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Neighbours Episode 4088 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4088
Australian airdate: 11/09/02
UK airdate: 07/11/02
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Catherine Hill
Guests: Adam Stevens: Nicholas Colla
Nicole Jackson: Jane Carew-Reid
Summary/Images by: JA/Karen (Katie)
- Nina sings Carrickfergus down the phone to Connor's mum in Ireland.
- Susan tells Karl that she may not love him, but she really likes him, and it's with affection.
Number 32
Boyd and Summer are bickering over the remote control (I was going to say buttons but I get teased for saying that word, there must be someone else in the world who calls them the buttons?) Max enters the room to see the arguing, and confiscates the remote/buttons whilst switching off the TV, neither Boyd nor Summer seem impressed by this.
Max says that when he was a kid they didn't even have a TV, Summer and Boyd says that life would be boring without a TV, but Max suggests that they get the monopoly board out or make something fun for desert, but neither of those suggestions meet with the approval of Boyd and Summer. In a last ditch attempt to get them away from the TV Max says that they are going to the coffee shop to get out of the house.
Number 26
Connor is telling Michelle all about Nina's hidden talents, and how he got her to sing down the phone. Michelle is amazed as Nina is so shy. Connor tells her that he is going to try and encourage Nina to sing in public, and pushing her he even suggests that he is going to be her manager. So that is why we haven't heard from Delta in a while is it? She sure has a habit of latching onto Irishmen who do little to help her career. LOL
Coffee Shop
Darcy is telling Karl that 'Doctor Dirty Darcy' is the gossip in every ward of the hospital, and that Dee is the only nurse left there that will talk to him. Karl tells him that he is being paranoid and that it will blow over. Karl tells him that the hospital ball will be the perfect opportunity to show them that they are not winning, Summer is seen to overhear this, just as Darcy moans to Karl that he would have nobody to take to the ball anyway. Karl bemoans the fact that he is still trying to find the courage to ask Susan to be his guest.
Adam Stevens approaches Boyd and steal his muffin, telling that he has been made captain of the football team in the process. Boyd acts surprised and says that in that case they must be desperate, but the poor love still seems to be intimidated by Adam and his gang. Boyd sits down with Max and Summer, and fails to mention that he has just had his muffin stolen, instead saying that he didn't order anything.
Lassiter's Lake/Coffee Shop
Karl is walking across the bridge when he spots Susan, both seem to have a huge grin on their face as they say hi to each other. Susan seems to leave it at that, but as she goes to walk away Karl hurries to continue the conversation, but in his conversation trips up and has to grab onto a tree to stop himself from falling flat on his face, Susan seems to find this hillarious and says that his dancing has improved.
They decide to go to the coffee shop. Susan explains that she is working her way through the newspaper collection at the library. She is amazed to hear of the dismissal of the Whitlam government, and thinks it is terrible that people have to pay for University now, (you're telling me Susan )
Karl mentions that he has received an invitation to the hospital ball, and that it has Susan's name on it too. Susan says that it looks 'wacky' but Karl informs her that she always hated it. She disagrees thinking that it would be something that she would like. Karl tells her that it is 'horribly cliquy' don't you just hate cliques, schocking isn't it) Susan thinks that it might be uncomfortable for her, so Karl says that he will brave it on his own this year, making a hasty exit, Susan looks thoughtfully on Karl's words. Is she thinking of going to the ball?
In the street
Max hurries after Nina. He tells her that he has heard that she is a talented musician, and that he wants to encourage Summer to take up the piano. Nina enthusiastically begins to tell him about a piece of piano music, it's clear how much she loves her field.
Number 26
Nina arrives to see if Michelle is ready for school. Connor immediately turns on the Irish charm to try and persuade her to make a go of her music career, he tells her that if she keeps her voice to herself she is going to be depriving the world of something special. He offers her encouragement by comparing her to famous actresses and singers, and tells her that she should pretend that she is someone else when she is singing. Connor tells her that he has some good ideas, and that she should put herself in his hands and he will make her a star. Max Clifford eat your heart out.
Coffee Shop
Summer approaches Darcy rearranging her hair as she does so (so cute)
SUMMER: Hi Darcy
DARCY: Hi Summer
SUMMER: I Just wanted to ask you something?
DARCY: Sure fire away
SUMMER: I know you've had a bad time with girlfriends
DARCY: (rather bemused) Really? How do you know that?
SUMMER: Well I keep my eyes and ears open
DARCY: Wide open it seems
SUMMER: And just becuase it didn't work out with Penny, doesn't mean that you should stop enjoying yourself does it?
DARCY: (seeming unbelieving as to being offered advice by a nine year old) Summer, where is this going?
SUMMER: Well I think that you should take me to the ball.
DARCY: (with a slight laugh) You?
DARCY: Well that is an intriguing offer
SUMMER: I can dance..
DARCY: I'm sure you can
SUMMER: And I won't embarrass you
DARCY: Not anymore than you already are.
SUMMER: And if you see someone there that you like better, I wouldn't mind atall.
DARCY: Well that is very broad minded of you, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline your kind offer, Ask me again in about fifteen years.
Darcy leaves and Summer seemingly pass about the whole thing walks over to the counter.
BOYD: Not this again, I thought that you said you were keen on Drew?
Summer: Drew's still number one but Darcy's got a lot to offer.
BOYD: Right.
SUMMER: You know, with my condition and all since he's a doctor and all it could be handy don't you think.
BOYD: Uh huh
Adam Stevens turns up trying to rile Boyd, Summer asks him if they have fed him at the zoo. Stevens accuses Boyd of having to get his little sister to protect him, but Boyd is not put off and forcefully tells Stevens to 'Rack off' that famous old Australian adage, is it just me or do they not say that as much as they used to? Stevens is surprised enough to turn around and walk away.
Lou's Place
Karl arrives at the pub with a pretty rep for lunch. Susan is at the bar, but Karl doesn't see her, upon seeing Karl sitting at the table with the pretty lady she turns around and walks out. As she is doing so she bumps into Joe who is at the bar when Karl arrives to get the drinks in. Joe asks Karl who the woman is, and begins to tease him that its not the business he is interested in. Karl assures him it most certainly is.
Number 26
Connor, Nina and Michelle are sitting at the kitchen table looking through music magazines. Connor is talking about the sort of image he wants to convey for Nina. The image he wants to create has something to do with her talent, but Michelle says that she is a singer who sings what else is there to know. Nina says that she likes Classical and Gospel music, but Connor says that wearing a black smock is never going to get. But Nina doesn't want to be a Spice Girl. But Connor tells her that she has to have an image, he just needs to find out what it is.
Michelle tells Nina to come with her, if Connor wants to give her a new image, that is exactly what she is going to get, and drags her away with Connor demanding that it has to be radical.
Coffee Shop
Darcy and Susan are sitting chatting, Darcy is treating Susan to tales of the glamorous life of a GP by telling her about how he has spent the morning burning off warts. They then move onto the subject of the ball, where Susan seems to let her true feelings for Karl more than obvious:
DARCY: So has Karl talked to you about the ball
SUSAN: Oh, yeah I suppose you're going.
DARCY: Yeah, well I can't get out of it, but I'll see you there though yeah?
SUSAN: I'm not going.
DARCY: You turned him down?
SUSAN: He didn't ask me.
DARCY: Oh...
SUSAN: He doesn't want me there.
DARCY: Hold on, I think you might have misunderstood, if you tell him how much you want to go, I'm sure he will be delighted.
SUSAN: It's alright Darcy, I understand Karl needs his space.
DARCY: What do you mean?
SUSAN: I'm not the only fish in the sea am I?
DARCY: Well yes, yes you are. For Karl definitely.
SUSAN: Things change, I've got a feeling he's already asked someone else.
DARCY: NO, no I can't see that happening.
SUSAN: Well I think that I saw it happening today.
DARCY: What did you see?
SUSUAN: I saw Karl out in the company of a very attractive woman...Don't look so shocked Darcy, it's perfectly natural. I'm happy for him.
DARCY: Susan, I really do think that you've got your wires crossed on this one.
SUSAN: (with only the slightest tone of bitterness) It's OK, we're getting a divorce. Why shouldn't Karl be out chasing after another woman.
You see this is what happens when there is a lack of communication.
Number 26
Michelle asks Connor if he is ready for Nina's new image, he says he is 'ready willing and waiting to be knocked over' with that Michelle shouts Nina, but it takes a second attempt for the poor girl to make an appearance. Looking very uncomfortable, and not like Britney Spears in a skimpy outfit Nina reveals her 'new look' Connor thinks it's great, and next he decides that they have to think of a name, using The name of Her first pet, and first street name, and ignoring Nina's protests Connor settles on 'Bitsy Redford'
There is a knock on the door and Connor announces that it's a future fan. It's summer, as soon as Summer sees Nina's new image and starts to laugh, saying that it might look great on somebody else, but she just looks funny.
The next scene Connor has to hand tissues to Nina who is upset that Summer laughed at her, she says that Bitsy Redford has had her ten seconds of fame, and from now on she is going to stick to being herself. As soon as Nina is off the scene, Connor tells Michelle that he hasn't given up on her.
In the Street
Max approaches Joe, and they have their first proper conversation. They talk about their kids, and Joe proudly tells Max that Jack is a professional footballer in England. Max says that he is a cricket man himself, and Joe agrees. Max says that they should set up a local cricket team, but Joes says that he is already on the case, and asks Max to join the team. They seem to get on like a house on fire.
Number 28
Darcy and Karl are again talking about the ball.
DARCY: So are you taking someone else?
KARL: No of course not. I think it's too soon to push her into something so public.
DARCY: Well I understand that you don't want to pressure her, but maybe Susan has misunderstood you?
KARL: How so?
DARCY: Well maybe she thinks that your lack of pressure is indifference.
KARL: Do you think so?
DARCY: Well she's certainly got the idea that you don't want her there.
KARL: Well I don't, not if it's going to cause any further set backs.
DARCY: I guess it's a fine line to tread....
KARL: What about you any further options?
DARCY: Nope.
KARL: Have you had knock backs?
DARCY: Well I haven't been game enough to ask, but I did get an offer.
KARL: And you turned her down?
DARCY: Well yeah she was a bit young...Summer Hoyland. She wanted to be my escort
KARL: (with a giggle) Drew will be heartbroken.
DARCY: Yes he will be.....Well I guess it's just you and me then.
KARL; Well you're not exactly my type, but I guess it's a date.
Number 32
Max returns home, to find Summer and Boyd arguing over the remote control again, so he turns the TV off, and tells them that from tomorrow they won't have time for TV, as he has asked Nina to give Summer piano lessons, and Boyd has been enrolled at the local cricket club. Boyd seems a bit distressed as it's the same club that Adam Stevens is a member of.
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Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4088
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Michelle Scully

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Darcy Tyler, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4088
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Darcy Tyler, Karl Kennedy

Boyd Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4088
Boyd Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4088
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Nina Tucker, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4088
Nina Tucker, Max Hoyland

Darcy Tyler, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4088
Darcy Tyler, Summer Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Adam Stevens, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4088
Boyd Hoyland, Adam Stevens, Summer Hoyland

Nicole Jackson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4088
Nicole Jackson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4088
Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Nina Tucker, Michelle Scully

Darcy Tyler, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4088
Darcy Tyler, Susan Kennedy

Michelle Scully, Nina Tucker, Connor O
Michelle Scully, Nina Tucker, Connor O'Neill

Joe Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4088
Joe Scully, Max Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4088
Summer Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

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