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Neighbours Episode 3983 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3983
Australian airdate: 17/04/02
UK airdate: 17/05/02
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Chloe Lambert: Stephanie Daniel
Summary/Images by: Chloe
- Michelle and Elly are talking and Elly says that neither Karl nor Susan know.
- Darcy telling Lou and Harold that they must not do anything - Harold tells Lou to 'follow doctors orders'.
- Darcy tells them that it took a lot for him to get them in the same room (hint hint) and Lou says he's 'peachy'.
- Steph telling Marc she needs to find a way of showing Chloe she's not as bad as she thinks she is.
Steph is saying hello to Marc, drops a yellow file onto the desk and gives him a kiss. She says she's surprised herself by having the courage to go. Marc asks if she wold like a room and under the name of Mr and Mrs Perrywinkle. Steph says they shouldn't have to sneak around much longer if her meeting with Chloe goes well. Marc asks what meeting and Steph explains the one that she's about surprise Chloe with. She asks if Marc knows where Chloe's office is. He does but he won't show her until he knows what's going on, and he looks at her yellow file which she's leaning on. Steph isn't letting on much though! Other than she's come up with a plan. Marc then tries the more direct approach asking what's in the envelope (oh, I thought it was a yellow wallet file thing!). Steph says it's things that will make Chloe realise that Steph isn't goldigging.
Chloe walks past and Steph turns round, telling Chloe she was just on her way to talk to her. Chloe says that she's very busy and keeps walking. Steph follows and assures Chloe she won't take up much of her time and that family comes first, doesn't it? Giving in, Chloe allows Steph to see her for 5 mintues and they walk off leaving Marc to watch them and take a very deep breath.
Lou's Place - pub
Steph gives Chloe the yellow file (which is apparently an enevelope!) and tells her to open it and have a look. Chloe does just that revealing a pre-nuptial agreement. Steph assures Chloe that she just wants Marc, even if he were penniless. She assures Chloe firmly that she loves Marc, when Chloe gives a disapproving look Steph tells her that she doesn't want money - not after seeing what it does to people.
Kennedy House
Susan is at the table and shouting to Karl that he should be picking up Harold and she wants a lift to her meeting on the way. Karl rushes through searching for his wallet and asking Susan if she's seen it. She replies that it is where he left it (I hate it when people say that!), beside his keys.
KARL: Ah, where would my keys be?
SUSAN: Oh! Coffee table!!
Karl gets side-tracked by Elly who is looking at an album on the sofa. He sits beside her and she says Susan said she could look at it. Karl point sout he looks like a baby and Susan appears behind them, looking over Elly's shoulder also at the album. They talk aobut a suit that Karl is wearing in the picture that was 100% nylon and polyester. Susan says she remembers it vividly. Elly asks if that was Christmas. Karl says it was, Christmas '88 or '89. Susan congratulates him on a good guess but it was '87 because you just have to look at Libby.
KARL: Look at me. All that hair! Aren't I cute?
Susan turns the conversation to her hair and how awful it was. Why didn't Karl tell her what a mistake it was? Aww, he says that she's always goregous to him. She calls him a smoothy and they both go and collect Harold and take Susan to the meeting. Before they go Elly asks if there's any in there of mum. Karl says that there should be and Susan says they won't be long and her and Karl both rush for the door. Leaving us, Elly and photo album. The camera cuts to the photo album and we watch as she flicks a page or two and come across a picture of what I think his her mum, Karl and Susan - but may be wrong (I can't tell, poor quality picture!).
Lou's Place - pub
Chloe and Steph are at the table still, discussing the pre-nuptial agreement. Chloe says it would never stand in a family court but Steph says that it was witness by a lawyer-friend. Chloe says she's signed hundreds of things and it can mean nothing. Steph interrupts her saying that her signature is her word and it is not meaningless to her. After Chloe gives Steph a look that words can not describe - it's like a smug smile-ish thing, Steph says she can always have a proper one drawn up. Chloe says she'll talk to her lawyers about how binding that one is. Steph gets irritated and stands up telling Chloe whatever happens she will marry Marc.
Coffee Shop
I love the background music here, so much so I got side-tracked and had to go and find the song. And then I spent this scene listening to it and it took me 3 times before I actually got onto working out what was going on! Anyway, on to the summary!
Flick and Marc are talking at the counter. Marc doesn't think Steph knows what she's in for and his mum is like an out of control bulldozer (well that's nice!) and things could get very ugly. The two of them take there coffees and sit down at a table. Flik says she would love to see that! Marc is worried that it's genetic and he's inherited the 'out-of-control bulldozer quality' (that make sme laugh!). Flik asks how many coffees has he had today and as long as him and Steph are in love that's all there is to it. He thanks her and she moves the conversation on to his day. It's a big day, you know. He forgot the corperate client inspection for all of 30 seconds and he thinks everything should be under control.
Bishop's House
Harold comes in with a stick and is wearing dark glasses. As he walks through form the back door to the kitchen he thinks it's very good to be home. Karl thinks hospitals are OK when you're sick but not when you're feeling better. Harold agrees. When Karl apologises for being late Harold jokes (and has to tell Karl it's a joke) that he had a very interesting conversation with a telegraph pole. I don't think Karl gets it because his laughter isn't too convincing. Karl takes off Harold glasses because they are 'out of the glare' and pulls Harold up a seat. Karl reminds Harold of the importance of rest. Harold knows! So, Karl make shis was to the fridgefreezer and just tells him that Lyn has stocked up Harold's fridge with food. Karl continues talking about having to only bung it in the microwave, whilst Harold is in the foreground of the camera looking very unimpressed and muttering to himself that Lyn shouldn't have done that. When Karl mentions the fridge is full as well, Harold groans. But Karl goes on to say she thinks it's Rosie to which Harold smiles "oh, really?!". Karl has finished at the fride/freezer and reminds Harold to phone him if he needs him. Karl thanks him and Karl makes his way to the door as Harold gets up to follow him but walks into the bench. Karl turns round immediately and asks him if he's alright. Harold jokes it off saying someone must have moved the bench and tells Karl that that's another joke.
KARL: Well why don't you humour me by sitting down?
Oh Karl, do you know how unfunny that is? Karl goes on to say that Lyn will be over to help soon. Harold nods and sits back down. Karl goes to leave.
Lou's Place - pub
We're round the back with Lou and Drew (haha, that rhymes!). Lou reaches for a folder and Drew tells him that everything is taken care of until he's better. Lou tells him he is better and at least he can do something rather thansitting around doing nothing at home. Drew tells him he could recooperate. Lou tells Drew that he didn't have to drive him down from teh hospital. Drew says it's a good thing he did for the sake of other motorists.
LOU: Who made you my mother?
I actually thought originally Drew was joking, but he seems a little wound up telling Lou that he can hardly move. Lou then down this weird kind of dance thing and asks Drew "What's this?". Drew doesn't think it's a coincidence that Lou discharged himself the same day as Harold. The two of them sit down at the desk. Lou asks what his point is and Drew says that he didn't want Harold to beat him home. Lou tells Drew that he stayed in hospital longer than he would have done just to keep Harold company and he could have been home days ago. He's a fast healer. Lou then gets up but "ohh's" in pain. When Drew asks, concerned, what is wrong, Lou asks hi mto take those to the car (I'm not sure what those are!).
Lassiters kitchen
Marc spots Steph and she asks him if he's busy. Marc says he is and how did it go? She sighs and Marc says she's still standing. Flik runs in and asks to talk to Marc. He says she can in a second, and continues talking to Steph. Flik looks a bit desperate and tells him that she needs to talk to him now. Marc looks at him. Flik says that she found Andy and he's drunk - therefore they're having a dinner with no chef.
Kennedy House
Susan and Karl are cooking. Susan is stirring things and Karl is chopping things. Susan wonders if Harold is coping. Karl isn't sure but his furniture is going to take some battering! Susan tells him off for joking and hopes that Harold isn't too proud to ask for help.
Elly wonders if children have the same blood groups as their parents, she needs to know for her biology assignment on inheritance and characteristics. Karl says that it depends and then goes into details about blood groups (eurgh! reminds me of biology and though square things about DNA!). So, Elly wonders if she is type O and her mum is type A her Dad must be...Karl says type O like him and 70% of the population. O stands for ordinary. There's a knock at the door and both Karl and Susan drop everything and go to it.
Drew and Libby walk in holding Ben. Karl thinks Ben has put on weight and goes all gooey. Susan asks Elly to set the talbe and Elly gets up in a rush, dropping something on the floor which Libby picks up, giving it to her. Libby sees it and comments that it's an old photo. Elly snatches it from her telling tehm she'll just put this stuff away. Libby wonders what's wrong with her. Karl says that she's doing a biology assignment and Libby looks like that explains everything.
Bishop's House
Lyn is looking at the oven and shouts through to Lou about how the temperatue works. Lou has no idea and thinks it s very kindof Lyn to make Harold a vagetarian casserole - he loves it. Lyn asks how Lou is in quite a serious voice. Lou replies chirpily that he's doing OK. Lyn doesn't think there is any need to be macho about it and how is he really. Lou says that he would never wish it on anyone. Lyn thinks him and Harold are a fine pair, but Lou thinks Harold has the worst of it. Lyn says she worries about him. Lou doesn't think Harold'll go hungry with all the food her and Rosie have brought over. Lyn changes the subject to Rosie - commenting how nice she is and single too. Lyn makes her way to the table where Lou is and sits down beside him, doing lots of hand actions as she speaks. She's clearly looking for gossip and says she doesn't mean to pry but she's quite a live wire and would have no trouble getting men. Lyn says shes allowed partners isn't she, and her lot. They continue talknig about Rosie, such as if she has kids, and how close Lou and Rosie are. Lou thinks him and her are just "casual friends".
LYN: (getting up from table and going back to kitchen) Right! Still, she's very nice isn't she?
LOU: So you keep saying!
And he leaves to check on Harold.
Kennedy House
Libby and Elly are unfolding the table cloth. Libby thinks it's amazing that it takes 3 adults to bath a baby. She moves the conversation onto the photo she picked up earlier, she wonders where Elly got it from. Elly says it's hers. Libby isn't convinced and says it looks like one of theirs. There's some silence and Libby reassures Elly that it's OK to have a photo of her mum. She asks Elly if she misses her. Elly admits she does and wants a more recent photo of her. Libby said she stopped coming to 'family do's' and so there arent many photos of her.
Scully house
Chloe knocks on the door and Steph answers. Chloe requests some time and Steph says that she has a very tight schedule. Chloe admits that she deserves that, but could she spare 5 minutes? Steph doesn't answer but steps aside form the door allowing Chloe to step in. Chloe hands her the envelope. Steph wonders if her lawyers checked it. Chloe responds by saying it seems legal. Steph gestures towards the sofa.
STEPH: Well, wonders never cease!
Chloe make sherself comfortable on the sofa, telling Steph that she doesn't blame her for being bitter and that it isn't money that is the issue. She goes on to say that Joe tried to 'procure Lambert contracts'. Steph says angrily that she knows what her dad offered them and it was 'mates rates'. Chloe adds that she knows *exactly* what that means. Steph gets angry making sure Chloe knows that it was Marc idea in the first place, she goes on to say that her dad...but we don't get to here what her dad did, because she walks towards the door, telling hloe - who is still on the sofa - to leave. Chloe stays put.
CHLOE: This isn't about you or your father. It's about Marc.
Lassiters kitchen
There are a lot of chefs rushing around as the camera comes to Flik and Marc. Marc is telling Flik what to do (putting the butter in boiling water). Flik thinks there's too much flower, but Marc says there would be because he had to multiply the recipe by 10. Marc is worried that this will be a complete disaster, but Flik doesn't think it will be. Fli kthinks everyone is doing very well, including the desert chef (that's Marc). Marc shouts to the chefs in the kitchen that if they get through this he'll give them all a bonus.
Scully House
Chloe is talking to Steph, who is still standing near the door while Chloe is on the sofa. Chloe thinks Marc is very fond of Steph.
STEPH: No, Marc loves me.
CHLOE: I know you believe that
STEPH: (laughs slightly) Because it's true.
Chloe thinks Marc is using Steph to get at her and John. Chloe thinks it's because he resent their authority and will go to any length to go against it. Steph shake sher head but firmly tells Chloe that she doesn't believe her. Chloe said she knew Steph wouldn't and she gets up from the sofa and walks towards Steph telling her that's why she's been trying to use other reasons. Steph thinks she's getting desperate, but Chloe assures her that she's being honest. Chloe leads Steph back to the sofa that she was on, asking her to think back to what Marc has done. Chloe asks her to think back to the proposal, it was a big surprise. Steph agrees that it was. Chloe explains that Marc is like a child who lashes out gestures to hurt her and John.
CHLOE: (sadly) I'm sorry you've been caught up in this, I really am.
Steph puts the envelope down on the table infront of her and runs her hands through her hair, tucking it behind her ears. Chloe says quietly that she realises how painful this must be for Steph and that she knows Marc more than Steph does. Chloe picks up the envelope and looks at Steph who is leaning on her hands, Chloe tells her it was never about money and for Steph's sake, she hopes Steph believes her. This leaves Steph looking sad and her hands clasped together to her mouth.
Bishop's House
Harold and Lou are walking form the kitchen to the table. Lou is giving him directions ("turn left, turn left!"), he tells Harold where the chair is and they both sit down at the table. Lou explains where the various things are on teh table and asks Harold if he's heard from Rosie lately. It turns out Harold has, she called in earlier. Lou wonders how she is. Harold says she's fine while putting his hand in some butter. Lou has to wipe it off.
Rosie shouts through that it is, well, Rosie. Speak of the devil, eh? And that's just what Lou said! Rosie has brought Harold some desert. Harold explains that Lou is keeping him company this evening and they are having a meal that she put in the fridge, he asks her if she wants to join them. She says she's busy and has brought him some fruit salad. Rosie goes to the kitchen to find a bowl to put the fruit salad into. She thinks they have a good system going. Lou says they are like a well oiled machine. Rosie (not so) cautiously brings up the subjec tof Lou moving in to Harold's to hlep them recooperate together. Both of them shake their heads and Lou doesn't think that'll work.
ROSIE: No, great idea Rosie. But we'd drive each other nuts?!
HAROLD: Totally insane really.
LOU: We'd end up killing each other.
They laugh about it and Rosie said that it was just a thought.
Kennedy House
Karl is pouring wine. Drew asks Susan when she's heading to a conference. Next week apparently. Karl thinks principals have more conferences than doctors. Karl wonders what on earth they could talk about.
SUSAN: This one is about exchange programs. Students unfortunately, not husbands!
Aww, I love Karl and Susan. Libby thinks Karl is going to miss her. Karl says he's guilty as charged and Susan laughs saying he'll probably only miss her cooking.
KARL: Darling, I'm going to miss all of you, not just your cooking.
SUSAN: Aww, that's very sweet.
KARL: Your washing and your ironing too!
Susan thinks it's funny how quickly you can go off someone and Karl pretends to cry and mumbles something that I can't hear. Susan thinks it's good practise for when he is a lonely old man, she also adds she's going to have a toyboy in her fifties.
Karl swiftly changes the subject, asking Libby how her magazine is going. Libby doesn' say much other than "Well, oh yeah, you know...". Susan tells her to control her enthusiasm (in the *exactly* same way she told Rachel to just recently about Garret!). Libby admits that whatever she's doing she feels guilty - when sh eworks on the magazine she should be spending time with Ben and vice versa. Drew thinks Libby should have said something. Libby shrugs it off saying that after the next issue she's going to take a step back and let someone else do more of the work. Libby tells them she's not admitting defeat and Susan adds that she's just looking at her proirities. All the way through this conversation we've seen shots of Elly looking a bit uncomfortable. Drew thinks it's excellent becau ehe'll see more of her. They look at each other and smile. We then see another shot of Elly, who smiles also.
Aww, that was my favourite scene of the episode. Lots of lovely Kennedy banter! Plus it felt very, just, awww, like family.
Lassiters kitchen
Marc walks through the kitchen of chefs who are cleaning up. He has announcement. They knocked their socks off! Everyone smiles and laughs a little. Marc says they can all go and get a drink form the bar (on him) and they can finish cleaning later. Flik is over the moon that they pulled it off. Marc puts his arm around Flik saying they more than did it, they were magnificent. He adds that they even scoffed down the desert (that Flik and him were making earlier). Flik is shocked. He turns to her and puts both his hands on her shoulders telling her it was the best chocolate sauce (something, triumph is it?) he's seen.
Steph walks into the kitchen. Steph says it looks like it went well, cheerfully. Marc says they killed them and Flick says she'll catch up with them both later. Marc and Steph kiss as Flick walks off. Marc asks Steph how her night was. She says it was alright. Marc is surprised that Chloe didn't eat her alive. Marc asks her if she wants to come to the bar for a knees up (where did that expression come from?!). She says she will.
Kennedy House
Elly is washing up in the foreground while Libby and Drew are folding up the table cloth behind her. Drew wonders how long Karl and Susan will be, because he wants to go and check on Lou. Libby thinks it's because he wants to get out of doing the dishes. He says he won't be long and heads for the door. Libby makes her way over to Elly with the tablecloth. Libby thinks that Elly was very quiet tonight. Elly asks 'was I?'. Libby picks up a teatowel and said she hardly heard a word from her at dinner.
LIBBY: There again, with this lot it is hard to get a word in edgeways!
That's because of all the Kennedy banter going on! Elly thinks it's cool that they can all poke fun at each other without getting angry. Libby laughs and says they all know which buttons to press if they really want to and they're just an ordinary family - warts and all. Elly wants to ask a question, but it's personal. Libby says its OK, and continues to dry a plate behind Elly near the work top, telling Elly that if she doesn't like it she'll tell her to mind her own business. Elly looks uncomfortable and says nothing.
LIBBY: What is it?
ELLY: Has Karl ever had an affair?
Cue dramatic music and Libby's face changing quickly.
LIBBY: Why would you ask that? [short pause] Have you heard some gossip?
ELLY: [shakes head] Well, has he?
Libby says quietly that it's none of her business and dries the plate more slowly. Elly apologises for making her upset, she didn't mean to. After some silence and Elly turning back to the dishes Libby speaks tells her that it was years ago and that Karl and Susan have put it behind them. Elly questions if it was only the one. Libby looks rather shocked at her and Elly apologises turning back to the dishes and Libby looks a bit angry and walks up to stand beside Elly, Elly turns to face her. Libby tells Elly if she ever uses it against Karl at all, that she'll have her to deal with (I don't like angry Libby!).
ELLY: I wouldn't do anything like that, promise.
Elly turns back to the washing up, and Libby goes back to drying, with an angry but hurt look on her face.
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Steph Scully, Marc Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3983
Steph Scully, Marc Lambert

Steph Scully, Marc Lambert, Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3983
Steph Scully, Marc Lambert, Chloe Lambert

Elly Conway, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3983
Elly Conway, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3983
Chloe Lambert

Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3983
Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully

Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3983
Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3983
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Lyn Scully, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3983
Lyn Scully, Lou Carpenter

Steph Scully, Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3983
Steph Scully, Chloe Lambert

Chloe Lambert, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3983
Chloe Lambert, Steph Scully

Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3983
Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 3983
Susan Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3983
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3983
Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully

Elly Conway, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3983
Elly Conway, Libby Kennedy

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