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Neighbours Episode 3991 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3991
Australian airdate: 29/04/02
UK airdate: 29/05/02
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Terri Hall: Robyn Charlesworth
Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Chloe Lambert: Stephanie Daniel
Damian Slattery: David Lyons
Cindy Lipman: Natasha Pincus
Summary/Images by: Emily/Karen (Katie)
Chloe threatens to disown Marc, and realises that Flick is now working for them at the hotel.
Harold asks Rosie not to put too much of Lou's stuff around the house as he doesn't like it much.
Flick surprises Marc by telling him what he feels and mentions that they are two of a kind.
Lassiters Hotel Reception
Chloe arrives in her chauffeured limo and pops into reception asking Flick if they can have her review meeting later that afternoon after her other meetings of the day. Marc walks in and Chloe immediately tells him he's got the wrong tie on, before dashing out. He tells Flick to drop everything and they head outside.
Marc has lined up a photographer to take some publicity shots for the hotel with Marc and Flick being the stars. The photographer tells Flick to pose for the camera and though she is reluctant, Marc encourages her as well.
An old mate of Stuart arrives looking for him. After a friendly hug, Slatts mentions that Tracey is still a bit down and Stuart admits he knows blood's thicker than water. Slatt tells him not to worry about it and asks if he can take the day off work as he's only staying the one night. Stu tells him he'll finish the car his on at the moment and finish up for the day.
Harold has made a banana smoothie and is pouring into Lou's beer glass as he arrives. Harold points out that he never uses the beer glass so Harold thought he'd put it to good use, but Lou isn't too impressed. Harold offers to wash the glass but Lou tells him not too. Harold isn't impressed by the amount of stuff Lou has left in the hallway but Lou tells him he's going to have a garage sale.
Stu is telling Slatt about Dee but how living with her makes it harder to ask her out. Slatt recons he should just go for it. Terri arrives and asks Stuart to look over her car for her; he agrees he can have it done in two hours. Slatt keeps trying to woo Terri but it doesn't work and Stu tells him to drop it, pointing out that she is a cop.
Coffee Shop
Marc and Flick arrive but Flick is worried that she should be on reception not in the coffee shop. Marc tells her to sit down and relax while he goes and grabs some drinks. While Marc is away, Chloe arrives and spots Flick sitting at the table, however Chloe's phone rings and she is forced to leave again, but Flick starts getting worked up that she should be at work.
Slatt is poking his nose around Terri's car whilst Stu is under the bonnet trying to mend something. Slatt finds a set of handcuffs and slips them into his pocket. Stu finishes the job and goes to ring Terri.
Lou is sorting through some of his belongings for a sale when Harold arrives with some of his own shirts as a donation. They agree to put their differences behind them and remain friends. Harold is surprised to see Lou pricing up not only his old favourite arm chair but toys of Lolly's. Lou doesn't see the point in keeping them anymore, as he isn't able to use them. He tells Harold he should keep the old shirt Tad and Paul gave him one fathers day. Harold jokes how it's so easy to keep hold of stuff one doesn't use, and remembers how Madge was always very good at throwing things out.
Coffee Shop
Marc compliments Flick on how she looked during the photo shoot, but she refuses to believe him and tells him he was getting very into it. She mocks him about the way he was talking to the photographer, but he refuses to take the compliment and goes quiet. He tells her he just realised how fun she was and how good she is to the company. She mentions the meeting with Chloe but Marc runs into his motivational speech yet again and tells her not to worry.
Number 30 Pool
Stu brings a towel out to Damian who has just climbed out the pool. Dee arrives but before Stu gets the chance to introduce them to one another Damian starts flirting with Dee. She tells him to quit it and not to make a mess of the floor as he heads inside. Stu informs Dee that he is Tracey's brother and he's only staying the night, but that he doesn't know the details of why he dumped her.
Ramsay Street
Lou and Harold have just made a sale with the garage sale but Harold points out that maybe Lou is overpricing things a bit. Stu and Damian's football comes flying towards Lou, but as a result he manages to sell them the armchair for fifty dollars. As Stu runs to get his wallet, Harold is surprised that Lou has offered it for so little as it was his favourite.
Lou's Place
Flick tells Chloe how she has enjoyed working for the company but admits it has been hard at times and that she hasn't always been on time. Chloe informs her that commitment to the job is the main criteria for the role and that seeing her at the coffee shop earlier showed her that she wasn't committed and so won't be offering her the full time position.
As Marc enters he bumps into Flick leaving rather upset. She informs him that his mother just fired her and Marc heads over to see Chloe. She informs him that Flick wasn't right for the business and had to go, but Marc refuses to believe her as it's his position to say who gets fired.
Lou asks Harold if he put the sign out on the main road about the sale and Harold informs him that he did. He tells Lou he was perhaps too hasty selling the chair and that maybe he shouldn't have sold it at all. Lou remembers how Lolly used to think it was a ship and how they'd play pirates, or read books together in it. He begins to wonder if he made the right decision.
Ramsay Street
Slatts yells out to Stuart to come out of the house as someone has run off with something or other. Stu comes out with only a towel on and Slatts manages to get him tied to his car with the handcuffs he nicked. He removes the towel from around Stu's waist and tells him it's payback for what he did to Tracey and warns him not to come near her again. He drives off leaving Stu starkers as Marc pulls up into the street.
Scully House
Marc arrives and tells Flick that he just shouted at his mum in the pub as she had no right to fire her and that she will be coming back to work. He gives her a reassuring hug and tells her that she's a great member of staff.
Ramsay Street
Lou comes over the street to negotiate a deal with Stuart about the chair. Stu tells him that it's the last thing on his mind at that moment and Lou soon realises his predicament. At that moment Terri arrives and inquires as to the missing handcuffs, she releases Stu who runs back into the house.
Scully House
Marc tells Flick to pluck up the courage to talk to Chloe again and win her job back. He comments that he can't work without his favourite employee. They kiss.
<<3990 - 3992>>
Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3991
Chloe Lambert

Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3991
Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully

Stuart Parker, Damian Slattery in Neighbours Episode 3991
Stuart Parker, Damian Slattery

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3991
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Damian Slattery, Terri Hall, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 3991
Damian Slattery, Terri Hall, Stuart Parker

Felicity Scully, Marc Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3991
Felicity Scully, Marc Lambert

 in Neighbours Episode 3991

Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss, Damian Slattery in Neighbours Episode 3991
Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss, Damian Slattery

Lou Carpenter, Stuart Parker, Damian Slattery, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3991
Lou Carpenter, Stuart Parker, Damian Slattery, Harold Bishop

Chloe Lambert, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3991
Chloe Lambert, Felicity Scully

Chloe Lambert, Marc Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3991
Chloe Lambert, Marc Lambert

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3991
Lou Carpenter

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 3991
Stuart Parker

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 3991
Stuart Parker

Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3991
Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully

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