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Neighbours Episode 4013 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4013
Australian airdate: 29/05/02
UK airdate: 16/07/02
UK Gold: 05/06/06
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Emily
Toadie and Dee decide to redecorate.
As Marc and Stuart disagree over Flick, she runs off.
Number 26
Michelle has cooked for the family, but Steph isn't feeling so good and decides to head to bed. Michelle and Connor decide to clear the table. Joe wonders how Karl and Susan are coping with Valda, and whether she has taken over yet. Lyn however just sees it as yet another issue to deal with, and worries about how Flick is coping. Joe recons Stuart will be looking out for her, but Lyn isn't so sure. Michelle and Connor try to lighten the mood by offering desert.
Number 30
Dee is busy categorising the items in the living room: red dots for hard rubbish; yellow dots for items being kept, and blue dots are to be checked with Toadie. She wonders why Toadie is still about, given he should be at work, but he has been given yet another day off. He admits he isn't sure how it will affect his articles, and begins to wonder if it's even worth it.
DEE: You need to help me re-decorate this dump.
TOADIE: Excuse me; I've grown to love this dump.
Besides, Toadie doesn't believe decorating to be therapy, claiming it to be 'chick's business'. Toadie is shocked to notice that Dee plans to throw the sofa out.
TOADIE: This couch knows every contour of my butt. Couch goes; I go!
Number 26
Joe is impressed at Connor's morning enthusiasm. Connor heads off to get ready for the day, leaving Joe to fuss over Steph. He suggests she takes it easy, but she'd rather just get on with things.
Ramsay Street
Toadie is busy trying to re-claim items that Dee has put out for the hard rubbish collection, though his story of how Amy broke the lamp is not enough to persuade her to let him keep it. They call to Steph over the road, but she ignores them climbing onto her bike.
Number 26
Lyn realises it's time she dealt with Valda, as apparently Karl has had enough. Joe comes back with some random comment about bad karma, which just puzzles Lyn and everyone else.
LYN: I don't know where I found you sometimes, Joe.
JOE (sweetly): Lynnie. I found you.
He gives his wife a quick kiss before heading off to work.
Number 30
Toadie seems to picked up on Joe's randomness, as he searches for yet more tack around the house. Dee admits she's thrown away the item he is looking for, and teases him about not being able to let things go. Realising that her re-decoration plan stems from the need to move on with things, Dee decides they need to throw a party, though Toadie really isn't convinced. She tries to persuade him by offering to do all the organising that would be involved, and even go and get his tack back for him.
Ramsay Street
Out in the street, Joe and Connor are sifting through Dee's rubbish collection, on the motto that 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'. Joe finds something of interest, though hides it as Susan comes over. Dee comes out to claim Toadie's item back, but instead makes an excuse about checking the post. Joe and Connor quickly make their escape leaving Dee to realise that the item she is after is no longer amongst the trash.
Lassiter's Park
Libby catches up with Steph, who admits she is feeling smothered at home, with everyone caring for her. She admits she feels humiliated by it all, but Lib reminds her that it wasn't her fault. Steph isn't sure what to do. Lib highlights that she can either stay drowned by the sympathy, or she can pick herself up and move on. She reminds her friend, that whenever she needs to escape from home, she can always come and stay with her and Drew.
Number 28
Lyn allows Susan the chance to admit that Valda has been an unwanted guest, but Susan can't bring herself to say it. Lyn recons it was time she came to stay with them, though Susan re-assures Lyn that she has enough to worry about and is more than happy for Valda to remain with them. Susan enquires as to how things are with Lyn at home, and she admits it's not so good; she blames herself for being too caught up in organising the wedding to see the trouble Flick was in.
Coffee Shop
Steph and Libby are having a good giggle. It turns out they are laughing about some of Marc's quirks. Steph admits he used to iron his underwear, amongst some other secrets shared between the friends. Steph thanks Libby for spending the day with her, as it's helped her to learn some things.
LIBBY: Never trust a man with ironed undies!?
Steph admits that maybe married life wasn't what she was really looking for, but Libby informs her friend she has a right to be happy too.
Number 28
Lyn continues to beat herself up about Flick's situation, and admits that though the signs were there, she just didn't see them. Lyn isn't sure she understands Flick. She worries about Flick's motivation for doing what she did, and the distance that has grown between her and her daughter. Lyn admits to being afraid about telling Steph about it all too, and worries that she'll loose another daughter. Susan comforts Lyn as she worries not only about where Flick is, but what will happen should she return home.
Number 26
Lyn has told Steph the full story about Flick, and apologises to her daughter for not reading the situation as it happened. Steph tells her mum she doesn't blame her; it's Flick she blames. Lyn admits she feels sorry for Flick in all of this, which is too much for Steph to hear, leading her to announce that she's going to take up the offer of a bed at Drew and Libby's.
Number 30
Dee is planning a cocktail party, which pleases Toadie. He suggests that people might need a place to sit, so Dee relents and agrees the couch can stay. Continuing to tidy, Dee finds an unopened letter to Toadie from Maggie.
Number 22
Steph is all settled in and thanks Drew and Libby for letting her stay. They tell her it's no problem, though they had planned on going out for a meal. Steph contemplates going to see the guys at Number 30, though Libby drops a hint about Ben, and Steph is more than happy to stay in and baby-sit for them.
Number 26
Connor has brought over milk and cookies for Michelle. He mentions how well he thinks she is coping given all the stresses that have been going on in the house recently, and how much he admires her. It's all a bit too much for Michelle, as she breaks down in tears. She admits that she isn't coping with things; she's falling behind on her school work, and she has two sisters who will never talk to one another again, and there is nothing she can do about it. Connor pulls her into a hug.
Number 30
Dee spots Toadie getting into the party mood with a bit of dancing, so decides to put the letter away. He notices her watching and picks her up. He proceeds to spin her around the room. She's about to tell him about the letter, but he admits he's feeling pretty happy, having let go of the demons, so changes her mind. He encourages her to climb up onto the couch with him, to continue dancing.
Number 22
A thoughtful Steph feeds a half-asleep Ben.
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