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Neighbours Episode 3786 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3786
Australian airdate: 11/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 26/7/01
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Larissa Caldwell: Leah De Niese
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Simone saying goodbye to Joel.
Luke saying goodbye to Flick.
Joe is the only one who took Lyn at her word when she said she didn't want any birthday presents(!)
The girl who Tad has been impersonating Paul to in emails rings up and wants to come around to see Paul!
Paul is horrified - he tells Tad to talk to her. Harold says Paul should talk to her and be honest with her. Larissa asks if she can come round now, but Paul puts her off. They agree to meet for lunch instead.
Paul thinks that maybe they should 'fess up. Tad says that they can handle the situation - he'll give him a crash course on how to think and act like Tad(!)
Ramsay Street
Toadie pulls his car into the driveway. He and Joel have been partying and are a bit the worse for wear. Flick is just collecting the morning paper. Toadie suggests that they pop over to see Lyn later. Joel says that Joe won't appreciate seeing him.
When Flick has gone, Toadie insists they pop over to see if there's any food(!)
Toadie and Joel come in. They wish Lyn a happy birthday and Joe invites them to stay for breakfast. But Joel insists that he and Toadie have to go home and get showers. Flick looks a bit sad.
Joel has just come out of the shower. He asks Toadie how Flick seemed this morning. He's worried about Luke and asks Toadie if he thinks the relationship is serious. Toadie says he doesn't know. He says Joel will soon meet someone else, but Joel says that he doesn't want anyone else.
Harold comes in with some flowers to wish Lyn a happy birthday. Joe continues to look annoyed!
Steph berates Joe quietly for not getting Lyn a present. Joe insists that Lyn said she didn't want a present. Steph says he'd better come up with a plan fast!
Tad is coaching Paul for his meeting with Larissa. Paul is not doing very well. There is a knock at the door and Tad tells Paul to do his best. Paul is not convinced.
Garden of No.30
Joel is lamenting that the song on the radio is one of Flick's favourites. Toadie refuses to change the station so Joel dives under the water to get away from it. Toadie shouts that the song is three and a half minutes long!
Harold is at the door - he forgot his keys. He tells them that they should just tell Larissa the truth.
Ramsay Street
Larissa gets out of a taxi and goes up to the Bishop house.
Larissa arrives and Tad and Paul greet her nervously. Tad tells Larissa that Paul doesn't really speak French so he is off the hook on that one point anyway. Larissa hugs Paul.
Lyn is trying out her foot spa. Steph tells Joe that he really must do something. Joe announces that he has planned something that they can all do together as a family - a barbecue. Noone looks very excited. Joe goes off to "pick up" the food.
Flick is listening to the same song as Joel on the radio. Steph says that she's with Luke now, but Flick says it hasn't worked out. She says she wants to get back with Joel, but now he's with Simone, she can't.
Larissa is asking Paul about a photographer and Tad is helping him. Larissa asks if Paul will fulfil his promise to make her a nice breakfast.
Lassiters Lake
Joe is trying to start the barbecue. Steph goes off to the Coffee Shop to buy some drinks. Joe asks her to buy some champagne from the pub as well.
Toadie and Joel are playing Scrabble. Joel says if he can't have "ta-da!", Toadie can't have "vegging"(!). Tad runs in to use their phone and says that it's an emergency. He starts to coach Paul via the phone. Paul takes notes.
Paul is using the notes to talk to Larissa. He is getting away with it so far.
The Coffee Shop
Steph and Toadie chat. Toadie tells her that Joel is moping around about Flick. Steph tells him that Flick wants to get back with Joel too! Toadie says they must help them to communicate with each other.
Paul is on the phone again. Larissa says that Harold gets a lot of calls(!). Larissa says she has to go home - they're off to her grandfather's for a couple of days. She says maybe they can meet up again when she gets back, but somewhere else where there are fewer phone interruptions(!). Larissa leaves. Paul flops on the sofa in relief.
Lassiters Lake
Steph comes back with the drinks. Joe is not a very good barbecue cook - the meat is underdone. Steph tells Flick what Toadie said about Joel - that he's not together with Simone after all and is still hung up on Flick. Flick wants to go and talk to Joel immediately but Steph says she can't run out of the barbecue.
Joe has booked for he and Lyn to go to Lanzini's tonight. Lyn is very pleased and hugs him.
Toadie tells Joel that Flick and Luke are not together. He also tells him that Flick wants to get back together with him. Toadie says she probably hasn't discussed it with her father though(!). Joel wants to crash the barbecue. Toadie says not to - the whole family are there and there's sharp instruments! Joel says he doesn't care and runs off.
<<3785 - 3787>>
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