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Neighbours Episode 3987 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3987
Australian airdate: 23/04/02
UK airdate: 23/05/02
UK Gold: 17/05/06
Writer: Christopher Hollow
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Connor O'Neill: Patrick Harvey
Mal Kennedy: Benjamin McNair
Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Karen (Katie)
Lassiters Hotel
Flick and Marc share a bottle of wine, chilling out after the mayhem and she teases him that the stress is making him get grey hair!
Steph walks into the empty room and Marc offers her a glass of wine and Flick decides she'd better go back to work, so leaves them to it. He plucks up the courage to ask Steph what is wrong and eventually she tells him that according to Chloe, he's the problem not her. He is puzzled by this statement, so she explains that his mum thinks he is marrying Steph to prove a point to his family - that they are wrong. Steph asks why Chloe would say such a thing and wants to know if it's true.
Number 26
Connor arrives with flowers and a turkey he bought although this doesn't score points with Michelle what with her being vegan although Joe jokes that she could rustle them up one of her mung bean surprises! Flick arrives home from work and is introduced to Connor and he comments that Jack didn't talk the Scully girls up nearly enough!
Number 28
Mal banters with Toadie over how he is dressed (in a shirt and tie) when he comes over to the house. Karl arrives home from work moments later and spots a new gadget in the kitchen - Mal's coffee machine.
While they wait for Mal to make the coffee, Karl remarks to Toadie about noticing the for sale sign up outside #32 - the Hancock's need a quick sale to afford a QC for Matt. Mal initially suggests that Drew and Libby could go for it but Karl replies that they can't afford it, so he then says that perhaps he may go and look at it. Karl interprets this as meaning Mal will be moving back to Australia but he quickly dismisses that suggestion, he sees it as an investment property.
TOADIE: A bit out of your league isn't it?
MAL: I'm doing alright but the conversion rate from pounds to dollars works in my favour.
Karl beings laughing and explains that is something he never thought he'd hear his 'beach bum son' say!
KARL: It doesn't seem right somehow!
Lou's Place
Over dinner at the pub, Marc does his best to convince Steph that it is him she is marrying, not his family however she isn't pleased to be getting dragged into his family feuds whether she likes it or not especially since he seems to be doing nothing to sort it out either.
Number 26
Connor impresses the Scully family by clearing up the dinner dishes and Lyn tells Michelle to help dry the dishes while she measures Flick up for her bridesmaid dress.
Michelle takes the opportunity to ask Connor why he stuck up for her at The Coffee Shop and she seems very taken by a) his response (that he though she needed someone to stick up for her) and b) the nickname 'Mischa' that he calls her.
Number 28
Mal is tempting Karl with more of his fancy coffee, although decaf this time otherwise he won't get to sleep! They try to set up a time to go fishing but Mal rules out going tomorrow as he's got to work (part of the deal he did to come over to Australia) and Karl quizzes him on what it is he does exactly. Mal explains that he's a, "key account executive," which although is impressive to Karl, he does add that it's taking a bit of getting used to!
Number 26
Joe and Lyn are pleased to see Steph finally come home as they need her input for wedding things but she stuns them by saying that there probably isn't even going to be a wedding!
Steph explains to her family why, beginning with Chloe calling her a gold digger and then that Marc can't be trusted.
FLICK: The woman sounds like an absolute dog.
Lyn sends Flick off to make some tea so they can talk more in private with Steph and they don't like Chloe calling their daughter a gold digger although Steph does say she did "let her have it!" Joe thinks it's because the Lambert's are being left out of the wedding organisation but Steph doesn't think it would have made any difference.
Lyn wants to know more of why Chloe thinks Marc can't be trusted and Steph replies that they think he's marrying her to get back at his family.
LYN: That's terrible.
STEPH: Yes. Now I'm part of the family feud.
Lyn then asks what Marc is saying about this and she replies that he's taking the attitude that if he doesn't speak to any of his family again that would be fine. "That's not much help," Joe interjects and Steph agrees especially since she doesn't want to be fighting with the in- laws from day 1 of her marriage.
The Coffee Shop (next day)
Harold expresses his concern to Lyn about the lack of patron's in the shop during what should be their busiest period (although she's only got eyes for one of them - Marc!) plus there is no sign of Joe, Toadie or Karl too! She tries to reassure him that they will be along soon...
Number 28
... Although he may have a long wait as Joe (as well as Karl, Connor, Michelle, Flick and Toadie) are sampling some of Mal's coffees and give it a big thumbs up.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn has a word with Marc about what it's going to take to change Chloe's mind but he doesn't think it can be changed and when she pushes him, admits that he won't even try to change her mind.
LYN: I don't want her hurt Marc after what she's been through. Understand?!
She leaves Marc and goes up to have a word with Harold. He's still concerned none of the regulars have been in today and again she tries to reassure him it's got nothing to do with the service! Next he wonders if it's the coffee since he recently changed suppliers but Lyn doesn't think so, her one yesterday was fine.
Number 26
Michelle retires as the 'snap' champion after comprehensively beating Connor again but she then gets all embarrassed after she accidentally collides with the hanging pot plant while doing a gracious wave, and falls flat on her bum!
Lassiters Complex
Marc calls out to Steph as he spots her when he is leaving The Coffee Shop to quiz her why he couldn't reach her last night. She confirms slyly that she did leave the phone off the hook and then adds that she tossed and turned all night too. He pulls her in for a hug and admits to her that he doesn't like arguing (with her) but remains silent when Steph asks him to promise that they won't do so again.
Number 24
After getting the pleasantries out of the way, Mal comes straight out and asks Harold if he is interested in becoming the first franchise owner of Cuppa Diem in Australia (the company are looking to expand and why Mal is in town). Harold dismisses the idea straight out of hand as he didn't like the franchise experience when running Grease Monkey's plus Madge and himself built The Coffee Shop to be what it is. Despite Toadie telling him to leave it, Mal doesn't and leaves some literature for Harold to read (when he can!) but adds a very subtle warning too - Cuppa Diem will open in Erinsborough and it would be better for him to own it than be up against it.
This time Toadie insists they leave and when they get outside, demands to know why he gave Harold the sales pitch and doesn't seem the least bit repentant about doing so specially since he tells Toadie that if Harold plays his cards right, he could end up a very rich man!
The Coffee Shop
Lyn shouts Michelle to a milkshake even if Michelle can see right through the reason why they are there! Lyn tries to reassure her that she's been there too and having a sense of humour will get her through it, even if Michelle doesn't quite see it like that just now.
Ramsay Street
Connor stuns Mal (and winning $10 into the bargain) when he manages to remove the steering wheel lock after Mal lost the key. Toadie wants to know where he learned the skill and Connor replies that he worked for the company that made them while he waits for Mal to hand the cash over.
Lassiters Hotel
Flick and Marc bond more about their travel dreams and aspirations when Steph enters the kitchen. She returns to work (Steph overheard customers complaining about late food) and Steph opens up over the eloping woes when Marc asks how her day has been. Steph admits that she isn't sure them eloping is really because of her love for her or as revenge to his parents.
MARC: I still feel exactly the same way as I did when I proposed to you. I mean we both want to get married, we just need to find the right way to do it.
Number 26
Connor succeeds in cheering Michelle up, by regaling tales of his mishaps.
Number 28
Toadie knocks back Mal's offer of him joining his dad and himself on a fishing expedition and Karl remarks that he is very quiet tonight and is everything okay. Toad replies that it is, he's just simply tired. Karl then remembers that Mal has a "research" day and is told that it went to plan.
Karl then joins Toadie at the sink and they chat about Mal while he takes a call - and Toadie tells Karl about the meeting with Harold where Mal told him that there was going to be a Cuppa Diem in Erinsborough with our without him. That not nice side of Mal is compounded when they overhear the tail end of his conversation - telling the person on the other end of the phone to sack someone!
Lassiters Hotel
Marc and Flick continue to bond further as they chat while setting the restaurant up. She seems to have him sussed especially when she describes what he'd be if he was given a second chance - "a salsa musician living in Cuba driving some hot 50s car shacked up on the hills somewhere."
MARC: You know, no ones ever described me as that and that's exactly how I feel.
FLICK: Marc you can't take what I say seriously. It's the lamest pop psychology ever!
But from the look on his face, he doesn't seem to think so.
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Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully

Toadie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3987
Toadie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3987
Steph Scully

Malcolm Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3987
Malcolm Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3987
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully

Harold Bishop, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3987
Harold Bishop, Lyn Scully

Karl Kennedy, Felicity Scully, Connor O
Karl Kennedy, Felicity Scully, Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi, Michelle Scully, Joe Scully

Michelle Scully, Connor O
Michelle Scully, Connor O'Neill

Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3987
Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3987
Harold Bishop

Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3987
Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully

Steph Scully, Marc Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3987
Steph Scully, Marc Lambert

Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3987
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3987
Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy

Felicity Scully, Marc Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3987
Felicity Scully, Marc Lambert

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