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Neighbours Episode 4058 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4058
Australian airdate: 31/07/02
UK airdate: 26/09/02
UK Gold: 06/07/06
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Nina Tucker: Delta Goodrem
Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Penny Watts: Andrea McEwan
Sindi Watts: Marisa Warrington
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Karen (Katie)
Darcy thanking Sindi for not spilling all to Penny
Susan having a memory flash of being at school
Karl asks Susan what she saw, she tells him she was cleaning the blackboard. He presses her for more details but it was over so quickly she doesn't know. He tells her to try and connect with the feelings. She says it felt good, "like putting on old shoes". Karl reasons it must have been their conversation about her teaching that prompted it. As to what it means... He suggests that Susan see the neuro-psychiatrist; he's got a friend who will fit her in anytime.
Ah, Erinsborough. The only place in the world where you can see a specialist, no waiting.
Karl tells her that the neuro-psych can give her techniques to help her memories and Susan agrees that maybe it's time she did something.
Coffee Shop
Lyn's singing a hymn. I think. She's doing it really badly and I try to ignore the fact that she's singing one I loved as a child:
I was cold.
I was naked.
Were you there?
Because that's an image I don't need for Lyn...
She loses the tune and asks Tahnee for help. Tahnee hums the notes which Lyn immediately forgets, sings it badly, and announces that she's got it. Bless them, Tahnee and Nina both sit and smile as Lyn says that if she can do it, anyone can. Nina's happy with coffee duty though, thanks all the same. Lyn continues, saying that it's great fun, just ask Tahnee. She tries to get herself out of the spotlight by saying she needs to go visit her mum, getting up as Michelle walks in.
Penny gives Lyn what I assume is takeaway but it's a very large brown bag and there doesn't seem to be much in it. She says she needs to take it home to Joe before he starts to complain. Tahnee's phone rings and she says it's her mum, waving a quick goodbye to Lyn and Michelle as they head home for dinner.
Tahnee's mum has obviously come to pick her up but Tahnee quickly says she'll meet her in the car park, brushing off the practice as being "fine". Once she's off the phone Nina asks if Tahnee's got the money to replace her book but Tahnee says she'll buy her one. Nina replies that Tahnee will never get around to buying one so can she just have the money?
Number 22
Joe's showing Ben the stair gate, claiming it'll slow him down. If Ben is anything like my brother or myself, one of two things will happen. He will learn to climb over it or he will learn how to open it. Those gates were effective for about six months tops in my house when we were growing up.
Drew gets off the phone and thanks Joe for the gate. Joe offers to put it up but Drew will do it later. He tells Joe that it was Karl on the phone - Susan's going to see a neuro-psych and she wants them all there for support. As Drew's packing up half the house to take Ben with him, Joe hits on an idea. Why doesn't he mind Ben?
And why are men with babies so adorable?
Coffee Shop
Proving that nothing can be done in private, Darcy's sorting through his mail at one of the tables. Penny asks what he really thought of Sindi...
PENNY: I know you said you liked meeting my sister, but tell me honestly. Were you just being polite?
DARCY: No of course not. I think she's great.
So much so that he tried to chat her up. But he doesn't mention that part. Good, because Pen wants to invite her to lunch again. Darcy spins her a line about wanting her all to himself before opening a letter from the Medical Practitioner's Board. Even though Karl wanted to drop the complaint, once lodged it has to be followed up and someone will be coming to take his statement.
Penny's confident because she knows Darcy didn't take advantage of her.
Joe and Connor are trying to keep Ben amused by waving things in front of him and muttering non-sensical stuff. Connor quips that Joe and Ben make a lovely couple, Joe says he did it enough with his lot.
CONNOR: I feel a 'They grow up so fast' speech coming on.
JOE: Well they do!
Lyn and Michelle walk in and Lyn gushes over the men with the baby. Michelle is less than impressed so Lyn takes her into the kitchen. She knows her and Connor are fighting but can she not make life miserable for everyone else?
Joe explains they've got Ben because Drew's supporting Susan at the hospital.
MICHELLE: How very neighbourly of you, Dad.
JOE: Yeah, well he dropped enough hints.
It's OK, Joe. Your not-so-macho image when it comes to babies is safe. Without about several million viewers all around the world.
Connor laments the fact that he should have kept his mouth shut about Tahnee, he can't keep up with the girls. Joe advises that he just keep quiet, Michelle's smart enough to spot a fake.
Karl's telling Drew that Susan wanted to do this, he didn't have to push it. He also mentions Darcy's hearing but that he's almost regretting it. He concedes that at the time Darcy gave him little choice but now he's rethinking the whole deal. He's impressed with the support that Darcy's shown them.
Susan emerges, all smiles. The session went very well and she enthuses that Peta (the neuro-psych) said that the memory was like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and that would help her to piece her life back together. Jigsaw puzzles are great fun until you find that one piece has gone missing and you're left with a 4999 piece landscape and a bit of the table still visible...
SUSAN: At least now I don't feel quite so crazy.
KARL: You are not crazy.
Susan thanks him for organising the appointment, it's really helped.
Drew arrives and Joe tells him that Ben's asleep. Drew fills him and Lyn in on Susan's appointment saying things went really well. Lyn jokes that Joe and Connor wore Ben out, Joe's saying it was the other way around as he walks into the kitchen, disturbing the obvious heart-to-heart between Michelle and Connor. He walks out leaving them to it.
Michelle says that she didn't like him bagging out her friend and Connor apologises.
CONNOR: I don't want to tell you who you can and can't see.
MICHELLE: No, it's easier to let Dad do that.
Connor says he'll give Tahnee a go and Michelle apologises too. Lyn reminds Michelle that she needs to get back to her study, leaving her and Connor to talk. Lyn's happy they've made up and tells him that there's more to Tahnee than meets the eye.
CONNOR: Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
Lyn's actually talking about Tahnee's singing and how she's really good. Star of the choir, just don't tell anyone.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Showing that there can only be one topic of conversation, Karl and Drew are having yet another discussion about Susan's memory flash. Karl's taking it as a positive sign, a turning point.
KARL: She has to get used to the idea that she's Susan Kennedy not Susan Smith.
Yeah, give it a few years she'll be Smith again, then she'll be Kinski... Following on advice from last night, Susan's invited Darcy for lunch and Drew wonders that if familiarity is key then maybe they should try and get her to move back home. Karl lives in hope.
Coffee Shop
Michelle and Connor walk in and see Tahnee at the counter. Michelle reminds Connor that he promised to be nice to her before they walk over. Immediately Connor bursts into song, singing a couple of lines from Hark The Herald Angel. He tells Michelle that he's thinking about joining the choir but she thinks the whole thing is so tragic.
Tahnee turns down the lunch request, leaving Connor and Michelle to themselves. Having witnessed the exchange, Nina asks Tahnee why she's so reluctant to tell people but she's not budging and walks out. Michelle invites Nina to join them.
Lou's place
Susan orders a coke, then remembering that she's over 18, changes it to a rum and coke. Darcy's pager goes off and he says that he won't be long, can she order for him? As he's leaving he runs into Sindi and enquires about her ankle. She's meeting Penny for lunch and then asks if there's an ATM about. Darcy immediately lends her some money and thanks her once again for her discretion.
When she goes to the bar she stands next to Susan.
SUSAN: He's quite the gentleman, isn't he?
SINDI: Yes he is.
SUSAN: Pretty good looking too, don't you think?
Susan keeps stressing Darcy's good points... which pretty much consists of the additional line, "He's a doctor too". Penny arrives, yet she didn't see Darcy on her way. Sindi says that he'll be back soon before Penny drags her off to discuss a clothing crisis. There's a dress she likes and Sindi wants to know what shoes she'll get to go with them. Trouble is the dress is pretty much all Penny can afford. And only if she sells everything else. So given they're just dreaming... Penny indicates a pair of shoes that have a price tag of $420.
I have never understood spending that much money on clothes. Seriously.
Turns out these shoes are exactly what Sindi has been looking for and wants to know where she can get them. Penny indicates the price tag and brings her sister back down to earth.
Tahnee confronts Connor about his impromptu singing lesson earlier and wants to know who he's been talking to. She doesn't want anyone to know and threatens Connor. If he keeps quiet then she won't tell anyone he can't read. He's not taking any of it - Michelle knows and she doesn't care - until she threatens to tell Joe and Lyn that their golden boy is an idiot. She tells him to meet her at the Coffee Shop after school to discuss it.
Nina opens her lunchbox and half a dozen snakes jump out. Her mum's idea of a joke. Not real snakes (because that wouldn't be funny) but those paper ones. Tahnee asks if she can join them as Michelle and Nina dig into the lunches that their mothers prepared. Yet only four scenes ago they were preparing to have lunch at the Coffee Shop... Tahnee steals the note that Lyn put into Michelle's lunch box:
Have a groovy day at school. Love M
She gets all sad, saying she can't remember the last time her mum made her lunch. Feeling bad, Michelle offers her half of Lyn's home made muffin, and Tahnee remarks that the more time they spend together, the more she realises she never had a real friend before.
Joe calls out to Michelle and Connor, wanting to talk to them. He then immediately defers to Lyn. She nervously says that they're going to use their raffle prize and stay the night at Lassiters. Joe then goes onto the whole trust speech and it's hard to work out who's the more embarrassed; the adults for talking about it or Michelle and Connor for having to listen to it.
As Lyn and Joe go to pack, Michelle's excited about having the place to themselves for the night.
Karl's brought Susan to have a wander through the hallways.
KARL: Anything seem familiar?
SUSAN: Yeah. Yeah, it reminds me of where I went to high school.
They walk into the classroom and Susan goes to the front, staring at the blackboard for a moment before taking some chalk from the desk draw and going to write on the board. Before she can do so her mobile starts to ring. She answers it and suddenly goes all smiles and girly as she discovers it's Craig. Karl's not happy when she says that she's been thinking about him too. When she makes her excuses and goes outside Karl looks less than impressed.
Sindi runs into Darcy who is very suspicious as to why she's there. Sindi thanks him for paying for her lunch and then goes on to state how she can't believe how in love her sister is. Or how blind she is. She then hands Darcy the magazine she and Penny were looking at earlier, pointing at the shoes and stating that she's a size eight.
Consider yourself blackmailed, Darcy.
Drew's walking Susan back to the hotel, asking if more trips to the school might help. She wants to try before joking about "being home again". He says that she's always welcome to stay with him and Lib. She thanks him for his support.
SUSAN: Karl's expectations are so high, you really take the pressure off.
While she doesn't know him, she can tell that he's a good person and she's glad that Libby married him. At that moment she gets a flash of Drew at the hospital, holding Ben not long after he was born. Drew asks if she's OK and she smiles at him.
SUSAN: Yeah, another piece of the puzzle. A good piece.
Coffee Shop
Connor arrives and goes over to Tahnee, immediately announcing that he's not playing games anymore. He's going to tell Michelle everything. Tahnee ignores this, saying he's to meet her at 7 and to wear "something cool". But he doesn't care and he doesn't care what Michelle's reaction is. But she's too good for the likes of Tahnee and he's going to tell her that.
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4058
Susan Kennedy

Joe Scully, Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4058
Joe Scully, Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk

Ben Kirk, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4058
Ben Kirk, Joe Scully

Karl Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4058
Karl Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Drew Kirk, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4058
Drew Kirk, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Michelle Scully

Tahnee Coppin, Connor O
Tahnee Coppin, Connor O'Neill

Tahnee Coppin, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4058
Tahnee Coppin, Nina Tucker

Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4058
Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler

Sindi Watts, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4058
Sindi Watts, Darcy Tyler

Penny Watts, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4058
Penny Watts, Sindi Watts

Tahnee Coppin, Connor O
Tahnee Coppin, Connor O'Neill

Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4058
Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Darcy Tyler, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4058
Darcy Tyler, Sindi Watts

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4058
Susan Kennedy

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