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Neighbours Episode 4056 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4056
Australian airdate: 29/07/02
UK airdate: 24/09/02
UK Gold:05/07/06
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Saxon Garvey: Troy Lovett
Karen Buckley: Maya Walker
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Karen (Katie)
Karl and Susan watch TV together, betting a cup of coffee on a game show
Rosie finds out Summer's been skipping school
We open on a blue sky. I'm so busy trying to figure out where we are that I have to rewind to hear the dialogue. Turns out we're on...
Ramsay Street
...and Summer's complaining that they're up far too early. But Boyd's chosen to do more study with Lib so Rosie's dropping him off. Summer wonders on the weirdness of being suspended for skipping school before jumping over the seat into the front.
As Boyd walks up the driveway he waves to Saxon over at number 32. He greets Drew who is just leaving for work and who makes Summer's day by waving at her.
Because everyone's out in the street, Drew and Harold exchange their hellos before Harold notices Saxon walking off down the street. He calls out an offer of a lift but he walks on without looking back.
Number 22
Susan lets Boyd in and asks how he knows her. Seriously.
SUSAN: How do you know me?
Boyd explains that she was the Principal at his school and she sometimes took them for English.
SUSAN: So how was I?
Is it just me, or is this conversation really badly worded? Susan wants to know if she was a good teacher and he affirms that she was. Lib agrees with this and Susan leaves them to their lesson to finish making her cake.
Boyd comments that it's weird for him so it must be worse for Lib. She agrees before quickly changing the subject to To Kill A Mockingbird.
Drew's brought some food for Karl from Lib. I like this about the show. People do send over casserole dishes and meals for people. None of my neighbours have ever done that. Drew comments that Lib's trying to make up for Susan before accepting Karl's offer of a coffee. Strong. Black. Ben's teething.
KARL: Well, there's further evidence, if it was ever needed, that nature does indeed stuff up.
DREW: Careful, that's like saying God makes mistakes.
Karl remarks that God has been keeping a low profile of late. Karl's not been sleeping much either but he's trying to keep some hope - most amnesiacs do recover to some degree. He tells Drew that Craig rang to see how Susan was. Apparently Karl paid for the hotel room.
*marks the date on the calendar*
KARL: I just wish she felt comfortable here... Even in the spare room.
He just misses her. He tells Drew that the Department of Education want Susan assessed, I'm assuming for sick pay reasons. He's unsure, however, if Susan would ever agree to see a neuro-psychiatrist. Drew offers his advice; keep an open mind. Last night proved that he and Susan can get on. Karl jokes that the real Susan would have hated that show.
DREW: The real Susan's in there somewhere.
And this bugs me. The 'real' Susan? What is she now? A fake? Impostor? It's mentioned many times later that Susan's current thoughts and feelings are just as valid as her old ones, so she is the real Susan now. She's just a different one to the person she was a few months ago.
Number 22
Boyd's saying that he liked the book, but he found the attitudes weird. Like Atticus' sexism. Libby agrees with him and Susan wades in to the debate saying that the line about him being glad women can't sit on juries in Alabama is meant as a joke.
SUSAN: For heaven's sake, Elizabeth, it's all there in the text. He's grinning when he says it.
Susan asks Boyd for his opinion and he replies that she must be right, she's the one who's taught it. Lib confirms that Susan's the one who taught her and Susan quips that she couldn't have done a very good job if she's misreading the text.
Coffee Shop
Lou's on a guilt trip because of the food poisoning and is ready, willing, and as able as his back will allow to help Harold back on his feet. He's the poster boy for positivity and is ignoring Harold's attempts to dissuade him.
Lib's telling Karl that Susan called her Elizabeth and is taking it as a sign that she's getting her memory back. When she comments on Karl's apparent lack of enthusiasm he tells her that he wants to be excited but he can't stand having his hopes dashed over and over again. He believes that she'll get better eventually... well, he hopes so. When Lib says the arguing is a good sign, as is her making her chocolate almond cake, Karl wonders if he'll be offered a piece.
KARL: The old Susan was always on at me about my weight. I had to steal cake.
LIB: Well, let's hope you have to steal it again.
As class begins Boyd is trying to ignore the paper fight going on around his head. It would be a little easier if he stopped sitting on the desk. Karen Buckley tells the class to settle before taking Saxon out. We see from the classroom them talking but we can't hear anything. When he comes back in, collects his things, and leaves, ignoring Boyd as he does so, we know it must be serious. Except Boyd doesn't and gives him a serve for ignoring people.
Number 22
Susan's putting the finishing touches to her cake as Libby comes in. Susan doesn't remember baking, Lib says that she made all their birthday cakes as she sticks her finger in the cake bowl to get the leftover mixture. Susan taps her hand and Lib says that she always used to do that too.
My Dad used to give me and my brother the paddles from the electric whisk. After taking them out of course.
SUSAN: What else?
LIB: Pardon?
SUSAN: What else did I used to do?
Lib says that she was always called Elizabeth whenever Susan was cross with her. Susan wasn't aware that she'd called her Elizabeth and asks if Lib's analysing every word she says.
LIB: Just looking for straws to clutch to, Mum, that's all.
Susan can't get used to be called Mum, Lib says it's who she is. Karl comes in, the aroma of the cake having tempted him. Susan immediately offers him a piece which shatters Lib's hopes a little. Karl declines, saying he's watching his weight.
SUSAN: Probably a good idea at your age.
He says that she was the one who kept on at him, "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" was enough to put them both off.
SUSAN: Both?
KARL: Well you are only two years younger than me.
Susan looks down at the spoon of chocolate cake mix she's been picking at and suddenly stops. Lib announces that they can deprive themselves, she's digging in.
Coffee Shop
Harold is objecting to Lou's idea of cost cutting to save the business, and he's not too keen on the idea of laying off staff. And he's certainly not compromising quality. If quality is out, that leaves quantity. Smaller portions. Again, that's a no.
HAROLD: If you're referring to that nouvelle cuisine, no. It didn't work in the Eighties and it won't work now.
Lou comments that most people are on a diet so it could work but Harold's not having it. Rosie and Summer come in and she wants one of them to look after Summer because she's got visits at the hospital. Harold's doing his own rounds so that leaves Lou on babysitting duties.
We had kidnapping five episodes ago, babysitting here. Why don't words match up with their subjects?
Karl's telling Rosie that they've ruled out epilepsy and she's relieved. Blood tests were clear so they don't know why Summer keeps fainting. He tells Rosie not to let Summer exert herself, but with Little Miss Livewire that's easier said than done.
The two of them notice Saxon and wonder what he's doing here. Rosie suspects she might know and goes to talk to him.
Coffee Shop
Harold's telling Lou that the customers are complaining about the portion sizes. Lou thinks smaller plates are the answer. I get his argument about obesity being a problem and I do think that portion sizes has a part to play in it, but I'd prefer if they didn't make it a joke issue like this. Lou took salad off a plate before Harold served it up. Put more on, take the chips off. It's a step in the right direction.
*gets off soapbox*
Harold tells Lou not to make any more changes before he leaves. Summer comes over and asks if she can go get a present for Rosie. So she will love her. Lou's not fooled and points out Rosie does love her. As a compromise he offers to take her when Harold gets back. Summer notices Drew come in and says he'll take her.
Lassiters Complex
Chocolates or smellies? The debate is interrupted by Drew's mobile ringing. It's Lib, calling him to say that Ben's swallowed something. He tells Summer that he'll take her back to the Coffee Shop but she talks him around saying she'll go straight there and straight back.
Harold and Rosie talk about Saxon's mother, she says things are not looking good for her. She's no longer in remission for non-Hodgkin's and Saxon's about to be left all alone.
Outside, Harold goes over and sits with him while Rosie goes to see Isabella. Saxon rebuffs Harold's attempts to communicate with him and walks off, stating that he can look after himself.
Number 22
Lib's on the phone to Drew saying it was a false alarm. Apparently a button went missing and she panicked. Drew teases her about it and Lib replies that Ron told her about the time Drew ate a mosquito coil. I swallowed a magnet once.
Susan comes down in sports gear, doing some stretches in the living room. Lib asks where she's going and Susan says she's going for a run. Lib suggests going for a walk but Susan wants to do some real exercise; running has always been her thing, done a lot of cross country, even won prizes.
LIB: Yeah, but you're not a teenager anymore.
SUSAN: As everyone keeps reminding me.
She says she feels young and she wants to see what she can do. Just a few miles. When she leaves Lib quickly calls Karl and asks if he's got his jogging gear with him...
Coffee Shop
Lou is reassuring a customer that it is free range chicken.
LOU: We care deeply about the welfare of all our chickens. Until we eat them of course!
Drew comes in, wanting to check if Summer came back OK. The two of them realise that Summer's out on her own. Lou wants to get out and find her before Rosie finds out. Only at that moment she walks through the door.
Lassiters park
Karl runs along, spotting Susan stretching out her legs. She's obviously done something as she's limping slightly before sitting down on the grass to stretch out further. He jogs up to her and feigns surprise at seeing her. He jokes about her having too much cake but she says he spoilt it for her and she didn't even taste it.
SUSAN: All that talk about flab. Thought I'd better do something about it.
KARL: You haven't got any.
Susan comments that she feels so awkward and uncomfortable and Karl raises the suggestion of her speaking to someone. It goes down as well as his comments about the cake and Susan accuses him of interfering. He's trying to be a doctor, not her husband, and help her but she sees it as him telling her what to do.
KARL: I just want you to be happy. At peace with yourself.
SUSAN: I am happy. Maybe I don't want to be cured, did that ever occur to you?
KARL: No. No to be frank. You're living in a world that doesn't exist, you said that yourself.
He's right, and she knows he's right. But she's still not giving in.
KARL: I see no sign that it's making you happy.
Saxon watches from the door while the med team do their thing around someone in the hospital bed. A nurse shuts the door in his face which I think isn't very nice. He goes and sits back down as Harold arrives with something for him to eat. Saxon apologises for before. Harold accepts, saying that he understands the anger - he felt it when Madge died. He says that he felt like God had deserted him but He hadn't and helped Harold find the grace to accept what happened.
Saxon says there's no one else, and he doesn't want her to die. He knows she's sick and in pain but he doesn't want to be alone. Harold just gives him a hug.
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Rosie Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4056
Rosie Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4056
Boyd Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4056
Karl Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4056
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4056
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Boyd Hoyland, Saxon Garvey in Neighbours Episode 4056
Boyd Hoyland, Saxon Garvey

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4056
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4056
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Summer Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4056
Summer Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4056
Karl Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4056
Summer Hoyland, Drew Kirk

Summer Hoyland, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4056
Summer Hoyland, Drew Kirk

Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4056
Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4056
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Saxon Garvey in Neighbours Episode 4056
Harold Bishop, Saxon Garvey

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