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Neighbours Episode 4012 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4012
Australian airdate: 28/5/02
UK airdate: 15/7/02
Writer: John Davies
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Valda Sheergold - Joan Sydney
Marc Lambert - David Karakai
Gino Esposito - Shane McNamara
Summary/Images by: Gillyfreckle/Karen (Katie)
Valda is delighted to see Stella and Blanche her dogs.
Stuart opens the door to see Marc.
Flick and Stu's Hotel in Sydney
Marc asks Flick if she will come back to the hotel to discuss things.
Flick insists that she will speak to him tomorrow. Stuart gets defensive with Marc, and as Flick leaves Stuart asks if there is anything that he can do, but she runs away looking upset.
Lyn runs to the phone hoping that it is Flick, but seems disappointed to find that it is Bianca calling for Michelle.
When Michelle gets home Lyn is in a state looking upset. Michelle asks if there is anything that she can do, Lyn insists that all she can do is be her usual happy self and then everyone will be better, but still struggles to hide her feelings of despair.
Number 28
Valda is sitting at the table with Stella and Blanche sitting alongside with a chair each having their dinner.
Karl does nothing to hide his aggrevation that the dogs are being pampered, referring to them as 'Stanley and Blanche' Valda is quick to correct him telling him that their manners are perfect. If Valda knows of Karl's disgust she does nothing to show it continuing to fawn over her 'little family'
Harold arrives to see Valda, there seems to be an awkward situation, so Susan drags Karl into the back yard to give the two a chance to talk.
Harold is quick to compliment Stella and Blanche, and awkwardly tells Valda that he is very much looking forward to catching up with her tomorrow 'as friends' he reinforces the 'as friends' bit again in the conversation, but Valda seems not to notice still delighted at being reunited with her poodles.
Marc's Hotel
When Flick arrives at the hotel Marc has a champagne breakfast laid out on the balcony. Flick seems unwilling to accept his advances. She tells him that the only reason she came was to tell him that their relationship can't happen. She has destroyed her sister's life, and that would stop them ever starting anything new and special.
Marc is quick to accept some of the blame saying that they are both responsible and that the simplest solution would be for them to go away somewhere and start a fresh.
It seems as though the prospect is running through Flick's mind, she is certainly thinking about it. Cue a lingering shot of Flick gazing into Marc's eyes with a look of partly fear and partly wonder.
Ramsay Street
Valda, Stella and Blanche are having a morning walk. Lou arrives outside and seems delighted to see Lou or 'Mr Carpenter' as she affectionately calls him.
Lou thanks her for her performance at the karoke last night, and that he thinks she and Harold sound great together.
LOU: You and Harold sounded Great together your voices blended
VALDA: Well thank you.
LOU: Nice Man Harold
VALDA: Oh lovely man, handsome with it.
LOU: You think so?
VALDA: Oh yes, he smiles from the other side out.
LOU: Hmmm right
VALDA: He's a bit keen on me I think
LOU: Really?
VALDA: Oh yes, as a matter of fact we have a date a bit later on. He's a fast worker I'll give him that. I'm not too sure about my feelings yet of course but he certainly knows what he wants.
LOU: Indeed
VALDA: Oh Well we'll see.
Harda the ship that never really got off the ground. If she is not too sure on her feelings it certainly looks like Valda might have a bit of a crush on our handsome Harold.
At the Salon
A dishevelled and run down Lyn arrives clad in dark glasses, probably to hide the bags under her eyes. at the salon to be greeted by Gino addressing her as 'mother of the bride' and not letting her get a word in edgeways doesn't give her a chance to explain about the wedding. He has to coax the real story from Rosie after Lyn has left.
Flick and Stuart's Hotel
STU: So you haven't eloped or anything
FLICK: (with the hint of a laugh) NO
STU: Moving back home?
FLICK: Home to what?
STU: Home to Ramsay St, home to your family
FLICK: They don't want to see me.
STU: You could talk it through
FLICK: Starting with 'I've fallen in love with Marc and I've ruined the whole family,
STU: It doesn't have to be like that
FLICK: It doesn't but it is. Why are you here? Why do you care so much?
STU: I'm a nice guy
FLICK: You hardly even know me
STU: That doesn't matter you shouldn't be alone right now.
FLICK: I'm not I'm with Marc
STU: Is that what you want?
FLICK: I have single handily destroyed my entire family, I don't have that many options. Marc loves me and I love him, I can't go back now this is my only chance at happiness.
STU: Well you don't look happy and I'm not leaving until I know you are.
Flick looks as though she appreciates the support, something that she isn't getting a lot of right now, but then stealing your sister's fiancée at the wedding doesn't really warrant many awards or adulation.
Coffee Shop
Lyn is telling Harold and Susan how worried she is about Steph saying that she wishes that she would take time off work. At that moment Gino rushes in being incredibly dramatic in the way that he offers Lyn his apologies and condolences, insisting that she needs time off to get over it. He goes on to over dramatise by saying that it's something that you see on one of those TV shows- dumped for a two timing sister.
Just as Lyn looks like she is struggling to cope as it is, Valda and her noisy dogs arrive, Valda insisting that she is there to pick up the pieces, on the verge of tears Lyn takes the opportunity to leave as Harold distracts Valda.
Number 26
Michelle phones Bianca asking her to cover from her, she is skiving off school to do the hoovering for her mum.
The Salon
Gino apologies to Lyn for embarrassing, Lyn looking uncomfortable at the conversation tries to fob Gino off, just as Rosie arrives to apologise for filling Gino in. Lyn looking as if she can't take anymore of this type of conversation urges Rosie over to a chair to start with her appointment.
Valda arrives to have her hair done by Gino, she excitedly tells him that she wants the full works as she has a date later this afternoon.
Is this not being sure how she feels about Harold?! She is acting like a teenager.
Coffee Shop
Harold is apprehensive about his 'date' with Valda, he's worried that she hasn't taken any notice of the 'just friends' bit, he doesn't want to lead her on. Lou is quick to remind him that it's a lunch date not a prenuptial agreement, and suggests that if it would help he and Rosie could tag along so that it is just four friends going out for a lunch.
Harold likes this idea, obviously thinking it will curb Valda's advances on him. He seems to cheer up at the prospect of not being left alone with Valda at the lunch between 'just friends'
Marc's Hotel
Flick and Marc are on their first date. A bit extravagant then that Marc should choose this occasion to present Flick with an expensive sports car. Flick things that the gesture was 'gross' she thinks that a car is too much, she doesn't know him all that well and would rather go for a walk. Marc manages to talk her round to just take one drive in the car. Flick relents, but tells him that after that they will take it back.
They drive off in the car just as Stuart arrives outside to witness it.
At the Salon
Valda is enjoying her pampering session, telling Gino that he had better keep her promise that when she comes out she will be looking gorgeous, her excitement is taking over the whole salon and Lyn is quick to assure Rosie that the loud gene is not genetic.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are in the kitchen having a heated discussion about the fact that Valda is still their house-guest. Karl is not having any of it and wants her out.
Their discussion is interrupted by Valda dancing into the room, she tells them that it is best way to apply perfume, she is done up to the nines for her date with her 'just friend' Harold.
She informs Karl and Susan that the dogs have to be fed in half an hour, giving strict instructions on heating and serving their meal.
Karl and Susan tell her that neither of them will be around as they have to get back to work, suggesting that they feed he dogs now. This according to Valda would be a digestive disaster and that she will have to stay home. At the thought of Valda being there whilst he had planned to do paperwork prompts Karl to reluctantly agrees to 'puppy-sit'
When Harold arrives he is greeted by Valda in her best come and get me pose. Harold feels under-dressed amid Valda's glamour. Unexpected by Valda, Lou arrives with Rosie in tow. His attempts to introduce the two women are met with a frosty reception.
Valda says that they have already made each other's acquaintance, which prompts Rosie to recall that Valda is 'the poodle lady'
It seems that it is anything but a pleasure filled acquaintance for the two.
Won't lunch be fun.
At a beach in Sydney
Flick and Marc are taking a walk on the beach when Flick decides to grab her jacket from the car, Marc perhaps not so discreetly asks her to get his sun glasses from the glove box.
When Flick gets to the car she is met by Stuart who has been following her. He tells her that she is making a big mistake, that Marc is a user who doesn't know what he wants, he's too spoilt to make a decision and stick to it so he is using Flick in the meantime.
Flick interrupts Stuarts protests when she finds something in the glove box, on closer inspection it turns out that it is actually a couple of tickets to Rio, with more than a hint of disgust in her tone, Flick informs Stuart that Marc is taking her on her sister's honeymoon.
Number 28
Harold escorts Valda home after the lunch date between 'just friends' Valda is quick to inform Harold of her observations on Rosie, claiming that she is 'an interesting woman' and 'very homely' Harold seems oblivious to the obvious contempt in Valda's words.
Harold then awkwardly finds a way to tell Valda that having been recently widowed lunch is all that he is interested from her. Valda says that she understands perfectly.
When Harold leaves however, Valda informs Susan that he is merely playing hard to get, and it makes him all the more endearing. Susan looks suspicious as Valda necks a G&T.
At the Beach
Stuart urges Flick to come home, but she says that she can't face her family. She doesn't want to stay with Marc, but doesn't know where she will go. Just as Stuart looks as if he is about to get through to Flick, Marc arrives demanding to know what is going on.
Stuart tells Marc that Flick is coming home, but Flick insists that is not what she said.
Marc tries to fob Stuart off with financial incentives, such as a ticket home. But Stuart says that he is going nowhere without Flick. The two men square up to each other and it looks as though Stuart is about to punch Marc, so wrapped up in their own argument neither man notices Flick running off into the distance as the credits roll.
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Stuart Parker, Marc Lambert in Neighbours Episode 4012
Stuart Parker, Marc Lambert

Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4012
Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully

Valda Sheergold, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4012
Valda Sheergold, Harold Bishop

Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4012
Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully

Valda Sheergold, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4012
Valda Sheergold, Lou Carpenter

Gino Esposito in Neighbours Episode 4012
Gino Esposito

Rosie Hoyland, Gino Esposito in Neighbours Episode 4012
Rosie Hoyland, Gino Esposito

Stuart Parker, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4012
Stuart Parker, Felicity Scully

Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4012
Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Susan Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Gino Esposito, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4012
Susan Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Gino Esposito, Lyn Scully

Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 4012
Michelle Scully

Rosie Hoyland, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4012
Rosie Hoyland, Lyn Scully

Felicity Scully, Marc Lambert in Neighbours Episode 4012
Felicity Scully, Marc Lambert

Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4012
Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully

Felicity Scully, Stuart Parker, Marc Lambert in Neighbours Episode 4012
Felicity Scully, Stuart Parker, Marc Lambert

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