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Neighbours Episode 4071 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4071
Australian airdate: 19/08/02
UK airdate: 15/10/02
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Saxon Garvey: Troy Lovett
Roger Garvey: Paul Hampton
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Steph packs after the fight with Libby, Michelle has to kiss Connor goodbye
New credit-shot of Nina with Connor and Michelle
New script producers: Ben Michael (as before)Luke Devenish
Nina visits Harold who leaves her alone while he sorts out a flooded laundry. She starts to play the piano. Saxon rushes in because she's playing the Liszt music his mother loved. Embarrassed, she tries to leave, but he asks her to play more. She does, very gently and Harold comes in and raves about it. He realises Saxon's moved by it and he's twittering on, so leaves them.
Saxon tells Nina his mother played but not so well.
Michelle tells Lyn and Joe that Connor's ashamed of his illiteracy. She wants to go back to the orchard to talk to him, but Joe feels it's pointless and Lyn suggests she walk away so her heart isn't broken, as he's left at the first hint of problems and they're so young.
Scene switches immediately to Connor looking at a picture of Michelle and dialing on his mobile. At the Scullys' the phone rings, but the caller hangs up.
Lyn is sure Steph and Libby will make it up. Steph's happy she's going back to delivering, though Joe sees it as demotion.
Saxon and Nina are playing around on the piano, with Saxon just beginning to enjoy himself when Roger Garvey arrives.
Lyn, Steph and Joe are looking at a new bike that has been delivered. She feels the only person it could have come from is Mitch.
In TCS Nina talks to Michelle who wants to do something about Connor. Nina suggests a tape sent by courier.
Roger Garvey gives his excuses (business) for not coming earlier, to a cold reception from Saxon. He says his secretary researched options for Saxon and e-mailed them to him. Harold shakes his head as he listens.
Steph tries to get the name of the bike buyer but can't.
Michelle's making the tape when Joe comes in and gives her a little chat about 'just telling the truth' about her feelings.
Roger Garvey talks coldly about two options for Saxon. Harold tries to intervene and sends Saxon off so he and Garvey can chat privately.
Michelle's saying into the tape that she's concerned he didn't trust her because she didn't listen, too caught up with herself to see his pain. She makes a moving speech to him about finding someone he can trust and looking for the best in life. Lyn eavesdrops, looking pensive.
Harold scolds Garvey for leaving Saxon alone to deal with his mother's illness and death. He lectures that parenting isn't a job-only the father can provide the care and attention he needs. Harold begs him to consider taking Saxon to America with him.
Connor gets the tape.
Michelle's anxious about it while Nina reassures her. Lyn overhears and asks Michelle not to get her hopes up. She feels she should have stopped her making the tape so she doesn't break her heart. Michelle gets stubborn and insists they don't understand. Lyn thinks he was living a lie and as soon as he was found out he ran.
Connor plays the tape.
Roger Garvey comes to say he's not taking Saxon to America and that he has always stuck to his obligations by looking after the finances. Saxon comes in and says he doesn't want his money and is rude to him. When he tries to give Harold a cheque to cover expenses, Harold refuses too.
Steph can't prove it but is convinced Mitch sent the bike and very angry about being paid off. Joe persuades her she has to take it to the police.
Connor turns up and he and Michelle hug. He has come back because she's someone he can trust and the best thing in his life.
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