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Neighbours Episode 4017 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4017
Australian airdate: 4/6/02
UK airdate: 22/7/02
UK Gold: 7/6/06
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
- "The Way Loves Supposed To Be" by Selwyn
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Karen (Katie)
Toadie issuing Dee an ultimatum - if the couch goes then so does he.
Joe telling Flick that Stu lost his job for following her.
Flick asking why and Joe telling her it's called loyalty.
No. 22
Drew is shocked to answer the door and find that it is Flick who is on the doorstep and not Libby as he thought it may have been. He bluntly tells her that Steph isn't home and begrudgingly lets her enter to wait for Steph and bluntly tells her that she is wasting her time, Steph is unlikely to want to talk to her. And right enough, when Steph does come home, she finishes her mobile phone conversation, gives her sister a dirty look before heading upstairs to the bedrooms despite Flick calling out her name.
No. 30
Dee gives up her hard work to attempt to get the sofa clean just as Toadie arrives home. they have a little domestic before Toadie announces he is going to clean it...and promptly turns the cushion over. Ah but he failed to realise that the underside has a black lining but he thinks of the positives - it won't stain!
Stu arrives home from Sydney and gets the sarcastic treatment from Dee, which he obviously isn't in the mood for. She however reminds him that it isn't the first time Flick has caused a scene and then run off and Stu's response is to say that at least Flick is safely home before going off to have a shower.
TOADIE: Ouch...smells like heartbreak.
No. 22
Steph decides to come down from upstairs to make a start on dinner totally ignoring the fact Flick has been round. Drew decides to tackle her about it and mentions that she will have to talk to Flick but she quickly replies that she doesn't before getting back to the serious work of prepping the veggies for dinner.
No. 26
Flick tells Lyn about Steph ignoring her when she called round and Lyn says she'll talk to Steph tomorrow. Joe arrives home with some milk not exactly in the best of moods so Flick decides to head off to bed instead since she isn't hungry.
Lyn heads into the kitchen to confront Joe given the tense atmosphere when he arrived home and he says he just told Flick the truth. She isn't very impressed and reminds Joe that Flick is hurting too and deserves to know that they both love her. Joe agrees with her but feels torn in two and Lyn tells him that it is their job to mend it, not make it worse and doesn't want it to destroy their family.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Steph gets ready to go out in her van when Lyn approaches trying and failing to make subtle conversation but Steph sees right thought it. She asks if Steph can pop over later, which Steph is against doing, so Lyn tells her that Flick is very sorry.
Steph isn't exactly impressed and seems annoyed that Lyn is backing Flick up, which Lyn flatly denies instead telling Steph she is actually hating what is going on and adding that Flick just wants to put things right. Steph isn't exactly thrilled to hear that and wonders how it can be achieved especially given that her sister is the last person on earth she wants to see right now. Lyn pleads with her to come over for lunch but Steph rejects this - she isn't coming home while Flick is there, so Lyn tries again, using the 'she loves you, she's your sister and you've always been there for each other' cards.
STEPH: No, I've always been there for her. I remember as kids, I was the one picking up the pieces for her, I'd stand up for her, I'd take the blame for her, not any more. If she expects a fair go, she can forget it.
With that parting statement, Steph announces she is off and takes off in a hurry down Ramsay Street.
No. 30
Toadie takes up where Dee left off trying to clean the sofa but she tells him to give up. Toadie tries to reach her heart strings but Stu adds his casting vote for a new sofa and Dee gleefully says that they will be shopping!
Her smiling happy mood is wiped out when she answers the door to see Flick standing on the doorstep and looks relived when Stu comes to talk to her. They exchange pleasantries and she hands over some money to cover his expenses in going to Sydney, which he reluctantly accepts. He brings up the 'M' word, Marc, and Flick tells him that she came back from Sydney by herself before apologising for bolting because she needed some time by herself.
They chat a bit about the future and Flick mentions going to look for a flat until things calm down and she goes since their conversation is stagnating.
Stu returns to the livingroom and before he can even say a work, Dee tells him not to even think about it - Flick is not moving in.
No. 26
Lyn is overjoyed to see Steph walk into the house and she makes polite conversation with her parents before asking for Flick. An overjoyed Lyn hugs Steph thinking she is here to make up with her sister before calling Flick and trying to subtly get Joe into the kitchen to allow the girls to talk. Steph asks them to stay just as Flick appears.
It's a bit tense and Flick wants to talk but Steph is having none of it, it's her turn to talk. Calmly, she tells Flick that if she expected her to forgive her then she is in for a long wait but adds that she actually needs to thank her...for stopping her from making the biggest mistake of her life.
FLICK: Don't say that.
STEPH: No. No really it's all very clear now and the other thing that is clear is that I no longer consider you my sister.
Flick tries to plead with her, saying that she loves her but Steph retorts that the only person she loves is herself and when it comes to the crunch, she only ever does what is best for herself not anyone else
FLICK: I never meant for any of this.
STEPH: It's always been about what's in it what's in it for you. Which boy is better looking, who drives the better car.
FLICK: That's not true.
STEPH: Oh yes it is! Let me see, we've got Sean, Joel, Matt even Tad, even Tad and now Marc. Well I hope you get what you want out of him Flick 'cos it would have been a damn shame to destroy the family for nothing wouldn't it? (pause) Was it so bad to see someone else happy? Was it just too hard for you to see me with something that you wanted for yourself?
Lyn tries to stop this developing any further but Steph isn't finished yet.
STEPH: This has gone beyond something we can work out and I'm never coming home as long as SHE is here.
Steph then goes to leave the house but stops and turns back.
STEPH: Here Flick. Take this and I want you to wear it every day so that you can think about the sister you lost because of it.
Steph then leaves and we see what Steph has given Flick - her engagement ring.
Ramsay Street
Joe follows Steph out the door and tries to get a teary Steph to go back inside and talk about it but she stops at where her works van is parked. He asks her to let him be a dad and to help her and hugs him as she starts to sob.
JOE: Your old man will look after you. It will be alright Stephie.
No. 30
Toadie is lying on the sofa reading when he feels Dee's presence and when he turns round, observes that she has her comfy shoes on...her shopping shoes! He tries to resist going with her but she promises that they won't buy, just look today...
Never trust a woman who has shopping shoes on as guess what...yes No. 30 now has a new sofa! Toadie still seems a bit shell-shocked, so she works her magic on him into accepting the new sofa... as the delivery men leave with the old one!
The Coffee Shop
Steph and Joe finish their food and Steph wants to pay the bill but Joe says it's on him but not before they have some chocolate cake first! When he is at the counter ordering it, Stu enters and Steph pulls a face to say she isn't happy at seeing him. Joe enquires if Stu is still after a job, he his, and offers him a job helping build the new science wing at the school. Stu gratefully accepts Joe's job offer but Steph is not at all thrilled at her dad hiring Stu and announces that she's lost her appetite. He tries to make her see reason by explaining that Stu needs a job and he needs workers.
STEPH: So the guy who backs Flick when she ruins my life is okay by you is he?
Joe quickly points out to her that Stu had nothing to do with what happened and adds that Flick is still his daughter, so Steph tells him to offer a job to Marc! Stu offers to give the job up since Steph feels he shouldn't have the job and when she tries to have a go at him for not knowing how she can possibly feel right now, is surprised to her him say that he has been where she is. He tells her about him catching his fiancée with his best mate just before he was due to get married. Steph isn't enthralled and thinks it makes what he did sound more pathetic but he explains that he got to see things this time through a different perspective. This seems to be working and he suggests if someone should be punished, then it should be Marc since he is the one responsible for all the mess. Just as he thinks he is getting through to her, she asks him if he is finished before walking out TCS door.
No. 26
Stu is round to show Flick a few potential flats he's identified in the local rag but she stuns him by saying she's found a place already. She thanks him for being there for her but asks him to lay off because she is starting to feel smothered and hemmed in.
No. 30
Dee creeps into the livingroom and observes that Toadie is sound asleep so quietly she goes round putting all his trashy things into a cardboard box before bringing out more feminine accessories for the room including some new pictures for the wall.
Commercial break over, Stu comments that the livingroom doesn't look too bad following the spruce up that Dee did but Toadie asks that he doesn't encourage her or things could start to look radically different! Stu remarks that he is starting to sound like a jaded house husband, which he denies, until Stu starts asking him some Dee related questions and he gets them all right.
STU: Lets face it, you're practically married!
Toadie totally denies this and Stu asks if he's ever thought of being more than just friends. "Why ruin a good thing," Toadie replies. Stu then says that friendship is a good place to start a romance from because you already know the worst bits about a person!
TOADIE: There is nothing sadder in being in a friendship if you hope for something more. Man we are never going to be anything more than friends!
STU: You must have at least thought about it?
TOADIE: Aww yuk. Man the girls like my sister. That is wrong. I mean I may know how she likes her coffee but I also know what it means when she's craving chocolate!
Both of them shudder obviously having the same vision!
No. 26
Joe and Lyn are discussing what happened in TCS earlier when Steph enters. Lyn again is thrilled to see her and Steph apologises to Joe for losing it earlier. Joe tells her not to worry about it but she does, saying it was silly to put him in the middle of her war against Stu and tells Joe that he should keep Stu on when Joe offers to let him go.
Lyn offers to cook Steph supper but Steph reaffirms what she said earlier that she isn't staying while Flick is and while Lyn is about to ask Steph to stay at least for a quick cuppa, Flick appears in the kitchen.
The atmosphere suddenly turns very icy and Steph is about to walk out but Flick has something to say to her before she leaves. Leaving is news to her parents and she tells them she has a place to stay and Joe accuses her of shooting through. "Yes but I'm not going far," replies Flick before adding that she's found a new place to live - Libby & Drew's old flat.
Steph can't even look at her sister anymore, and Flick tells her that this is her home and she shouldn't feel like she isn't welcome. Joe asks if moving out is going to solve anything but Flick feels that it is starting to put things right. Lyn is about to say her piece but Flick stops her, she's heard it before and would just like a chance to prove how sorry she is and that they can trust her again. Flick places a post-it note with her contact details on the fridge for when they are ready to talk to her before walking out of the kitchen and the house.
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Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4017
Dee Bliss

Lyn Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4017
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4017
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully

Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4017
Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4017
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4017
Steph Scully

Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4017
Felicity Scully

Lyn Scully, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4017
Lyn Scully, Felicity Scully

 in Neighbours Episode 4017

Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4017
Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4017
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker

Stuart Parker, Joe Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4017
Stuart Parker, Joe Scully, Steph Scully

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4017
Dee Bliss

Lyn Scully, Steph Scully, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4017
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully, Felicity Scully

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