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Neighbours Episode 4232 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4232
Australian airdate: 06/05/03
UK airdate: 12/06/03
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Nancy Bliss: Joy Westmore
- "Perfect World" by Tommy Rando
Summary/Images by: Haley/Karen (Katie)
- Jack turning up at number 26 to talk to Lori and then they scrap.
- Darcy pulling up outside Dee's nan's house
Outside Dee's Nan's House
Darcy walks up to Dee, remarking on the wonderful view and says his parents used to take him to Tasmania when he was little. Dee says he didn't answer her question (which was 'what are you doing here'). He says a friend of his owed him a favour so here he is. Dee asks why and he says he couldn't stop thinking about her. Dee says she came her for some space. Nancy appears saying she thought she could hear voices. Dee introduces Darcy to her. Nancy recognises him as the one she spoke to on the phone, he's the one who's been looking after *her* De. He says a good friend and Nancy tells him to call her Nan, everybody else does. Dee says that Darcy was just passing through but Nancy wants him to stay for a coffee and a muffin. Apparently they're the best muffins he'll ever taste. (yeah right!) She won't take no for a answer and Dee persuades Darcy to stay. They both look out to the beautiful view of Tasmania.
Number 28
Susan is on the phone to Karl who is in New York telling hi he should go see the Yankee's play and she *does* know who Monet is.
Number 26
Lyn on the phone to Joe in New York, who's obviously just asked who Monet is as she replies," He's a French artist, love." They have one of his prints on their bedroom wall. And yes Lyn knows who the New York Yankee's are and that they could go see a baseball game anytime they like.
We then switch from Susan to Lyn and back again..etc
SUSAN: Well there you go, you've reached a compromise
LYN: Ah...right, the statue of liberty well that'll be good eh?
SUSAN: Three hours?
LYN: Soak your feet in bath salts Joe, that'll do the trick.
SUSAN: No you defiantly did pack your corn pads, I the toiletry bag...Just be patient Karl, you know what Joe's like.
LYN: You know what Karl is like, just be patient love. (she takes the phone away from her ear for 2 secs)....Yes! (Joe must have been rambling hehe..)
Outside 'Nan's' house
Darcy compliments Nancy's muffins. (LOL!) He says she'll have to give him the recipe. She says they're very easy to make. He asks Nancy if she lives there all on he own and she says she totally, utterly, 100% independent. Dee tells him she Nancy used to be at the Leisure village but she left. Darcy compliment the view and Nancy asks him if he would like a tour, to which he says he'd love one and so they leave Dee at the table and wonder off for the tour.
Number 28
Taj has popped round with a Chocolate (YAY!) and Coconut cake for Susan. His mum made it. She asks him to come in and explains that Lori is in the bathroom and shouldn't be too long. Taj apologises for fighting in the house and he knows it was really wrong of him to do that. They decide to have some of the Choccie cake with some coffee just as Lori comes out the bathroom.
LORI: You'll never believe what's just happened?! I just cut myself.
TAJ: You're still shaving, in a wheelchair,...You're bleeding.
SUSAN: I'll get you a band-aid.
LORI: No don't you understand, I hurt myself and my leg..I cut it and I can feel it!
SUSAN: Really?!
TAJ: That's great! It is great, isn't it?!
SUSAN: Yes! Yes, of course it's great.
LORI: I knew I'd get better. (Big smiles!)
Coffee Shop
Nina and Jack are discussing Nina's worry of being seen in public, but Nina is no longer worried as there's no-one around that they know and so Jack says they can just be two friends who are having coffee. Nina adds, "Instead of two people everyone hates!" Jack tries to convince her that everyone's doesn't hate them and if they do it won't last forever. They decide to talk about something else with Jack suggesting music, TV or soccer. Jack then suggests something fun, but Nina says that's kind of a foreign concept now. Jack wants her to change that and smile and be happy again. He takes her hand and says he wants them to be together ore than friends. Nina says it's too soon. Tahnee walk in and interrupts saying the company has broken up and they need Nina back.
Number 28
Lori is just getting off the phone, telling telephone chipmunk that whoever she wanted to speak to, that they have her number. Taj is there too and they talk about the cut on Lori's leg and how it's painful but that's a good thing. There's somebody at the door, there's somebody at the door....Susan answers the door to a very excited Lyn who says if there's anything Lori wants her to do, it's not a problem Taj offers to take Lori outside as it's really nice out there to which he does. Lyn tells Susan that she having lunch with her today, Lyn's shout, she has a ulterior motive! There's a surprise in store.
'Nan's' House.
Dee walks onto the porch to find it raining. Darcy's phone starts to ring and she picks it up. She explains to TelephoneChipmunkTake2 that Darcy is not available at the moment and she'll pass a message on. She has quite a confused look on her face. Nan and Darcy come running back to her house complaining about the weather. Dee hands them both a towel. Nancy tell Dee about the new drug that Darcy was telling her about that can cure arthritis and Dee wants Darcy to convince her to get some home help. Nancy goes into the house and Dee tells Darcy about a guy called James who phoned regarding a bounced cheque. (Oops Darcy!) Darcy swaps the story saying James owes *him* the money and *his* cheque must have bounced. Nancy comes back out and suggests they have a nice hot toddy. Dee follows her in to give her a hand.
Lassiters Restaurant
Lyn and Susan are having lunch, with Susan just wanting the entrée, but Lyn doesn't want Susan to skip a good meal just because she is paying. What a lovely friend. Susan is very curious about the intentions that Lyn has buying her the lunch but Lyn says it's all in good time and wants to know more about Lori. Susan tells her that she's ok, she does have some tough moments but she's very resilient. She hasn't spoken about Jack, but Susan reckons it's always on her mind.
LYN: I love my son more than life itself. To be honest Susan, I'm really ashamed at the way he's handed this.
SUSAN: Well that's hardly your fault.
LYN: Oh I dunno, I raised him didn't I?!
SUSAN: Oh Lyn, he's young, he's impetuous, he's not *bad*
LYN: Yeah...Just Lori's got such a lot to deal with now and she's such a lovely girl, I mean..and how he got involved with Nina in the first pl-
Guess who walks up at that moment? Nina! In a *very* awkward situation, Nina takes there offer, all witnessed by Tahnee of all people.
Number 28
Taj is massaging Lori's foot and leg. She wishes the Doctor would call back. Taj says he spoke to some of the guys at soccer training last night and they've decided to drop jack off the team. It says it was a unanimous decision. Lori says that Jack was the strongest player. Taj explains that he can't be on a team where no-one wants to talk to him and Lori says it's Taj's fault that, that has happened. Lori tries to stick up for Jack saying he's a great player and Taj should know that. She says the team will suffer without him and she can't believe for one minute that the *whole* team are against him. Taj thought she would be happy, but he was wrong.
TAJ: I don't understand, when Jack came around last night you were so upset.
LORI: Yeah because you were fighting!
TAJ: Don't you want to get back at him just a little bit?
LORI: Look there's no point and what kicking him off the team, what is that gonna prove?
Taj it's too late now they've already done it.
Lassiters Restaurant
As Susan is coming back from, what I guess must have been the toilet, she spots Nina walking towards her. She explains that it was pretty awkward with the three of them earlier but Nina has to realise that Lyn is very close to Lori and she feels hurt by what has happened but has no animosity toward Nina at all. Susan reassures her so it makes serving them later easier. She goes back to the table to join Lyn for dessert, who has her eye on some Rhubarb Crème Brule. Susan will not join her for dessert unless Lyn tells all about what made her bring her out and buy her lunch. Lyn says it's something special that she wants Susan to do and she's been wanting to ask for a very long time. She's spoken to Joe who's given Lynnie the thumbs up and she says to Susan that she can say 'no' if she wants.
SUSAN: Lyn, Lyn....Lyn! Just ask me.
LYN: I want you to be godmother to our new baby.
SUSAN: (is just overwhelmed)
Number 26
Nina is there to see Jack She tells them about the mis-hap at the restaurant with Lyn and Susan. She says that Susan apologised afterwards, whilst Jack comforts her, putting his arm around her. She says that Susan said that Lyn doesn't hate her which she says was the best bit. She thought everybody hated her but now that's mad her a little bit better. She also can't stop thinking about Jack, who has a huge smirk on his face right now. They end up sharing a kiss and decide to give 'them' a try, although Nina wants to take things slowly but firstly wants to speak to Lori to find out what she feels.
Number 28
Lori beats Taj at a game of Connect 4. She mentions about losing and says he'll have to get used to that know that Jack is off the team. Again they discuss about Jack not being on the team, with Lori very anti that idea. They start to argue as Taj tries to plea his case against Jack being on the team and Lori sticking up for Jack. Lori then says that Jacks not the only one who did wrong, what about Nina, she never hears him slagging her off every minute of every day. Taj can't come to grips as to why Lori is sticking up for Jack. Lori says they need to get on with their lives instead of plotting at ways to get rid of him, it's obsessive and unhealthy. Taj gets annoyed and leaves. Lori is then left on her own trying to reach for her wheelchair when she falls off the sofa and onto the floor.
The street
Nina and Jack are walking side by side with his arm around her, just as Taj is leaving number 28. All three stand there as if it was guns at dawn in a western film. Taj tells Jack of the new training time but Jack says he's taken a break. You could cut the atmosphere here with a knife! It's all awkward small talk. Jack and Nina make tracks before it's anymore awkward and leave Taj standing there before he hesitates and goes back to see Lori.
Number 28
Taj bursts in at just the right time. Lori is standing on her own only holding onto the arms of the wheelchair. They're both really ecstatically happy.
Nan's House.
Darcy and Dee are sipping their hot toddy's and are talking about the house. Dee says it has been left to her in Nancy's will but she's not sure that she wants it, it wouldn't be the same without Nan here. Darcy suggests that she could try and sell it. Dee knew he was going to say that. She wants Darcy to go home. Nancy comes out to tell Darcy that she made up the spare bed and put a spare towel out for him as well but Darcy tell her that he better get going and it was very kind of her. Nancy questions Dee as to what is going on and Dee tells her that she just wants to spend some time with her. She tells Dee that he's been really good to her. Darcy collects his belongings and leaves after saying goodbye to Nancy and asking Dee to make a decision about 'them'. As she watches him pack his car up, she says that he *can* stay in the spare bed after all. Make you mind up Dee! Blimey!
Number 28-AGAIN!
I'm starting to think I live at no. 28 we've seen it so much today! Hehe. Nina has come round to speak to Lori.
LORI: Did you want something?
NINA: I really think we need to talk.
LORI..(cuts in) What?
NINA: I really want to say...
LORI: (the phone is ringing) I'm sorry I'm gonna have to get that.
The doctor is on the phone for Lori and Nina leaves her in peace.
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Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4232
Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4232
Susan Kennedy

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4232
Lyn Scully

Darcy Tyler, Nancy Bliss, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4232
Darcy Tyler, Nancy Bliss, Dee Bliss

Nina Tucker, Tahnee Coppin, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4232
Nina Tucker, Tahnee Coppin, Jack Scully

Taj Coppin, Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy, Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4232
Taj Coppin, Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy, Lori Lee

Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4232
Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4232
Susan Kennedy

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4232
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4232
Lori Lee

Nancy Bliss, Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4232
Nancy Bliss, Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler

Nina Tucker, Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4232
Nina Tucker, Lori Lee

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