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Neighbours Episode 4103 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4103
Australian airdate: 02/10/02
UK airdate: 28/11/02
Writer: John Davies
Director: Julie Bates
Guests: Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Summary/Images by: Elizabeth/Emily
Rosie tells Harold to make sure he doesn't ruin his friendship with Lou
Karl and Susan get closer
Number 22
Karl and Susan are hugging tenderly. They look at each other and Karl strokes Susan's face before going in to kiss her. Then he changes his mind and apologises. Susan looks disappointed but says it's alright and apologises herself before changing the subject and saying it's great about Libby and the family effort and all that; she thanks him. It's a little awkward, so Susan says she's got to get Ben to bed and she's feeling tired, she's sorry about the 'thing'. She goes upstairs and looks at Karl, who seems confused and a little upset.
Coffee Shop
Harold is trying to get hold of Lou, but it's gone to voicemail. Connor orders 4 packets of crisps. He tells Nina they're for Michelle and Tahnee as well as him and Nina. Nina asks if Tahnee is going too. Connor says yes and Nina is nervous and annoyed. Connor tells Nina they need to arrange for him to hear her song writing. She says no, but he says there's no point in writing if nobody gets to hear it. According to Nina, it's still a work in progress but maybe he can hear it; he thinks that means soon. Michelle comes in and gives Nina some sort of treatment for her hair from Lyn. Tahnee says everything's going to be fine and her hair's going to be better than ever. You can tell there's malice behind it. 'Your mum is so nice!' she adds, looking at Michelle. Horrible little girl. They're off to watch videos, but Nina suddenly announces she can't go because she's got stuff to do. Michelle's a little miffed and tells her to call her later. Nina is adamant, but she tells them to have fun. She practically runs out the door. Tahnee announces that Nina is weird and that's she's always thought that.
Lyn says what's happened is a really positive sign. Karl tells her Susan bolted. Lyn says she would, she'd be afraid because the feelings are new for her even though they're sort of familiar. Joe tells her to calm down but Lyn's excited at such good news. Karl asks Joe what he thinks. Joe's a bit overwhelmed and just wants them to sit down. Joe's not sure. When Lyn asks him if he's mad, Joe gives her a look and she decides she's got to put the rubbish out: she really does think it's such great news about Karl and Susan. Karl wants to know, does Joe really think it's good news? Joe says it's not bad, he just wonders how reliable Susan's feelings are - she's up and down, up and down. But Karl thought she wanted to reciprocate, which she did. Joe just doesn't want him to get his hopes up - it's early days. Karl's a bit disappointed to hear this, but he acknowledges that Joe is right. He just hopes he hasn't frightened her off for good. Joe makes a really bad job of making out Karl wouldn't have.
Ramsay Street
Lyn's taking the rubbish out. She looks over to number 22 and turns to go back inside. She can't help herself and stops in her tracks. She simply has to go over.
Lou presents Libby with a bottle of wine. She points out she didn't order it. Lou did, to celebrate. Libby doesn't know what he's talking about. Lou's talking about her return to uni, he thinks it's a good move forward. Libby thanks him; she wasn't sure because she thought that moving forward meant leaving Drew behind and she didn't want to do that. Lou says she doesn't have to, she can take Drew with her; Drew's in her heart, she can't possibly leave him behind. What would he say if he were there? Libby knows; he'd say get on with it and she's trying to. She looks sad. Lou senses this and asks her about Ben. He's crawling all over the place. Lou tells Libby that if there's anything she and Ben want, he's just a phone call away. She thanks him with tears in her eyes. She's got to get home and as she leaves, Harold comes in. Lou is instantly annoyed and turns away.
Harold apologises for what happened, it's his home now and he wouldn't want to say anything. Lou points out that he did, though. Harold tries to explain but Lou isn't having any of it and walks away.
Number 22
Susan's talking rather enthusiastically to Lyn, saying that all this not knowing should be something she's used to by now, and she keeps saying to herself, 'It's not your fault, you can't remember,' and then something like this happens and she feels like she does remember, but it's not enough for it to make any real sense. Lyn tells Susan to hang sense, that it's the feeling that's important, that exciting feeling. It's her instincts; it's who she is. Susan's confused and just says 'yeah' before going on to say that it was exciting. Lyn laughs and Susan goes on: the timing couldn't be worse; they're all supposed to be focusing on Libby. Lyn says no, no, it's times like this that a husband and wife pull together - the timing couldn't be more brilliant. Susan doesn't get it but she smiles cheekily anyway
Joe wonders what Michelle, Connor and Tahnee are watching. Lyn informs him it's teen flick. Joe questions how many there can be. Hundreds apparently. Fact of the day: Rebel Without a Cause was the first teen movie ever made. Hasn't Joe seen it? It was before his time but it was a classic, not like this Buffy stuff. Lyn tells him the generation gap is showing. She gets excited - the tickets for Camelot have arrived from Gino. She asks Joe if he's interested. Joe clearly pretends he's not. Lyn moots the idea of giving them to Karl and Susan - a date would get them back on track. Joe doesn't think she should do it, they shouldn't get involved and Karl and Susan should sort it out themselves. Lyn's onto him in a flash, it wouldn't be that he wants to see it himself. Joe's still keeping up the act. All that acting and singing, it's not his thing. Lyn's going to RSVP for them.
In the living room, Tahnee announces that she couldn't be anymore in love with Josh Hartnett. Neither could Michelle. Connor says thanks. Michelle says she doesn't get in on his little Katie Holmes obsession. Apparently it's not an obsession. Tahnee's life arrives and she asks Michelle if they're still on for lunch tomorrow, which they are. Tahnee says goodbye to everybody and leaves, just as Lyn comes into the living room. She gives Michelle a letter and tells Michelle and Connor that she and Joe are going to see Camelot, would they like to come? It could be a family night out. Michelle and Connor laugh, and Lyn is not pleased - it was just a thought! Lyn leaves and Michelle reads her letter. It's about the American exchange thing she'd forgotten about; she's made it through to the second round of consideration! Connor's shocked, he doesn't know why she'd want to go abroad.
Cut to later, where Michelle is telling Connor that the application was corny and she can't believe they took it seriously, it was a joke. Connor reckons 'they' didn't see it that way but Michelle does so she scrunches up the letter. 'Josh Hartnett will just have to wait.'
In the kitchen, Lyn is telling Joe it means the time's right and he's got to be ready. He almost is. It's only now I find out what it is - her ovulation! Yuk. My nausea isn't helped when she calls him 'Tarzan'. Anyway, it's 'all systems go' for the next couple of days. Joe points out that they'll have to have early nights. Thanks guys.
Back to Connor and Michelle in the living room, where Michelle is explaining to Connor that America is a weird country anyway; it's all plastic surgery and theme parks, they've got nothing that she wants. Connor's not convinced so Michelle says that she didn't take the application seriously and she's not going anywhere.
Number 22
Libby's dishing breakfast up, Susan points out she's gone to so much trouble. Libby explains that she felt bad about ditching dinner the night before for the 'friend' thing. Susan tells her not be silly - they didn't mind. There's a knock at the door and it's, surprise surprise, Karl. Ben starts crying so Libby goes to see to him, leaving Karl and Susan alone. Susan smiles at Karl and says 'hi' nervously. Karl says 'hi' back just as nervously. She doesn't what to say so she offers him food. Karl comes to the table and sits down to eat. Susan offers him eggs and Karl looks a little uncomfortable. Eventually...
Karl: Uh, about last night...
Susan: Oh, you really mustn't worry.
Karl: No?
Susan: I liked it.
Karl (pleased, so he smiles slightly): Oh really?
Susan (almost breathlessly): Really. I just wasn't sure if, well... It, it, it wasn't just you, is what I'm trying to say so please don't worry.
Karl (smiling and trying to hide how happy he is): Ok.
Susan: Ok.
They go back to small talk, and Susan offers him toast. Karl says that'd be good as he looks at Susan, his smiling getting broader. Susan looks back at him and grins.
Nina is playing the piano, singing Born To Try. She stops when she sees Harold in the doorway, who urges her to continue. Nina's just filling in time. Harold wants to know what song it is, he's never heard it. Nina shyly and dismissively tells him that it's just something she's working on. Harold surprised. 'What, you wrote it?' Nina says yeah but reckons it's pretty silly. Harold doesn't think so! Then he realises that Summer hasn't turned up again, which irritates him. He reckons Nina needs to speak to her and Max, but Nina would rather not, if she doesn't want to learn... Harold doesn't want Summer to waste Nina's time. There's a knock at the door but it's Libby rather than Summer. She's looking for Lou (Libby, not Summer). Nina tells her he's not there and that he's moved out. Didn't Libby know? No, and Libby's shocked. She wants to know when and why. Nina begins to explain but Harold comes back in and says it was just a tiff, that's all. Harold's convinced Lou'll be back. Libby wants to know where he is. Harold assures her he'll be fine. Nina scarpers. Libby feels guilty - she's in his house. Will he want to move back in? Harold tells her to stop worrying, everything will be alright. Libby nods her head, unconvinced.
Coffee Shop
Karl's talking to Joe, relieved that he hasn't frightened Susan off. He wants to know, should he ask her out on a date? Joe's more interested in his chocolate cake but maybe? But should Karl court his own wife? Yeah, why not? A bit of wining and dining... Where should he take her? Now Joe's stumped. Karl doesn't think Joe's being much help but Joe says he doesn't know much about first dates so he wants time to think about it. Enter Lyn, who wants Joe home now because 'it's time'. Oh lordy, I realise she's ovulating or something, so they need to get down to some nookie. Joe wants to eat his lunch but Lyn says, 'five minutes, tops'. I'm not sure if he's allowed five minutes to eat his lunch or if it'll be take five minutes. If it's the latter, she obviously has set herself some seriously low standards.
Over to Michelle, Tahnee, Connor and Nina. Michelle says something about Tahnee too and Nina as well. Ah, they're talking about the USA trip. Connor feels left out. Tahnee talks about how many applicants there are; thousands and only ten places. It's a lottery. The girls would love to go - Tahnee wants to go to Hollywood and Nina and Michelle would prefer New York. Then Tahnee is horrible to Nina, so no change there then. Tahnee goes to get coffee but Nina has to get her muffin herself. Now alone, Connor says to Michelle that she doesn't sound like she doesn't want to go. Michelle says it's just girls' talk but Connor says that if she wants to go, she should just say. Michelle reiterates that she doesn't want to go and Connor tells her he'll wait for her. Then she says that only ten people get in and she won't be one of them. Connor asks how long the exchange is for - a year.
Lou's Place
Libby is talking to Susan about how much information they have to put on their university application forms; everything but their shoe size. Susan agrees, wondering why everything has to be so complicated. Libby calls Lou over, who asks if they want drinks. Libby asks if it's in exchange for his house - she heard about his tiff with Harold. Does he need his place back because she feels awful being there? Lou says he's fine, she should stay where she is. Libby wonders if it's fixable, but Lou firmly tells her it's not. Libby's sorry to hear that. Oh, and the laundry tap's leaking.
Harold comes in wanting to talk to Lou. He wants to rectify the situation - let bygones be bygones. Lou's not interested - he's had enough of Harold's half-baked hypocrisy and wants Harold to bore someone else with it. Harold is disappointed.
Lyn and Joe come rushing in. It's baby making time! Joe wants his lunch first, but according to Lyn it's something to do with her biological clock. I know what she's talking about, but I wish I didn't. They've got to get back to work. Joe's wound up because it's not very romantic. Lyn clearly wants to be in and out, and asks Joe if she wants her to light a candle. Oh my god, way too much information. Basically Joe says he doesn't think he can perform with all the pressure. Yuk. Lyn: 'Oh, come on Joe. You're gonna rise to the occasion, aren't ya?' As she says this, she's being all flirtatious and touchy feely. Well, that's enough to make Joe do so and he pushes her onto the sofa. As Michelle and Connor come in. Michelle's aghast and Connor quickly pushes her back out in digust. Rightly so.
Number 22
Susan's saying how she remembers that she couldn't wait to get to uni with all those protests, but things must have changed since then. Libby says that everyone's now too busy trying to pass with honours. Susan makes a joke about no bra burning, but it goes over Libby's head because she's noticed something that's bothered her. Susan wants to know what it is. Susan realises.
Susan: 'Single, married or divorced.'
Libby: 'I guess they don't think widowed features too much at university.'
Susan: 'Guess not.'
(Long Pause)
Libby: 'It's such an unhappy word.' (Pause and sigh/groan) 'What am I doing?'
Susan: 'What do you mean?'
Libby: 'Look at me, filling out these forms pretending like I have a life.'
Susan: 'Oh you do have a life.'
Libby: 'No I had a life. I want that life back. You only get a new life when you're unhappy with the old one and I wasn't.' She starts crying. 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This is just...this is not how I saw my life going. It's not meant to be like this.'
Susan: 'I know... I know what you mean. I wouldn't know what box to tick either.... I guess we're both widows, in a way.'
Cut to later, and Susan is asking Libby if she's ever thought about cutting her hair. Libby says she did once: terrible. Susan's not thinking of cutting hers, is she? Susan doesn't know, wouldn't it suit her? Libby tries to point out that the mother she knew before wouldn't...BTF, interjects Susan. What? BTF - before the fall. Libby likes it. Susan says it simplifies things. Anway, mother BTF would never have even thought about it. Knock at the door. No prizes for guessing who it is...
And yes, it's Karl of course. Is it an ok time? Yes, they're just about to eat and there's plenty. Karl can't join them, he's got a mountain of paperwork. Amazing - Karl pretends to hear Ben and Libby cottons on soon enough to get out of the way. Karl asks, all too casually, if Susan is free tomorrow night for dinner. Susan replies just as casually that she supposes she is.
Karl: 'Only if you want to, you don't ha...'
Susan: 'Is this a date?'
Karl: 'Do you want it to be a date?'
Susan: 'Yeah...?'
Karl (smiling quite broadly at this point): 'Well then I guess it's a date.'
Susan smiles back really sweetly. All together now: awww.
Lyn won't scramble around on the back seats of cars if that's what Joe's thinking. Joe just thinks they need to be a bit more imaginative 'cos it's like the Grand Central round there. Lyn points out that they do have their own room. Apparently that's fine at night but if Lyn's going to be hauling them home in the middle of the day, they just need to think twice. Lyn gets flirtatious again: 'Hey, maybe we should book into a seedy motel under a different name.' Once again Joe is totally clueless and asks her whose name. Lyn says it doesn't matter whose name, Mel Gibson perhaps. Joe still isn't with the programme and asks what's wrong with the Scully name. Lyn says it was supposed to sound romantic. Then Joe pretends to get it.
In the living room, Michelle and Connor are watching television whilst Michelle says that there some things about parents you don't want to know. Here here. Connor laughs and starts to tease her. Michelle tells him to stop it or she'll throw up. Connor gets serious and tells Michelle that he doesn't want her to go to America. She wants to go, but not without Connor. Would he go with her if she went? Connor raises his eyebrows and looks unsure, thus the credits roll.
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Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4103
Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4103
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4103
Libby Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4103
Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Nina Tucker, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4103
Nina Tucker, Harold Bishop

Michelle Scully, Tahnee Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4103
Michelle Scully, Tahnee Coppin

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4103
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4103
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4103
Karl Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

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