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Neighbours Episode 3787 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3787
Australian airdate: 12/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 27/7/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dee telling Darcy that they make a pretty good team
Joel tells Toadie that noone will stop him from getting back together with Flick.
Outside No.30
Toadie tries to stop Joel going to find Flick.
TOADIE: So, this big declaration. Is this before or after Joe take you apart with a chainsaw?

Joel doesn't care though and runs off.
Lassiters Lake
Lyn answer Joe's phone - it's Lanzini's asking if they will accept a table in the smoking section. Joe is embarrassed. Lyn says he is a lousy liar, but she doesn't mind - it's the thought that counts.
A road
Joel is running along a road
Toadie is recounting Joel's love story to Tess. Dee says that she thinks it's appalling - he's being very self-centred. Joe will kill him because Flick is only a schoolkid. Dee thinks that Joel needs to grow up. Tess and Toadie are taken-aback. Toadie asks Dee if she's jealous. Dee says she has nothing to be jealous about.
A playground
Joel is running through the playground.
The Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan are having coffee. Susan wants to have the roof repaired properly - Darcy only did a temporary fix. She says they could ask Joe but Karl doesn't want to - he will fix it himself. Susan is very unimpressed and begs him to get a proper builder to do it.
Darcy comes in and Susan tells him about the roof. Darcy says they should consult a professional. Darcy tells Susan and Karl that he's going to let Alice have all his assets without a fight. He will make a clean start.
Lassiters Lake
Flick and Michelle bring up a lit birthday cake.
Joel approaches and Flick goes to talk to him. He tells Flick that he loves her and he never stopped. Flick kisses him and hugs him.
Joe shouts at Joel for interrupting their celebrations. Joel says that he loves Flick and she loves him. Joel and Flick go off together.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy is just leaving. Karl is not happy that Darcy is caving in to Alice's demands. He and Susan will lose out financially too if they're not careful. Karl says he will talk to Darcy and Susan begs him to be tactful(!)
Toadie is trying to give Bob a worming tablet and not having much luck. Dee sees an article about Laura in the Uni newspaper. She has got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Joel comes in with Flick. He says Joe was a bit rough on him. Dee asks Joel what his plan is form here, but he hasn't really thought about it.
Michelle is serving up birthday cake. Joe is still stewing about Joel and Flick. Lyn asks him to drop it for now.
Karl is trying to persuade Darcy to fight Alice for her assets. Darcy says he doesn't care about the money - he doesn't believe in possessions. He says he feels very happy about his decision. Darcy says he likes to live simply.
Flick is telling Tess and Dee that Joe won't even try to understand. Dee asks Joel if he has come up with any plan yet. They snipe at each other.
Darcy comes round and takes Dee off to get a coffee. Tess heads off too. Joel and Flick are left alone in the kitchen. Flick says she's scared and makes Joel promise that he won't leave her.
Lyn tells Joe that she doesn't want to go out tonight any more - she wants to stay in and wait for Flick to come home. Joe says that Flick won't see sense whatever they say.
Susan and Karl come round with a birthday present for Lyn. Susan asks Joe if he will give them a quote for fixing their roof. He says he will do it straightaway. He and Karl go off.
Susan and Lyn hear some shouting outside and run to the window. Joe is confronting Joel.
Ramsay Street
Flick is telling Joe that she's going off with Joel for a few days. Lyn and Michelle come up too. Joe is barely keeping a lid on his anger. Joe tells Joel that if anything happens to Flick, there'll be hell to pay.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy and Dee are chatting. He invites Dee round to his place for a drink. She agrees.
Karl asks Joe if he is OK. He says that he's had trouble with Libby in the past too but they've always come to an agreement.
Garden of Lou's
Darcy and Dee are kissing. They clink champagne glasses just as Lou comes out. He mischievously gatecrashes their picnic.
The atmosphere is very subdued. Lyn tells Susan that she thought things were over with Joel. Susan says that Joel is a very decent young man and will look after Flick.
Joel's Ute
Flick is crying while Joel is getting a few things in a shop. He comes back and notices her tears. He gives her a hug.
<<3786 - 3788>>
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