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Neighbours Episode 3986 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3986
Australian airdate: 02/04/2002
UK airdate: 22/05/2002
UK Gold: 17/05/2004
Writer: Bert Deling
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Connor O'Neill: Patrick Harvey
Mal Kennedy: Benjamin McNair
Neil Walden: Aleks Vass
Siimon Shulman: Robert Lowe
Simon Nicholson: Matt Thomas
Roger Bushby: D.J. Foster
Nick Palakos: Robert Tremlett
Summary/Images by: Chloe/Karen (Katie)
- Maggie and Evan are talking about selling their house - they both agree they have to.
- Joe asks Connor about the bag which has Mal's name on it.
Scully House
Joe wants to know if Connor is really Connor O'Neill, or if he is Malcom Kennedy. Connor explains that there is a very simple explanation, Joe likes the sound of that, but tells him that truthful is better than simple. Connor is about to spit it out when there's a knock at the door. Joe answers the door and Mal introduces himself. Joe wonders if he is 'the' Malcolm Kennedy, 'the luggage label' Malcolm Kennedy. It turns out he is, well would you look at that! Mal has come to have a word with Connor, we walks over to a worried looking Connor. Mal wants to know what's going on, and Joe adds that it had better be good.
Hancocks' House
Evan, Maggie and a lawyer walk into the house and sit on the sofa. Evan wants to know how much bail will cost. The lawyer says that as Matt did a runner it could be within the 10Ks. Evan looks pretty shocked and the lawyer apologises. Maggie tells the lawyer not to apologise and turns to Evan, telling him that they want Matt home, don't they? For a moment I think he's going to say no, but he agrees almost immediately. Maggie asks the lawyer about the charges, and they lawyer says he's trying to get it reduced but they're still looking at jail. Both Maggie and Evan sigh and put their head in their hands. The lawyer hands over a lot of papers, telling them it's some light reading. Maggie says she'll get stuck into it later on and turns to Evan who looks pretty bad. She puts her arm on round his shoulders and tells him that they'll get through it. Evan doesn't look quite so sure.
Scully House
We're now at the table where Connor is trying to explain himself by arguing that there's dozens of backpacks that all look the same - in fact it's fairly lucky that the two of them live close to one another. Lyn thinks that Connor must have known that he had the wrong pack. Connor denys it, saying a bag is a bag. Joe keeps pressing, asking him if he realised it wasn't his why did he do nothing about it. Connor said he hadn't even checked, as he was too busy meeting everyone and everything. Mal thinks it sounds a bit 'dicey'. Connor tells him to take a look, he hasn't touched anything - which Mal does. Joe adds that it's a good job Connor is a mate of Jack's.
Scully House
It's dark and Michelle is curled up on the sofa, with the sound of snoring nearby. Connor comes through saying 'Good morning' very cheerfully and asking if she slept well. Michelle tells him that it's five-thirty in the morning, how does he think she slept? Connor sits on the sofa arm near her.
MICHELLE: Welcome to Australia. Land of weird marcupials and the loudest snorer in the world!
Connor says he's heard worse. Michelle is shocked that he slept. She gets up to go to the kitchen and Connor follows her. Connor goes on to tell Michelle about his Dad - who used to raise the roof with his snoring. Connor thinks it's useful becuase now he can sleep anywhere. Michelle wonders why he's up at now and he said he's still on Irish time, and his clocks haven't adjusted. Michelle wants to know how Jack is and what he's said about her. Connor says Michelle is clever, and beautiful. Lyn comes through into the kitchen, stumbling and looking very tired in her red dressing gown. She thinks that in the last few motnhs the snoring has definitely got worse. She gets herself a glass of water and apologises to Connor for having this on his firs tnight. Michelle kind of snorts, saying that Connor slept well. Connor recommends 'the garlic trick' (apparently you put garlic under the snorers pillow). Michelle thinks it sounds dumb ( I agree!) and adds that she's going to try and go back to bed.
Lyn, still looking very tired, tells Connor to take no notice of Michelle. Connor says he won't, and calls Lyn Mrs Scully, which I find cute. He adds that he's also going to try and see if he can get some more sleep. Lyn is left in the kitchen by herself, with her blue mug of water. But alas, she is joined by Harvey. Harvey lays down near the table and Lyn watches him. She's sighs and comments: 'not you too'. Then she looks evil and takes out ,what I assume must be garlic and walks out of the shot of the camera...
Kennedy House
Mal is on the phone, telling the person on the other end that he wasn't sure if he packed it or not, and that it can stay as he doens't need too many jumpers anyway. He hangs up, and the camera moves round so that we can see Drew, Libby and Ben I nthe background. Mal thinks there is something strange going on. However, Libby dismisses it and says that Ban wants his Uncle. Mal joins them on the sofa and thinks that Ben is very handsome and it's a good job he didn't inherit the 'Kennedy head'. Libby thanks him, very much! Mal says, seriously, that being a mum suits her. She just nods and said she should have thought about it a bit more though. Mal wonders if she thinks she made a mistake. Libby doesn't think that at all, you jsut have to look at hime. And they both try and convince Ben to smile. Drew passes Mal the wedding and baby albums. Mal wonders if they missed anything, and they all laugh. Libby thinks that him visiting is just typical; he didn't call or email. Mal says he just wanted it to be a surprise. Libby thinks its a shame Susan had to leave, but Mal says he did get to spend a short bit of time with her. Libby tells Mal to get into the albums, but Mal thinks he may have to do that in shifts. One of the first pictures must have Harold in it, because Mal said he heard. Libby thinks it's awful. Mal wonders how bad he is, but before she can answer there's a knock on the door. Mal goes to answer it.
It's two men, with two boxes looking for Mal Kennedy. He signs the clipboard and they put the boxes down on the table. Mal turns to Libby and Drew and tells them that now they start living.
Hancocks' House
Matt's home and Maggie is giving him a huge hug as he comes in the door. Leo says hi to him, and Evan gives him a little hit/slap on the shoulder (or whatever men do instead of hug). Maggie says she'll make him something to eat. Matt agrees and he, Leo and Emily al lgo through into the lounge. The lawyer apologises for the bail, and it's cost, but Maggie says he did well and Evan adds that they are very grateful. Maggie thinks they jsut have to hope that the charge is reduced, but apparently that is not as easy as it was to get the bail. The lawyer says teh Matt has to plead guilty to get a lesser conviction. Evan wonders if there's anything they can do, but the lawyer says that he's the one being paid. Maggie looks at her watch, and says that there are people coming to look at the house soon. The lawyer says he'll be out of their way now, and the three of them shake hands.
Maggie joins Leo, Emily and Matt in the lounge. She wonders if Emily wants to help her get breakfast. Emily says that she's talknig to Matt, so Maggie drags Leo away instead. Evan leaves with them also. It's jsut Matt and Emily on the sofa and Emily asks Matt if he had a good holiday.
MATT: Not really, Em.
EMILY: Where did you go?
I wonder if Matt isn't going to answer, but he does, saying he had to stay with the police for a while. Emily asks if they were nice. Matt tells her that he's really tired and asks if she can leave the questions for a little while. Emily hugs Matt and Matt hugs Emily. I can hear sniffing and sad music, so I'm assuming Matt is crying. Matt manages to struggle out that he missed them all as well. Emily asks the killer question 'you won't have to go away again, will you?' - aww so sadly said (they're still hugging by the way). Matt says that he doesn't know. Emily breaks away from him and looks straight up at him and tells him that he promised. Matt pulls her into a hug again.
Aww, such a touching scene.
Scully House
Michelle is at the kitchen table and Lyn is in the kitchen. Michelle is trying to sew a button onto her school dress. Lyn thinks it would be a lot easier if the dress was off, Michelle mutters back that she's fine and then pricks herself. Joe comes through and takes a sip of orange juice. He says he's going to see if he can get some extra shifts at work, but Lyn thinks he'll collapse if he's not careful. Michelle pricks herself again and Connor comes through. Joe tells him the airline dropped off his bag (Oooh, a whole airline for Connor's bag - that's impressive!). Connor nods and says good morning to Michelle and points out that her finger is bleeding. Michelle says it's only a scratch. Connor sits down, and thinks that Michelle's uniform is very cool, he also asks what time it is. Joe comments rather abruptly that it's late and Lyn asks Connor if he wants any coffee and toast. He does. Joe tells Connor that he'll have to get up earlier than this to work for him Lyn jumps to Connor's defence telling Joe that Connor is probably still jet lagged and his job hasn't even started yet. Connor wonders when he starts. Joe isn't sure, hopefully soon because the wedding is going to cost a lot. How is Connor for money? Connor says that he's loaded. That gives Joe an idea - they can start talking about board money.
Hancocks' House
Maggie lets in a potential buyer telling them to have a look round. Lou walks in the door, telling them he saw the sign outside and it's unusual to sell with (something about agents, I can't really make it out. I think he says 'it's a bit unusual having you phone number upside the agents'.). Maggie says she's just covering all bases and she hinks it's sad. Lou thinks it's sudden. Maggie says that they didn't really have much choice. Lou comments on all the people wandering around (it's a a bit like open day really, I wish our house had had that many people looking round it at once!). Maggie comments that they're not just inspecting the house, but they are inspecting their lives. It's funny because as she says that, I notice that a viewer is just completely engrossed by a picture on the wall. Lou wonders how long 'this' goes on for. Maggie says it's 5 days, rushed, and all the viewers know it. Lou is now perched on the sofa, and he tells Maggie that if sh eneeds anything, all she has to do is ask. Maggie thanks him, and tells him that he's a great friend.
Evan come sin, followed by Matt. Evan wonders where they should put the flowers, and Maggie points them in the direction of the vases under the sink. She then asks Matt to walk Audrey before walking away. Lou calls Matt for a word. Lou tells him that Harold is very worried about him and would like to see him. Matt isn't so sure, but Lou says it's just to say that he's ok. Matt says he will and Lou leaves him to it.
Another viewer walks in, Matt tells him to take a look around. But the unknown viewer says that he isn't here to look at the house, he's looking for Matthew Hancock. Matt says that's him and the person introduces himself (not very friendily) as Roger Bushby, Glenn's father.
ROGER: I'm here to meet the lout that destroyed my son.
Hancock's House
Roger is looking angry. He supposes that Matt thought it was fun challenging Glenn to a race. Matt says it wasn't like that but Roger disagrees asking what it was like, then. Evan comes through asking what's going on.
ROGER: Who are you?
EVAN: (replies) Who are you?
There's a silence and Matt tells Evan that this is Glenn's dad and so Roger assumes that Evan is 'the father'. Roger congratulates him sarcastically on doing such a great job. Evan says that they are as devasted at what happened as he is, but blaming Matt doesn't help. Roger thinks that's easy for Evan to say because his son is standing next to him, but Roger informs us that Glenn may never walk again. The camera turns to Evan and Matt's faces, which are pretty shocked, Matt looks like he's going to burst into to tears.
Kennedy House
Mal, Libby and Drew are at the kitchen bar sort of place. There's a line of cups and Mal says that one is strawberry, and the other is cinemon. Drew doesn't think Susan is going to be impressed with the state of the kitchen. Mal thinks that she'll be 'cool'. I happen to agree. Libby thinks that what she is drinking tastes great, and Drew's doing some thinking - about coffee, and how after 2000 years of drinking coffee it's only now that they think to add strawberry and cinemon. Mal laughs that it is the 21st Century.
MAL: Firstly you sniff the aroma (sniffs his coffee). And then, you sip (he sips).
LIBBY: It's great to have you home, Mal! We've missed your obsessions.
Mal doesn't think that it's an obsession, it's his life and it's going to make him a fortune. Libby points out that so was his otorised skateboards and surfing empires. Mal says he was just a kid then and he tells them to tell him which ones they like best and he'll be back in a tick.
Mal disappears and Drew asks Libby how many different flavours there are. Libby has no idea. Drew says he's had an idea that could be huge, chocolate flavoured broccoli. Libby stays serious for a second and then smiles, puching Drew and calling him an idiot.
The camera then cuts to one of those robotic dogs which is doing some tricks. Libby wonders what 'that' is. Mal says it's a present for Ben. Libby and Drew both make their way to the table. Mal hands over soem presents for them - which are matching watches. Libby smiles, but says that the dog must have cost him a fortune. Mal says not as much as the watches. Libby and Drew open the boxes with the watches in. Libby thinks it's too much, and she wonders what happened to her brother who was a hippy with his bum hanging out of his pants. Mal says very simply, that he fell on his feet.
Hancock's House
Matt brings in, what I assume is the sign fro mthe front of their house. Evan tells him to leave it as he doens't want to look at it. Therefore Matt turns round and goes back out of the door with it. Evan is collecting various ornaments and such and putting them into a bucket. Matt comes in and sighs, saying aobut 'this house'. Evan remembers back to when they were looking for the house, and all they had to do was look at it and they knew they wanted it. Matt asks what Evan is doing. Turns out he's packing the valuables. Matt thanks him for sticking up for him earlier. Evan says that they are all a family - if one of them gets attacked they all rally round. I think that's really nice - until Evan continues.
EVAN: But inside this house, it's different.
MATT: (quietly) Don't start.
EVAN: I warned you about that car, your senseless obsession with it.
And the argumetns takes off. Evan doesn't think Matt knows what he's done to Maggie and the whole family. Matt says he's not stupid and he wished it hadn't have happened. Evan says words come easy, but from now on, in this house, comes action.
Park/Near Lassiters
Mal is taking Ben for a 'walk' in his pushchair (he's actually running around with it). Libby and Drew aren't too far behind. Mal zooms ahead thinking all the pushchair needs is some racing stripes. Libby doesn't seem too impressed, telling him to be careful. Mal says Ben is loving it and Libby say sthat she would likehim back in one piece. Mal heads off, leaving Libby to tell Drew that Mal goes over the top very quickly and that you always have to keep an eye on him.
Back to Mal, who is racing ropund still, until he sees Connor. He says hello to him. Mal introduces hi mto Ben. Connor thinks he's very handsome. Mal is surprised to see Connor out and about, Connor explains it's the sun, days like they have don't happen in Ireland. Mal spots a bucket and a cponge. Connor explains thats just for some beer money and to keep him busy.
The Coffee Shop
Michelle is in the foreground of the camera, just behind her are two guys. They're looking at Michelle and talking about logos on knickers (what?!). Anyway, this doesn't go too well with Michelle. But luckily, for her, Conno rhas just arrived. He goes and sits with the guys - telling them that they're mouths could get them into trouble. The idiot on the left (who has really dodgey swept back hair) says they weren't talking aobut him. Connor knows this, they were talking aobut his friend. He says Michelle is a lot nicer than he is, and they have two choices. Either they leave, or Connor throws them out (that's funny!). When there's silence from teh two guys, Connor realises that it's hard for their tiny brains to manage, but this is serious. He gives them 5 seconds to leave. And, wow, they leave. Go Connor!
Connor goes back over to Michelle, saying they were as weak as water. Michelle says she can manage one at a time, but no more - and she thanks him. Connor wants to know what they were talking about (good question!), Michelle says it was nothing much, just a complete disaster.
Lou's Place - pub
Drew and Libby are at a table, with Mal who's putting salt (or pepper maybe) on their food. Oooh, nice service! he takes a seat and asks about Harold, he wonders how he is doing. Well, Lou comes to coo over Ben, commenting on how he's grown/ Libby says that's because he eats all day. Mal tells Lou he wants to hear all about the pub, and the garage and everything else Lou does, he also offers Lou a seat. Lou sits down and Mal says it won't be long before they will have to build a treehouse and such for him. Drew says it'll be a while before that happens, due to money. Which prompts Lou to tell them that he has a serious offer for them...
Outside Lou's Place - pub
Drew (with pushchair), Libby and Mal are heading out of the pub. Mal helping them with the pushchair. Mal thinks all 'this place' needs is someone with a bulldozer, some money and a lot of imagination. Libby thinks Mal fancies himself as that somone. Mal says, yes, him and Lou. Libby wonders what he would contribute to the partnership, his reply is 'imagination and energy - he also thinks that Lou doesn't realise it yet, but he is just what Lou needs! Libby asks Drew what he thought of Lou's offer. Drew thinks 'living at Lou's would be terrific'. Libby reminds him that it'll be empty - but Drew admits that he would like to do things on his own. Mal thinks it's great - a house, a garden for Ben and getting out of where they live, they also said it themselves, that they won't have any money for a while. Drew thanks him for his 'advice', but they want to do it on their own. Mal says he just thinks it's a great offer.
The Coffee Shop
Emily and Leo are at a table. Emily wants to know why Matt is sad. Leo changes teh subject, but Emily says she thinks that everyone is going to be sad for a long time. Aww, bless her cotton socks! Joe Scully walks in and stop by their table. He offers to get them some chocolate donuts, because the ice cream they have isn't enough between the two of them. Emily asks for chocolate cake (with hundreds and thousands). Joe thinks she drives a hard bargain and hands over some money to her. She leaves the table to get that cake and Joe sits down in her seat.
Joe pretty much tells Leo that if he ever needs anyone - Joe is there for him. Leo thanks him and I've suddenly warmed to Joe!
Lou's Place- pub
Connor is at the bar buying some beer. He hears some guys telling a joke about Irishmen, he looks a bit bothered but doens' tdo anything. Anyway the three blokes get up and leave, and one of them leaves a wallet behind (or it fell on the floor). Connor notices it, and then looks the other way as if he hasn't seen it. He looks again, scratches his head and makes his way over to where the wallet is. He picks it up, sits back down at the bar.
CONNOR (to himself): Luck of the Irish, eh?
Kennedy House
Looks as though Mal is trying to get the electronic dog to work. He gives up and makes some coffee for himself and Drew, and some tea for Libby.
MAL: What flavour, Drew?
DREW: Strawberry, thanks.
I really want to try some of that flavoured coffee now!
Mal said he noticed Harold wasn't at the Coffee Shop and he thinks he should take his machine (flavoured coffee machine) down there, so that Erinsborough can join the rest of the 21st Century. Libby says she likes Harold's coffee, and Drew agrees - even if it only comes in one flavour. So, basically, no Mal, they don't like that idea. Mal protests that he was only joking.
Lou's place - pub
Connor is drinking at the bar. A man comes up next to him and asks the barman if a wallet has been handed in. Connor pulls out the wallet, asking the man if he is looking for 'this' and hands him his wallet. The man begins to check through his money. Connor says it's all there - apart from the beer he's drinking. The man isn't impressed and asks him that if he hadn't come back, would Connor have kept it. Connor kind of pulls a face, supposedly meaning 'I don't know'.
Hancocks' House
Evan is holding a picture (I assume it's of Matt - I can't really see though). Maggie comes in behind him. They begin to talk and Maggie thinks that Evan has been very hard on Matt over the whole accident. Evan is surprised she thinks this:
EVAN(sadly): Do you think? I feel liek everything is falling apart, Mags. Everything we worked for is, just, gone.
Maggie looks a bit teary and reminds Evan that Matt needs their support and reminds Evan that he always told the family to stick together. Evan thinks that Matt needs to learn that accidents have results and that he caused the whole thing.
MAGGIE: He knows that Evan! He's devastated. He doesn't need punishment. He got that in jail. What he needs now is his father.
And the end shot is of Evan, looking sad as if he's just realised this.
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Malcolm Kennedy, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3986
Malcolm Kennedy, Joe Scully

Neil Walden in Neighbours Episode 3986
Neil Walden

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Malcolm Kennedy, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Michelle Scully, Connor O
Michelle Scully, Connor O'Neill

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3986
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Malcolm Kennedy

Neil Walden, Matt Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Emily Hancock, Leo Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3986
Neil Walden, Matt Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Emily Hancock, Leo Hancock, Evan Hancock

Maggie Hancock, Neil Walden, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3986
Maggie Hancock, Neil Walden, Evan Hancock

Emily Hancock, Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3986
Emily Hancock, Matt Hancock

Lou Carpenter, Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3986
Lou Carpenter, Matt Hancock

Roger Bushby, Matt Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3986
Roger Bushby, Matt Hancock, Evan Hancock

Malcolm Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3986
Malcolm Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Matt Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3986
Matt Hancock, Evan Hancock

Leo Hancock, Joe Scully, Emily Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3986
Leo Hancock, Joe Scully, Emily Hancock

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

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