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Neighbours Episode 3931 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3931
Australian airdate: 04/02/02
UK airdate: 01/03/02
Writer: John Davies
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Archie Whitehead: Jeffrey Booth
Peta Moore: Lorraine Kindler
Summary/Images by: James
- Toadie says he though the film was a romantic comedy, Jodie says he can call it that if he wants, and thanks the investors for investing in an adult film.
- Matt tells Flick if she can make Populare Grappa saleable she will be in line in a noble prize in PR. Steph says she will never convince people that Populare Grappa is palatable.
The street
A car pulls up playing loud music which Flick walks up to, the driver is Matt who likes the music. She is doing the PR thing: she has done a press release, posters and wants help with flyer drop, he does not want to help as he is setting up his new radio.
The square
Toadie is complaining that his mum invested into the film and he is a dead man, Tim says wait until they get their first checks, Toadie says he will be dead first. Tim says article placements are announced tomorrow and he needs to change his attitude.
Darcy arrives and greets Tim, and they discuss golf, Tim says they should play soon, Darcy invites Toadie to play which Tim replies Mr Rebecchi plays an interesting game. Darcy says he was not expecting the film to be a blue move. Tim tells him he is full of it, which Darcy replies that artistic integrity is important.
Dee offers Libby a new pillow. Libby says breast-feeding kills but Dee says she is doing well, Libby says it always looks so gentle. Dee asks about a name? Libby says he has a wise face maybe a wise name.
Stuart knocks and walks in then apologizes to Libby for walking in, which Dee says is the most natural thing on earth, he has brought a gift for Libby, it is a baby sitting voucher, so if they want the night off he will baby sit. Drew says they better get back to work, as Stuart tries to chat up Dee.
After they leave Dee looks puzzled and Libby explains Oakie.
The street
A blue car arrives.
No 26
Flick is impressed with her project, but Matt is more interested in his new stereo, she goes to see what the noise is, she says some moron is revving their engine outside, Matt says it's a blue Cobra, Flick does not know, Matt says it is a challenge to drag, Flick says like race. Matt says ironically he doesn't dress up in womens' clothing! Flick wants Matt to teach her to drive so she might become a petrol head and as entertaining to spend the afternoon with, he agrees.
Coffee shop
Lou asks how Drew is keeping Stuart with the work load, Stuart says it is ok but Drew keeps breathing down his neck, Lou says that he thought with Chooka he could spend more time with Libby and the little nameless one, Stuart agrees, Drew says the bills keep coming which Lou agrees with before suggesting some baby names like Luke or Peter or John or Methulusa.
Harold finishes on the phone, and walks to says he is mortified and Father Falconer visited the film set and say them filming a fantasy porn scene, which Lou laughs at but Harold does not find it funny as he has a reputation to uphold.
Libby says that they should run a competition. Drew and Libby both adore the baby, Libby cannot believe she helped make him. Drew snared some extra work, but Libby says not to over do it, and not to let Scotty to get away with the money.
Stuart walks in with some drinks, and says they are free, Libby asks if he is sick of sleeping on her couch yet, as she tries to make him feel like he should move out.
Matt is telling Flick the hardest part about driving is co-ordinating everything at once, she wants to drive.
Matt gets challenged to a drag race, which he does not manage to race as he stalls.
No 30
Toadie is eating and spills food on his tie, he is going to a cocktail party and wants Dee to come as he would like to have a cute blond on his arm, Dee thinks this is sexist, he thinks she is making too much out of it, she says he has become a suit.
The Pub
Lou says a complimentary drink with every bottle of Grapa sold, Flick says thank you, Matt is depressed but will not say why before leaving.
Stuart offers Flick some driving lessons, but she is not impressed.
Coffee shop
Lou arrives and Harold asks him to explain to his friends how they have invested in an adult movie.
Matt parks and explains it is like colouring in, you just have to stay between the lines.
Flick says she wants to try, but Matt says no as she is not safe, she says drag racing is not safe then they argue over drag racing ending with Flick walking off and Matt calling after her.
Cocktail Party
Toadie is making small talk when Dee arrives, he is happy she came, he offers her a drink but a beer is not OK, Tim arrives and compliments Dee by saying she fills out her dress very well, Toadie leaves to meet some people.
Toadie comes back and comes back and says sorry for Tim, she says does he really want to be like this, he says four years of study would indicate yes, but not like a Tim Collins clone to get ahead. Toadie says it is not the best place but it his chance a professional break, the only one he has. Dee says it not his last chance, Toadie says he does not like Tim and sucking up to him but he hopes he is close to his articles and wants to fit into his profession, she says he is better.
Coffee Shop
Lou is trying to convince a large group of Harold's friends that it is a fun film and all ok, he says an artist should feel free to explore all expression, and who are they to say what is and what is not art, and they will get their money back, he is also sorry that he had not checked the proposal enough and is very sorry.
Cocktail party
Toadie greets people and is thanked for all of is work, he also likes Dee.
Toadie asks why Tim does not give up law as you can only bribe desperate interns for so long to cover up his mistakes, and toasts to the firm and to express his gratitude to watch the rich and powerful at work and play, Tim Collins said tread the Coghill case, and it was the wrong case, and Toadie took the blame, and then the Brian Hold insurance collapse that cost his friends so much, but not the friends of Stuart whitehead and Moor, when Toadie tried to do the same Tim said he would have to cover up some fundamental mistakes he made on a case, and he took the blame again. But his finest hour came when Tim got him to find investors in an adult film, and he still took the blame. He leaves them to take Dee shopping for socks.
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