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Neighbours Episode 4070 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4070
Australian airdate: 16/08/02
UK airdate: 14/10/02
Writer: Bert Deling
Director: Nic Ridge
Guests: Nina Tucker: Delta Goodrem
Saxon Garvey: Troy Lovett
Craig Benson: Tim Hughes
Ray Milsome: Tom Meadmore
Dr. Danielle Marks: Maureen Andrew
Summary/Images by: Kelza
Number 28 - Night
Karl wants to discuss this, so Craig decides he better go. Susan tells him he doesn't have to go, she's already made up her mind. Karl says it's a decision that isn't made lightly, that she talks to him and tells him what's behind the decision. He asks if it's Craig, which it isn't. Is it Sarah? Nope. Susan admits it's part of it but not all of it. It's more to do with what the neuro-psychiatrist has said, that what Susan thinks and feels in the present is as important as all the memories she can't remember. Karl doesn't think the quack knows what she is talking about so they argue over that. Susan realises that this is not helping so she leaves, telling Karl she'll talk to him later. Atfer she's gone Karl spins around, demanding to know if Craig knew about this, which he doesn't. Karl can't believe that because she trusts Craig a lot more than she trusts Karl.
Number 24
Saxon's listening to music in the dark and crying. Harold and Nina turn up on the doorstep with boxes and hear the music playing. Nina comments on what song it is and says to Harold it's a very sad piece. Harold's amazed Nina knows it but it's only because he dad plays it all the time. The go inside and Saxon immediately turns the music off. Harold wants to know if Saxon will help with the collecting for Rosie. Nina once again says that the song is a very sad piece, this time to Saxon. It makes him run off and Nina blame her big mouth. Harold and Nina whisper about how he cries when he's alone and that he won't talk to anyone.
Susan's leaving as Craig arrives. She wonders what he's doing here, he's here to tells her he thinks she was a bit too hard on Karl, that she should've explained herself better to him, it's only fair. The stick together, Susan gives them that! As she walks off Craig calls out to her that she's being a bit selfish. He follows her and she turns around and wants to hear what he has to say. He basically says they same thing as Karl, that it's a big decision and that she should think about it. Obviously sick of hearing the same thing, Susan has to go. Craig wants to know where, she doesn't know. She's got a whole new life to try and build. Craig tells her that Karl's really hurting but she is too, it's not about him. It's about Susan trying to make a new life. She's scared to death and she doesn't need his criticism.
Number 24 - Day
Harold's holding up a t-shirt to himself, a symbol to Rosie that he thinks that's what he's going to be wearing. Rosie laughs and says no, that's for the kids and that he had one specially made for him, with Chief Fundraiser on the back. Harold doesn't think he can wear it because Rosie is the chief fundraiser but Rosie insists he wear it, he's been an inspiration. Harold goes to his bedroom to try it on and Rosie busies herself by folding t-shirts and asks about Lou, if he's heard from him. He hasn't and he thinks she'll hear from him soon. Harold comes out of his room to show off the perfectly fitting t-shirt and Rosie still babbles on about how she had to go and change him. Harold thinks that Lou need some guidance, it's not changing him. Rosie is going to apologise anyway the first chance she gets. Boyd comes in with two more tins for the fundraiser. Rosie wants Boyd to apologise to Saxon but Boyd thinks that because he wanted to be left alone after his mum died, it would be the best for Saxon.
Number 28
Rosie's asking Karl if they could move the piano up to Harold's until Susan gets back. Karl will have to ask Susan, it being one of her most prized possessions and all. Rosie hopes he doesn't mind her asking, it's just that she and Harold would be good for Saxon, give him an interest. Karl suggests that Saxon could come to the house and practice if Susan doesn't want to part with the piano. Karl gives her a check for the appeal, saying he would go collect donations but he isn't up for seeing people. Rosie asks if it's Susan and Karl explains about Susan wanting a divorce. Speak of the devil, Susan walks in without knocking (rude!), asking Rosie what she's doing there. Karl explains to her about Rosie wanting the piano for Saxon, only temporarily because it's Susan's prize possession. Susan doesn't know that it is, but she expects that she'll be moving around a lot so Rosie and Harold can have it. Rosie appreciates this, she already has some muscle men lined up for the moving. She thinks it's best she's off, and thanks Susan again before she leaves.
Karl starts to talk but Susan interrupts him, she has it all sorted out in her head. She takes a deep breath and moves in closer to Karl... to tell him that she thinks he's a very nice man and she is truly sorry for what he must be feeling but their marriage is over. She doesn't let him speak saying things are changed forever, she might never remember their time together. All she has is her future and he does too. They've got to stop wasting time trying to resurrect the past. Karl can't just forget the past thirty years; he wants to work on this. She wants to work on it on her own, she doesn't him to be pressuring her to be someone she doesn't even recognise. She couldn't deal with the pressure.
Darcy's at the reception... he looks at a patient's file, smiles at a nurse, looks and his watch and walks away. Erm okay. As he's walking over to the seats nearby we see Rosie and Nina in those blue t-shirts walking towards the camera, Rosie orders Nina to get the tin off the desk and find out where Harold ran off too. Rosie goes up to Darcy asking if everything's okay, because clearly it's not. He tells her that he's got a meeting with the medical practitioner's board in two hours, twenty minutes and fifteen seconds to be precise. It might be he's last day as a doctor. Rosie's heard how Penny hasn't been too supportive and wonders why. Darcy lies and says she was too trusting obviously. If he needs a sympathetic ear after the meeting, Rosie offers her services.
Coffee Shop
Susan's reading the paper and spots Drew walking up to her table, taking a seat across from her. She guesses that he's heard the news and he doesn't approve. He thinks isn't not about approval, this whole thing is a tragic mistake. Susan takes a snipe at everyone telling her what to do but Drew says he isn't just anyone, he loves all the same people she loves and they're all in this together. She doesn't think so, she's the only one to have grasped the obvious. Things have changed forever, and it's time to deal with that. Drew uses and example of how when he and Libby feel like they can't make it though, they look at the Kennedys' marriage and it would make it alright somehow. Susan wants to know if Karl having an affair and her forgiving him somehow is comforting and Drew says that yeah, her and Karl overcoming that was. Susan's going to make this clear, so she and Drew don't have to have this conversation again. Whatever was between her and Karl, it's gone; dead with no hope of resuscitation. Drew thinks she will be all alone but she's already all alone.
Hospital's board room
A female board member tells Darcy that based on the testimony of Penny's he is found guilty of unprofessional conduct. However due to Karl's endorsement the sentence will be suspended. But... he is to have a female chaperone will be present at any consultations with female patients for the next three months. She asks if there is anything wrong with that and Darcy doesn't. And he will undertake counseling sessions during that time. He is permitted to leave and one board member follows him saying it was touch and go, he should take is punishment and of course no more scandal or he will be out the door.
Coffee Shop
Drew's waiting at the counter to be served when Ray joins him, jogging Drew's memory by saying they were at the truth or dare night. Toadie and Dee kissing surprised him and Drew thinks they surprised them all. When he thinks about it, he wonders why it took them so long. Ray wishes them luck but he seems a bit miffed. That's right, he was interested in Dee but he was a bit too slow. Ray's just going to have to find someone else to share his 'magnetic personality' with.
Rosie and Nina are debating over Nina's singing voice and that the choir really needs her. Rosie goes on about how she's a local which makes it even better... but Nina's too preoccupied with Ray to listen.
Number 24
Summer shaking cans, trying to find the one with more money. Boyd walks in with a snack and asks what she's doing. She's doing what I said, trying to find the one with more money. But it has something to do with a charming person vs grumpy. Boyd dips his biscuit into the weird sauce he's created and thinks it's the food from the gods. No it's just peanut better, chili and mayo. Ick. Summer thinks he's a seriously deranged boy and I think I have to agree when it comes to that dip. Boyd changes the topic, asking what's in Saxon's CD player. Summer thinks it's Limp Bisket, Eminiem... Boyd turns it on to find it's far from that. They laugh and Boyd starts dancing when Saxon comes in, turns the music off and threatens Boyd beofre runing back to his room.
Number 28
Karl's on the phone to Peta asking if he and Susan could have counseling sessions, wanting him to recommend some. During this conversation he let's Darcy in. Peta will call Karl back later, when he hangs up Darcy asks if there is a problem with Susan's counseling sessions. Karl informs him that Susan's asked him for a divorce, that it's come out of those sessions Susan has been having. Darcy can't believe that she wants one and Karl can't believe he's forgot about Darcy's board meeting, asking how it went. Darcy happily says he's still a doctor, but gives Karl the board's official verdict and what they will be publishing in the journal. Everyone Darcy's ever worked with will be reading it. Karl assures him it will pass, he's still practicing so that's the main thing. Darcy's having second thoughts about that though.
Coffee Shop
Summer catches Nina out doing a "are you compatible with your dream lover" quiz. Nina is a bit stunned that Summer's done the quiz, because isn't she a bit young. Summer says she's a lot more mature than she looks emotionally, and looks at Nina's score which is 98%. Nina says it is because if it was in the 20s no one would by the magazine again. Summer asks outright who's Nina's dream man but Nina won't tell, she'd rather know Summer's. Summer won't say. She thinks that with a score of 98%, and with a girl like Nina that her dream man won't be able to resist.
Number 28
Craig has come over to talk Susan with Karl. Karl offers him a drink but he's only popping in for a second. He's tried talking to Susan but she's pretty intent on what she's doing. Karl thanks Craig for what he's done but he wishes he could've done more. But now he will stay well and truly out of it. Susan knocks this time before entering, wondering what they are conspiring. She wants to know if Craig can have dinner with her but he's going home so he can't. She says "oh well, next time" and he tells her there will be no next time. If she wants a clean break that maybe she should stay away from him too. He doesn't see himself as part of her future which she finds fair enough.
Craig leaves and Susan immediately thinks Karl had something to do with it. But he can't control his life let alone someone else's. He's got some things together for her and she informs him that she's opened a band account and her sick leave is now being paid into there. She asks if he really didn't help Craig make his decision. When he says he didn't she scoffs, thinking he at least encouraged him. She knows this sounds awful, but she tells him she's looking for a lawyer.
Coffee Shop
Nina has given Summer her phone number, saying she can give her a call anytime. Nina walks off to the door and almost makes it through but she bumps into Ray. He offers her a coffee but she shouldn't... or couldn't... she leaves. Summer asks if he finds her cute. Ray wonders why she isn't off playing with her dolls. Summer says she's only trying to help, and doesn't he want her phone number? If he wants a midget matchmaker he'll call. Summer moves on but he turns around to her, asking how old she is. Summer tells a lie and says she's in first year uni and she hasn't got a boyfriend. Ray apologises for calling her a midget and Summer hands over the number.
Number 28
Karl takes some papers out of the desk drawer, giving them to her saying if there is any questions that her or her lawyer can call. She thanks him and promises to get them to him as soon as she can. Karl tells her for what it's worth, he believed Craig had her best interests at heart. Susan thinks everyone does but no one's listening to what she wants. She understands that this must be hard for him but it would be best if they sepreate and get on with their lives.
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