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Neighbours Episode 3855 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3855
Australian airdate: 14/09/2001
UK airdate: 01/11/2001
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)/Jamie
In Lou's pub Darcy questions Victor about what he told Dee about the practice.
At Karl's surgery Lou insists that Karl does the test to prove he is Louise's father.
Outside Karl's surgery
Lou storms out of Karl's surgery with Karl following him. Lou insists that if Karl won't help he will go elsewhere. Karl wants Lou to think the implications of the test through, Lou is not only a patient but a friend. He wants Lou seek professional help and see a counsellor, and feels that the ratifications for Lou could be disastrous. Lou agrees that they could be for John Allen, he knows he is Louise's father. Karl firmlyargues the reasons for caution for taking the test. Lou finally agrees against seeing another doctor or taking the test for the moment.
Outside the Coffee Shop
As Dee walks of the coffee shop, she sees Darcy and tries to avoid him. But Darcy calls after her and accuses Dee of playing Ice queen today, he is fed up with all the games she plays and wishes she would grow up. Dee is insulted and wants to know what business it is of Darcy. Darcy says it is his concern when it affects a good friend of his, Victor and Dee seeing Victor obviously just attempt to make him jealousy. Dee retaliates that had it might not occurred to Darcy that Victor and her might like each other. Darcy dismisses this as it is obvious that Dee still has strong feelings for him. Dee agrees yes she does, that of complete and utter loathing! Darcy wants Dee to back off Victor is a decent bloke and doesn't deserve to be he treated this way. Dee replies that Darcy is just worried what Victor might let slip about the partnership deal. Darcy says childishly that he is scared, but walks away looking worried.
No 30
Dee is telling Toadie and Joel about her conversation with Darcy, but that Darcy knew she was buffing. Toadie suggests that maybe there is no partnership deal. but Dee insists that Darcy is up to something. Toadie and Joel wonder what kind of partnership deal it would be for a small time doctor surgery. They feel that Dee should move on and forget about it. Dee contemplates talking to Tess about Darcy. Toadie feels she wouldn't believe her. Dee thinks it would be worthwhile depending on what dirt could dig up on Darcy.
Lou's Pub
Lou is in the office looking a t a picture of Louise. In is looking very thoughtful at it and worried.
Maggie and Drew are having a drink, when Libby arrives and tells them that Toadie is working for the opposition and about the rumours of staff changes at work. Drew dismisses that rumours as just that - rumours. Libby says that they pale into insignificance compared with going up against the most prestigious law firm in town. Drew is surprised that they are calling in the big guns over a conciliation meeting. Maggie agrees that you don't, she thinks the paper is shaping up for a court battle and suggests that they get together to go over some of the details.
Karl surgery
As Tess arrives at the surgery, Darcy is on the phone discussing the deal with Victor. Tess is surprised that Victor is going to be the new partner. Darcy says he is a great guy with lots of ideas and he is sure the Karl will readily agree to the partnership. Tess isn't so sure as it took Karl a long time to agree to Darcy being a partner. Darcy changes the subject by asking how the wedding plans are going. Tess gets very despondent and says that people aren't exactly falling over them selves to come. Darcy comfort her and says that as long as there are the two of them who else do they need.
Front Door of No 30
Libby is talking to Toadie at the front door, she says that she always felt like him as a brother, she trusted him and his principles but now feels betrayed by him. Toadie is a little confused and doesn't know what he has done wrong. Libby continues her attack by telling him he is working for "Stuart Whitehead and Moore" Toadie reminds Libby that he won his summer internship and his articles year with them which is brilliant. Libby argues that those companies ride in the back pockets of big business against defenceless employees. Also that they have been employed to crush her as she had the audacity to fall pregnant and to fight being discriminated against. She thought better of him.
As Toadie goes back inside the house he says to Joel he had no idea that his firm was representing the Chronicle. But doing his articles they is a big deal. Joel reminds Toadie that lawyers are lawyers and he is going to get cases he doesn't agree with. Toadie agrees he says the funny thing is that he always though of himself as the good guy.
No 28 - Kennedys House
Susan talking to Maggie and Drew she says that they should have taken out of court settlement. Maggie does want to take sides suggests that they just now plan the next step forward. Libby arrives and asks if Susan has heard about Toadie. Maggie feels that they shouldn't be so hard on Toadie, Libby looks a little uncomfortable. Susan feels that they should concentrate on whether they have a case.
Karl's Surgery
Karl is taking a picture of Lou, and asks Lou is he absolutely certain about this. Lou says he has never been more certain of anything in his life. Karl talks to Lou again about seeing a councillor and the implications of taking the test, But Lou is insistent and the test will prove that the is Louise's father. Very reluctantly Karl agrees to do test and Lou calls Louise into Karl's office. Karl explains that he will take a swab and the medical procedure to extract the DNA. Louise doesn't want to test done but Karl bribes her with sweets from sweetie jar. Louise then agrees says "open wide just like Daddy did" Lou looks very tearful at the significant of her words.
No 30
Toadie is whinging to Joel and Dee about everyone raining on his parade, he will be working for the biggest and best law firm in town. Dee questions whether it is the best or the most successful. Toadie feels it is one and the same thing. Dee says they are happy for him just that she can understand how Libby feels. Toadie explains that job of a lawyer is to represent people under the law and if it wasn't his law firm representing the Chronicle it would be some other law firm. Dee comments that if Toadie expects Libby to put aside her feelings and carry on as if nothing had happened then he was very naive.
No 28 - Kennedys
The atmosphere at No 28 is tense as Karl expresses his feelings about the pending court case and the lawyers fees. Drew isn't sure where they are going to get the money from. Karl continues to vent his feelings by saying that maybe they should have got professional advice before now. Libby feels this is unfair to Maggie, who has made all the options very clear to them. Karl says he feels that they should be stressing about Libby and Drews first mortgage and not worrying about lawyer's fees. Maggie gets up and rushes to the door making an excuse about putting the children to bed.
Libby feels that Karl has insulted Maggie who has only been trying to help them. Susan thinks that the whole situation could have been easily resolved. Libby is dismayed at this, she wants to know how, by swallowing her pride and her principles? It is their fault for bringing her up that way.
Coffee Shop
Drew bumps into Lou and Louise in the coffee Shop, Louise lets slip that she has been to Karl's for a test. Drew is very concerned and wants to know if anything is wrong. Lou quickly brushes his concern aside.
Karl's Surgery
Darcy is pacing up and down, as Karl arrives Darcy immediately pounces on him and pitches his idea for the partnership bring Victor in as a partner. Karl is not convinced and feels any locum could have done as much as Victor. Darcy is not going to give up the argument so easily, he lists all the areas that Victor has expertise in. Karl dismisses Darcy's argument, he appreciates what an asset Victor is and their enthusiasm, but he feels that it could be years before the practice would know if a third partner would be of benefit. Darcy feels that if Karl can see what an asset Victor would be so would others and he will be snapped up. Karl feels that that is just a risk they will have to take.
No 28 - Kennedy House
Susan opens the door to Toadie, who immediately he launches into how he didn't take his internship to spite Libby and that he is actually one of the good guys. He wants Susan to talk to Libby and make her understand that. Susan agrees to talk to Libby. Toadie then offers to help with any research and general advice.
Susan mentions that if Toadie is so willing to help then he should have a chat to Tad about pitfalls of drinking. Toadie should have told her the minute he knew that the alcohol was missing he must have known it was Tad. Toadie looks guilty and admits that he suspect it was not he had no proof. And even if he was sure how was he going to reach her at wherever she was in the country. Susan sarcastically mentions a new communication device called the mobile phone. Toadie says that he didn't think it was that important. And he can't remember being appointed Tad's minder or the police force for that matter. Susan agrees to that point. Toadie goes on to say that only Tad could turn a half a bottle of alcohol into such a life threatening situation. Susan laughs and agrees and remarks that some of Toadie early adventures would challenge Tad's. Toadie says that it will take a long time to live some of those down. Susan replies that Toadie has come a long way and the world is a lot safer place for it.
Karl surgery
Darcy continues to put pressure on Karl about Victor becoming and partner by handing Karla business proposal. Karl feels at this stage it wouldn't be fair to bring anyone into the surgery at this stage. He barely knows Victor. Darcy replies that Karl took him on. Karl reminds Darcy that he is family and that was a big consideration. Darcy argues that the surgery is surrounded by super clinics and they have to do something to counter that they are going to go under. Karl dismisses this as rather dramatic. Darcy starts to get angry and comments that he has sweated his guts out to get the surgery out of the dark ages. Karl feels this is unfair, he took a financial risk taking Darcy on. Darcy feels it has been win win for Karl all along the way. At no time has Karl given him any of the credit for what he has done or even given his proposal a fair consideration. Karl feels he has given his proposal all the consideration it warrants. Darcy angrily feels that if Karl wants to see the practice die he is going the right way about it.
Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan are discussing the proposal in the coffee shop. Karl thinks that having a third partner might be a good idea but it is too early to tell yet.
Karl goes to get another coffee from the counter and bumps into Dee. Dee asks him if he intends to leave the practice. Karl denies it and asks why. Dee dismisses the idea and leaves.
Libby arrives and tells Susan about her day, she has been writing up the footy scores for the under 18s and this afternoon she has to write an article on a floor mop! She is far from impressed! Susan is supportive to her plight.
No 30
Dee is wondering again what Darcy is up to and tells Toadie and Joel that Karl had denied leaving the surgery. But Victor seemed so straight about it, whereas she wouldn't trust Darcy. Joel thinks they should call his ex-girlfriend Alice. If anyone has any dirt on Darcy it would be her. Dee thinks it is a great idea but Toadie disagrees saying it is a very bad idea and takes the phone off of Dee
Lou's Pub
Lou is working in the office as the phone rings, it is John Allan on the phone asking if Lou has got his letter. Lou is sarcastic about the fact that John Allan is losing sleep over the situation over Louise. Lou says he's heart bleeds for him. Lou doesn't know what he has to gain from sending him a letter like that, but it is going to blow up in his face, because he is a lair! Lou then slams down the phone and looks very angry.
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Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3855
Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3855
Dee Bliss

Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3855
Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss

Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3855
Maggie Hancock

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3855
Libby Kennedy

Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3855
Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3855
Libby Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3855
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3855
Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy

Dee Bliss, Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3855
Dee Bliss, Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi

Drew Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3855
Drew Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Darcy Tyler, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3855
Darcy Tyler, Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3855
Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3855
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3855
Lou Carpenter

<<3854 - 3856>>
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