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Neighbours Episode 4263 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4263
Australian airdate: 18/06/03
UK airdate: 08/08/03
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Sgt. Joanna Douglas: Matilda White
Summary/Images by: Mona/Mona
- Susan tells Lyn (and Joe) that she can't be godmother to the baby
- Jack talking shop with Melody (Nina's agent)
- Darcy apologises to the Kennedys. Susan tells Darcy to leave
Ramsay Street
Darcy is walking away from 28. He looks a bit dumbfounded, until he turns around and sees two cars driving into the street. He panics and starts to run just as Toadie and Dee come out. Darcy is still running in an attempt to evade the police officers, but gets tackled to the ground and is handcuffed. As he his pushed into the car he looks over at Toadie and Dee and continues to look in their direction even as the car drives off.
Jack and Nina are making sandwiches when he asks Nina whether Melody is the real deal and Nina tells him that she at least got Lou to pay more attention to her. Jack starts feeding Harvey and making a tad too much noise (in a stupid voice) when Joe storms out and yells at them because it is hard enough for Lyn to sleep without the both of them making a racket. Jack and Nina apologise and after Joe leaves, Nina tells Jack that Joe hates her. Jack tries to convince her otherwise and says that Joe was yelling at the both of them. Nina then asks if he thinks Joe and Lyn will ever accept her as his girlfriend.
Dee is telling Toadie about how she had nearly become an item again with Darcy. And that something had held her back. She jokes that she probably has good intuition. Toadie doesn't look too happy and she apologises telling him she didn't want to hurt him and that she'd tried to tell him before, but couldn't. Toadie tells her that he would be lying if the idea of her with anyone, let alone Darcy, didn't hurt. Connor and Lori then come in through the back door laughing about something (I think a movie). They stop laughing when they see Toadie and Dee, and Connor asks if something's wrong.
Ramsay Street
Connor sees Harold as he walks out onto the street and tells him that he needs to talk to him about something. Harold tells him he doesn't have much time but agrees. He then starts talking about Connor and Lori's advertising campaign for the coffee shop and confirms that they are still meeting in the afternoon to discuss it. Connor tells him that wasn't what he wanted to talk about. He then apologises about dobbing Ruby in, which Harold brushes off saying he probably would've done the same. Connor then tells him that he doesn't have to worry about it now that Ruby is in the clear. He then tells Harold about Darcy's arrest the night before.
Lyn is telling Joe that she is definitely going to go over to the Kennedys and talk to Susan, that they have been friends for too long to let something like the Darcy problem get in the way of their friendship. Joe then tells her that Susan must've been pretty serious if she was prepared to stick by Darcy and give up being a godmother. Jack then walks up and coughs and Lyn suggests he go back to bed. This gets Joe started about the previous night. Jack then tells his parents that Nina thinks they hate her and Lyn tells him that's rubbish and to prove it she tells Jack to invite Nina to dinner. She then continues, saying that they do have other problems to deal with, and Jack's love life is low on their list of problems. Jack apologises then leaves saying he'll ask Nina.
Lori is telling Connor about how the K's are handling the Darcy situation. She tells him that it's a family thing and she feels out of place. Connor then tells her about his conversation with Harold. They then start talking about their ad campaign for Harold and their meeting with him. Toadie walks in carrying a present for Connor. It's from New York and it's a pair of boxers with the American flag on them. Connor starts reading the letter that came with the present whilst Lori continues to talk about their next business venture - Boxer shorts. She asks him what the letter was about and he tells her Michelle wished him a happy birthday.
Jack is telling Nina about the invitation for dinner and Nina doesn't seem to keen about going. He then tells her that his parents don't hate her, which makes her smile until she figures out under what circumstances they told him (i.e. he asked them). Once she finds this out she says she's not going and tells Jack to make up some excuse. Jack tells her he wants to prove to his parents that they are serious and asks her to meet him at the coffee shop during her break to tell him whether she's decided to go or not.
The Coffee Shop
Joe and Lyn order their food and ask Harold where Ruby is. He tells them that she's out pampering herself since everything's turned out alright. He soon realizes that the Scullys haven't heard about Darcy's arrest and tells them. After Harold has left, Lyn and Joe discuss whether they should go and see the K's. Joe tells her it's probably best if they wait until the K's came to them, so it wouldn't look like they were gloating.
Dee gives Toadie a CD she'd bought for him a while ago and says thanks for helping her with the 'latest Darcy crisis'. Toadie tells her he needs her help deciding on which paint to choose for the place. Dee bags out his choices and suggests some others which Toadie doesn't seem too keen on.
Outside the coffee shop
Lori is telling Connor about how he should act during their meeting with Harold. She spots Jack sitting outside TCS and smiles at him awkwardly. Joe and Lyn have just come out of TCS and tell Lori and Connor that Harold is excited about their meeting.
Jack is watching the four of them when Nina arrives. She spots the foursome as well and immediately wants to leave. But before they can finish arguing Joe and Lyn are there and they start talking uncomfortably. Lyn asks Nina if she'll be coming, and Jack looks like he is about to bail for her just as she accepts and offers to bring dessert.
Lori is running through their ad campaign once more and Harold seems to like everything, except the commercial. Lori quickly convinces him otherwise, with Connor's less then enthusiastic support. When Harold starts to sound excited about the whole idea, she asks him if they've got the job and Harold stumbles a bit but eventually agrees. He leaves saying he can't wait for Lou to see him on TV. Lori tries to give Connor a high five but he seems out of it again and she tells him to get over whatever is bothering him becuase she can't do the campaign alone. He then tells her that Michelle is seeing someone else. A quarterback named Chet? Chad? Something like that. Lori apologises and tells him he should've told her earlier.
Somewhere between the pub and the surgery
Toadie thanks Dee for helping in choose the colours and for the cd. Dee tells him if he uses those colours (mint dream and field of wheat) Lou will be dazzled. She tries to compliment Toadie by telling him that dazzling was his expertise. Dee, realizing that was a mistake, says she has to go. Toadie says he has to as well and they both walk away, but continue to look back at one another.
Jack is looking out the window for Nina. When he spots her he calls back to his parents before running out to meet her.
Just as he is going down the stairs Nina drops the cake and offers to go back and buy another one. Jack tells her not to worry about it and then tells her she looks nice. Nina then steps on the flowers she bought and starts to freak out again. Jack tells her that one day she'll laugh at this.
Lori walks out of the K's and sees Jack and Nina kissing
Later at the Scullys
Nina apologises about the dessert and Lyn tells her not to worry about it and says she'll just make a fruit salad and serve some ice cream. Joe asks Nina if she's found anymore pictures of Harold. She tells him she hasn't. Lyn then tells them that Gino has started making a few of herself and Joe. Joe then mentions Lori and Connor's ad campaign and Nina suddenly coughs. She asks Jack if there was any nuts in the stuffing. Lyn tells her there was only a whole packet. Nina stands up and starts edging towards the lounge room as she tells them that she's allergic to nuts, then runs off and throws up before she could even make it to the bathroom.
Connor is telling Lori that he and Michelle broke up so he shouldn't care. Lori tells him that if Michelle has moved on then so can he. When he disagrees, she tells him that he's one hell of a catch and starts complimenting various aspects of his physical appearance.
Lyn thinks she should go and check on Nina, but Joe tells her Nina is probably embarrassed enough. Jack and Nina then walk back into the kitchen and Nina apologises. Joe tries to make her feel better by saying Harvey's done worse then that. Nina then explains her allergy to nuts and Lyn tells her not to worry and that now she knows for next time. Jack tells them she's taking Nina home. After they've left Joe and Lyn talk about Nina. Lyn tells him she likes Nina, but it's just awkward.
Toadie'sConnor is being fussy and points out a speck on the plat Lori has just washed. Toadie then walks in and tells them he's going to bed. He also tells them that if they're good he'll let them vacuum the lounge, to which Lori replies that his victory over Lou in regards to the paint has gone straight to his head. After he's gone Lori gives Connor the plate to inspect again, but when he points out another spot she throws soap suds on him. Connor then gets some soap suds and starts telling her about how dangerous they are in his hands. Lori starts saying that he wouldn't throw them on her when she trips (I think Connor trips her) and Connor catches her. Then they stare deep into one another's eyes for what, to them, may have been hours but for us was about 2 seconds and then started kissing.
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 in Neighbours Episode 4263

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4263
Joe Scully

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4263
Toadie Rebecchi

Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4263
Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi

Lori Lee, Connor O
Lori Lee, Connor O'Neill

Lori Lee, Connor O
Lori Lee, Connor O'Neill

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