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Neighbours Episode 4085 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4085
Australian airdate: 06/09/2002
UK airdate: 04/11/2002
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Ron Kirk: John Orcsik
Bishop Don McDermott: Colin Duckworth
Andrew Gandele: Simon McSweeney
Summary/Images by: Kelza/Karen (Katie)
Makeshift Church
Bishop McDermott has arrived and Rosie goes to greet him. He asks if they shall make a start so Rosie directs him over to Lou and Harold. That didn't work because now he asks again. He wants to know if there is a problem, and there is an exchange of glances between Harold and Nina. Rosie's just about to tell him the problems when Nina steps in and announces she is ready. A shocked and happy Rosie thinks that's great, and leads the bishop to his seat. Nina doesn't look too happy about singing though.
Ron's Farm
Ron doesn't see Drew joining him as that much of a risk but Drew isn't so sure. Ron is sure it's a risk work taking, and Drew isn't too happy that his dad has invested so much into it first without asking him. Ron says it's all they talk about hen he goes to the house. Drew thought it was a pipe dream though. It's not just about him, it's also about Libby, Ben and he's only just got into a partnership. Ron thinks all he's hearing is reason why not too. Drew, raising his voice and getting out of his seat, tells his dad that he should've considered all this before planning a future for him. Ron, also raising his voice, asks Drew if he thinks he hasn't, that he would've bothered into going into all this if it wasn't for the fact Drew is a father now. He's brother's not interested, Sally is wrapped up in her own family and he's pretty sure he knows Drew doesn't want to spend the rest of his life fixing cars in a suburban garage. Drew can't just uproot his family and drag them out there, Libby's got work of her own to think of. Ron suggests Lib write for the local paper but Drew tells him she's now into teaching. Ron tells him that there are schools out there. Ron paused and says that this is a viable proposition, it's a secure future and it's something to leave to Ben. Drew still thinks it's a gamble and Ron says that Drew doesn't belong in the city.
Cut to Drew riding a motorbike up to the horse paddock. He gets off and climbs sits on the fence. He spots his dad over the other side and waves to him. Drew gazes around and smiles to himself, he knows he doesn't belong in the city too.
Makeshift Church
Rosie's doing a speech before the choir sings. At Rosie's cue, Lou starts passing the collection tin around. As Rosie continues to waffle on Harold whispers to Nina that she's leading them in. Nina looks petrified. Rosie finally gets to introducing them and Nina is looking worse than petrified... I don't know a word for it. Rosie starts conducting and Nina just freezes. Doesn't sing a word. Rosie gives her an encouraging look but Nina apologises and runs off. Instead of it all turning into a shambles, Harold leads the choir into Amazing Grace. Lou tries to get the bishop to donate but he isn't pleased at all. Rosie smiles around at him then concentrates back on the choir.
Ron's Farm
Drew's come back inside and Ron asks how the level in the dam is, it's low. Apparently the wall has been leaking and Ron's been meaning to call Roger Cornish. Drew asks how he is, because he hasn't seen old Roger in a long time. Ron mentions kids through his cup of tea and that get's Drew full attention. Yeah there's three kids, which Drew can't believe. It's the old they don't get good TV reception and Roger isn't much of a reader bizzo. Ron'll say g'day to Rog for Drew the next time he sees him. Ron sighs and asks if he's really not coming back, but Drew never said that. He'll have to talk to Lib. Ron gives him some plans to show Libby when they talk about the offer. He points out the stables, sandpits, scales... if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. It isn't going to help convince Libby but Ron thinks at least it will show her it's serious. Drew says that if they do this, Lib is going to have to leave her family behind and at the moment they need her more than ever. And to be honest, he's happy where they are. Ron straightens up and says he thought Drew was getting into the idea. Drew was only going to discuss it with Libby though, no promises.
Number 32
The Hoylands are congregating in the kitchen. Max thinks the choir went well, Summer says thanks to Harold! Boyd thought for a second the whole thing was off. Nina comments that Nina is pretty shy and that Max didn't help. Max defends himself, saying they all needed a bit of encouragement, he didn't know that Nina was that shy. But now they do. Summer announces that she's going to watch Sleeping Beauty but Max thought the kids were going to tidy their rooms before they did anything. The kids obviously complain so Max suggests some cooking. Summer wants to make some pizzas, her Nan had taught her how to make the dough. Max asks the standard parent questions like if she makes a big mess, and if the pizzas are tasty. After establishing that she is clean and they taste good, he agrees and wants to help out. Summer orders Boyd to go get tomato paste from the shop so Max gives him the money.
Coffee Shop
Rosie and Lou sit outside with their coffee, Rosie taking about how she doesn't think the bishop likes her. She doesn't think he's comfortable with female clergy. Lou thinks he should get with the times but Rosie says not all do. Lou thinks the bishop seemed pretty happy after the choir had finished, and Rosie tells him that the bishop said ti wasn't too bad for a first time amateur performance. He was very happy to see Rosie fail. Lou tells her not to read into things, okay today didn't go to plan but he had some nice things to say. Rosie says that's true. Lou thinks that Nina will be feeling very bad right now.
Makeshift Church
Every's left expect for Nina, she's changed her clothes and come back. She walks up to the keyboard and sits down, puts her sheet music in front of her and plays a few bars and hums to herself. She hesitates and then sings the first line of the chorus to 'Born To Try'. She writes it down then continues on with the chorus. After making it all the way though, she looks happy with herself.
Lou's Place
Harold's taking two random customer's orders, glad they took his advice on the lamb. Lou follows Harold over to the counter, asking when he became an expert on lamb. It was since it was the only thing on Lou's menu. Lou wants to know what's going on and Harold tells him. He went in there to find Lou but instead found a lone barman looking after the whole place. Lou thought that Steve could manage; it isn't normally this busy at that time of the day. Goodo! Harold can't believe all Lou would say is goodo. He will lose his customers just as quickly if there is no one there to serve them. So Harold had called in a casual in the Coffee Shop so he could spend the rest of the day at the pub. And with that he runs off to serve a customer.
Number 32
Boyd takes something out of the microwave while Summer finishes up mixing the dough. Boyd tells her to toss it in the air to make it flat, he's seen it done on TV. So she does and it ends up landing on the floor. Mmm floor pizza... (/Homer Simpson). Summer insits he help her and he knocks the contents of his parcel of hot pizza ingredients onto the floor. Max has heard all the commotion and walks in the room, thinking he had heard them having too much fun. Max says it smells good, and can he try some. He picsk some food off the floor and eats a bit as he goes to leave eww. But he turns around and starts afood fight.
Makeshift Church
Nina's still on her own writing her song when Rosie walks in. Nina gets up, grabbing her song as Rosie says she was looking for Nina because some of them were quite worried. Nina apologises, she tried to tell Rosie she didn't want to do it and then the bishop came and she didn't want to make Rosie look bad. She feels terrible. Rosie says she doesn't need to apologise, it's her that should be sorry. She shouldn't have pushed her. Nina actually liked the idea of being in the choir though but she went silly. Rosie assures her that's okay, not everyone can go onstage. Nina still feels bad because it was a local choir... Rosie asks if Nina wants to get rid of her fear, and she offers to help her if she needs it. Nina's already tried but Rosie thinks she could try again. Nina admits she feels sick even thinking about it. Rosie doesn't think she'd have a huge career but is that such a bad thing? Nina loves singing. But maybe she could still have singing without performing to an audience. Rosie suggests that maybe she could teach singing but Nina ain't liking that suggestion.
Lou's Place
Random customer asks for a beer. Harold thinks his lamb is about to be served, which is great because random guy is starving. Harold seems a bit flustered that he's going to be drinking beer with lamb so random guy asks for any suggestions. Harold thinks it would be a pity to ruin the flavour of the lamb with wine... and when random guys says it sounds like he should settle for water, Harold hands him a glass. Lou in the background doesn't look too happy with this arrangement. When random dude goes back to his table, Lou confronts Harold thinking it's payback time because Harold didn't like the way Lou got the Coffee Shop business back on track. Half the patrons are standing around with glasses of water so maybe Harold should hire himself out to AA. Lou looks around for his barman but Harry tells him he's clocked off. Lou thanks Harold for his help but can he just give the customers what they want. He has to go back into the kitchen but could Harry please talk the customers into buying something with a profit margin.
Number 32
The Hoylands are cleaning up the mess and Max comments again that the pizzas smell good. Summer tells him it's not done, and she's making a salad to go with it. Boyd looks in the over and says it looks done but Summer says it's not done, it has ten minutes to go. Max can smell something burning so Summer turns to the toaster and see's the toast burning. The smoke detector goes off and Max gets sprayed with water from the sprinkler system on it.
Ron's Farm
Ron carries Ben into the lounge room, exclaiming to Libby that he can't believe how much he's grown and they have a natter about how they love coming up there. Drew comes in with their bag. Ron's trying to sell the idea of how great it is up there but Drew warns him not too. Libby asks what's going on so Ron leaves them to it. Drew tells her it's an offer they should consider. She asks what's going on but all Drew can do is smile at her.
Lou's Place
Harold's got some orange juices for the random guys but they won't drink it, they want alcohol. Harold admits he isn't a barman and the blokes have a good old laugh at that. Head random guys say he and his mates have just been to the footy and they want a beer, it's not too much to ask. Harold suggests ginger beer but the boys ridicule him again. Max is watching on secretly smiling to himself as the random men ask for five cold stubbies. Harold refuses and just and the men go to leave... Max asks them if eagle bear is alright. They take it and when the head rowdy man asks who he is, Max tells him he's the relief. Harold thanks Max and says he hopes they don't drink too much. Max says he'll keep and eye on them, it's standard bar policy. Harold amd Max then take a glass of orange juice each.
Ron's Farm
Drew has obviously told Libby about the idea because she asks what Drew said to Ron. Drew explains that he wanted to talk to her first. Libby wants to know if he thinks it's a good idea which he does, there is a lot of positives and it's a good life for Ben. He knows they love their home but the stud could be a real money spinner. Libby says it's not everything but Drew goes on to say it would sure beat crawling uder a family sedan for the next thirty years. She can see he's really into this. He does feel the same way she does about home, but this feels like home to him too. Libby thinks this would be a really bad time, especially with what's going on with her parents right now. Plus she'd miss everyone. Drew tells her his dad has put a lot into this and Libby echos what Drew said earlier, that Ron should've talked to them first. Drew agrees.
Lou's Place
Harold thinks he underestimated how much different it would be working there compared to the Coffee Shop. Max says that some bartenders think it's an art. Lou comes back into daylight to see what old Harry's getting up too. He can see that Harold has got over his phobia of selling the odd drink so Harold tell shim it was actually Max that sold the drinks. Lou asks what's he doing behind the bar and Harold tells him that he was rescuing him. Harold comments that Max looks like a natural, so max shares that he was a barman for four years while he was at uni. Lou immediately says they have enough barmen and Max laughs it off, saying he doesn't need a job. Harold thinks Max would be a great asset to the bar though. Lou gives him two big hints to scram, which he does leaving Lou and Max to talk about about how Lou wants to sell the place. Ohh I think Max wants to buy it, but we won't know right now.
Ron's Place
Libby thinks that if things were easier at home that it would be easier to make a decision. Drew tells her there is no need to decide within two hours of getting there. Ron walks in saying that they should've seen Ben's face when he saw Boney, his old horse. Maybe Ben might like to learn how to ride. Ben doesn't seem to like the idea, and cries. Drew thinks Ben might be a bit too young but Ron says the sooner they get on the horse, the better. Drew tells him that they are not going to move all the way up there just so Ben can learn to ride a horse. Ron apologises and Libby says they can't help it if they have it on their minds. Drew knows his dad means well but it's not easy for them. Ron doesn't want this ruining their whole stay up there so they should put it to one side, and he'll go and cook some dinner. He's about to get up when he hands Ben over but he clutches at his chest, asking for his angina spray in this coat pocket. Libby runs to get it and gives it to him. Drew hands Ben over to Libby and steadies his dad on the chair.
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Bishop Don McDermott, Rosie Hoyland, Nina Tucker, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4085
Bishop Don McDermott, Rosie Hoyland, Nina Tucker, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Ron Kirk, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4085
Ron Kirk, Drew Kirk

Rosie Hoyland, Harold Bishop, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4085
Rosie Hoyland, Harold Bishop, Nina Tucker

Nina Tucker, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4085
Nina Tucker, Harold Bishop

Max Hoyland, Bishop Don McDermott, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4085
Max Hoyland, Bishop Don McDermott, Lou Carpenter

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4085
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Nina Tucker, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4085
Nina Tucker, Rosie Hoyland

Andrew Gandele, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4085
Andrew Gandele, Harold Bishop

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4085
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4085
Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Ron Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4085
Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Ron Kirk

Andrew Gandele, Max Hoyland, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4085
Andrew Gandele, Max Hoyland, Harold Bishop

Max Hoyland, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4085
Max Hoyland, Harold Bishop

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk, Ron Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4085
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk, Ron Kirk

Ron Kirk, Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4085
Ron Kirk, Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy

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