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Neighbours Episode 4018 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4018
Australian airdate: 05/06/02
UK airdate: 23/07/02
UK Gold: 08/06/06
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Boyd Hoyland: Kyal Marsh
Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Penny Watts: Andrea McEwan
Adam Stevens: Nicholas Colla
Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
Summary/Images by: Alex/Karen (Katie)
Steph yelling that there is nothing to sort out, and that she will never move back in as long as Flick is still there. She thrusts her engagement ring into Flick's hand and tells her to wear it every day to remind her of the sister she lost because of it. She turns and storms out leaving a tearful Flick.
Drew is wishing Libby luck with the presentation. She is nervous though, thinking about how she used to treat teachers when at school. Susan scoffs; of course Libby was the perfect student! I love how parents always seem to think that about their own offspring. Oh, the naivety. Drew, playing the supportive other half bit, starts telling the story about his driving test. He was fine, until he got in the driving seat and then he was so nervous...how is this helping exactly? Libby tells him to go to work. Steph dashes in and removes a load of boxes from the table and apologises about them. She tells them all she will see them all later and dashes out again. While I am still trying to work out the point of this appearance by Steph in this scene, Susan helps me straight to the answer by asking Libby how Steph is doing. Ah, Plot Device #3729, to get characters talking about another neighbour apparently naturally. Ha. Anyway, Libby says she is worried about her but maybe she shouldn't be. She just doesn't know. But right now, could Susan look over her presentation one more time? Susan just sighs, and tells her it will be perfect. Libby wants to know how many brats there are in the class, but Susan assures her there are none, and in Rosie's grandson, Boyd, she has a little star, as he is on the accelerated learning program. Hmm, they are really bigging him right up. I smell a fall somewhere. Apparently it is only on a trial basis though. Libby wants to go in early and practice in the classroom (has she never heard the phrase overkill?) but Susan wants her to repeat that she will be fine. And they then say that over and over in silly voices.
Dee raps on Toadie's door impatiently and he emerges. She complains he is dressed in too tight clothes for the bandaging and if Denise sees him like that, she will make him do it in his underwear. Ooh. Toadie seems quite pleased by this thought and asks if she is cute. Dee does not appreciate that comment much and does her "I am not amused" face. He groans and agrees to go and get changed. Dee wants him to give Denise a hard time to get her back for the tricks she played last week.
TOADIE: I promise to use all my god-given talents.
DEE: Terrifying.
Coffee Shop
Darcy arrives and tries to order a coffee off Penny, but she does that little, oh yeah, if your asking me... thing and they end up ordering two and attempt sitting down together, after a little clumsy bump into each other moment. Then Darcy's phone rings and he moves off to answer it. It doesn't sound like a particularly exciting conversation from his end, just a lot of yeahs mainly, but he seems pretty happy about it and does finish saying he will see them then. He has been roped into helping out with the first aid course at the hospital all day, but perhaps they can "bump into each other" later. Ha, I see what he did there. Unless she wants to come? Penny is surprisingly enthusiastic saying she is so clumsy she should have done it years ago! Yay!
Erinsborough High
Boyd asks a group of, well quite honestly they look like a load of horrible scary local youthage, if they saw the season finale of some TV show last night. Apparently it is chick's TV. Boyd has part of the episode downloaded, ooh get him, but this descends into a discussion about how sucky Eden Hills is. But Boyd is from there, so he is a suck too! And the boy stamps on Boyd's foot and walks off. See, horrible scary local youthage. Michelle and Bianca are watching over by the other set of lockers and suggest next time he should invite them over to play Barbies or something. Bianca walks over and begins to give him a hard time when Boyd says she isn't his type. Gutted. Michelle tells her to lay off him, he's only the new kid and then Susan comes down the corridor. Innocent silence follows and Boyd follows her as she walks away. Saved by the teacher!
Erinsborough Hospital
Darcy wanders off to look for another box and leaves Penny in charge of "bob". Not the dog, but the half a plastic person they will be practising on. Toadie crashes in and apologises for being late and says he will be the first to volunteer for mouth to mouth. Not letting Penny get a word in edgeways he proceeds to demonstrate a lovely kissing technique on poor Bob, leaving a rather amused Penny to watch. He manages to get stuck to the mouth of Bob (how glad am I it isn't the dog?) and Darcy wanders back in to greet this spectacle. Timing. Anyway, it was all a joke apparently, and as Penny tries to start explaining, Darcy says hello and says he sees Toadie has already met Bob.
PENNY: Yeah, looks like he's found himself a lunch date.
Toaide is certainly surprised to see Darcy and asks what he is doing there. Turns out Denise is sick and Darcy is taking her place. Toadie looks ecstatic, really.
Erinsborough High's One Classroom
Boyd is doing something at the teacher's desk. I don't know what, but I am suspicious. Ooh. He dashes away as the bell goes and Susan and Libby come in. Susan asks hi how his first day is going and he says fine. Susan tells him they will catch up later in the week and Boyd just mutters fine, and heads to his desk. Libby and Susan go up to the front of the classroom as the rest of the class files in.
SUSAN: Oh, hear they come, bellies full, all keen to learn!
LIBBY: Yeah, right.
Spooky, that's what I was thinking. Libby thinks it is the first lesson after lunch, so they will probably just fall asleep. But Susan has so much confidence in her she is going to go to the office and make some phone calls. She introduces Libby to the class as the guest speaker on journalism and also as her daughter! Yay! Anyway, Libby starts off with a joke about how it doesn't feel like that long ago she was sitting in these seats although she notices the graffiti has changed quite a bit! No laughs from the students though, so she attempts to begin. She asks if anyone has thought about a career in writing and one boy has. Ooh, it's Boyd's bully from earlier. Continuity, ace. Asked who he would like to write for he says Playboy, because the articles are really good. Man, you can tell these kids are only about 14. Susan tells him off though. Libby says there is room for all sorts of writers so who knows? No other takers though. She continues anyway, but ends up dropping her papers all over the floor. While she is picking them up, the stupid boy sticks chewing gum in Boyd's hair. Libby continues on with her talk while Boyd sits oblivious and we head to...
A Random Location Near Lassiters
Drew and Steph run into each other on their lunch breaks. As they walk away from Drew's car Steph says it is really good of them to put her up, but they shouldn't feel they have to be polite. Drew says they could try and be ruder, and Steph agrees she can take it, she isn't that fragile. As they approach Lassiters however, a big flashy red sports car is parked there, rather similar to Marc's. Drew says it might not be his, but as Steph points out, they are hardly common round these parts. She doesn't have to have anything to do with him, but apparently that is easier said than done as she hasn't seen him yet. It doesn't change what she just said though she isn't fragile. Although she does appear to be rather nervous and suddenly decides to go to Grease Monkeys for a burger. Drew looks affectionately after her as she goes. Still hope for the Steph and Drew ship!
Coffee Shop
Lyn thanks Dee for the chat they have just finished having, it is really good to talk about something else for a change. Yes, Lyn is the one we should feel sorry for in this mess. They head up to the counter and Lyn pays for Dee. They start complaining about men liking ugly stuff, as Joe has been nicking Dee's rubbish. Dee tells her she has finally persuaded Toadie to throw out the couch and they are getting a new one. Her next job is teaching thee men not to burp in public. Losing battle love, quit while you're ahead. Marc appears, and they start talking about it again! Lyn admits she doesn't know what she would do if she was allowed to get going, but Dee is in full support of that and if he did come over she would give him a piece of her mind. They leave, Lyn ignoring him totally and Dee merely asking if he's lost anything on the way out. He sighs. He has so much to put up with.
Where Darcy is massaging Penny's foot. After Darcy says he is getting a sense of déją vu, they get onto a discussion of French stuff they love, the Eiffel Tower, soufflé, and Penny says she loves French kissing. Cheeky. Darcy suggests they go for dinner in the pub later, and she accepts, saying she is really glad she came today. Now she is holding his hands. He suggests because he is a fabulous teacher and she agrees that too. He looks rather uncomfortable, which is no wonder considering he is surrounded by a group of strangers he is meant to be teaching the finer points of first aid. He suggests they break for lunch and they all leave. A thoroughly bandaged Toadie sits up and asks what about him, but Darcy wanders off, leaving Toadie sitting there stranded calling after him.
The One and Only Classroom
Libby is writing on the board in front of a quiet and well behaved class. Susan exits the room with a satisfied little smile. Which is when the idiot who wants to write for Playboy throws something at the back of Boyd's head and he stands up angrily. Libby asks if they have a problem and for idiot's name. Which is Adam, but I prefer idiot. Michelle asks about the media guide Libby recommended and Libby opens the desk to get pens and paper for writing some suggestions down. When a load of balloons explode out at her. Ah, Boyd's earlier work. The class laughs and Libby just asks Adam to wait in the hall. Boyd stands up and admits it was him. When asked why he did it he says it is obvious. Libby asks them both to sit down and concentrate, and as they do Adam reaches forward and removes the gum from Boyd's hair.
Lou's/Steph's Place
Darcy is laughing with Drew when Toadie comes in through the door complaining about how long it took him to get out of the bandages. Darcy walks away from him up to the bar to order juices and decides Toadie thinks it is ok to waste people's time because he didn't put the bandages back properly. Huh? Toadie is just as confused as me apparently, but Darcy starts going on about how seriously he takes being a doctor. He wants to know why Toadie did the course and he says because Darcy told him to. Hah, that should show Darcy! He is all, I did? But apparently he did after Dee was choking and Toadie didn't know what to do to help. This fascinating story is cut short when Marc arrives to say hi to Toadie and ask where Flick is. Toadie doesn't answer, just repeating it is none of his business and he doesn't want to get involved. Drew gets defensive (because he loves Steph you see) saying he has his answer. He has a whole hotel to run around in, this is Steph's Place. Or Lou's Place. Hah. He holds the door open for him as a final touch and Marc just sighs and leans on the bar. He tries to be all pally with Toadie but Toadie just moves away from the bar and Marc is left to roll his eyes. Stupid man, trying to be pally with Steph's mates on Steph's turf? Searching for that proverbial needle might be a better use of time.
The One and Only Classroom
Libby is wanting to know if anyone is interested in travel writing as by the look of it she has a whole heap of leaflets to give away. No hands. Sports journalism? Nada. Ooh, tough audience. She realises this and says she will leave the leaflets on the desk if they want to have a look. As she turns around Boyd starts a ridiculously fake hacking cough. He announces he just had a frog in his throat but it is gone now, and as she turns her back again the rest of the class, bar a disgusted Michelle, start similar coughs in unison. Ooh, high school flashback. Libby is unamused however and asks them if they are finished. They just continue coughing even when she is trying to talk. Susan comes back in and gets them to shut up and asks what is going on. No volunteers at all and as Susan says they might have to rethink the vocational program we see Boyd turning around to look at Adam and a gutted Libby.
Lou's/Steph's Place
Drew is playing darts but eyeing Marc up at the bar. He says he meant what he said before and Marc says he knows what's wrong. Steph. She and Drew are pretty close. Drew starts getting all defensive again and tells Marc there is nothing going between him and Steph. Except in some viewers' heads of course. But apparently that is not the impression Steph gave Marc. This floors Drew for a second and he asks what she said. Marc says it is more what she didn't say, and adds the world isn't as black and white as Drew pretends and wanders out. He has certainly given Drew food for thought.
Corridor outside One and Only Classroom
Susan tells Libby that she was fine, while Boyd yells at Michelle to wait up. She is really unimpressed and tells him he is supposed to be the smartest kid in school but he is acting like a total moron. He thinks it is because she is friends with Libby but it is actually because she thought he was ok but was clearly wrong. It isn't that hard to impress the try-hard bogans in the class and he needs to grow up. Well said really.
First Aid Class
Toadie and Penny are off in a corner and she asks if he has known Darcy a long time and what a great man he is. Toadie thinks it depends what you mean by great guy but she does know about Dee and Tess. He is a good doctor and a nice man.
TOADIE: Darcy Tyler?
Hehe. Darcy tells him to hold it (he is doing some cardiac massage as he talks!) and tells the class to gather round. It is a textbook example of how to give one apparently. Aw. Toadie says it is a fluke and Darcy says probably, but he just might be good at it. He walks away telling the class Toadie will show them how to do it. Leaving them to it, Penny tells Darcy Toadie doesn't like him very much but Darcy says he thinks he has his reasons. Penny makes her own mind up about people though apparently, and Darcy says he does too. Ooh. Suggestive looks. Ooh.
Coffee Shop
Drew Libby and Susan are discussing Libby's presentation. Susan blames herself for leaving her alone but Libby thinks she should be able to handle a room full of teenagers and Boyd Hoyland. Fortunately the only precocious man she has to worry about is this one! And she pokes Ben on the nose. Susan asks what about this one and pokes Drew on the nose. She can handle Drew apparently!
The Place of Awkward Male Bonding AKA the First Aid Class
Toadie is leaving and thanks Darcy saying he learnt a lot. Awkwardly. Darcy says Toadie did well. Awkwardly. Hehe. Awkward male bonding. Toadie swiftly leaves and Penny approaches. She asks if she can sign up for the rest of the course and Darcy agrees she can, but it will be a different doctor next week. She doesn't look so keen anymore. Shocking. He says nothing has changed, doctors cannot see their patients. What if she wasn't his patient though? Apparently nothing would change. She asks if he was just playing games while pinning him up against the notice board.
DARCY: penny you aren't making this very easy
PENNY: I wasn't trying to make it easy.
Saucy minx still has him pinned against that poor notice board. And right on cue, Dee rocks along around the corner as they are about to kiss. She says she was looking for Toadie and she won't keep them. She walks away with a look of disgust and Penny looks rather smug.
Ramsay Street
Steph is driving up the street in a Moco van when she sees Marc's car. Appropriate music starts as she hesitates and eventually gets out of the van and makes for No.26
Coincidentally we cut straight to...
Where Marc is speaking to Lyn, saying he didn't mean to hurt anyone...heard it all before Marc. Which is clearly what Lyn is thinking, saying of course he is the victim in all this. Marc says Flick wants to be with him. Lyn has heard enough, she is 18, she doesn't know what she wants and Marc should leave. Marc just wants to know where Flick is.
LYN: Show me a mother alive who would hand their daughter over to someone like youuuuu....
Steph has appeared in the doorway behind Marc.
She slaps Marc, I cheer, she runs through to the kitchen, grabs the pink post-it with Flick's address on it (I presume) and hands it to him, saying he has what he came for and he should now never come back.
*appropriate music as Marc walks off*
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Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4018
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4018
Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4018
Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4018
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4018
Libby Kennedy

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4018
Lyn Scully

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4018
Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Darcy Tyler, Penny Watts in Neighbours Episode 4018
Toadie Rebecchi, Darcy Tyler, Penny Watts

Susan Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4018
Susan Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk

Penny Watts, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4018
Penny Watts, Darcy Tyler

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4018
Steph Scully

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