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Neighbours Episode 4135 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4135
Australian airdate: 15/11/02
UK airdate: 22/01/03
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: Kulin/Karen (Katie)
Max finds the fashion show note and Summer says she has nobody to take.
Karl takes Lou straight to hospital after seeing his leg.
Steph shows Max some large flowers she's bought for Summer as she's been told they're fashionable. She's not sure and has tried to ring Flick to get her opinion, as she knows mainly about bikes, football and cricket. Max tells her not to do it if she feels strange about going along as Summer's mother, but she says she's happy to do it as it means so much to Summer, even if it seems a bit weird. They joke about her wish not to wear pink, as it doesn't suit her.
Rosie comes in looking for Lou and is told he's been admitted to hospital.
Boyd has just talked to Heather on the phone when Summer tells him she's worked out they're only 47% compatible according to a test she did on their names.
Summer likes the flowers and reassures Steph they'll go well with the outfit they're going to make for her. To Steph's surprise, the daughter's outfit has to be original, but she agrees a little shakily that she can sew.
Susan takes Karl some fruit and sandwiches as she's realised he won't get out of the hospital for ages.
Rosie comes in and isn't pleased when Karl won't discuss Lou's condition with her and won't allow visitors either.
Summer is trying to find an outfit for Steph to wear. Steph doesn't want to wear pink, but Summer's keen. She has already bought her fabric and a pattern and goes off to get her mother's sewing machine. Steph looks a bit dubious.
Lou's is hooked to a dialysis machine and being irritable with Karl. They're waiting for results of tests and to see if his kidneys start functioning normally. Lou insists Karl shouldn't sugarcoat things for him and asks what happens if they don't. Karl admits that in that case he will need dialysis three times a week. Lou asks how long for 'the rest of your life'.
Rosie asks Susan to tell her if she finds out anything about Lou's condition. She thinks she must be partly responsible and feels guilty because she should have seen he was really sick. She insists she won't leave the hospital until she has seen him.
Steph starts cutting out Summer's outfit under Boyd and Summer's critical eyes but stops and says she'll take it for Lyn to do. When Max gets home, Boyd announces that Steph can't sew, while Summer shows him proudly what Steph bought her.
Max finds the paper where Summer wrote 'Boyd Hoyland loves Heather Green' and asks who she is and whether he has a girlfriend . Both children wriggle out of it. As Summer says 'Who would be dumb enough to go out with Boyd, anyway!'
Boyd escapes to bed and Max tells Summer to go off too. He notices that she looks pretty pleased with herself as she goes off. He offers Steph a wine before she goes, which she accepts.
Lou insists he doesn't want to see Rosie. Karl tries to cover up but she has overheard and insists again she won't go home until she knows he's all right.
Steph and Max are having a really enjoyable conversation about football and Max looks a bit disappointed when he realises it's late and she has to go. They don't know Summer is outside eavesdropping and looking very happy indeed that they're getting along so well.
Karl tells Lou that Rosie has been outside all night, which shows great dedication, so Lou gives in and says she can come in. He's very cool with her.
and tells her that the least she can do is show him the courtesy of not pitying him. He asked her to come in so he could tell her to go, as he really wants to be left alone.
Max realises that Boyd has a girlfriend called Heather Green and says it will be fine-he remembers being his age and keeping things to himself. He wants to meet her, but when Boyd says no, says he asks if he can give him some advice-to treat her with respect and never says she looks fat in anything if she asks him.
Karl has seen Lou's test results, which show some good news, but also that up to 90% of his kidney tissue has been damaged. They have to go back to waiting-to see if his kidneys start to function on their own again. Lou says he won't be rolling over-he has a godson to look after and a bottle of Grange to share. He wants to know if Karl would tell him if he were going to die. Karl says of course he would-and they'll fight it together, every step of the way.
Boyd and Summer go to the Scullys' with Steph, as Boyd wants help with his skateboard. Summer says he's in a bad mood because he has to babysit. Lyn has made her dress, but Summer wants Steph to go over to their house again to 'look at magazines' for her outfit You'd like to see dad again, wouldn't you! You both stayed up late talking last night'.Steph says it was just about football.
Karl gets home to find Susan all dressed up and the table laid with candles and wine. She starts to massage his neck
Karl: This is nice'.
Susan: That was the plan.
Summer quizzes Max about whether he thinks Steph is pretty and when he says they're just friends, suggests they could be more than friends if he asked her out on a date. Summer shakes her head at him.
Karl and Susan have eaten and are gazing and smiling at one another. He thanks her all the time for the meal and they laugh at the way they're so polite with one another. She asks if he's tired and when he says he's exhausted her mood changes. She goes off quickly saying 'Of course you are. You must be. You should get some sleep', while he just sits looking disappointed.
The house is in semi-darkness. Susan comes out of her bedroom in her pyjamas and stands nervously at Karl's bedroom door. She calls out 'Are you awake?' and when he answers that he is, smiles and goes in, shutting the door behind her. Her voice is heard saying 'Shove over'. Dahl sits on her perch and whistles.
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Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4135
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4135
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4135
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4135
Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Max Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4135
Max Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4135
Summer Hoyland, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4135
Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4135
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4135
Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4135
Boyd Hoyland

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4135
Lou Carpenter

Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4135
Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4135
Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4135
Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4135
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

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