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Neighbours Episode 4051 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4051
Australian airdate: 22/07/02
UK airdate: 17/09/02
UK Gold: 30/06/06
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Craig Benson: Tim Hughes
Cecille Bliss: Molly McCaffrey
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Karen (Katie)
- Dee telling Libby that she feels like she's missed her chance with Toadie
- Karl getting a phonecall - Susan's home
Ramsay Street
Karl drives up to number 28, closely followed by Libby and Drew in her cute green bug. That's the bug car, not a real bug. Susan watches them arrive from the window. Back in the driveway, Libby asks Karl if Susan's OK but Drew's more concerned with the strange car parked outside. Now it's parked halfway between number 28 and number 26, so why does it have to be anything to do with Susan?
Libby states that if Susan's come back then she must have remembered, but Karl's not getting his hopes up. As he and Libby start up the path he decides that it would be better if she went in first.
Susan's picking up a mug as Libby walks in. She races over to her mum, giving her a hug which Susan returns almost out of politeness.
LIBBY: Feeling better?
SUSAN: If you mean, have I remembered anything, then no. No I haven't.
Well, there goes that theory then. Would have made for a really short plot too. Karl's come in and he's holding back. Poor man, needs a hug. He says that they were worried about her but she dismisses them, she was fine, they shouldn't have worried. Drew asks where she went.
SUSAN: I was... I was with Craig.
On cue, they turn around and there he is. Well. Isn't this fun?
Boyd's got the laundry basket. Why? I think Lou's thinking the same as he comes in and asks what he's doing. Ah, it's not laundry. It's the blanket from when he had the fox. He's getting rid of it 'cause Harold's allergic. To a blanket? Sheesh, must make winters fun. Lou tries to get Boyd to realise why he can't keep the fox but he's sulking because he really loved her.
It's a fox.
Now that they're over the shock, they're just relieved that Susan's back. Karl offers to cover the cost of him bringing her home. Take the money, Craig, that's a once in a lifetime deal! The men are just so grateful to have her home, thanking Craig for doing the right thing. Karl offers Craig dinner but Susan says that they have plans. That's her and Craig, which does not go down too well.
Lib, ever the journalist, asks when Susan turned up.
CRAIG: Few days ago.
KARL: How many days?
CRAIG: Week or so.
Realising that their saviour has been keeping her from them for a week changes things somewhat and they ask why he didn't call and tell them.
LIBBY: She's my mother!
KARL: She's my wife, I'd like to know exactly what's been going on.
SUSAN: Will you stop saying that I'm your wife? You know I don't remember you.
Karl really needs that hug now.
Number 30
Dee's sorting through some CDs.
DEE: His, his, mine, his... Abba? Must be Lance's.
Toadie asks if she wants a coffee before making comment on "The Chipmunk's Greatest Hits". Don't knock 'em, Dee. So what if it was weird that a single guy adopted three talking and singing creatures. They were a family and that's what mattered.
Toadie wonders why she's doing this - she doesn't want him taking any of her stuff when he moves out. The argument that's brewing is interrupted when there's a knock at the door. Toadie answers it, greeting Cecille who thankfully asks after her sister, reminding me that she's Dee's. She's escaping from mum and needs a place to hide. After Toadie offers her a coffee then says he'll go get the milk to put in said coffee, Cecille wonders why Dee said he's being a pain.
DEE: Not to you perhaps.
Dee says Toadie's moving out.
Libby can't understand why Craig didn't call, he must have realised what they would be going through. He points out that he was doing what he thought was right..
A side note, I just love how Jackie's playing this. I'm watching her thinking, 'Oh, I so did that when I was sixteen'. Makes me want to apologise to my parents. A lot.
Back to the show and Craig points out he was doing what he thought was right. For Susan, that is. He's got a reasoned answer for all their concerns; if she'd needed medical attention, she'd have got it. Missing an appointment with a neuro-psychiatrist can't be worse than her feeling scared and confused. Yes, she's got a family but she didn't want to see them and if he'd called she said she'd run.
As they continue to talk about her she's getting more and more wound up. She announces that she doesn't want to be here, she needs time to think and that she can't do that around Karl.
Boyd still has the fox and is feeding her. I'm bored already. And I'm also a little worried for that fox cub who is not standing still and moving back and forth in that cage. She wants out. Not impressed by that.
When a golf ball rolls past, Boyd's got enough warning to jump up and pull the door of the shed closed. Lou appears and asks after his golf ball. He hands it over and after saying that his back is preventing a return to the golf course offers Boyd a go. He refuses, saying he came for some peace and quiet because... oh good grief. He's talking about this fox like it was family. I know pets can become part of the family but... seriously?
Susan's gushing about Craig like she's just come back from a date. Which I'm sure Libby is just loving. But Susan's made the connection, she likes that there's something they both remember and Craig just let her be.
SUSAN: Unlike when I'm here and everyone's always at me and at me and at me to try and remember something, and when I can't I just feel guilty.
Karl's reappeared from the bedroom to hear the end of that sentence and from the looks of things he feels just as bad as Libby does. She apologises if they've made her feel uncomfortable or pressured. Susan understands why they're doing it, now she wants them to understand her point of view. She hates feeling pressured into being someone that she doesn't feel comfortable being.
Back to the 'date' and she talks about them going to the footie because she used to go and watch Craig play.
SUSAN: I remember that.
KARL: Yet in 27 years of marriage, you never even mentioned his name. Not once.
Karl's heartbroken that this stranger is now the most important person in Susan's life and tries to appeal to her to understand how this is making them feel.
SUSAN: I can't help that this has happened to me, I can't help it.
KARL: Well why don't you try? Why don't you try and help it? Just think about someone other than yourself for five minutes.
Having ignored both Drew and Lib's attempts to quieten him, Karl's managed to upset Susan and she walks out.
SUSAN: You want me to deal with this in your way.
Craig intervenes, saying that they'll head off somewhere, calm down, he'll be in touch.
Yeah. 'cause you're so good at that. Libby wants to go after her but Karl says that Susan was right, they can't make her stay. Drew has faith in Craig and says that it seems like he's just trying to help.
Coffee Shop
DEE: I know you think you're the only person on earth who thinks that their mother doesn't understand them, but it's not true.
Yeah. Lib's mother really doesn't understand her at the moment...
Cecille's ranting about her mother not understanding... something about boyfriends. Yeah. Really need to apologise to my parents. Dee says that it's just the way their mother is - why do you think she moved out as soon as she could? If Cecille could move out, she would. Mum wrecks everything.
Mum? Dad? Really sorry.
Boyd walks in and Cecille immediately asks after him. Dee picks up on the fact that she's staring and jokes about the boyfriend that she was hung up on two minutes again.
The pub
Susan's talking about packing up a few things and they can be back at Craig's in a few hours. He doesn't look too thrilled at the idea of having his teenage girlfriend move in if you ask me. He's the voice of reason though, saying that she needs to stay and fix things here. But how can she fix something she doesn't remember?
CRAIG: Yeah, well they remember.
SUSAN: That's their problem.
Ouch. She makes reference to the way Karl reacted and wonders if their history was any good. She dismissed Craig's suggestion that Karl was just upset.
SUSAN: I can't believe I was married to him.
Are married, Suse.
She knows he's trying to help but she doesn't want to go back. So Craig asks about Libby and that seems to strike a nerve.
CRAIG: Don't you feel anything for her?
SUSAN: (after a pause) She was kind to me.
CRAIG: Then for her sake, try and talk to them.
Drew's on the phone telling the cops that Susan's back and Libby wants to report Craig for kidnapping.
Random: why is it still kidnapping when it's an adult?
Karl's apparently holed himself up in the bedroom, Libby reckons he just needs time alone. She's gutted that she no longer knows her mother and realises Karl's feeling the same way. When Karl emerges she tries to get him to stand up to Craig and not let him walk all over them. Karl points out that he's not; Susan went to him of her own free will. Libby is adamant that he's taking advantage of her.
KARL: No, she feels safe with him. You must have seen the way she looked at him. I remember that look, 'cause that's the way she used to look at me.
Seriously. Needs a hug.
Coffee Shop
Cecille's still staring at Boyd and still protesting that she's heartbroken over the boyfriend. Dee says she's going to head off and make sure Toadie's not packing her things. After promising to help pack and saying she doesn't mind sleeping on the couch, Cecille gets Dee to consent to her staying the night.
When Cecille doesn't make the same moves to go as Dee, she's teased about staying for Boyd. When Dee's gone, Cecille moves over to Boyd's table and conspiratorially whispers that if he carries on reading about foxes in public then they're going to catch on to the fact he's still got her.
The pub
Toadie and Craig are waiting on service, and Toadie's surprised when it's Lou who appears. He asks where the staff are and Lou says they've all gone in preparation for the hand over in a few weeks.
LOU: Cheer up, Toadie, it can't be that bad.
TOADIE: Yes it can, change the topic, how's retirement?
Lou serves Craig and he asks if there's anywhere decent to stay in the area. Toadie recommends the only hotel in the village and in response to Lou's question on how long he's staying, Craig says it depends.
Susan walks in as Craig heads for a table and his suggestion that they book a couple of rooms at Lassiters goes down as well as Karl's earlier suggestion that Susan consider what the family is going through. He says that he wants her to sleep on it, if she still feels the same in the morning then they'll go. She smiles, says she will, and hugs him.
SUSAN: I don't know what I'd do without you.
In the background, Toadie does not look happy. Lou's just as confused.
Number 30
Cecille and Boyd, now bonded over foxes, bundle through the door talking loudly about fox's hunting habits. Yes, because that won't give it away either. Cecille's talking about how she came to find the cub... and walks into the lounge to find Dee and the packing boxes, listening to every word. Well, Dee was listening. I don't think the boxes were. Dee seems more interested in the fact that Cecille's brought him back and makes a quip about being a fast worker.
Cecille tried to keep the fox herself but then her mum found out so she left her at the animal blessing. And she's chuffed Boyd saved her.
Toadie walks in, ready to announce what he saw. I'm hoping he means the Craig/Susan hug otherwise this is bad storytelling. We don't get to find out as he sees that Dee has been packing up his things for him. Cecille and Boyd sneak out as Dee and Toadie fight over his moving out.
The pub
Points for persistence, Craig's trying to get Susan to tell Karl what her plans are. She sulks that she doesn't want to and Craig firmly tells her that sometimes they have to do things they don't want to do. But Karl's in the past and that past has gone. She says that Craig's the one she remembers and she puts her hand on his.
Susan and Craig walk up to the door.
SUSAN: Do we have to do this?
CRAIG: Yes we do.
SUSAN: Well then you go and talk to him and I'll wait right here.
Jackie rocks playing teenage Susan. She threatens to run away if Craig doesn't do what she wants. Wow. Rachel threatened pretty much the same thing in episode 5014. That episode number is just a re-arrangement of the numbers for this episode. Co-incidence? Probably. They've been arguing so much that Karl hears them and opens the door. Susan can't bring herself to look at him even when he greets her. Craig asks for a word and so Karl invites him in. He asks Susan if she's coming in but she says she'll wait.
Inside, Craig apologises and says he tried to get Susan to talk to Karl but she wouldn't listen. He did want to come and tell Karl what their plans were.
KARL: Your plans?
He's already heard that they're staying at Lassiters, and Craig's reassurance of separate rooms doesn't help matters much. Karl asks about tomorrow and isn't too sure if Craig really is trying to get Susan to stay.
CRAIG: You know what she's like.
KARL: Well I'm afraid I don't anymore. It seems you know my wife better than I do.
Craig points out that it's his view that Susan should stay but she's insistent on going with him. Karl finds this very hard to accept.
CRAIG: What am I meant to do? Reject her? She's in trouble. For some reason she feels safe around me, whether you like it or not. I feel a responsibility towards her.
Karl states that Susan is the family's responsibility, not Craig's. The counter argument is that if he rejects her then she'll run again and this time none of them will know where she is.
KARL: She is my wife. You're asking me to trust her with someone I don't even know.
Craig promises that he's not out to ruin the Kennedy marriage and that he'll look after her. Karl's request that Craig ring tonight and tomorrow from the hotel seems a little stalkerish to me and I have to remember that he's terrified of losing his wife, potentially to another man, and it's not nice for him.
Craig says that he was already planning to bring her over in the morning, give her one last chance to change her mind. The two men reach an understanding and Karl walks over to the front door. He opens it and looks at Susan for a moment before she turns away from him. He tells Craig that he'd best go and it looks like he's being thrown out of the house. Charming.
Karl closes the door on his wife and her ex-boyfriend and I'm not kidding. He needs a hug.
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Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4051
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4051
Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Craig Benson in Neighbours Episode 4051
Craig Benson

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk, Craig Benson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4051
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk, Craig Benson, Susan Kennedy

Dee Bliss, Bob, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4051
Dee Bliss, Bob, Toadie Rebecchi

Craig Benson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4051
Craig Benson, Susan Kennedy

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4051
Boyd Hoyland

Libby Kennedy, Craig Benson, Drew Kirk, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4051
Libby Kennedy, Craig Benson, Drew Kirk, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4051
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4051
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Dee Bliss, Boyd Hoyland, Cecille Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4051
Dee Bliss, Boyd Hoyland, Cecille Bliss

Dee Bliss, Boyd Hoyland, Cecille Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4051
Dee Bliss, Boyd Hoyland, Cecille Bliss

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4051
Toadie Rebecchi

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4051
Dee Bliss

Craig Benson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4051
Craig Benson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

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