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Neighbours Episode 3984 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3984
Australian airdate: 18/04/02
UK airdate: 20/05/02
UK Gold: 16/05/04
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Mal Kennedy: Benjamin McNair
Special Guest Appearance by: Renton Millar & Steve McCann
- "Make It Phunkee" by Bexta
Summary/Images by: Chloe
- Rosie telling Harold and Lou that she thinks Lou could move in so they could help one another out while they are getting better and the idea going down like, well something that doesn't go down very well.
- Elly asking Libby if Karl has had an affair and Libby telling Elly that it's none of her business.
Scully House
Lyn, Michelle and Joe are sitting round the table. Lyn wants to know when the competition starts. Michelle tells her it isn't a competition, it's non-competitive. Joe doesn't quite believe her. Michelle tells him things have changed and gets up goes to the kitchen with Lyn telling her Dad it's not about who is better than who. Flick and Tad walk through from the lounge into the kitchen and goes to the fridge to get a drink. She invites Michelle to sunbathe with her and Tad, when she refuses, they both tell her she should because it'll be fun. Michelle tells them she's fine where she is and when they persist she continues to refuse. Lyn says there's nothing wrong with Michelle wanting to do the dishes with her and Joe thinks Tad and Flick should help and not eat them out of hous eand home! Flick tells Michelle it's her last chance and Michelle tells Flick forcefully that she has other plans, and she hopes that is ok. Michelle then leaves the house. Flick turns to Lyn asking what Michelle's problem is.
Lou's Place - pub
Drew admits to Lou that he's misplaced the forms to something something that they are talking about. He asks Lou if he can 'sign here' and passes some papers over the bar to Lou. Drew says if Lou thinks the garage is in bad shape, it' snothing compared to his house. Lou wonders if Ben is creating havoc. Drew laughs about Ben taking up a lot of room and that he found the papers he has on the bar under a pile of a months washing (lovely image there!). Lou thinks that Drew and Libby must be driving one another crazy. Drew explains that they can't afford anything else. Lou drops some money and tries to pick it up, Drew runs around the bar and offers to pick it up for him - which he does. Drew holds Lou's money to ransom - asking Lou if he should be resting. Lou says he shouldn't be, but Drew says he needs to look after his back and he's trying to help him. Drew persists telling him that Lou was sending Drew home when he didn't think he could manage. Lou refuses and snatches the money from Drew. Drew gives up and walks back round to the other side of the bar whilst Lou tells one of the extras (called David) that he has the wrong menus out.
Kennedy House
The camera is on a box, containing a telephone with a large keypad. Susan wonders if Harold will be insulted, whilst inspecting the phone. Karl tells her it's only temporary, but we all know, as does Susan that Harold won't want help. Karl thinks that's very ironic. Susan finishes inspecting the box and her and Karl leave the house - they tell Elly they won't be long.
As they leave Michelle is at the door. Karl and Susan leave and Michelle goes into see Elly. Michelle wonders what Elly's found out. Elly admits it's not much but her mum and Karl used to go on skiing holidays together. Michelle looks a bit shocked and Elly wonders if she wants to see the photos, Michelle doesn't. Michelle doesn't think that proves anything - but Elly tells her that him and Karl have the same blood type, (Big woop, I thought Karl said last episode that 70% of the population had that blood group? Anyway!) and that Karl has had an affair before.
MICHELLE: Woah! That's pretty big. I mean, er, they're supposed to be the 'perfect family'.
Elly says that Libby could be her sister and she has brothers. Michelle wonders what Elly is going to do, now. Elly has no idea and Michelle thinks that she should talk to Karl. Elly says she's got to be certain first and Michelle says again that she should talk to him and when is she going to?
Bishop's House
Lou is getting up from the table and Susan is in the kitchen and tells him that she can manage. Lou says it's fine, he's supposed to move around anyway. Karl comes over to Susan and Lou wants to know how Harold is. Apparently, Harold is better but 'that's Harold'. Lou laughs that Harold was telling Lou that the lavender needed pruning whilst looking at the geraniums. They all laugh and Susan says 'poor Harold' and takes some food through to him.
Tad and Flick come in the back door. Tad notices the phone and jokes about it. Karl said they're making the house more user friendly. Tad coems up with a list of things like puttin gplates in easy to reach places. Tad comes up with a longer list including handrails - which Flick says her Dad will do. Flick asks if Tad wants to head off, he says he doesn't and Flick says she'll meet him down there. Tad offers to help around Harold's but Lou says they can manage.
Susan rushes in shouting to Harold that she'll get another one. Tad wonders what's happened, Susan explains that Harold couldn't see the cup and has spilt tea everywhere.
Scullys' House
Flick is shouting to Michelle to hurry up fro mthe kitchen area whilst Joe and Lyn wash up. Joe brings up the conversation of skating. He goes on to joke that if he knew that they could make a living from it he wouldn't have taken his apprenticeship. Flick tells Joe not to give up his day job. Joe talks about how good he was in the 70s - Lyn backs him up. Joe offers to come down and see her. Flick tells him not to, but Joe says he'll pretend he doesn't know her.
Michelle comes into the kitchen and into the fridge. Flick remarks that it took her that long to look like she does - she looks and sounds shocked. Michelle is wearing a kind of baggy red top. Lyn tells Michelle that she looks very cool but unfortunately Flick thinks she looks like a 'homie'. Michelle wonders what (or who) made Flick a fashion expert. Flick carries on at her sister telling her that her 'pants' (or trousers) make her look fat. Lyn lets out a sigh and drops a dish into the bowl, turning round just as Michelle says 'So, I'm fat now?'. Michelle goes off in a strop walking out of the kitchen with Joe in hot pursuit behidn her. FLick calls through that she jus tmeant the pants weren't flattering.
She turns round to Lyn, who's come closer to her now. Flick thinks she's too touchy at the moment. Lyn tells Flick to make an effort. Fliock says she's just trying to help Michelle look nice. Lyn thinks there is something Flick should know....but alas! We end the scene here.
Kennedy House
Susan is on the phone. She's talking to Liz and tells her she's sure Elly will be thrilled but, she would have liked some notice. Karl whispers to Susan to tell Liz that she won't be here. There's some silence while Susan listens to the phone. Susan tells Liz she won't be here, she has to go for a conference. But yes, Karl will be there. This causes a sheepish look form Karl who shakes his head. Susan then has a bit of a go at Liz telling her this always happens, Liz makes plans and never thinks how they will effect others. Susan says that if she didn't act like an adolescent she wouldn't be treated like one. Liz hangs up.
Karl thinks that's very mature of her. Susan rants that Liz makes her so angry - she wants to strangle her. Liz is coming, and there's nothing Susan can do about it. Karl wonders when. Susan doesn't know. Liz is going to Bangkok and she's on standby for a flight. Karl wonders if Liz actually planned the trip, and is she going to take Elly? Susan has no idea. Karl thinks he might follow Susan to New Zealand (where the conference is) for a skiing holiday. Susan tells him not to remind Liz of skiing.
Susan is getting really heated now, and talking very fast. She thinks this is very typical of Liz, how she never thinks of anybody but herself. Thank goodness!! Elly enters which shuts Susan up. SUsan jsut gives Karl a look and Elly wants to know what's going on.
Shot of number 28's letterbox
Elly wants to know why Liz is coming. Susan says its to see Elly. Elly isn't convinced, but Susan wonders what other reason she would come. I bet Elly can think of one, and it's standing behind Susan in a yellow t-shirt. Elly has a lot of questions - how long is she going to be here? Susan thinks it's just a flying visit.
ELLY: Where is she staying?
KARL (at the same time as Susan): Here
SUSAN (at the same time as Karl): Lassiters.
Hehe. Karl and Susan both look at one another. Karl thinks it makes sense - Liz is here to see Elly. Elly nods and agrees with a smug look on her face. Susan says, if Karl's sure. Elly adds it'll just be her, Karl and Liz. Karl's reaction is a non-enthusiastic 'great'. Susan leaves to organise some clothes for a trip. She leaves.
Elly thinks they could all go skiing while Liz is here. Karl laughs and Elly wonders why. Karl says that him and Susan were just talking about that - they could follow Susan to New Zealand and go skiing. Elly thinks it would be a lot more fun if they skiied here - and without Susan. Karl says that they do have their arguments sometimes, but that's sisters. Elly says she wouldn't know and Karl comments that she's lucky. Elly thinks it's nice that Karl is letting her stay at number 28. Karl says, as he did before, that it make ssense, as she's visiting Elly. Elly says that Susan wasn't keen. Karl thinks it's because she was thinking Karl would object. Elly smiles and thinks for a second and tells Karl that she's glad that Karl stuck up for Liz. Karl gives her a bit of a strange smile and nods - before going back to making his model aeroplane.
Scullys' House
Lyn is doing Flick's hair, with Joe watching on. Flick can't understand it - Michelle is gorgeous. Joe wonders if Flick could help her see that. Flick thought she was - Michelle did look silly wearing those baggy clothes. Lyn says she knows Flick was trying, but she needs to be more tactful. She finishes off Flick's hair. Flick wonders when Michelle became so image conscious. Joe doesn't think the business with Zak helped. Cue Michelle to walk in - she's changed into a purple, slightly tighter, top.
FLICK: See! Beautiful! I told you you looked great in that!
LYN: You look lovely.
JOE: Well, look at you!
MICHELLE: Errr...right.
Oh yeah guys, very tactful! Michelle agrees, telling them not to go overboard. They walk out and Joe shouts that they'll see them down there. Flick's reply is 'not if we see you first'. Which really doesn't fit the occassion. Joe and Lyn laugh in the kitchen.
Coffee Shop
Susan and Karl walk in. Susan's talking about Liz - she feels like she's been having this conversation since she was 8 (I agree - just this once, Suze, I'm annoyed with you! Argh!). Karl thinks she has - obviusly repeating what Susan has told her (that Liz is selfish and always will be. Susan thinks, considering, Elly is doing very well. Karl agrees - they've made real progress with her. They go to the drinks fridge and Karl goes to grab a drink, Susan stops him, giving him something else. Susan continues the conversation about Elly and Liz. Grr! Susan thinks they have made real progress. karl is worried that if Elly has 5 minutes with Liz well, I think we can guess what he thinks! Susan wonders if Liz is really coming to see Elly, as Liz said she was "just gonna pop in for a few days, Suzie". Susan throws some more insults Liz's way calling her a 'jumped up secretary'. Karl makes a 'meow' noise - it's quite funny!
Rosie comes to join them. Rosie says she was just going to pop in and see Karl at the surgery. karl wonders if there's a problem, Darcy should be there. Rosie says there isn't, she wants to talk to him about Harold (thank goodness! Off the topic of Liz!). She wants to know what the problem really is because Harold won't admit to there being a problem. Susan doesn't think Harold will admit to any kind of problem. Karl says Harold will be fine, and with everyones help he'll be back to his old self soon. Rosie thinks that Harold and Lou should move in together - it makes perfect sense. Susan laughs, saying it may be logical - but it isn't very likely. Rosie and Susan look like they're going to form a plan.
ROSIE: I know they both need a bit of convincing....
SUSAN: Well, I dunno, I suppose if it was put to them in the right way they might see that it's in their best interests.
ROSIE: Yeah, exactly.
Karl agrees that it would be the best thing. Rosie says it would only be temporary and when Susan asks her if she has a plan of attack - it turns out she does. Oooh...
Skate Park
We have a few shots of some random people on skateboards going up and down the ramps. I'm sure they are very impressive, but I'm not clued up on all things skating. Oooh...now theres soem bikes as well. People are going lots of tricks - I'm very very impressed now. If I knew the names of the tricks I could tell you, but alas, I don't. Some cool music too - I canonly assume this must be 'Make it Phunkee'. It's very cool, kind of a dance track. Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling. There's exactly a minute of this track and peole doing tricks before we get any relevant action at all.
Tad goes over to Michelle. I think Tad is in charge of the music because he takes off some headphones. Oh this is confirmed, Michelle thinks the music sounds good. Tad thanks her and asks her about competitions. She admits she doesnt know anything about it. Tad puts an arm round her and they walk. He tells her what she has to do (ride 10ft and grab a flag). Michelle says she cant skate, so, 'no way!'. Tad thinks that's brilliant and points out tha ton the top of the poster it says it's for anyone who wants a go.
Flick joins the two of them - wondering if Michelle is annoying Tad. Tad says he's the one bugging her. He shows her the poster and tells her to convince Michelle to enter it. he leaves to go back to the music I think. Flick thinks Michelle should enter - the prize is good. Michelle tells Flick to enter then. Well, maybe she will, they can enter together! Michelle gets a bit stroppy telling her to enter then, but Michelle won't - because she isn't the same as Flick. Michelle walks off leaving Flick to give a bemused look, well, which I think she would if she wasn't wearing sunglasses.
Lou's Place - pub
Drew finishes paying Lou and turns round to Susan. Susan wonders what he's doing here on his own. Drew explains that Libby is asleep, because Ben is asleep. Susan jokes that he's been kicked out into the cold (what cold? You live in Australia!). Susan walks towards the bar and Drew goes to leave - but before he does, he tells Susan to convince Lou to take it easy.
Lou and Susan kind of 'alright' each other. Susan says she feel fit, well, in comparison to Harold (ahh yes! Rosie's 'plan-of-action'). Lou agrees. Susan thinks it's a shame Harold won't except help. She uses the tea incident earlier as an example. Lou thinks Harold is a big boy (oh really...) and if he needs help, he'll ask. Susan goes on to tell Lou about Tad offering to stick around and Harold biting his head off. Lou thinks it's Harold's pride. Lou thinks Tad should persist. Susan's not so sure, she thinks Harold would be better taking advice/help from old friends. Lou just responds with a 'yeah well, teenagers' attitude. Susan thinks that at times like these Harold must miss Madge so much, he won't listen to anyone else but her. Lou agrees, there isn't anyone.
SUSAN: Oh well, except for you of course.
LOU: Yeah...yes...yes. Well, if anyone can boss him around I can!
They both laugh. Susan thinks it would be a great idea if Lou stayed - just for a few weeks. Just to lend a hand when other people aren't around. Lou doens't think Harodl would welcome the offer. Susan thinks its obvious he needs someone there, particularly after this morning. Lou wonders if she thinks he's the only one Harold will put up with. After a short pause, Lou ponders if it is a good idea. yes maybe it is. But he doubts Harold will agree. Susan thinks that Harold might be waiting patiently for Lou to offer. Lou gives a strange look.
Skate Park
There's a shot of a checkered flag and then a guy doing tricks on a skateboard, and someone else doing some on a bike. The camera follows the skateboarder and as the skateboarder turns the camera keeps going so we can see Michelle and Flick. Flick is puttin gon some elbow pads etc. Michelle gives alook at Flick and sighs. Flick protests that she's trying to have fun with her. Michelle argues that if she wanted to enter the competition she would have done. Flick wonders what's the worst that could happen. Flick is going to go first and probably fall straight on her bum. Tad calls to Flick to get on with it, as Joe appears behind him. Joe wants to know what's going on. Tad explains it's a girls only competition to win a stereo and Flick is going to have a go. Joe cheers on Flick, which causes Flick to smile as she puts on the helmet. FLick turns to Michelle telling her she won't hurt herself and FLick won't feel quite so much of an idiot if Michelle has a go too. Michelle laughs that the real truth now comes out. Flick eggs her with puppy-dog eyes. Michelle gives in! Causing myself and Flick to squeal.
Flick sets off. Ohh...she's good, she puts her left foot on (that she was using to get some speed). She wobbles a bit and then comes to a standstill. So she gets off, and picks up her skateboard and takes it back to the beginning. Please tell met hat wasn't the competition?!!
Harold's House
Harold and Rosie are chatting. Rosie is giving a similar story that Susan gave Lou earlier. Did you know, Lou can't cope? He's ignoring the problem in the hope it will go away. Harold is sure that Lou will deal with it - he's always had a bad back. Rosie said the last time she was there, it was clear Lou had been sleeping on the couch. Harold is shocked. Rosie tells Harold it's because of the stairs - Lou can't get up them. Harold thinks its ridiculous that Lou is sleeping o nthe sofa - it'll be even worse for his back. Rosie agrees and goes on to say that Lou won't ask for help. Harold talks aobut pride being fool-hardy? I think that's what he says. Oh the irony anyway! Rosie mus thave noticed it too - she's smiling. Rosie thinks that if Harold were to ask Lou to stay with him, Lou might listen. Harold doesn't think Lou will listen. Rosie thinks that's a shame. Harold is sure that eveni f Lou does accept the help, Lou will see it as a defeat. Oh, here comes Rosie and Susan's plan of action! Rosie thinks that Harold should flatter Lou a bit. Making Lou think that Lou is helping Harold. Rosie then leaves the table to let Harold think about it.
Skate Park
This time we start the scene with camera pointing to the blue sky, and the sign/banner that says 'Street Sports'. Joe shouts encouragement to Michelle who is getting padded up. Michelle gives Joe a look, so Joe makes his excuses and leaves, wishing her good luck on the way. Flick tells Michelle that Joe is only trying to help. When she gets no reply she begins to move, Michelle also, who's puttin gon her helmet. Flick hands her the skateboard. Michelle put sthe skateboard down (stylishly, not like I would. She put her right foot on it and then lets it go, so it goes down gently - don't say my summaries don't contain details!!). She puts her left foot on the board and takes a very deep breath. And then she pushes off. Tad encourages her. Michelle getting quite a lot of speed - I have to admit. Unfortuantely, too much speed and she topples off. She hadn't even got ther right foot on. Oh dear. There's a gasp from the crowd, who then half clap and half laugh. Flick runs over to help her up, asking her if she's ok. Michelle gets up. telling Flick (quite calmly) to leave her alone. Michelle walks off, taking off her elbows pads etc on the way. She looks angry - and sad too.
Harold's House
Harold is on the sofa. Lou calls through - asking if he is there. Ohh, guess what, Harold is! Lou's dropping by to see how Harold is.
HAROLD: Me?! I'm fine.
Harold is doing something, but I can't see what. I think he drops something. Lou insists he'll get it for him. Lou bends down and lets out a yelp of pain. Harold wonders if he's ok,. Lou says he's fine and says he went into it a bit fast. He picks up whatever Harold has lost and hands it to him.
Harold tells Lou that he must take it easy. Lou moans that it's not him as well. Harold assumes that Rosie has said something. Lou says he was talking about Drew, actually. But, what did Rosie say? Harold says it was nothing, but curiosity gets the better of him. He asks if it's true that Lou can't use the stairs. Lou says he can if he has to. Harold says they are all concerned that's all - and sleeping on the couch will not help him at all. Lou insists he is fine and jokes that Haroldisn't much good to anybody, is he? Lou gives him some examples (the tea example, again! And Harold nearly slicing his finger off.), Harold doens't need to worry about Lou - he just needs to look after himself. Harold insists that he is fine!
Harold tries to turn on the TV. Unfortunately he has no luck. Lou takes the remote from him and Harold says it maybe the batteries and he gets up to find some. Lou tries the remote and nothing happens - but that would be because Harold put them in the wrong way round. Lou laughs and Harold laughs briefly. There's a bit of a bang and...
HAROLD: Oooahhhargh!!!
LOU: Harold?! Are you OK?
Lou gets up fron the sofa and we see a shot of Harold lying on the kitchen floor.
LOU: Are you OK?
Harold tries to move.
Lou tells Harold he'll ring Karl but Harold tells him there is no need. Lou bends down, clearly in pain.
HAROLD (from the floor): Are you alright, Lou?
LOU: Yes, yes, yes
LOU: Argh, ow, strewth.
HAROLD: [laughs hysterically]
LOU: What?
The two of them laugh in hysterics - me too, it's strangely funny.
LOU: The dynamic duo.
More laughing.
LOU: It only hurts when I laugh!
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Michelle Scully, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3984
Michelle Scully, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Michelle Scully, Felicity Scully, Lyn Scully, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3984
Michelle Scully, Felicity Scully, Lyn Scully, Tad Reeves

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3984
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Felicity Scully, Tad Reeves, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3984
Karl Kennedy, Felicity Scully, Tad Reeves, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3984
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 3984
Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway

Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3984
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Felicity Scully

Karl Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3984
Karl Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

Tad Reeves, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3984
Tad Reeves, Michelle Scully

Michelle Scully, Tad Reeves, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3984
Michelle Scully, Tad Reeves, Felicity Scully

Michelle Scully, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3984
Michelle Scully, Felicity Scully

Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3984
Michelle Scully

Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3984
Michelle Scully

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3984
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3984
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

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