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Neighbours Episode 4028 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4028
Australian airdate: 19/06/02
UK airdate: 14/08/02
UK Gold 15/06/06
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Penny Watts: Andrea McEwan
Dr Martin Angelo: Bill Scetrine
Summary/Images by: James/Karen (Katie)
- Darcy asks what the symptoms are, Penny says she keeps getting hot flushes and she feels breathless.
- Dee offers Stuart a cup of tea, a massage or something to say that might hurt her feelings, he says he loves Felicity.
No 22
Libby has just got Ben to sleep, and asks how long Steph was out for, he said she did not say but doesn't want dinner. Libby is worried about her, but Drew thinks she is doing ok and it is good she is doing up Tads old bike to sell. Libby says it is her birthday tomorrow and she got a gift from the both of them, so did Drew! They were comparing driving licence photos so he got her a motorcycle part, Libby says so sweet and so feminine to. Drew asks if anyone else has remembered, she says apart from her family she doesn't know and wants to organize a little party. She is impressed he remembered.
Steph arrives and asks what is funny, Drew says something on telly Steph says it is not on. Libby explains it was something they saw last night and asks how her jog was. Steph says it was good but made her realise how unfit she was and leaves for a shower. Drew says have fun which Libby jokes at.
No 30
Dee has some comfort food for Stuart and chases Bob off the coach, she tells him to snap out of it, and he is wallowing in it he has dug himself a big hole and crawled into it. He says so shoot me and he knows he is acting like a moron but be cannot help it. She says Flick is with Marc and that is the reality and he needs to move on but he can't.
No 28
Karl asks Darcy about Dr Angelo at the hospital, Darcy says Martin the grim the man with no smile. Karl says he is a great head of emergency medicine, which Darcy agrees with. Karl says he has a part time position in the hospital to train interns in community medicine, Darcy says it sounds like a good idea. Karl agrees to setup a meeting for Darcy after morning surgery but Darcy is suspicious and wants to know what the catch is, Karl just thinks he deserves it.
No 22
Libby is feeding Ben, Drew is off but says he will be home for lunch. As he goes he eats some of Bens food as he says it is so Yummy, so Libby tickles him.
Steph arrives and says that Libby and Drew are always laughing before talking to Ben saying he is wearing his breakfast, she jokes where her breakfast is and says she would like pancakes but Libby offers Raisin toast with honey. Drew offers her some baby food which she sensibly declines.
Steph says a little fuss is ok for her birthday just no big parties, Libby arrives with presents which pleases Steph she likes headlights and some perfume from Libby.
Coffee Shop
Penny greets Darcy and says she could pop over to the surgery if he is free, but he has a meeting to Karl and offers to make it up for her, but she has things to do so they agree to meet tonight.
Libby says good morning to Darcy which he agrees with.
No 30
Toadie is hovering but Stuart wants to relax and read the paper, which leads to them both arguing and Toadie sucking up Stuarts food.
Flick is at the door to see Stuart, so Toadie and Dee agree to leave them alone.
Flick asks how he is, she says that Marc decided to drop the charges, he says the cops called and that is that can she go.
Dee and Toadie returns saying that he made the right decision not to make up, but he is not so sure.
Coffee Shop
Libby asks how Penny is getting on, she says Penny is getting on well with Darcy, Penny says he is friendly and she is sorry she cannot chat as she has to see her sister in hospital with her appendix so they agree to another time.
The Pub
Steph says they had a family lunch but "the air of she who could not be named" hung over, Lou asks what the occasion was. She says her birthday, Lou says this calls for champagne and happy birthday. Lou says she will be alright and pours her a glass, she wanted to find some bar fight mates to play pool but toasts to new beginnings with Lou.
Dr Angelo says his only concern is Darcys inexperience, Karl says he doesn't have a lot of experience but could be an advantage as the fresh face of general practise and the interns would relate a lot easier and he is very talented. Which Darcy cannot argue with so Martin asks if Darcy finds himself experienced enough? Darcy does and prides himself that he can relate to patients well, he thinks it is a sacred trust.
Penny arrives which puts startles him, wonder if it had to with the last question, so he has to introduce her she is looking for someone and asks what 3 doctors are called, Dr Martin Angelo thinks it is a symposium, which is a posh way of saying gathering from ancient Greek.
The Pub
Libby and Drew ask where Steph is, Lou says in the toilet and she has no idea what is happening. Drew says Toadie, Dee and Stuart should be coming and what she likes.
Steph arrives and says she is off for Libby and Drew convince her to stay for a drink, Toadie comes and hugely overacts the fact he is shocked at not knowing it is Stephs birthday and says it is lucky he dropped in.
Drew says anymore and they will have themselves a party.
Darcy says it went well, Karl asks why he hesitated, Darcy says he miss heard. Karl asks if he can get home ok before going to see a patient.
Penny arrives and Darcy asks if she is stalking her before taking her off to another room.
The pub
More overacting as Dee poorly acts shocked at hearing it is Stephs birthday, Stuart says it is lucky they were passing. Steph says she knows they are poor liars but great mates and bets she knows who set it up, Libby Kennedy Kirk. Libby admits it was her.
Lou arrives with a cake which Libby says to blow out the candles, Flicks head appears round the door as Steph says she thinks they are awesome and they helped her to cope, when members of your own family become enemies then your friends are everything. Flick leaves as Lou says to blow the candles out before the fire alarms go off and to make a wish.
Out side
Toadie is chasing Flick, he says he doesn't hate her he is just angry and disappointed she says he is missing the party. He says sometimes is takes a big gesture and she should take a chance. She wants her friends back but doesn't think it possible, Toadie invites her back but she declines so Toadie goes back with the present.
Darcy is angry Penny is there, she is angry he was there for an interview. He is stressed about the job and having an unethical affair with a former patient in front of the man that was about to hire him. They kiss as Karl looks though the door.
No 22
Steph says the next persons birthday she will get her payback, but it was a great afternoon. She says Stuart was quiet all afternoon, Toadie replies he has a few things on his mind and asks Steph how things are going and want to know the truth. She says she is ok and the change of environment is good so he produces a gift from Flick which Steph rejects.
Flick arrives with Tads goodbye note, she is sad as she is losing a friend. Marc says friends come and go but he will always be there.
No 22
Libby, Drew and Ben return, Libby goes to bath Ben. Drew says she got another present, she says from Flick and is tempted to chuck it and nothing she can do will make up for what she has done unless it is Marc Lambert chopped up. Drew says it is not big enough and she should open it, which she does and it is her favourite doll from when she was a kid and it is a bribe from Flick which will not work on her.
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Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4028
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss, Bob in Neighbours Episode 4028
Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss, Bob

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4028
Darcy Tyler

Steph Scully, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4028
Steph Scully, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4028
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4028
Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Stuart Parker, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4028
Stuart Parker, Felicity Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4028
Steph Scully

Dr Martin Angelo, Karl Kennedy, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4028
Dr Martin Angelo, Karl Kennedy, Darcy Tyler

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4028
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk, Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4028
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk, Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4028
Steph Scully, Felicity Scully

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Lou Carpenter, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4028
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Lou Carpenter, Dee Bliss

Toadie Rebecchi, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4028
Toadie Rebecchi, Felicity Scully

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