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Neighbours Episode 4052 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4052
Australian airdate: 23/07/2002
UK airdate: 18/09/2002
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Craig Benson - Tim Hughes
Private Ray Milsome - Tom Meadmore
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Karen (Katie)
Susan thanking Craig and giving him a big hug, with a shocked Toadie and Lou
Karl getting upset at Susan for disappearing for two weeks, Drew warns Karl but it doesn't work - Susan tells Karl he can't make her stay
Number 26 - Night
Lyn and Joe are in the kitchen debating over Ben and if he actually said "Joe". Joe had forgotten how everyone comes around you when you have a baby, it's like a passport into another world. Stephie arrives, Lyn warning her that her dad has gone all mushy over Ben.
STEPH: You and babies? Give me a break.
He informs her that he raised her but Steph thinks she wasn't too much trouble. Joe tells her she was a terror - used to throw up on him all the time. Steph thinks that's a gesture of love. Hehe. Joe asks what she's up too; she's up to helping a friend with getting fire breaks before the warm weather settles in. And she needs some tools... Joe guesses she needs a shovel, chainsaw and the ute to carry it all in. That's why Steph loves him. Joe reckons this will give him a proper weekend with the tellie. Lyn asks Steph how Libby is. She's isn't good, she's not talking. Lyn hopes Steph isn't getting in the way but she isn't, she's actually quite useful over there. Steph goes to pack the ute while Lyn contemplates helping Libby. Joe doesn't want to get involved but Lyn thinks this is a good time to repay them for how much they helped with the Marc fiasco. Joe wants nothing to do with such helping.
Number 22
Lyn doesn't care what Joe thinks. Obviously because she's over offering her helping services to Libby. Lyn thinks even if she needs a shoulder to cry on that her and Joe are there. Libby tells her she's alright, just needs to keep things going. Lyn asks about Ben (Libby replying that he's fine_ and then babbles on about how Joe's besotted with him. Lyn offers to baby-sit for Libby tomorrow but Libby assures her it will be fine. Lyn keeps on, saying it would be great for them and Lib and Drew can have the whole day to themselves... Libby finally relents, saying it would be good.
Coffee Shop - Day
Craig's finishing up a phone call while Susan reads the newspaper. Craig tells her he really needs to get going, Susan saying it's great they're going home today. Erm Craig thinks she should stay there and try and sort things out with her family. Susan doesn't think they are family, they are people she doesn't know and feel uncomfortable with. Craig tells her to give it a try, he'll pay for her to stay at the hotel and if things don't work out she can come up in a week or so. She isn't happy with that, she doesn't think stay will help. They're strangers that make demands on her. Craig asks her what she's going to do even if she was to go with her. She can't pretend her family doesn't exist. Susan thinks that maybe Craig could talk to Karl and make him understand. He agrees to go talk to him now after a bit of Susan's pressuring. Susan tells him not to let Karl bully him. Also she asks for some money for a another coffee. He goes off to talk to Karl when Libby and Drew walk in. Susan waves to them which seems o upset Libby because she runs out of the Coffee Shop.
Outside Drew joins her but she wants to be alone for a minute. All she wants is for her mum to nag her again. Tell her she's not eating right and turn up at the house with some weak excuse for seeing Ben. Drew says to her at least Susan's alive and well which is a lot more than they knew yesterday. Lib doesn't think that's enough, she wants her to remember. She wants her mum back. Libby starts sobbing in Drew's arms.
Army Place Somewhere
Private Ray is ordering the others to cut back the grass. They all go off to do their duties when Steph arrives asking what she's going to be doing. Ray tells her she's going to have plenty to do here (points to the food) and says if she needs help to ask Shelley. Also there will be a hungry mob back there at lunch so she better get to it. Steph doesn't understand, he wants her to make sandwiches? She thinks there's been some kind of mistake she's not prepared to make sandwiches. Ray apologises, giving her a apron saying he'll be back in an hour.
Coffee Shop
Drew comes back inside and heads over to Susan, wanting to join her. He asks her about what she's up to, her answering that she's going back to the farm with Craig. Drew asks when he's going to talk to Karl and Libby, saying that they need her. Susan's sick of everyone needing her. She wants to know how they feel about her needs - to feel safe and comfortable and she doesn't feel that here. Drew thinks it's about time she faced up to reality, she needs to think about the family. They're worried sick about her and she comes back and rejects them. He asks if she can see what this is doing to Libby. She's so heartbroken over the lost relationship with her mum that she can hardly speak. Susan like a little kid pouts that she doesn't know how to fix it. Drew calms states that she should start thinking carefully about how she is affecting those who love her. They aren't monsters. Susan says he has no idea what it's like to wake up and not know her surroundings. She's tried to remember; she can't She just wants to be happy. The Susan Drew knows wouldn't give up, she would keep trying to remember and she would care about those who love her. She wouldn't just run away.
Number 28
Karl's giving Craig a dirty look while Craig is trying to explain that Susan make it very clear that if he doesn't take Susan to the farm with him she'll just take off. Now if Karl has any ideas Craig would be more than happy to hear them. Karl says that she doesn't listen to him, Craig seems to be the only person she listens to. Craig apologises, saying he would never take her away from him. Karl wants Craig to promise him that he'll keep trying to get Susan to come home. Of course he will! And if she remembers anything at all he'll contact Karl. Craig knows that Karl probably doesn't want to think about this, but what if she never remembers? What do they do then? Karl acknowledges he's right; he doesn't really want to think about that.
Number 26
Joe's singing insy winsy spider to baby Ben while Lyn watches on, saying if the boys at the site could see him now... Joe doesn't think they would be so tough if they had a little baby in their arms. Lyn goes to get Ben's bottle ready, taking some advice from Joe on not to make it too hot or they'll burn his little mouth. Lyn reminds him she has looked after kidlets for the past oh 25 years! If he can remember insy winsy spider than she can remember how to heat up a bottle. Joe starts singing insy again while Lyn watches from the doorway.
Army Place...
Steph's making the sandwiches like ordered. Ray drives up to see how She's going. Well she wants to talk to him about that but Ray interrupts saying if she needs more bread it's Shelley she needs to talk to. Steph tries again but he keeps on about the sandwiches. He leaves to order more people around while Stu watches Steph stutter.
She walks off back to her, so Stu follows her. He comes up behind her, surprising her. Both are surprised at seeing each other there, Stu saying he's never seen her in an apron before but it suits her. All she needs now is five kids... maybe you could father those kids Stuey </Stuph comment>. Steph complains to Stu about how she's here to make fire breaks not sandwiches. She's tried to talk to Ray but he won't listen. His view - woman = cooking. Stu offers to handle it. Steph thanks her hero (she actually used those words *wub*) and asks him to please do it soon because she can't handle anymore food preparation and won't be held responsible for her actions. Stu says "O-kay" and walks over to where Ray is ordering someone around. Steph gets back to her sandwiches.
Stu right off asks Ray if she can be reassigned because she really doesn't like making the sandwiches. I mean, really. She'd rather work on the fire breaks. Ray asks if she's up to it. Stu thinks she is, she is as strong as an ox. Ray doesn't see any problem with that as long as they can spare her and Stu can get clearance with the CFA, who are dealing with the civilians. Great, that's settled. But Stu isn't allowed to have a break, he and Steph can get going now. She's his responsibility. Yay!
Coffee Shop
Craig is back with Susan, saying he really needs to get going and is Susan really sure she does want to go with him? Actually she's decided to stay for now, she can't leave without saying goodbye to Karl and Libby. Craig says good on her. Susan tells him in a few days she can get the train up and he can meet her at the station. Yeah he can.. if she still wants to go up there. She does. He asks if she's going to spend the night in Ramsay Street which he gets a quick no to. She's going to stay at Lassiters Hotel. And he can call her tonight on that "portable phone". He tells her he thinks she's doing the right thing. These people could fill in a lot of gaps about her past. Susan says yeah but he's the only one she can remember, and she feels as though he's the only friend she's got.
Number 26
Joe's feeding Ben, and from the Ben's view that we see is quite scary! Lyn comments that she thinks her choo choo train is MUCH better. Joe goes down memory lane, reminiscing how they used to eat the baby food along with the kidlets. He thinks it wouldn't be so bad having a baby again. Lyn asks if he was meant to be meeting someone at the pub. He was going to meet some of the boys, but he thinks they could manage alright without him. He continues to feed baby Ben.
Ah Stuph. Steph jokes that Stu is hoeing like a girl (the digging the ground kind) and for him to put some muscle into it.
STU: Look I am okay? Hoe, hoe... I sound like Santa Claus!
Steph sighs. Aww I think she's realised she loves him. No she thinks he can't take orders. Stu says he's enjoying himself and takes orders fine, just doesn't like taking them from her because she's very bossy (all jokey, jokey... can you feel the love?). Ray walks up saying that they are doing a good job and asks Steph if she's done this sort of work before. Oh no she's a new recruit. Stu tells Ray they're making good progress, they should be up to a tree he points at in no time. Ray says to Stu not to try and buy cheap praise, when he's earnt it he'll know. Wha?
Number 22
Libby answers the door, it's her mum! She thought Susan was going back with Craig. Susan says he's got things to do and she doesn't want to bother him so she'll go up later. She's just wanted to drop in and say hi. Susan gets a vibe that she's come at a bad time but Libby assures her it's fine and invites her inside. Oh how nice Susan's brought over cake and some flowers for her. Susan hopes Lib like roses (she does). She asks where the baby is and Libby tells her that Lyn and Joe have him for the day. Susan's sits on the sofa and picks up a book Libby has been reading, asking about it. It's a book she gave to Libby before her accident. Susan asks if it's any good, Libby replying it is and she can have it back once she's read it. Susan says goodo there is nothing like a good read. She looks up to see Libby looking a bit sad and asks if she said something wrong. In fact she hasn't, she said something she used to say all the time.
Steph's having a drink while Stu keeps up his hoeing. He wants a break too so she offers him the water. She pushes him, not wanting him to drink all the water the "water hog". Aww now they have a fight over the water... Stu and Stephie walking over to the ute with all their cutesy banter then all of a sudden Steph falls back moving a rake in the back of the ute that in turn makes a barrel roll towards her. Super hero Stu grabs her (huggage!) and pulls to the side and they fall on the ground saving her from mister nasty barrel. Oh get a room!
Number 22
Susan and Libby are having coffee. After small talk on if the coffee is okay Susan cuts to the chase - why isn't Libby doing journalism anymore? Libby tells her it's a long story but she's getting interested in teaching. She tells Susan about how she's helping out bright young Boyd. She did a few teaching modules in her journalism course and it makes sense. Susan says just because something makes sense it doesn't mean you have to do it. Libby agrees but she enjoys working with him and he seems to be responding. Maybe she has a talent for teaching. But the main reason she wants to do it is because of Susan. Susan loved teaching and she's great at it. Susan tells her that she's always wanted to be a writer, she's writing all the time. Short stories, poetry, in her journal... Libby knows because she used to talk about it a lot. But when she started teaching she fell in love with it and then encouraged Lib to try it. Libby resisted at first but now she's beginning to think Susan is right. Susan can't believe she is/was a teacher, she used to give them hell. Libby suggests that maybe that's why she's so good at it, she knows their tricks.
Susan changes the topic to Libby and Drew, asking how long they have been together. She's surprised at it being three years, saying Libby must really love him. She tells her that Karl said he loves her. Libby says he does and Susan loved him. Susan knows Libby hates it but she can't believe it, she feels like she doesn't even know him. Libby says it's okay but Susan doesn't think it is, she knows that she's hurting all of them by saying she can't remember. Susan wants Libby to talk to her, tell her things like how Libby and Drew met. Libby tells her that will take ages, it doesn't matter though because Susan has time. Aww.
Steph's tending to a graze on Stu's arm. He's being a really crybaby about it, saying at least he saved her life from the evil mister barrel. Ray comes over to their table with sandwiches, calling Stu a hero. Wait until the future Ray! He offers them the sandwiches, Stu taking one and having a bite, commenting on how terrible they are. Ray says they're from Steph. She explains that she's better with power tools than with sandwiches. Ray offers that maybe one day he can show her how to make a sandwich. Okay role reversal. He's a chef by trade and he's thinking about heading their way. Steph's surprised that he would want to go to Erinsborough but Ray thinks it would be alright. He asks how Dee is, Steph gets the hint and replies that she's still single. Stu adds she has more taste than that. Ray thinks at least he isn't obsessed like Stu, when is he going to move on from Flick and have fun? Steph's a bit surprised by this. Anyway Ray's done, and thanks Steph for the sandwiches before leaving. Stephie tells Stu it will be alright, and asks if he wants a coffee. He does but only if she doesn't make it. Aww get over Flick please Stu!
Number 26
Libby's holding Ben while Drew and Susan do the dishes. Drew thanks Susan for coming around, it's made Libby very happy. Susan says she's had a really good time so Drew offers for her to stay the night if she wants. She tells him that she's already booked a room at the hotel. Libby's humming to Ben in the living room which hypnotizes Susan until Drew snaps her out of it. Susan apologises and takes a plate from him. Drew asks her is she's still planning to go up to Craig's farm, unfortunately she's too pre-occupied with sing the same tune that Libby is humming to notice. Drew looks over to Libby and points at Susan so she'll take notice of the fact Susan is singing. She looks happy. Awww!
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Joe Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4052
Joe Scully, Steph Scully

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4052
Susan Kennedy

Craig Benson in Neighbours Episode 4052
Craig Benson

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4052
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4052
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Ray Milsome, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4052
Ray Milsome, Steph Scully

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4052
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4052
Karl Kennedy

Joe Scully, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4052
Joe Scully, Ben Kirk

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4052
Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4052
Steph Scully, Stuart Parker

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4052
Joe Scully

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4052
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4052
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4052
Drew Kirk, Susan Kennedy

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