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Neighbours Episode 3818 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3818
Australian airdate: 25/07/01
UK airdate: 11/09/01
UK Gold: 19/01/06
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Linda O'Donahue: Christine Earle
Tracey Fisher: Jodie Flockhart
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Karen (Katie)
Darcy trying to persuade Karl about the benefits of setting up their own version of a super clinic.
Susan telling Maggie and Evan that a social worker has arrived to see them.
No. 32
The social worker (Linda O'Donahue) introduces herself to Maggie and Evan and says she is there to do an assessment. Evan thinks there must be a mistake and Maggie wants to know what they've been accused of as Susan lets herself out. Linda replies that her visit is standard procedure due to things that arose when Emily went missing - basically she's there to make sure the kids are safe. Maggie is stunned to hear this and quickly says that the kids are safe.
Karl comes through to tell Darcy he is leaving early because Libby is getting out of hospital. Darcy takes the opportunity to ask if he's thought about his proposal about the 'Super clinic' and politely Karl says no - he was concentrating on his current patients. Darcy doesn't let up and Karl says he'll think about it before he leaves.
No. 32
Leo and Emily have now arrived and Evan points out to Linda that the kids look fine. She however would prefer if the kids weren't there, which Maggie agrees with and sends them out to play, even if they'd rather be present. As they leave, Leo asks if the phone has been reconnected yet, and Maggie says it did yesterday.
Finally, Linda explains to them the reasons why she's been called in - there is concern about the emotional and financial wellbeing of the kids. Maggie points out that all kids run away at some point - they just report it quickly instead of waiting to see what might happen. Linda asks what their finances are like and Maggie takes the huff of some of her insinuations. Just as Linda tells them what the police reported (Emily being scared of her family and that they hated her) Matt literally bursts in through the door to show off his Elvis routine. Maggie and Evan look like they want him to quickly disappear through a hole in the floor but Linda seems quite amused by it all.
Drew and Libby's place
Libby arrives home, glad to be there although Drew still thinks she should be in the hospital. He tells her that he's going to watch over her like a hawk and may regret not being in hospital. Karl arrives and Libby tells him that she knows why he is there (to read the riot act) and reassures him that she is fine to be home.
No. 30
Dee and Steph hover on the doorstep unsure if it is safe to enter in case Sheena is still there. Finally they enter to find just Toadie sitting in the kitchen having a cuppa. He tells them that Sheena just left and the ladies want details. Toadie remains quiet though saying it is between him and Sheena.
Ramsay Street
Darcy tells Susan to relax about Libby as they finish vacuuming the car. Talk gets round to how things are going at the surgery and Darcy takes the chance to mention that he proposed going into partnership with Karl at the surgery. Susan thinks it is a great idea but Darcy says that Karl is being cautious about it due to the cost factor. He then tells Susan that if things don't go well with Karl then he is off, so Susan says she'll have a word with Karl.
No. 32
Linda gives them the all-clear as far as their finances go but mentions she'll give them the name of a financial counsellor to help prevent getting into trouble in the future. Next up is their emotional side - she wants to talk to the kids but it is a big no-no to that idea from Maggie and Evan. They reach an agreement to get things over and done with, that an adult other than them can be present during the talk and since Susan knows what the score is, Maggie goes to phone her. Neither Maggie nor Evan look happy though.
No. 32
Susan arrives and they head into the livingroom leaving Maggie and Evan in the kitchen. They hug each other for comfort and support.
No. 30
Dee asks Toadie if he's seeing Sheena tonight but he says no as she is working tonight. Steph suggests that they have some sort of indication as to when it is safe to enter the house in case any of them are *busy*, suggesting a thumb's up/thumb's down system. Toadie tells her that the scheme won't be necessary tonight as Sheena is working and instead invites Steph to the pub.
No. 32
Linda and Susan come back to the kitchen and she tells them that the interview went well and they have nothing to worry about. Evan and Maggie aren't exactly jumping for joy, so Linda explains that she is in a catch-22 situation trying to keep the authorities and parents onside. Evan escorts Linda out and Maggie thanks Susan for helping. Susan hands over a tape of the interview as Evan comes back in and can sympathise with Linda over the position she was in, having experience it herself with the education department. Susan says farewell and Evan wonders how he'll manage to look Susan in the face in future but Maggie assures him things will settle down in a couple of weeks.
Drew and Libby's place
Leaving Susan and Libby to their chat in the bedroom, Karl gives Drew a chat on the do's and don'ts as far as Libby goes even though Drew feels like he's heard them a 1000 times already. Finally Drew reminds him he's as concerned about Libby as Karl is. Karl and Susan decide it is time to leave but not before Karl tells Libby to behave!
Libby mentions to Drew about what happened with the Hancock's and Libby wants to write an article about it for the paper. As she gets out of bed to write it, Drew wishes she wouldn't and just go back to bed.
Lou's Place
Karl and Susan arrive talking about Darcy wanting to go into partnership with Karl. They continue to chat as Steph and Toadie walk in and a lady from the corner wolf-whistles at him. Steph asks if they are admirers and he replies that they are Dee's colleagues from work but hasn't got a clue why they wolf-whistled him.
While getting the beer, Toadie asks Steph how things are going without Woody. She says she misses him but hasn't got much choice but to get used to it before asking Toadie to change the subject. Toadie does...to UFO's and tells a puzzle Steph that he got a postcard from Lance and Allana and that things are going well in the States. Steph asks if he misses Lance as a housemate and he replies yes and that things were less complicated them too. They talk about Flick and Toadie points out that she just needs to grow up a bit.
As they chat, the woman who wolf-whistled earlier comes up to the bar and asks if he is Toadie. Toadie confirms that he is indeed Toadie and she returns to her table where her entourage giggle. Steph wants to know what that was about and Toadie replies that he has no idea and that he doesn't like it.
No. 32
Emily and Leo want to know what their chat with Linda was about. Maggie tries to explain in layman's terms and Leo pipes up and asks if the authorities thought he and Emily were from an abused family. Maggie quickly says no and Evan says they should drop the subject since they got 9.5/10.
Matt re-enacts his bursting through the door scene from earlier to ask everyone their opinion about his Elvis routine. He gives a demonstration of it and Emily loves it whilst the rest give him luke-warm opinions.
Drew and Libby's place
Drew makes himself a hot drink before going to bed. He gets into bed and tells Libby to go back to sleep when she wakes up.
No. 26 (early next day)
Steph is on the phone to Woody. Tearfully she tells him she misses him and that she loves him before hanging up.
No. 30
Dee arrives home from work and 'looks' at Toadie. He is a bit freaked out by this and asks if she saw Sheena. Dee replies that she couldn't keep the smile off her face - with good reason apparently! Toadie wants to know what is being said about him and she replies that he is being spoken about only in the nicest possible way. He still wants to know what exactly has been said.
DEE: No time for now tiger. I think I need a cold shower! Grrrr.
Drew and Libby's place
Drew tries to quietly get himself ready for the day to let Libby lie in but noisy drummer neighbour Nigel has other ideas. Lib tells him to calm down as he shouts at Nigel to stop playing his drums but Drew is having none of it and tells Libby as he's on the way out that he's going to shut him up for good. Libby looks worried.
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Linda O
Linda O'Donahue, Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock

Linda O
Linda O'Donahue, Susan Kennedy

Linda O
Linda O'Donahue, Matt Hancock, Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3818
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3818
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3818
Susan Kennedy, Maggie Hancock

Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3818
Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3818
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Tracey Fisher, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3818
Steph Scully, Tracey Fisher, Toadie Rebecchi

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3818
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3818
Steph Scully

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