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Neighbours Episode 4035 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4035
Australian airdate: 28/06/02
UK airdate: 23/08/02
Writer: Bert Deling
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Penny Watts: Andrea McEwan
Mick Crowe: Tom Sharp
Summary/Images by: Emily (phoeberuled)/Karen (Katie)
Darcy splits up with Penny. Rosie asks Lou if he used the church money for himself.
Lou's Office
Lou asks how Rosie could even think that of him, and shows her the receipt for the deposit of the charity donation, and the tin with the day's money in it. He says that everything is in order. She apologises profusely and tries to explain that she overheard Drew and Toadie talking, and that they were concerned. He says it's not her fault it's the other two gossiping. She asks if he would tell her if he was in any trouble, and he says yes, absolutely, Scouts honour (doing the wrong salute - ed.) Rosie asks if he was ever a Scout, he says no, but he was a cub. They laugh
Coffee Shop
Steph, Harold and Penny joke about Penny improving at work, and being one of Harold's 'little projects'. Darcy walks in, and asks for a word with Penny. She says they are busy and Harold tries to back her up, Darcy points out that the place is nearly empty, but orders a coffee and takes a seat. Darcy comments under his breath to Steph about Penny needing a bodyguard, Steph tells him chicks stick together
Number 22
Steph is teaching Ben from the celebrity gossip columns, today's lesson is 'we don't like Gwyneth Paltrow'. Drew shouts from the kitchen that the termites are back, after the chaos of the pest control guy last time, he doesn't believe it. Lou walks in and Drew tries to talk to him, but Lou interrupts saying that they will have to stall some garage payments by about a month because of a cash flow problem. He also tells Drew not to discuss this with Toadie or anyone else, as business matters are private matters. He also asks Steph not to mention it, she agrees she heard nothing. Drew is a bit worried that some payments are due already, but Lou reassures him that they're mates. Drew then tells Lou about the termites, Lou immediately gets on the phone to his mate Mick.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy sees Penny crying at the counter (because she's clearly chopping onions, but he is too self absorbed to notice), and tells her that it's OK they can still be friends. She replies that she doesn't want to be his friend. He tells her it was just a question of timing, and not that he didn't want to be with her. She tells him there was one small glitch and he bailed, he counters that it wasn't a small glitch, but his career on the line. She tells him hat him hanging around is putting her career on the line, so he should leave. He goes to leave, and she calls him back to point out that the tears were for the onions, just when it was becoming clear that they were not just for that reason.
Number 22
Mick and Lou argue over the price for re-doing the house, given that the termites should have gone in the first place. Lou says quarter, Mick says half, Drew chips in the other quarter in order to get the job done. Lou thinks that that is fair, as they share responsibility for maintenance. Drew tries to use this as a way into getting Lou to talk about his financial problems, but Lou cuts him short. Summer is sat on the Garage floor, and asks Drew to borrow Audrey for a makeover, Drew agrees if Summer can get the dog to sit still for long enough.
The Coffee Shop
Rosie is having a coffee an Harold joins her for a ten minute break, she is trying to work out how to get enough volunteers for the blessing service so that she can clean up afterwards and not lose her bond - having already spent the money on food. They discuss getting new members into the church, Harold volunteers for the service, Rosie is concerned about his dog allergy, but he says that doesn't matter to help Rosie. He tells her how wonderful she is, but she says that last year someone brought an Irish wolfhound as big as a horse, which she has a phobia of. The dog jumped up to lick her, she fainted, everyone thought the dog had attacked her and turned a hose on it, there was a lot of shouting and a fight broke out. She lost her bond on that one. Boyd comes up behind Rosie, (he's been listening in), and comments that it's the smell, dogs smell fear, so she just has to get rid of her fear smell and she'll be fine.
Lou's pub
Toadie sees Darcy playing with a letter for Karl, and accuses him of doing something wrong, but Darcy tells him he's looking after the surgery. Toadie asks him why the problem with that letter then, and Darcy tells him that it is his whole life. Toadie asks what doctor evil has done now, Darcy explains that he was going out with Penny against the rules, and asks whether just because he's a doctor he has to be a monk? He tells Toadie he gave up Penny for what's laughingly called his brilliant career and Karl reported him anyway. Toadie point out the bright side is that if he loses the job he gets the girl. Darcy says he thinks he did the right thing, but that it hurts. Dee joins Toadie and asks what they are talking about, they cover up and say they were talking about heart massage, Dee turns to Darcy, grins, and tells him he'd need a heart to do that. She then adds that funnily enough she thinks he's finally found his - why else would he give up his entire career?
Number 30
Dee and Toadie arrive home, and Dee asks what they were really talking about, was Darcy trying to win Toadie's support for his ridiculous affair with Penny? Toadie tells her they broke up, Dee begins to ask why, but Harold comes in the door, claiming they didn't hear him call. Dee says sorry, they were discussing their favourite soap opera! Harold is trying to recruit volunteers for the animal blessing service. He tries to get Toadie to bring Bob along, but Toadie say that Bob is a killer around other dogs, Dee sees that Harold is upset, and tells him they'll both be there, Harold asks them to turn up early to help with the arrangements, and leaves. Toadie tells Dee that Harold is allergic to animals, Dee says, yes, but not lady vicars.
Number 22
Rosie is collecting cleaning supplies from Drew and Steph, when they realise what a big thing it is, they volunteer to help too. Audrey runs through the house followed by Summer, trying to catch her to finish the makeover. Steph hands her the bag of treat bites, in order to bribe the dog to sit still. Rosie pricks up her ears and asks to borrow a few. Drew comments that with blessings and treats she's going to spoil the dogs!
Erinsborough Hospital
Dee sees Penny rushing through the hospital and stops her to say hi. Penny explains that she's visiting her sister, and seems to have broken the curse of her clumsiness, Dee adds that she hears Penny has broken the curse of a certain young doctor too. Penny acts innocent, so Dee spells it out, she says she did try to warn her, and Tess' experience should have spoken volumes. Penny comments that we have to learn these lessons for ourselves. Dee tells her not to take it personally anyway, but Penny says she thinks this was different, he had to choose her or his career, she thinks he did the right thing, she just has to work things out. She leaves Dee to look a little less sure that Darcy is evil incarnate.
Ramsay Street
Mike is getting his stuff out of the car, as Summer runs past still chasing Audrey, followed by Boyd.
Erinsborough Hospital
Dee stops Darcy in the corridor to ask how Susan is, He tells her she's struggling to come to terms with her reality being different from everyone else's. He talks about how med school teaches you to be a robot - symptoms in, pills out, but it doesn't work in real life, sometimes you are involved, feelings are human, and doctors are human too. Dee comments that it's obvious when you overstep the mark - like him and Penny. She accuses him of picking Penny up and dumping her, he says it wasn't like that. She says he ignored the warnings until it was too late, his career was in danger and she would get hurt. He says he thought she was beyond all this, and she retorts that she thought the last few months had taught him something. He tells her that he made a mistake that threatened his whole career, but he has too much respect for Penny to put her through that. He's really trying to do the right thing. Dee leaves him saying "still, it's all going to end in tears"
Community Hall
Chairs are being set up for the blessing service. Rosie is repeating a mantra "they're all God's creatures", Harold, across the room has his own mantra "I can breathe". Lou volunteers to do the collection, Toadie offers himself and Bob to lead the singing, but Harold hand them all some newspaper - they are on poop-scoop duty. Steph tells Lou he's sill on collections really. Lou helps Rosie into her robes, and they both smell something funny, Lou says it smells like bacon, maybe someone brought a pig along?
Ramsay Street
Summer and Boyd are still chasing Audrey, Boyd points out that they'll be missing the whole service if they don't hurry up, but Summer doesn't think there's any point going without the dog. Boyd wants to make sure Rosie's fine with the dogs, Summer tells him Rosie's fine she's got dog treats. Boyd tells Summer that he's gone one better than the dog treats and has smeared her robe with bacon so they smell that, not the fear. Summer tells him he's an idiot - they'll think she's a pig and try to eat her, Nana will be really cross. She than says if he helps her find Audrey she won't tell Rosie what he did. They both continue to look for the dog.
Community Hall
The service is starting, there's a sheep (Cassie?), a rabbit a goat, a goldfish and a horse. Drew has Dahl on his shoulder. Rosie thanks everyone for coming, given last year's incident. She thanks everyone for decorating the hall, and points out that even though they're not in church, God hears their prayers for the pets. She goes on to say how good pets are, and how we take them for granted. The dogs are all wanting a piece of her (robe) by now, and Harold has started to sneeze. They launch into 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'
Ramsay Street
Mick is taking a container of chemical from his van, it tips, spilling into the street, Audrey is seen running towards it to drink it, to Summer's cries of "Audrey, No!". As Mick runs up to Summer she tells him to phone someone, Audrey has just drunk poison and is sure to die. He tells her it's water. She points out it's green. He then dips his finger into the liquid, licks it and admits it's actually cordial. Summer tells him he's supposed to be killing termites, Boyd tells her they need to go, and that Mick needs to clear up the liquid. Summer tells him that Mick will do, and tells Mick she'll be back later so that they can carry on their chat.
The Community Hall
Rosie is in the middle of blessing Dahl, and all of the dogs are going frantic for the bacon scented robes, Steph and Dee are trying to hold on to Harvey and Bob, but eventually it's too much Rosie is surrounded by dogs, she asks Harold to get the treats, as Summer and Boyd walk in at the Back - Rosie calls to them to get the collection plates, and Summer turns to her brother and says "great idea Boyd".
Lou's pub
Penny walks to the bar and orders an OJ.
The Community Hall
Rosie, Harold, Summer and Boyd are clearing up, Rosie is confused that she only had three handfuls of dog treats, but every dog in the place went berserk, Boyd says he told her they have sensitive noses. Despite that Rosie is pleased with how it went. Harold says that people heard about last year and turned up for the show, despite not having pets, they all donated, and would tell their friends about next year. As Boyd crosses the room he notices that someone has left a fox behind, he is quite pleased, but Harold points out that people shouldn't keep foxes as pets, and Rosie adds that they certainly shouldn't leave pets behind.
Lou's Pub
Darcy approaches Penny, saying he knew he'd find her there, that he wants to make this thing work, he promises... at that Penny turns away. He says maybe this will change her mind, and a violinist walks in from the back room and plays to her. Darcy and Penny look into each other's eyes and smile.
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Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4035
Lou Carpenter

Darcy Tyler, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4035
Darcy Tyler, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4035
Steph Scully, Ben Kirk

Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4035
Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk

Penny Watts, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4035
Penny Watts, Darcy Tyler

Drew Kirk, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4035
Drew Kirk, Summer Hoyland

Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4035
Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4035
Boyd Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4035
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Penny Watts, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4035
Penny Watts, Dee Bliss

Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4035
Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4035
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4035
Rosie Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Audrey, Mick Crowe in Neighbours Episode 4035
Summer Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Audrey, Mick Crowe

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4035
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

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