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Neighbours Episode 4231 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4231
Australian airdate: 05/05/03
UK airdate: 11/06/03
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Gino Esposito: Shane McNamara
James Atkinson: Jeff Keogh
Summary/Images by: Haley/Karen (Katie)
- Taj and Tahnee talking about Nina in the coffee shop
- Darcy and James in the pub discussing the impending poker game
Number 24
Gino is cooking a Thai Curry in the kitchen when Harold walks in. He's taken aback to find Gino there as he thought he was in Dalesford. Gino says that too much fresh air does his head in and Harold states it's nice to have him here. Harold wants to help with the cooking too but to no avail as Gino says he's has a busy day and he can sit down and relax. Harold then spots a statue that Gino has just bought:
HAROLD: Good heavens, how did that get there?
GINO: Ah, let me introduce you..Harold I'd like you to meet...Doris
HAROLD: Doris?
GINO: Because she absolutely made my 'day' when I found her.
Gino says she's absolutely divine and that he was pottering around a quaint little art gallery when he found her and immediately thought of Harold. He reckons Harold has a appreciations for life's extravagance, he's seen his teaspoon collection. He knew he would love it.
Darcy's Flat
Darcy is tidying away some playing cards and poker chips when James thanks him for a most pleasurable evening. (Ooh hello, hehe). He says a cheque will be fine, unless he has a spear $60,000 lying around. (Oh the innuendos). Darcy says he'll go grab his cheque book but fakes that he can't find it and leaves the room to have a look. When he returns he says this is embarrassing as he must have left it at work. James asks what they'll do and Darcy says he'll pop it in the post first thing tomorrow morning, but James would prefer to pick it up in person. Darcy says it's fine and James leaves the flat and says he'll be there at 9am tomorrow morning.
Number 24
Harold walks in with two cups of tea as Gino turns down the TV. He says the critics never rated Calamity Jane but states what he like about it. Harold is standing still and Gino ask if he's ok. He just says he's had a long day that's all. Gino is also tired after all that driving and tales his tea from Harold and goes off to his room. Harold ask if he's taking the Statue with him. They then squabble about where Doris is going to be kept with Harold wanting Gino to put it in his room and Gino quite adamant that it should stay in the lounge as it was meant for both of them to share. Harold agrees to have it in the lounge but not as 'the centre piece' of the room. Gino says if Harold can think of somewhere else to put it than he's more than welcome and leaves for bed. Whilst Harold think of a place he leans on her...ahem...breasts...and is rather embarrassed when he realises. He covers Doris with a cloth.
Number 28
Lori is sat in her wheelchair on the phone to her parents and says there's nothing major to report. Susan then walks over with two cups of tea, (yes more teas!) and says it good news that Lori's dad is on the mend. Lori then talk about her dad terrorising the nurses and him having sense of humour when he really doesn't. Susan says Karl is exactly like that.
SUSAN: With your dad feeling better, maybe now's a good time to tell your mum what's happened?....Just a suggestion.
LORI: Am I allowed to ignore it?
SUSAN: Course you are.
LORI: Then I think I will, had a lot to deal with.
Coffee shop
Harold asks Susan to send Karl his regards. Jack walks in, spots Nina and sits down which prompts her to say a big cheery 'Hi'. Jack asks her if she's working today, which she is and then ask if there's something wrong. Nina is just scared that someone might catch them together and says maybe they should venture outside. She's scared that Susan will seen them together and report back to Lori as she's staying with Susan. Jack get them a drink and then they can go.
Harold says to Susan that things must be very quiet at home with no Karl or Libby or Ben but Susan is quite alright with Lori's company. She's says Lori is doing really well under the circumstances with no immediate family for support and having to deal with a wheelchair.
SUSAN: Lyn and Joe have been fantastic but since all that business with jack it's been a bit tricky.
JACK: And maybe it's none of your business!
SUSAN: Oh Jack, I didn't see you there
JACK: Obviously!
He walks out of the coffee shop with Nina in tow.
Darcy's Place
We see lots of shots of Darcy on the phone to various people who owe him money, trying to raise the $60,000.
Lassiters Restaurant
Nina is taking a breakfast order for a group of 8 people and says it won't be long. She spots Tahnee and her face drops.
TAHNEE: Do you want a hand with that?
NINA: *sighs* What.. are you doing here?
TAHNEE: What does it look like?
NINA: I thought you were in New York?
TAHNEE: Well I'm back!
NINA: And what happened?
TAHNEE: It just didn't work out, so I'm back in town and working here.
Nina doesn't like the idea of Tahnee working there but is shocked to find she volunteered, it was either her of Taj. Nina isn't having any of Tahnee's niceties and knows she hates her. Tahnee doesn't but Nina won't belive her.
Darcy's Flat
As if he hadn't remembered, James is on Darcy's doorstep, but is a tad early. He asks Darcy if he's found his cheque book to which he has and is ready to do business. He writes the cheque out, whilst James jokes about not forgetting to sign it. Darcy hands over the cheque and James thanks him and also lets him know about another poke game coming up next week. Darcy says he'll be there. They shake hands and James leaves. Once James has left, Darcy reaches up for a sports bag and walks off whilst the camera pans onto a photo of Dee and Darcy, (Hmmm wonder what he's up to?)
Lassiters Restaurant.
Tahnee informs Nina that the chef has run out of mushrooms and nearly run out of the salmon. Taj then turns up and ask Tahnee how it's all going. Tahnee says it's fine and that Taj needs to chill out and ask him if he's checking up on her. He is! Tahnee says she has been nice as pie but as for Nina, well has issues and needs to get over herself. Taj wants her to be nice but Tahnee doesn't see why as she did the dirty on him.
TAJ: Just be nice ok
TAHNEE: Of course I will, I've gotta keep my job.
As Taj walks away, Nina has witness the whole thing.
The Scullys
Jack answers the door to Susan. He thinks she's come round to see Lyn? Wrong! To talk about what happened in the coffee shop? Wrong again! Susan has actually come round on behalf of Lori who has sent her to collect some of her things. Jack want to do it himself but Susan is anti that idea at the moment and says maybe later. Jack wants to see Lori and Susan says whatever he wants to do is his business, she has only been sent to collect Lori's things.
Number 28
Taj is putting a mahoosive amount of ketchup onto some bread and asks Lori what she'd like in her sanger. Taj is putting far too many odd mixtures in his including mayonnaise and pickles. Hmmm...yummy! He says he saw Nina today but couldn't say anything to her. He thought he'd got over everything but felt weird. Lori agrees saying it's going to be strange for a while. Taj felt he should have known what was going on.
LORI: You can't worry about it.
TAJ: Don't you feel the same?
LORI: What's the point? You can't change anything.
TAJ: I know but I just hate feeling so...jealous and...just so angry and I hate Jack for what he did, it was just a dog act and it was so low and...
LORI: Can we please change the subject?!
Taj apologises but Lori says its fine she does thinks there's much better things to talk about.
Lassiters restaurant
Tahnee and Nina are setting up for the evening. Nina has counted up the tips and it comes to a lovely sum of $97.47 and she hands Tahnee her share. Nina explains that they get shared out between the waiters but Tahness doesn't want her share and says Nina can have it. Nina says that's not how it works but Tahnee explains that since Nina did all the work, she should have it and that she is still new to learning the ropes, she'll have it next time.
NINA: Alright Tahnee what is this about?
TAHNEE: What do you mean?
NINA: This whole nice act thing. No sarcasm, no bitchiness. It's like nothing's happened.
TAHNEE: And you've got a problem with that?
NINA: I do! I know you hate me!
TAHNEE: You're seriously paranoid.
NINA: Oh come on Tahnee, there's nobody else around so you can stop pretending.
TAHNEE: Who says I'm pretending?
NINA: And you've come back a totally different person have you?
Tahnee explains that she has. Nina says it's not that easy and she'll see her next shift.
Number 28
Taj and Lori are playing connect four (YAY!) and Lori says it's not brain surgery. The discuss a new time limit rule when there is a knock at the door. Lori says Taj will have to answer it. It's Jack and he wants to speak to Lori. Taj says Lori doesn't want to see him-no one wants to see him! He just wants to talk to Lori but Taj says he's not welcome. Jack says he'd prefer to hear that from her and tries to barges his way through the doorway to which Taj retaliates by pushing him. The boys end up scrapping in the hallway in front of Lori, who is shouting "Stop it!"
Susan walks out of her room, "Hey! That's enough, stop it both of you!" And she sends them both outside. She makes sure Lori is ok and Lori thanks her for dealing with that.
Coffee Shop
Jack walks in and Harold is mopping the floor ready to close. Jack asked if it's closed and Harold says it depends what he wants. Jack just wants a drink and Harold gives him a nod. Jack apologises for this morning for his rudeness and Harold says it's ok we all make mistakes. Then Tahnee walks in and Harold says that they're closed now, but she just wants some milk. She asks who Jack was.
HAROLD: That was Jack Scully, have you two not crossed paths yet?
TAHNEE: Not yet, but I'm sure we will.
Number 24
Harold being the ol' fuddy duddy covers Doris over when he hears a knock at at the door. It's Mrs kennedy. She says she's bored stupid, as Lori has gone to bed and wants a cup of tea. They talk about a book Harold lent her and Susan ask about Doris. He says it's something of Gino's. She tells Harold about Jack coming to visit and how difficult it is for her when she's not involved. Harold tells Susan about Jack's apology. Gino burst through the door stressing about his 'stressy' day. Gino asks why the cloth is on Doris but puts it down to Harold giving her a polish. Gino tells Susan about Doris after she asks who Doris is. Gino whips the cloth off to unveil Doris. Harold is mortified and Susan plays along wit Gino about how good it looks.
Coffee Shop
Tahnee explains that she's only being nice to Nina because of Taj. She asks him if he would ever take Nina back to which he says, "Course not!" He says she's never had much experience with guys it wasn't her fault. Tahnee reckons Tah wants her back but he's adamant he doesn't.
Lassiters Restaurant
Nina is setting up the plates etc. when Jack walks up behind her. She can't stay long but he just wants to apologise for the way he acted at the coffee shop yesterday. He says it was embarrassing for both of them. He also says that he doesn't think it's right, but Nina says it's the only way she can handle things. She says maybe they should stop being friends but he wan't one question answered. Does she like him?
NINA: Course I like you.
JACK: And I like you, so let's stick together and show everyone that the trouble we caused wasn't because of nothing.
He asks what time she's on her break and she says 10.30. They decide, after much persuasion on Jack's part, to meet at the coffee shop.
We see shots of random beautiful countryside scenes and a house. A car drives along a track. It stops. A guy gets out. Dee comes running over shouting, "Darcy? What are you doing here? " And he just smiles at her.
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Gino Esposito, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4231
Gino Esposito, Harold Bishop

James Atkinson, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4231
James Atkinson, Darcy Tyler

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4231
Harold Bishop

Tahnee Coppin, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4231
Tahnee Coppin, Nina Tucker

Taj Coppin, Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4231
Taj Coppin, Lori Lee

Jack Scully, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4231
Jack Scully, Taj Coppin

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4231
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Gino Esposito, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4231
Susan Kennedy, Gino Esposito, Harold Bishop

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4231
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4231
Dee Bliss

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