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Neighbours Episode 3959 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3959
Australian airdate: 14/03/02
UK airdate: 12/04/02
UK Gold: 27/4/06
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Terri Hall: Robyn Charlesworth
Pat Scully: Gerard Kennedy
- "Buggin Me" by Selwyn
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "What Now My Friend" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Karen (Katie)
Joe surprising everyone by announcing that his dad is coming.
Libby getting the brush off from her new neighbour.
Drew and Libby's place
Libby rushes in to tell Drew about their new neighbour and says she wasn't what she was expecting - she looked very tarty and Drew remarks they must be talking about a different person.
The Coffee Shop
Drew chats with Stu about the christening when Evan and Emily arrive. She asks the guys if they can fix the fairy wings she is wearing as they are broken. After a bit of whining from Emily, Stu gives in and says they'll fix the wings using magic fairy dust at the garage tomorrow.
Lou's Place
Joe gets straight to the point and asks his dad what his plans are and when Pat isn't forthcoming, Joe says that he can stay one night only. Pat asks if that is what the rest of the family want and is firmly told that it is between them and not the others.
Drew and Libby's place
Drew gets into bed and annoys Libby by reading over his shoulder. He asks if she is finished because he has other ideas on his mind bar sleep but Libby knocks his nocturnal advances down as she just wants some time to herself.
Drew fixes Emily's wings and lends him her magic wand (with one wish only) for the day and he jokingly says he'll turn Chooka into a frog which quickly gets Stu's attention from under the car he is working on to remind Drew that it is Stuart now! As they leave, Drew asks Evan for his opinion of Terri their neighbour and asks if she is dressed tartly like Libby claimed as she leaves Grease Monkey's. Evan says she is dressed okay, which confirms what Drew thought all along.
The Coffee Shop
Stu sneaks up on Dione as she is enjoying the peace and quiet reading her horoscope. They discuss their respective star signs (Dione Aries and he a Scorpio like me) before he plucks up the courage to ask her out to dinner that evening.
Drew and Libby's place
Lib lets Dione in and she quickly tells Libby about Stu inviting her out but adds that she is going to keep him hanging on before agreeing to the date. Dee still thinks he is suss but Libby says he is just a straight up country boy afterall she is an expert on boys from Oakey. She gives Dione a tip - have the dinner at his place.
The Coffee Shop
Drew comes in to ask Joe for some advice - how long after the birth of Steph was it before they resumed their nocturnal activities. Drew is a bit embarrassed at talking about it but Joe gives him some advice starting with no pressure! Then to let Libby make the first move even if it is hard (which Drew agrees on!) and hopefully in time things will come good!
No. 26
Pat is looking at pics of the family and is impressed at what he sees. He sadly remarks that he hasn't got any pics of his boys when they are young before asking Lyn if Joe talks about what happened in the old days. Lyn replies no, he keeps it to himself. Pat says they had a tough life then and he is proud of Joe for what he has achieved. Lyn comments that she doesn't think Joe knows Pat feels about him and suggests the two of them should chat. Pat says that Joe is stubborn but he adds that he is hoping that after this trip things will improve between them.
Dee calls round looking for Stu and Drew shouts on him before making himself scarce. Stu suggests the head to Lanzini's for supper but Dione suggest something more intimate - pizza and videos at his place. Stu sadly says that his VCR is broken so she the suggests pizza and beer which Stu goes along with and will call by to pick her up when she asks what the address is.
Drew creeps back out of his hiding hole to tease Stu about his forthcoming date with Dione. Stu says his place is dirty and how can he take Dione back to that, so Drew tells him the obvious - tidy the place up!
Terri's flat
Libby does the neighbourly thing and introduces herself and Ben to Terri before hading over some muffins. Terri isn't letting Libby into her flat and is obviously trying to get rid of her, so she tells Lib that she has to go as she isn't dressed for visitors and is busy before closing the door on Libby. Libby's suspicions are immediately raised.
No. 30
Stu arrives to pick Dione up but as she goes to get her bag, excitedly looking forward to the date, Stu gives her the bad news - the date is off he's got to work all night as Drew has to get home. Dee says she'll have words with Drew but is surprised at this sudden work given there was no mention of it earlier when she spoke to Libby. She the says to him that if he didn't want to go out then he just had to say something and he quickly says he is interested and suggests going to the movies tomorrow night instead.
Drew and Libby's place
Drew arrives home to a quiet house and asks after Ben. Libby mentions her trip to see Terri and both have conflicting stories of her attire so Drew says he's going to invite her to dinner to sort it out once and for all. Lib isn't exactly for it and asks Drew if he finds her attractive. He firmly says she has nothing to worry about as a call from Dione interrupts their chat. Dee has obviously mentioned to Drew about Stu having to work late and he replies that this is the first he's heard of it.
No. 26
Lyn remarks to Joe that she thinks Pat is a nice old man who just wants to make peace, which Joe interprets as his dad wanting to have a pot-shot at him, which in turns has Lyn accusing him of being insensitive. Joe asks her what should he do then and Lyn suggest letting Pat stay which goes down like a lead balloon with Joe. She wonders where Joe's resentment comes form but Joe clams up over what it is but Lyn adds that if he lets Pat walk away this time then there may not be another chance to make it up. This seems to have got through to Joe as be begrudgingly tells Lyn he'll talk to his dad...but he isn't making any promises.
Ramsay Street
Pat carries his belongings down the driveway and tells Joe he is going to head back north wishing things had been different with him and his brother. They talk about the old days and Pat remarks that he turned out all right. "In spite of everything," adds Joe before Pat heads off down the street. After a few seconds, Joe tells his dad to stop and says he can stay longer because Lyn wants him to. Pat thanks him and says he won't regret it as they head back into the house.
Drew and Dione arrive at the garage and it is all locked up. They unlock it and enter to hear someone snoring and find Stu asleep on the garage floor.
<<3958 - 3960>>
Libby Kennedy, Terri Hall in Neighbours Episode 3959
Libby Kennedy, Terri Hall

Emily Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3959
Emily Hancock, Evan Hancock

Stuart Parker, Emily Hancock, Evan Hancock, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3959
Stuart Parker, Emily Hancock, Evan Hancock, Drew Kirk

Pat Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3959
Pat Scully, Joe Scully

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3959
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Emily Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3959
Drew Kirk, Emily Hancock, Evan Hancock

Drew Kirk, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3959
Drew Kirk, Joe Scully

Lyn Scully, Pat Scully in Neighbours Episode 3959
Lyn Scully, Pat Scully

Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3959
Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk

Terri Hall in Neighbours Episode 3959
Terri Hall

Libby Kennedy, Terri Hall in Neighbours Episode 3959
Libby Kennedy, Terri Hall

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3959
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Pat Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3959
Pat Scully, Joe Scully

Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3959
Dee Bliss, Drew Kirk

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 3959
Stuart Parker

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