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Neighbours Episode 4134 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4134
Australian airdate: 14/11/02
UK airdate: 21/01/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
- "We Think Its Love" by Leah Haywood
Summary/Images by: Mona/Karen (Katie)
- Connor and Michelle admire that Nina has an admirer.
- Flick and Stuart hang off the cliff.- Flick screams
Flick runs towards the smashed car. It has scrambled out all over the place. She screams out Stuart and stumbles toward the car, where she sees if she can reach him. He's unconscious... 'Stuart you have to get out!' she then sees the fuel dripping on the ignitor, and screams 'Stuart!'
Michelle and the Scullys sit around as Michelle admires her present from Lou- some gloves. She says thanks, she'll really need them in New York. Nina comes in, and Michelle asks if she likes the gloves. She says yeah, and that she'll need them in cold weather. Nina takes Michelle into the kitchen and basically implies/asks 'did you guys have sex?' but they are interrupted by Lyn. Jack comments on how they should be leaving soon, because plane lines are really long. Nina, Michelle & Connor went outside and the phone rang, Joe answered...
Flick struggles to help Stuart, as she panics about the ignitor. When Stuart finally gets out, she is trying to use her phone- but it has no reception. She tries to grab Stuart but he explains he has a dislocated arm..."I need help Flick, I need help.'
and the trip is off. Lyn is shocked, and so is Joe. 'What are we going to tell Michelle?' Michelle, and Nina, Connor and Jack run in. 'Tell me what?' Joe & Lyn slowly explain that the New York trip is off...Jim Bronte said the New York trip is off, because of insurance reasons. Michelle is stoked and shocked. Joe says Jim is going to send an email later, and gives his apologies. Michelle asks about Tahnee, but Joe says they were part of a pre-existing insurance plan, and she'll stay on. Michelle notes she should have gone last week. She should have gone last week.
Libby is on the computer, typing and typing along. She's reviewing financial stuff, and asks Susan about the dodgy terminator guy- and Karl says it was pre-bump on the head. Karl & Susan think they've missed a lot of time. Libby then explains she's going to fix that horse/pig thing...I cant remember what it was...that thing Drew was making, and she is going to finish building it. 'Good on you!' the parents say at the same time. The Kennedys say how proud they are of her, and how proud they have been of her through this whole process.
Darcy is at the coffee shop with Chloe, and the two discuss how John and her meeting didn't go very well. He wants to reconcile, but she has no plans to do so. Jordan comes in, and is pleasant when she's there. Chloe asks her to join, and Jordan happily agrees. Jordan tells Darcy she is sorry for what she said- and Chloe says Jordan is taking it much better than the boys.
At the pub, the Scullys are trying to ignore that Michelle isn't going to New York. They sit around, as Lyn tries to ring Flick but she can't reach her. Michelle, Nina and Connor play pool and Nina says the only good thing about Michelle not going is that she can come to this family thing, and she doesn't have to go to Grease Monkeys. Connor and Michelle are shocked and pull Nina out of the pub and prepare to take her to Grease Monkeys. Meanwhile Joe, Lyn and Jack are left behind. Joe asks Jack how Dave is, and Jack replies 'okay.' Joe says he's just transferred teams...Jack then goes to get another drink, as a quick escape route.
As Chloe, Darcy and Jordan continue to talk, Chloe realises she has to leave. When she does, she's about to pay but Darcy offers. He and Heather talk, he is warm...but she suddenly turns. 'I told you to stay way from my mother.' He's a little bit shocked...and then he tells her that she is a selfish brat, and she needs to grow up.
Libby and Ben prepare to leave no. 28. She says she's going down to the garage, to get some tools. Karl then says she can borrow his, but she knows that Drew's tools would be much better. The Kennedys hug, and they are glad they are back together and are proud of Libby.
At the garage, Michelle, Connor and Nina run past the garage. Libby seems them and says hi, as the trio stare at Grease Monkeys. Libby asks why she isn't in New York, and Michelle says she'll answer in a minute, she just has to do this first. Nina goes across the road and sits down. A young guy walks by. An older guy talks on the phone. The facial expressions of Libby, Michelle and Connor change as nobody turns up.
Susan asks how it happened, how their first 'love' session happened. Who made the first move? Karl says he'll explain...him and Susan were sitting on the couch, and Susan was reading the back of a record, when her hair fell out of place. He explains he needed to do something then and there.
Karl takes the 'Record Slip' (Magazine) away from Susan.
He then leans in towards her and they are about to kiss when someone knocks on the door. They both freeze and start mumbling stuff about whoever it was leaving. Then Lou shouts something like 'Anyone home?'. Karl apologises to Susan and says he's just going to go and strangle Lou. She says 'could ya?'
Karl opens the door and let's Lou comes in, obviously unaware of his bad timing. He tells Karl he has mozzie bites which seem to have become a bit infected and shows them to Karl. They look pink and some fluid is seeping from them.
Anyways...Karl turns away from him and calls the hospital. Lou then notices Susan and says Hi, she says Hi back. And then Karl tells Lou he is taking him to the hospital. Lou looks a bit surprised and attempts to brush aside Karl's concerns but Karl is adament and they both head out the door. Karl apologises to Susan again as he leaves. And Susan says it's Ok and then closes the door behind before turning around and looking a bit peeved. And bit unsure of what to do next.
At the coffee shop, Michelle, Connor & Nina talk about the no show. Michelle thinks it could be a friend of a friend- maybe Boyd's friend Daniel. Nina has a 'get real!' attitude. Nina gets a text message: "Sorry babe, got caught up. We'll do it another time...and I'll pay it back."
Stuart is still in pain, as Flick and Stuart try to get up a hill. Flick takes a bag from Stuart, and asks if she can do anything more. He says 'then wouldn't I feel like a hero.' Flick explains he's just fallen off a cliff in a car. Flick volunteers to go up and search for help, but he says the last town they saw was an hour away.
At the pub, Jack, Joe and Lyn talk about Jack's current apartment. He said he moved out to go and live with Lori, but his new place is more of a change of scenery, and better. Joe thinks the knee is worse than what appears, but Jack reassures him it isn't- Lyn interrupts saying before they talk about footy, she wants to know about this Lori. Jack doesn't want to and says they should talk about Michelle and her problems.
Lou doesn't realise that the tests are pretty necessary, and wants to do the tests later, on the weekend. Karl asks a nurse to call in another doctor and tells Lou that he has some problems with his kidneys.
Flick & Stuart cuddle up, and finally get comfortable, or a slight bit of warmth, when it begins to rain and storm. (freeze frame)
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Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4134
Felicity Scully

Nina Tucker, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 4134
Nina Tucker, Michelle Scully

Michelle Scully, Harvey in Neighbours Episode 4134
Michelle Scully, Harvey

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4134
Joe Scully

Felicity Scully, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4134
Felicity Scully, Stuart Parker

Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 4134
Michelle Scully

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4134
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Felicity Scully, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4134
Felicity Scully, Stuart Parker

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker, Michelle Scully, Connor O
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker, Michelle Scully, Connor O'Neill, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4134
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4134
Libby Kennedy

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4134
Nina Tucker

Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4134
Jack Scully

Stuart Parker, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4134
Stuart Parker, Felicity Scully

Felicity Scully, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4134
Felicity Scully, Stuart Parker

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