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Neighbours Episode 3960 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3960
Australian airdate: 15/03/02
UK airdate: 15/04/02
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Rosie Hoyland: Maggie Millar
Dale Walker: Vip Insyxiengmay
Simon Shulman: Robert Low
- "We Think Its Love" by Leah Haywood
Summary/Images by: Colin/Karen (Katie)
Steph going away with Marc
Drew and Dione finding Stu sleeping in the garage
Drew's flat
Stu tells Dione/Drew that he was embarrassed to say he was homeless, Stu says his other place just didn't work out. Drew tells him he can stay at theirs. Drew wants to go to bed and says he will talk about it in morning.
Next morning at Drew's
Libby is in the shower, Stu thanks Drew for the breakfast and Drew says that Libby is fine with him staying, in fact they both are. Drew asks Stu why he was in the garage, Stu says his other place was a "rathole" and was saving up for a bond because places are so expensive. Stu says he didn't want to worry Libby and Drew who says that he can stay until he finds his own place, Stu thanks him
The Coffee Shop
Leo comes in and sees a friend who tells him that the finals are in Adelaide in 2 weeks, if they win they could go to Germany; Leo says his parents will be OK about it
Number 30
Stu apologises to Dione for the night before, he thinks he has blown his chances, Dione tells him to tell the truth. Stu agrees there is more to it; he says he likes Erinsborough so Dione asks "Who was she?" Stu admits a girl was involved, Dione asks Stu to trust her. Stu says he had to get away after breaking up with a girl, Dione think is extreme to run away, she wants him to tell her the truth as she doesn't want to waste her time, Stu offers his life story, and Dione says she doesn't want games
Lou's Place
Darcy arrives for lunch and overhears a guy talking about a company's share rising. They leave and Darcy asks Lou if he was giving inside information, Lou says he was a semi-regular, his name is Simon, Lou won't introduce Darcy to him as he doesn't want him hassled. Darcy tries to persuade Lou, he asks him for tips and Lou tells him to try some food
Number 30
Dione tells Stu she understands as she has been in the same situation; Stu tells her that he caught Tracy and Rick together the night before the wedding. Stu says he was confused and angry and thought he had been conned, Rick was a mate by the way. Stu needs money to pay off the wedding bills, Dione says to ask her or her parents; Stu says no-one knows because he was embarrassed. Dione says Tracy is to blame and we discover that she doesn't know where Stu is. Dione says to call Tracy, Stu says he can't and Dione tells him to prove that he is stronger than her.
Lou's Place
Darcy is telling Lou that they can make money, Lou values customer loyalty and doesn't want to risk it. Rosie walks in and recognises Lou as Ben's godfather, Rosie asks for some wine; Lou is surprised because of her job. They have a little joke; Rosie is impressed with the wine list
Emily has painted on the carpet and Evan's papers; Evan gives her scrap paper and sends her outside. Leo hassles a busy Evan into agreeing to the Adelaide trip.
The Garage
Joe asks Drew if it is going well with Libby, Drew says it is OK. Steph arrives and says Hong Kong was great, the markets were good and it was wild. She didn't think she would end up with someone like Marc. Drew gives Joe the bill, Steph says it was perfect, when Marc was in meetings she had a tour guide but Steph says it wasn't about the money because Marc put her first.
The Coffee Shop
Dione is telling Drew she is happy for Steph, They start talking about Stu, Dione tells him the fiancé story, she says Stu is broke. Drew wonders why bad things happen to good people.
Also Leo says the finals will be awesome and his parents are OK to his friend.
Lou's Place
The same guy is talking shares again; Darcy walks in and starts talking to Lou. Darcy guesses Lou was eavesdropping so Darcy wonders how they will split the profits.
Number 32
Evan and Leo are arguing, Evan says he can't afford the Adelaide trip, Leo says it is just an excuse, Evan says Leo is too young, Emily offers to go with him! Leo begs Evan but he isn't budging, Leo says he will ask his mum because his Dad is stuffy. Evans warns Leo not to disappear.
Lou's Place
Lou tells Darcy he won't ask as a spy; Darcy is telling him how much money he could make, Lou keeps saying no. Lou says he could do it on his own but he won't. Drew and Stu are playing pool, Drew is reassuring Stu about Tracy, he gives Stu a key for the flat. Drew leaves and Stu tells Dione that he feels guilty. Dione tells Stu to look at the positives and move on. She wants Stu to call his parents, Dione tells him to be open and honest.
Joe and Steph are walking along, Joe wants to know all bout Marc. Joe asks if he could be the "new Drew" Steph says he could be. Leo is dancing and Joe sees Evan watching, we discover that Leo is begging for money to fund the trip, Evan storms over and tells Leo that the answer is "no", Leo says he just wanted to make some money, Evan sends Leo home.
Lou's Place
Lou wants the deal with Darcy to be 50:50 or 60:40, Lou says if Darcy can prove he has the money he might consider it. Darcy leaves and Rosie comes in and tells Lou the wine was corked, Lou says sorry, they flirt a little.
Number 30
Stu and Dione come in, they are laughing, Stu makes a joke of Dione's pool playing skills, Dione asks what she is doing wrong, and Stu gives her some tips and holds her as he does these, she turns round looks into his eyes and they kiss.
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Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 3960
Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk, Stuart Parker

Dale Walker, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3960
Dale Walker, Leo Hancock

Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker, Bob in Neighbours Episode 3960
Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker, Bob

Simon Shulman, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3960
Simon Shulman, Lou Carpenter

Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 3960
Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker

Darcy Tyler, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3960
Darcy Tyler, Lou Carpenter

Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3960
Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3960
Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock

Joe Scully, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3960
Joe Scully, Drew Kirk

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3960
Steph Scully

Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3960
Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock

Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 3960
Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk, Stuart Parker

Joe Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3960
Joe Scully, Steph Scully

Joe Scully, Steph Scully, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3960
Joe Scully, Steph Scully, Evan Hancock

Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3960
Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss

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