells her she can come to the surgery the next day for some tests. Lori is suprised and thought it took a couple of months. Karl tells her some tests you can do straight away. Lori thanks him. Karl asks if she's going to see this guy again. Lori tells him he's a nice guy but she really doesn't know. Karl suddenly gets beeped to go to the hospital because someone's about give birth. Libby comes in just when he's about go out. He realizes he was supposed to meet Cameron Hodder, but now he can't. He asks Libby to go and meet Cameron for him. Libby keeps saying no, but Karl doesn't listen and thanks her for doing it. He leaves and Libby smiles and says, "Honestly. What if I had plans?"
Boyd, Heather and a couple of others sit down in the restaurant to order some food. Boyd starts acting silly and tells Taj he expects top service. Taj tells him he'll do his best. Heather isn't very happy at the way Boyd is acting.Libby comes in and tells Taj she's come to meet Karl's colleague. Taj takes her over to him and when she's sees him she doesn't look very happy. Taj leaves because Boyd is being an idiot and making a lot of noise. Libby doesn't look happy and asks "Please tell me your not my father's colleague?" Cameron looks suprised. "Karl Kennedy is your father?" he asks. Neither of them look too happy.
Max and Steph eat their dinner while Summer looks at her watch. Steph asks her if she's right. Summer says she's fine. "In the 20 minutes you took to eat your dinner, 260 kids died of malnutrition." Summer tells them. Max groans. "Summer!" Summer continues. "I read it on the internet. Do you realize that 13 kids die a minute from starvation? It's so unfair." She goes out for a minute and Max realizes it's serious and decides to have a talk with her. Steph says she'll leave him to it. But he asks her to stay to give her input. Summer comes back and Max tells her he's really proud of her. Steph says she's proud too. Then Max starts to say that Summer should give it a rest. But before he can finish, Summer interrupts and tells him she's really glad that he's proud of her, because there is something she has been wanting to tell him for a while. She wants to become a priest. Steph and Max look at each other, worried.
Libby and Cameron decide to act like they have just met and to forget about before. Taj comes up and tries to talk to Libby about jogging, but Boyd is continuing to act like and idiot, throwing food around. Taj is starting to get annoyed and tells him it isn't a soccer field. "Isn't it?" Boyd asks. All his friends except for Heather laugh. Heather is getting sick of it and tells him he's ruining the evening. Boyd says he isn't bothering anyone. Taj goes back to Libby and asks if she wants a jogging partner the next day. Libby tells him she thinks she will give it a miss. Boyd is still being an idiot and some food he throws hits a man at another table. The man looks around, and he isn't very pleased. "Sorry." Boyd says. Taj comes up and tells Boyd and his friends, "That's it. You will have to leave." As Boyd, Heather and the other kids leave, Taj looks at Libby and Cameron enjoying themselves. He looks sad. As Boyd and Heather leave, Heather tells Boyd she's sick of him acting like a stupid little kid and that they are over.
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Lori Lee, Connor O
Lori Lee, Connor O'Neill

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lori Lee

Boyd Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4264
Boyd Hoyland, Steph Scully

Taj Coppin, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4264
Taj Coppin, Libby Kennedy

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4264
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4264
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4264
Karl Kennedy, Lori Lee

Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4264
Lori Lee

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