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Neighbours Episode 4062 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4062
Australian airdate: 6/8/02
UK airdate: 2/10/02
UK Gold: 10/7/06
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Saxon Garvey: Troy Lovett
Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Connor telling Tahnee its time to tell Michelle, consequence and all.
Steph quitting her job.
Dee and Harold being concerned for Saxon's welfare
No. 22
Harold finishes dressing Saxon for the funeral and brings up the subject of him sleeping by himself at No. 32 and wants him to stay in his house at least until his dad arrives. While Saxon appeared initially to object to Harold mentioning it, he seems happy to agree to Harold's request.
No. 30
Dee seems in a rather happy mood when she gets up for brekkie and Stu is puzzled to see Bob in the house until right behind is Toadie. Stu is thankful they've seen sense and decided to date and offers Toadie his congratulations...before phoning Steph to tell her the good news.
STU: Steph, you're not going to believe this...the eagle has landed!
STEPH: (down the phone) ARGH.
TOADIE: Looks like everyone knows now.
The Coffee Shop
Michelle enters TCS and Tahnee asks how she and Connor enjoyed having the house to themselves while her olds were away and seems rather taken aback by Michelle saying they just watched videos and had food. Michelle asks if she wants company on the way to school but Tahnee turns her down citing an essay she has to finish.
No. 30
Toadie announces he's off to work but before he does, Dee what happens to them or more particular, where is he spending the night. He replies that he's going to go back to the flat...to start packing which pleases Dee no end although she has concerns that they are moving too quickly but Toadie says they are going backwards before starting to kiss her. They manage to stop kissing each other long enough so that Toadie can get out of the door to work and wishes her well for the funeral.
The Coffee Shop
Stu offers Steph some ideas for a new job but she rules them all out (a gardener! A cook!!! A market researcher) but doesn't know what she wants to do. Steph tells him that he doesn't have to help her but he wants to because he feels responsible for her quitting. He is puzzled when Steph replies saying that quitting her job was the best thing she ever did because the possibilities are endless. Steph decides she's had enough of job talking and wants the gossip on Dee and Toadie!
Connor enters TCS and Tahnee winds him up about not telling Michelle the truth but he gets his revenge in by informing her that he knows her mum is perfectly well and healthy. She doesn't think he'll dare use it against him because Michelle won't believe him but he thinks otherwise and orders her to stay away. Saxon sticks his nose in and tells Connor to go easy until he tells him what she was doing and given his mum's recent death from cancer is not at all impressed with her and quickly leaves TCS. Connor wonders why he walked out and Harold fills in the gaps and Tahnee look like she wishes the ground would open up and swallow her.
Lassiter's Complex
Tahnee runs after Saxon, apologising for what was said and that she didn't mean to send him up but he has a right go at her, telling her that she is the lowest of the low and wondering how anyone could make up a story like that before calling her sick and leaving.
No. 30
Steph calls round to get the gossip but happy that they are finally together. Dee plays it very cool and refuses to give details saying it is private but it was worth the wait and couldn't be any happier. Steph hugs her and wonders if they will get their own place especially given Lou is planning on selling up, which Dee thinks won't be happening given Lou's priced the house so high. Steph gets them back onto their original discussion and asks who is moving into whose bedroom but Dee tells her to give them time and turns the table by asking when Steph is going to get it together with Stu! This completely floors Steph and she replies saying they are just mates. "So that's why you are attached at the hip," remarks Dee.
The Coffee Shop
Stu wriggles it out of Toadie that he is planning on moving back into the house and then asks the same as Steph did with Dee - whose room are they moving into? This is purely selfish though, because he wants a bigger room! Toadie admits he hadn't thought about it, which seems to surprise Stu.
No. 26
Connor seems shocked when Steph says she's quit her job but asks him not to tell her parents. Like Stu, he asks what sort of job she is after and she replies again that she isn't sure because she initially didn't want a career since she assumed she'd only be working until she married and then started having a family but is now having to change tact. Connor tells her not to give up since something always turns up as he tidies up the kitchen and because he can't read, this includes a juice bottle that isn't full of juice but floor cleaner being put into the fridge.
No. 24
Harold, Saxon and Dee return from the funeral and Dee goes to put the kettle on while Harold tries to think of excuses as to why his father wasn't at the funeral. Saxon doesn't react about that, instead wanting to write letters to those who sent flowers given that is the done thing.
In the kitchen, Harold is a bit more vocal about Mr Garvey not turning up to the funeral to Dee while trying not to raise his voice. Dee agrees especially since it would have made things easier for Saxon but this gives Harold a guilt trip for raising the boy's hopes unnecessarily. Dee stops him, saying they all thought he would be there. They then change tact by wondering what will happen to him long-term although Harold tells her he will be staying again with him tonight.
Outside Lou's Place
Steph starts phoning up for jobs but isn't having much luck so reluctantly she phones Moco to see if she can get her old job back.
No. 26
Connor hugs Michelle when she arrives home as she has won a prize - an afternoon with him where she will be pampered starting with a delicious mocktail. Their afternoon is interrupted by Tahnee calling round to talk and tells Michelle about her lies. Michelle wants to know why she'd make up stories and Tahnee replies so that everyone would feel sorry for her and to get back at Michelle for Connor rejecting her. Michelle doesn't like what her 'friend' has done to her and orders Tahnee to leave the house.
Tahnee leaves and Connor goes after her to ask why she didn't tell Michelle about him being illiterate. She replies back that it isn't her business but urges him to tell Michelle soon.
Lou's Place
Stu tells Steph about a possible job she'd be a dead set for coming up at the hospital in a couple of weeks but of course that is irrelevant now as she tells him that she got her old job back at Moco after grovelling.
No. 24
Harold tries to get Saxon involved in preparing the evening meal but he is very quiet. Harold also brings up that if things don't work out well with his dad he can always stay here. There is a knock at the door and Harold sends him to answer it, saying that will be his dad but when he does answer it, it isn't Mr Garvey but instead a bouquet of flowers being delivered from.
Saxon takes the bouquet and reads the card that is accompanying them, which Harold reads aloud after Saxon doesn't say anything.
HAROLD: Sorry I can't be with you son, love dad.
Harold asks if there was another message and when Saxon indicates there isn't, Harold is not at all impressed at Mr Garvey's behaviour but quickly apologises saying there must be a valid reason as to why he couldn't make it. Saxon isn't so sure though, he though that his dad wouldn't be there since he's never heard from him since his mum and dad divorced 5 years ago.
No. 30
The housemates are sitting on the couch, Stu between Dee and Toadie and he asks what is for dinner. Subtly they say he could to out for dinner...and stay out!
STU: Love's young dream. Who'd have thought it would be so cruel to the rest of us.
He does decide to leave after saying he was just joking with them and didn't mean it and the lovers cuddle up to each other. Dee asks if they want to skip the meal, which Toadie immediately agrees to but on the way to the bedroom they run into his gear that is still lying in bags, which leads them back into what Steph and Stu were asking earlier - whose bedroom are they going to use!
They get all embarrassed and tongue-tied as to what to do and Dee asks if they need to rush into a decision and Toadie suggests they take it day by day, which leads Dee into saying she isn't sure if she wants to share her bedroom with Toadie, so they agree to having separate bedrooms with visiting rights!
No. 26
Connor finishes making their mocktails complete with some of the floor cleaner that was in the juice bottle because he can't read the label that was put on it, while Michelle rants on about Tahnee. Connor tells her to forget about Tahnee while they have their afternoon together and hands Michelle her mocktail.
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