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Neighbours Episode 3817 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3817
Australian airdate: 24/07/01
UK airdate: 10/09/01
UK Gold: 18/01/06
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
- "What Now My Friend" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Shona/Karen (Katie)
Harold won't enter the fishing comp
Dee arrives at Tess' place where she just happens to be having dinner with Darcy
Tess' Place
Dee wonders if Tess is going to ask her in. Tess looks behind her and sees that Darcy is no longer sitting at the table. Coast is clear so she lets her in but she's on edge and takes Dee's jokes too seriously. Dee notices the two plates and candles at the table and wonders if she's interrupting something.
Number 32
Les Hancocks. Leo wants to go in for a comp on the net but they have to wait until Maggie gets off the phone. When she does she tells Evan that the call had to do with a case she's working on - some of them do get under your skin. Emily mentions about the cake for the school fundraiser in the morning - by Maggie's face it looks like she's clean forgotten about it. What a crisis!
Tess' Place
Tess says there is no guy - she was having dinner with the old lady from next door. Dee says at least she's making friends with the neighbours. Dee notices she's rearranged the furniture and wonders about the other rooms but Tess quickly says that nothing else has changed. Dee wants to crack open the champagne but Tess doesn't feel like it. Completely discouraged at Tess' lack of effort Dee says she hopes she makes lots of new friends and leaves.
Lou's Place (as in the pub)
Yay, Kusan come and save us! They debate over whether to have pudding - Susan is good and refuses but Karl's having an itty-bitty tiny thing. He apologises to Lou for not seeing him this morning - Lou tells him about the breath test Darcy wants him to have. Karl, having no qualms about discussing a patient's medical details in front of his wife in the pub, still wants him to have a gastroscopy. Lou doesn't want it though and Karl manages to make Susan's stomach turn with talk of stomach contents. Lou already has a referral and Susan is happy that Darcy's done a good job. All Karl can give is an hmmm. Lou talks about the new super clinic in Eden Hills but Karl thinks it's awful with no personal service - next thing they'll be diagnosing us by scanning barcodes on the back of our necks! Susan says he feels quite strongly about it and, when she stares at him for a time after Lou leaves, he crossly demands why she's looking at him.
Number 32
Leo is excited about the comp - he could play computer chess with someone famous! Evan comes in with stuff for cake making. Maggie's going to make a Teddy Bear cake. How lovely.
Tess' Place
Tess demands that Darcy tell her - tomorrow. He agrees. His phone rings and it's an upset Dione, who he tells Tess is Lou. Dee relays the incident with Tess. She asks where he is - he says he's at a mate's place, to Tess' annoyance, and that her he'll call her back. Tess knows he lied - what was all the talk about breaking it off with her? Darcy isn't callous enough to do it over the phone. Tess tells him that, until he does, they're on hold.
Number 32
Susan is round to help Maggie out. She brought some wine for inspiration. Susan has a look at the teddy bear that is their model.
Maggie: So where do we begin?
Susan: With a bottle opener, I'd say.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is helping Harold close up. He wonders if Harold's seen much of Darcy but he says it depends on his hospital commitments. Harold says being a publican or café owner is similar to being a priest - their clientele dependent on his discretion. Loose lips sink ships. Lou says he's such a reliable mate - he's blessed to have such a friend. Harold says the answer's still no - he won't be going into the competition. Lou says you can go off people.
Number 32
The cake is finished and Susan thinks they've done an outstanding job. They toast their handiwork.
Number 30
Darcy is over and Dee is going on about Tess' behaviour. Darcy tries to make excuses for her but Dee isn't buying any of them. She starts to cry and he envelops her in a hug. She asks why he cut her off - he blames his phone battery dying on him. She thanks him for being there.
He tells her to sit down - he has something to say. He's come to a certain conclusion - it's not easy but it's for the best.
Darcy: I think we should make a complete break from Tess.
Dee: Really?
Darcy: Really. It's become a destructive relationship, Dee...You don't need her - you've got me. I'm here for you.
Eh - that wasn't meant to happen. Dee hugs him. Darcy suggests they forget about everything and everyone and open that bottle of champers... the rat.
Number 32
The next morning and all the Hancocks bar Matt are up to see the cake being unveiled. Maggie thinks it looked better last night but Emily recognises who it is and Maggie's happy.
The Surgery
Darcy's looking over the huge advert for the super clinic in the local rag. Karl isn't interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Darcy says Karl's already a business man - it's only a matter of time. He knows what these people are like so isn't the surgery worth fighting for? Karl agrees and says he'll think about it. Darcy hopes he didn't mind him referring Lou and Karl doesn't, as long as he knows the bad points. They start to argue over the pros and cons of the procedure when Tess comes in. Darcy takes her through as they 'have to see to a prescription'.
Darcy's room
She asks if he's told Dee - she could hardly sleep. He's trying to make it as painless as possible and wasn't he meant to be out of bounds until he did? She says she didn't mean it. He says she has to trust him and pulls her into a hug.
Erinsborough High
Leo tells Evan that the cake was sold for fifteen bucks - so far the highest seller. Evan sees Susan and thanks her for her help. He mentions the school council meeting and hopes she'll champion his idea for camp. He convinces her to put his case to the council.
Lou's Place
The Libby and Drew break-up theme tune 'If I Had You' plays but don't worry - nothing angsty is going on. Lou is ready a book on fishing, spots something and chuckles to himself, thinking Harold is a crafty old (trails off into chuckle).
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in to Harold serving Darcy, saying that Harold is not the man he pretends to be. He presents the book, open at a photo of Frank Bishop and his son Harry with a huge fish they caught. Harold says it was a long time ago. But Lou says he's a fish killer and him lying about it is a sin. Yes, the seventh commandment, believes Darcy. It's actually the ninth - the seventh is about not committing adultery. Well, isn't that appropriate. Lou says Harold only has to hook the fish and he'll knock 'em on the head. To Lou's indignation 'no' is Harold's final answer. Karl arrives as Darcy pipes up that he could be Lou's man - he's done fly-fishing. Karl tries to join in but there's only four to a team - boo hoo.
Number 32
Evan and Maggie wonder who bought the cake but Leo didn't see - he went to the bathroom and it was sold when he came back. Susan comes in and she has no idea about who the buyer was too. She managed to talk around the teachers at the school meeting and Evan's trip is a goer! Evan hugs her in a burst of excitement.
The Surgery
Darcy starts with the whole corporate surgery idea again like a walking talking infomercial. By moving now they could capitalise. Karl points out that it would cost a bomb. Darcy says he would be happy to manage it - he has the skills to do so already. In return he'd want a full partnership - they would be an unbeatable team. Karl says they'll talk about it before seeing to a patient.
Number 32
Evan dresses Emily's knee - she fell but blames Leo for pushing her. Susan is leaving and Evan thanks her again. There's a knock at the door. Susan comes back with a worried expression on her face - it's a social worker from the Child Protection Agency and they want to talk to them about Emily.
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Dee Bliss, Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3817
Dee Bliss, Tess Bell

Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock, Emily Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3817
Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock, Emily Hancock

Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3817
Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Leo Hancock, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3817
Leo Hancock, Maggie Hancock

Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3817
Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock

Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3817
Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3817
Dee Bliss

Maggie Hancock, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3817
Maggie Hancock, Susan Kennedy

Maggie Hancock, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3817
Maggie Hancock, Susan Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 3817

Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3817
Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss

Emily Hancock, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3817
Emily Hancock, Leo Hancock

Darcy Tyler, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3817
Darcy Tyler, Karl Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3817
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

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